A Tear in the Tapestry

A Tear in the Tapestry
Part I
Spooktober 2021
( Oct 2021 )
Part III
Winter Newspost
( Dec 2021 )
A Tear in the Tapestry — Art by Songbird
The Eyes of Omni
The Tears of Nín
The Ghosts of the North

A Tear in the Tapestry was a multi-part event in New Caledonia that ran from September 2021 — January 2022.

The plot was collaboratively written by New Caledonia Leadership, Amanda and veldt, and Salsola Leadership, Alaine, Mel, and Songbird. Planning initially began in October 2021, and gained momentum in November before seeing the final touches finalized in December. The official launch of the Tear in the Tapestry plot was purposely rolled out as an "early Christmas present" to Players on December 23rd to allow for Players to plot and plan before the start of the 2022 Souls Super Writing Month event.

Due to an unexpected influx of characters into New Caledonia towards the height of the plot in December, changes had to be made to give the enemy groups more of a realistic chance to both combat and lay siege to the, at the time, 75-member (played + all canine NPCs) pack of New Caledonia, as well as the Salsolan force that was to join them at the end of the plot. With permission sought from the 'Souls Assemblage before its final launch, the plot was allotted a total of 15 tNPCs, bringing the enemy total to be a more comfortable 27 members between plot-played characters and available cNPC slots across Leaderships' other characters.

The Tear in the Tapestry plot was the first in 'Souls' history bring in catapults, as well as to enact a siege.

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  2.   2.  Part I
  3.   3.  Part II
  4.   4.  Part III
  5.   5.  Part IV
  6.   6.  Conclusion
  7.   7.  Timeline

1.  Background

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

On New Caledonia's Founders Day August 17th, A Stranger infiltrated New Caledonia’s borders to ask for shelter. Unfortunately, they showed up during one of the drunkest nights of the year and were violently thrust into the cold after being attacked by Toraberā Tanaka, Naomi Stryder, Valkyrie Savoy, and Arran Fir-Chlis defended the King against the Stranger's advances. Though wounded, the Stranger managed to escape to his camp to relay the information of his visit, and that they had finally found what they were looking for. Unbeknownst to New Caledonia, The Stranger was a scout with ties to enemies of the Realm.

The enemies formed a plan in the wake of their comrade passing from his injuries: raze New Caledonia to the ground.

In September, Rand Coara and Vodeva go on a pilgrimage throughout the neutral territories to spread the word of their Lady Nín. A pair of sisters, Alma and Martha Elanor, come upon them and seek sanctuary posing as little more than homeless, Old Caledonians. Later, Éna Lanthir joins them and together they return to New Caledonia. Their efforts do not go unnoticed.

These sequences of events set a wheel in motion.

2.  Part I

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

In early October, Agatha Kingsford suspiciously joins the pack before New Caledonia’s first targeted attack. The beginning of the month sees a cabin in the City Square burnt to the ground. While no one is hurt, many are shaken. The first of many strange and creepy letters are found on the night of the fire.

Investigations performed in the aftermath of the fire reveal little. However, many question whether the fire was an accident or an act of arson. The Wraith's Teeth Guild is tasked with further investigations of the matter.

In the fall out of the event the Realm is plagued by strange symbols painted in blood.

3.  Part II

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

In November a strange woman, Silivren Garwaen, lures New Caledonia’s youngest (<2 years old) to her camp. Yuki Tanaka, Delphine la Weir, Valkyrie Savoy and Gwaun Fir-Chlis, and Rohan Heartsong are all taken to the camp in order to gather information on New Caledonia and its current state of affairs. When they return, they recall little, or their memories are too disjointed and uncertain to make sense of. There is one thing they have in common though: tear-shaped wooden medallions on leather thongs.

Others were exposed to the adversaries but by other means. Hokori Tanaka, and Lossë Fir-Chlis were met with by strange soldiers just beyond the Realms borders. They too return with medallions.

Various places and areas in the Kingdom continue to be vandalized by marks of Eyes and Tears. Fire-starting paraphernalia, small fires, and burn marks are also found with growing frequency. Disturbing scenes are found on the pack's borders; these range from just strange and eerie to outright horrific.

4.  Part III

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

On December 10th, High King Iomair and Isiltári Fennore call the pack together for a meeting to address the attacks, kidnappings, and vandalisms. They ask for members to be vigilant and to prepare: for winter...or for war. The Season of Mastery is launched in an attempt to have members exercise their skills and attempt to distract from the cloud that has settled over the realm. Teams are to be sent out to see if any of New Caledonia's neighbours have suffered similar acts against them. Just as the meeting begins to close, however, Daisy Parhelion makes a sudden outcry demanding more to be done. Her outburst sees her swiftly demoted from the High Court and escorted outside the King's Bastion. As the lower ranks disperse, there is a notable sense of unrest amongst the Caledonian people.

Arguing continues in the meeting with the Malcrin as the upper ranks struggle to decide on how to proceed forward in the wake of concerns for the stability of their leadership.

New Caledonia prepares. Supplies are gathered and counted. Patrols are increased. Defences are raised. Scouts are sent to nearby packs for more information.

Pairs of Caledonians set out to collect information and goods from other packs and Loner Bands. Moose and Naomi Stryder set off for Salsola, Kule del Morteand Liam del Morte set off for Del Cenere Gang, Baelfire Flynn travelled to Bête Noire, and Percival Parhelion and Daisy Parhelion sought out the Estrella Roja.

The Messenger Tree is vandalized, and the markings, burnings, and messages continue.

Kalypso is sent to Salsola to call off the annual Call to Court invitation.

5.  Part IV

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

The Siege of New Caledonia

January sees a flurry of activity as the climax of the plot is thrust upon New Caledonia. The Tears of Nín descend upon the Pack with their accomplices, prepared to take what it owed to them by any means necessary. Talbot Kingsford and his daughters attempt to turn an old friend to their beliefs, and Cynatria leads the Ghosts of the North after being promised whatever remains of Caledonia.

The attack begins on the 1st of January and leaves to Caledonians scrabbling to defend themselves. This back and forth continues until a howl suddenly has the enemy withdrawing from the battlefield at dusk on January 3rd.

The Caledonians are forced to retreat behind the walls of the King’s Bastion for safety lest they be next. Families, friends, and allies search for one another to ensure everyone is accounted for. With the Caledonians pinned behind the walls, they can do nothing as the Chimetower in the distance is suddenly engulfed by flame, and burns brightly through the night. They remain trapped in the Bastion until January 8th.

The Liberation & Red Dawn of New Caledonia

blahblahblah for me to write later Salsola battle party consists of: O'Riley Eternity (Commander), Brocade Valentine (Second), Kamari Kaiser, Krios Revlis, Silas del Morte, Spartacus Ulrich, Casimir Soul, Morrow Larue, Tattersall Valentine, Evelyn de le Ulrich, Aidan Blacksun, Egregore, Mirko Morandi, Torin de le Poer, Eden de le Ulrich (Head Medic), Lexus Whitlock (Medic), Siv Silfr (Medic), and Uma Olsen (Medic).

The Adversaries (Hide)

The Tears of Nín

The Tears of Nín are a group of Lorn extremists who broke apart from the rest of Old Caledonia around the time of the Great War, so-called as they believe Nín suffered greatly in the presence of the other gods. Her tears make up their waterways and the blood that runs through their veins. From their Lady's suffering, the Tears of Nín were born — old-blooded zealots who follow the ways of old. Due to their dwindling numbers they have chosen to band together with the Eyes of Omni and Ghost of the North to wreak havoc on New Caledonia.

Uncommonly known is that the Tears were originally formed and led by one of New Caledonia's own, Rand Coara — and he intends to keep it this way, but, of course, the Tears, after having expelled him from the group for his crimes against his own clan, will surely not let his secrets stay buried for long… (See Members)

Ark Coara (played by veldt)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: He carries a heavy-spiked mace that Ark seems to wield effortlessly. He is up-close and personal, using his size and physique to his advantage on the battlefield.
  • Brief Description: A trained warrior, Ark was only hardened by the war and uses his vitriolic hate as a fuel for battle. He is incredibly difficult to take down and indiscriminately smashes and bludgeons through his foes. A group of capable luperci is required to match his prowess.
He was partially responsible for the eventual death of Ramsey. Ark met his end when he was beheaded on January 9th [M] during a public trial held before New Caledonia and various members of Salsola.
Solas Nartholiel (cNPC of Ark)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Woldog
  • Status: Escaped
  • Combat Information: Short sword and shield.
  • Brief Description: Solas fights up close in short range, but can allow his feelings to get the better of him. This can make him dangerous and difficult to predict if pushed into a corner. This uncertainty can leave openings for others to take advantage of.
Solas was last seen on January 8th [M], where he fled the field of battle after the arrival of Caledonians reinforcements and Ark's capture.
Silivren Garwaen (played by Amanda)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Longsword and daggers for melee and a hunting bow for long-range attacks.
  • Brief Description: Silivren is deceptively strong for her size and able to make up ground lightning fast in order to get in close to strike down her foe. Silivren struggles with her eyesight, and this can affect her depth perception or, in dire situations, make seeing anything nearly impossible.
Silivren was killed on January 8th [M] when Hokori bludgeoned her to death with a stone.
Tigraine (cNPC of Silivren)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Woldog
  • Status: Escaped
  • Combat Information: Throwing knives and a hunting bow. Tigraine mostly fights long-range.
  • Brief Description: Tigraine is not as brash as her wife, Silivren, and acts as support to those further in the field. She is not trained in close-combat, and would not be able to hold off a group for very long. If given the opportunity, she will run.
Tigraine was last seen on January 8th [M], where she fled the field of battle after the death of her wife, Silivren.
Éna Lanthir (played by Despi)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Dog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Fights dirty. Primarily works with knives, but is willing to do what it takes to win. Not below throwing pocket sand or cheating.
  • Brief Description: Éna excels in close-combat, but long-range fighting can be difficult for her to defend against.
Éna was killed on Janaury 8th [M] when she was stabbed in the neck with an arrow by Fennore.
Alma Elanor (cNPC of Vodeva)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Dog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Alma is an accomplished Rogue. She fights with knives and hunting daggers.
  • Brief Description: During her time in New Caledonia, she masked many of her skills - but despite her diminutive size she is acrobatic and able to get in close to slash with her knives. She is able to set traps and lure Luperci towards these — but lucky for them, her traps can sometimes malfunction.
Alma was killed on January 1st by Baelfire Flynn.
Martha Elanor (cNPC of Rand)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Dog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Tooth-and-Claw in her Secui form. With little formal training, her style is ragged and unpredictable, and more feral than practiced.
  • Brief Description: Unlike her sister, Martha is not an intimidating presence on the battlefield, and offers little in the way of a fight; still, her fervor for the Goddess makes her a wildcard, though, she is not a true fighter by any stretch of the imagination.
    Martha was killed on January 8th by Vegard.
Emyn Celos (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Emyn moves like water with a long, curved blade and leather vambraces etched with tears.
  • Brief Description: A silky looking, dark-colored dog, Emyn is dangerous due to the long reach of his arms and the zealous fury that can have him go berserk on the battlefield.
Emyn was killed on January 8th by Rand Coara.

The Eyes of Omni

Far-removed from the larger cult, this small collective consists of Talbot Kingsford and two of his children, Agatha and Favrielle. Working independently, Talbot has taken it upon himself to follow-up with his previous captives to see if the message has spread. After Talbot sent his daughter ahead to determine this, he encountered a member of the Tears of Nín. While ideologically opposed to their beliefs, Talbot recognizes strength in numbers. He is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve what he believes is right. Those who do not accept Omni's salvation are to be left behind: in this case, to the small group's bloodthirsty allies. The Eyes can be be identified by the masks they wear, which are said to signify fire and death. (See Members)

Talbot Kingsford (played by Mel)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Coydog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Talbot isn't a trained fighter — in fact, he's not a very good fighter at all. He is, however, a skilled medic and even better con-man. If he does get backed into a corner, Talbot is very skilled with knives and knows how to make his strikes count.
  • Brief Description: A rusty-red mongrel, Talbot looks most like a dog. He has bright blue eyes, and wears his long hair in a bun.
Talbot was mauled to death on January 8th [M] by Daisy and Percival Parhelion.
Favrielle Kingsford (cNPC of Talbot)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Favrielle mimics her sister in that her work with a bow is her strongest skill. If cornered, she will likely turn tail or attempt a distraction.
  • Brief Description: Tall and mostly golden with hints of red in her fur, Favrielle will most likely be perched up high in a tree acting as a scout and a long-range archer.
Favrielle was killed on January 2nd by Percival Parhelion.
Agatha Kingsford (cNPC of Daisy)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Archery is Agatha's strongest skill. She is a highly accurate shot, and often makes use of her hawk companion to discover where her enemies are hiding. In some cases, she will use the hawk as a secondary weapon.
  • Brief Description: Agatha is an unassuming figure, with a pale face, blue eyes, and reddish fur. Much of her time in New Caledonia was spent discovering and revealing information to her allies. She has set several fires within the territory, and is likely to continue to make use of this tactic. Her combat skill is limited to ranged attacks — when in danger, Agatha will be the first to flee.
Agatha was killed and beheaded by Toraberā Tanaka on January 7th [M] when he drove his sword through her face and then proceeded to hack at her dying body in his rage-induced frenzy.
Chantal Dumont (tNPC)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Chantal is a skilled archer. She is quick and athletic, and takes advantage of high, hidden points to rain down arrows on her enemies.
  • Brief Description: Chantal is a tawny wolfdog with brown eyes. She originated from Quebec. When she was young, a violent attack took both her mother and her innocence. The incident left Chantal mute — or so it seemed. In what seemed like a fated meeting, Chantal visited a traveling family of holy-rollers. There, swept up in the excitement, something remarkable happened: Chantal found her voice. Convinced this was a sign that following this new faith and relocating to a promised paradise was their destiny, Chantal came along with the group. She is a devoted fanatic.
Chantal was killed on January 8th by Evelyn de le Ulrich.
Travers (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Travers is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He utilizes daggers for close combat, though carries a bow and is a capable archer. His most notable talent is his ability to make use of urban landscapes and tunnel defense — Travers knows how to make use of terrain and hold his own in narrow locations.
  • Brief Description: Travers is a brown and gray wolfdog with yellow eyes. He originated from Portland, where his mother lived as a semi-permanent resident of the Camp. Fed up with living a feral lifestyle, Travers began utilizing his Optime form as soon as he was able. After an argument with his mother, he left the hostel and set out to live on his own. Unfortunately, lacking many useful skills and being too impatient to work, Travers took to petty crime. He soon escalated into more violent ends, though found himself surprised when his attempt on a traveling family was countered. Worse yet, they showed him compassion and mercy — and shared stories about a coming apocalypse. Promising that he would be saved if he joined them, Travers agreed: besides, they had food, and more numbers. Best of all, they didn’t care about his more nefarious urges.
Travers was killed on January 8th by Egregore.
Alanis Longriver (tNPC)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: She has become a competent archer, favoring a longbow for powerful, long-distance shots. Because she is new at this, however, she misses more often than she hits.
  • Brief Description: Alanis is a timber wolf with blue eyes. She was born in a small pack not far from Lake Superior. From an early age, Alanis knew she was different. The other children knew this too, and bullied her from the moment they were allowed to interact. Forever the lowest ranking member of her group, Alanis was forced into roles she hated performing. A passing traveler’s words inspired her to take charge of her life, and convinced her that the apocalypse was coming. Quick to let herself be caught up in this mystical, more thrilling version of her life, Alanis abandoned all responsibility and family connection, and took off with the charismatic recruiter and his family.
Alanis was killed on January 8th by Liam del Morte.
Nunzio Spini (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Nunzio's weapon of choice is a lightweight club, which he uses to strike at vulnerable points like knees and skulls. He is very strong, and is equally as likely to fight unarmed as he is with a weapon.
  • Brief Description: Nunzio is a large wolfdog, and his markings and dark eyes suggest Rottweiler heritage. Muscular, with a blocky head and broad shoulders, Nunzio is used to throwing his weight around. He was lured into the cult through one of its female members, and soon fell in line when he realized that he had basically everything he ever wanted. More importantly, if there is an Apocalypse coming, he's eager to be on the surviving side.
Nunzio was killed on January 2nd [M] by Kalypso Savoy when his neck and chest were slashed by her sabre before she ended him by stabbing him in through the chest.

The Ghosts of the North

The Ghosts of the North (also referred to as The Ghosts) are a group of sellswords who joined the Tears of Nín and the Eyes of Omni with the promise that they would be able to loot a fallen Kingdom as their reward. The Northerners are all violent and cut throat, each with a sordid history that saw them heading North until they found the Ghosts and joined their ranks. They are known for being skilled fighters in many disciplines, and range from rogues to melee fighters and everything between. Though they do not have anything akin to a uniform, much of their garb is made up of animal pelts, thick leather, and burly wraps. It is evident that they have come from somewhere much colder than here.

They are led by the giantess, Cynatria Nightbane, and each would die for her if needed. (See Members)

Cynatria Nightbane (tNPC)
Original Photo by sergiumarvel on Pixabay | Edit by Songbird
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Cynatria wields an axe, and makes use of her large tower-shield both defensive and offensively. She will use her massive size and strength to quickly overwhelm her opponents.
  • Brief Description: A white wolf with golden eyes. Huge, just like her hair. Wears dramatic looking armor.
Cynatria was killed on January 8th by Iomair and O'Riley Eternity.
Ivo Doran (played by Songbird)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: While skilled in hand-to-hand combat, Ivo’s preference for weaponry is a sword. He takes a rather methodical approach to fighting, targeting weaknesses and taking advantage of the environment to best his enemies. He is a calm and patient fighter.
  • Brief Description: Agouti male with amber eyes. He has a toned musculature, broad shoulders, and has various scars on his face. He wears leather armor. He is nearly identical to his twin brother, Hans. He and Hans are the chief engineers behind the catapults.
He is responsible for the deaths of Genkei and Teagan Stryder. On January 8th [M], Ivo received fatal injuries by both Teagan and Kamari Kaiser, however, he was actually killed by Teagan when she stabbed him through the heart.
Hans Doran (cNPC of Ivo)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: While skilled in hand-to-hand combat, Ivo’s preference for weaponry is an axe. He is more of a defensive brawler type, with a tendency to conserve his energies before shifting into rushes and feints to trip his enemies up before he makes the deadly blow.
  • Brief Description: Agouti male with amber eyes. He has a toned musculature, broad shoulders, and has various scars on his face. He wears leather armor. He is nearly identical to his twin brother, Ivo. He and Ivo are the chief engineers behind the catapults.
A boulder shot by his catapult killed Rabbit. Hans was killed by Kamari Kaiser on January 8th [M] when she stabbed his chest and punctured his lung.
Grof (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Grof is a skilled Secui combatant, and makes use of his speed to hunt down his prey. When on two legs, he uses his teeth and claws.
  • Brief Description: A white wolf with yellow eyes, Grof is large and muscular.
Grof was killed on January 8th by Aidan Blacksun.
Blackhawk (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Daggers, archery. Blackhawk is a master assassin, and known for his brutality.
  • Brief Description: Daggers, archery. Blackhawk is a master assassin, and known for his brutality.
He assassinated Siv Silfr and Uma Olsen. Blackhawk was killed on January 8th by Casimir Soul.
Innis Shadowmend (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Innis fights from the shadows with throwing knives, and is the sort to stalk his prey before delivering a killing blow.
  • Brief Description: Darkly colored as his last name suggests, Innis is cast in shades of black and brown. He is dangerous in areas where there is lots of cover, though can be taken down more easily if drawn out into the open.
Innis was killed on January 8th by Morrow Larue.
Shiv (tNPC)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Tundra Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Shiv fights with short knives (hence her nickname) that are made from whatever she is able to get her hands on. Comfortable in Secui or Optime, she is known for being an intimidating force on the battlefield.
  • Brief Description: A feral wolf, Shiv is covered in a thick layer of snowy white fur with piercing blue eyes. Her mane of white hair is kept short and wild, and her arms are etched with scars.
Shiv was killed on January 8th by Tattersall Valentine.
Crunch Bonefury (tNPC)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Crunch fights with a heavy mace, and is nicknamed for the sound her weapon makes on the battlefield. Once she gets moving, it is best to clear out of her way.
  • Brief Description: A heavily muscled soldier, she is an off-white all over. Crunch has an eye patch from an old war wound, and wears armor that still allows her flexibility while swinging her mace. Her good eye is a ruby red, a color she favors in her clothing and armor accents.
Crunch was killed on January 8th by Spartacus Simone Ulrich.
Snowdrop Frostfog (tNPC)
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: Fights with a long spear, and is more than capable up close and at a distance. Wears thick leather armor that is lined with fur.
  • Brief Description: Cast in snowy shades of white, Snowdrop has bright blue eyes. She is superstitious, and will only start an attack from the right hand side — but, once complete, she strikes from all directions, and is surprisingly agile with the tip of her spear.
Snowdrop was killed by Teagan Stryder on January 7th [M] when her throat was slashed by Teagan’s sword.
Spark Coldmane (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: In order to confuse enemies, Spark sets fires that fill the air with thick clouds of smoke in order to conceal Ghosts and give them an advantage. Up close, he fights with daggers and claws.
  • Brief Description: He has a thick agouti pelt with a ring of white laced into his mane, and pale gray eyes. If given the opportunity, he will shift into Secui to take down an opponent.
Spark was killed on January 8th by Silas del Morte.
Tekoa Nightstripe (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: A spiked bat that he often props against his shoulder, he works with short bursts of power to take down his opponent. The bat is spiked with metal debris that also decorates his armor.
  • Brief Description: A dark stripe runs up a wolfish muzzle, though Tekoa appears to have markings and sky-blue eyes befitting a spitz-dog.
Tekoa was killed on January 2nd by Fleur.
Harbor Sharpfeather (tNPC)
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Wolf
  • Status: Deceased
  • Combat Information: A short sword and dagger combo, lightning quick with pockets to throw distractions if necessary.
  • Brief Description: Harbor wears snowy owl feathers in his hair and has a massive ruff of obsidian fur that changes to grey as it progresses down his body.
Harbor was killed on January 8th by Brocade Valentine.

6.  Conclusion

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

New Caledonia76 members5 casualties
Salsola18 fighters2 casualties
Tears8 members6 casualties
Eyes7 members7 casualties
Ghosts12 members12 casualties

The enemy's propaganda has started to take its toll on the Caledonians trapped behind their ever-crumbling walls. The Circle of Athelas have their hands full with the injured. The Trading Company is faced with the hard dilemma of how to ration dwindling supplies. The Wraith's Teeth are battle-weary and worn thin from their efforts of constant vigilance and defending their comrades. The Valar and Fili are left to deliberate on what is best for the Kingdom.

Things are looking bleak for the Caledonians.

But then, at dawn on the fifth day of the siege, Salsola arrives in the Sun-and-Moon Kingdom, and the Caledonians’ fighting spirit is renewed. An enemy fighter strategically lights fires one by one, creating a smokescreen that partially obscures the battlefield.

It does not deter the Kingdoms’ fighters, however. Salsola surges in from the southwest, and the Caledonians pour out of the King’s Bastion. Between them, they trap their enemy on a battlefield of their own making. Their combined effort sees Evil, once more, banished from the Realm.

But it is not without sacrifice.

The 9th sees Ark Coara brought before the fold, and put to death.

7.  Timeline

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August 17th 2021

  1. an undying memory of homeNew Caledonia celebrates its second annual Founders’ Feast.
  2. to heal my heart and drown my woe — An after-party is held at the Brass Potato.
  3. [M] The Stranger — A stranger infiltrates New Caledonia’s borders to ask for shelter. Unfortunately, they showed up during one of the drunkest nights of the year and are violently thrust into the cold after being attacked by Toraberā, Naomi, Valkyrie, and Arran after they attempt to attack High King Iomair.

PART I (Hide)

October 2021

  1. [M] heirs of fire — The pack is summoned to put out a fire which broke out the night of October 5th.
  2. you said, "this i do for you" — In the wake of the fire, Rand is presented with a newcomer to New Caledonia, Éna, a face from his past.
  3. charred secretsWoodsmoke and Arran investigate the fire. There is discussion on interviewing other members of New Caledonia on what they saw.
  4. wake me up when it's overIomair and Celaeno investigate the fire the morning after it burns out. They discover a broken bottle, broken window, and char marks that seem to determine that the fire was set elsewhere and then thrown through one of the cabins windows.
  5. never leave these eyesRand and Valkyrie discover an odd letter floating about the Square.
  6. up from the catacombsFennore, her son Rohan, and Celaeno meet to discuss the fire in further detail while Celaeno shows off her home.
  7. soldier, poet, kingIomair and Fennore meet with the members of The Wraiths Teeth in order to ask for their official assistance with investigating the fire.
  8. embers burning brightNaomi and Ronin seek out Bellad to make sure he's alright after his traumatic episode during the fire.
  9. [M] all the trees stood like skeletonsPercival finds a gruesome display - an eye painted in blood in the Silver Strip. He is joined by Yuki. This isn't the first time New Caledonia has been painted...
  10. my life is but a heartbeat awayRand discovers a crudely painted eye with Delphine.

PART II (Hide)

November 2021

  1. all the ghosts come sing alongPercival, Arran, Aenan, and Éna discover what appears to be an endless amount of trees marked with eyes.
  2. beary important businessValkyrie, Gwaun, and Toraberā speak with Altuan, whose den has been vandalized.
  3. [M] let me tell you this, it's a warningValkyrie and Gwaun are lured by a siren song to the camp.
  4. and you, the meek and mild: what have you to hide?Rand discovers Rabbit holding one of the odd letters and jumps to conclusions. Hulda and Aidan come to his aid.
  5. [M] show you a world apartDelphine comes across Silivren, one of the members of the camp.
  6. [M] got me in chainsYuki is sedated by Silivren and Tigraine's tea and wakes up at their camp, disoriented and confused.
  7. [M] in my chest of hollow bones, let the spark catch and burn all to ashDelphine and Yuki can't sleep and encounter one another, deciding it best to accompany each other and investigate.
  8. [M] i appeared in a world of dreamsRohan, by far the youngest to wander into Silivren's trap, is drugged and meets another member of the camp, one far more intimidating than the rest.


December 10th 2021

  1. [M] fear not this night — The Valar call the pack together in a pack meeting.
  2. for we will never cease to seek the dawn — Valar, Fili, and Malcrin members come together for an official meeting to create a plan for the coming month.

December 11th 2021

  1. there’s a part of you always standing byCalan works with the Dye Studio to take stock of their supplies.
  2. 1% inspirationToraberā and Teagan work to solidify more of New Caledonia's defenses.

December 19th 2021

  1. I’m useful I swearHokori makes arrows for use if New Caledonia goes to war.

December 24th 2021

  1. now the armor’s wearing thinAthalie and Gwaun meet to discuss the goings on in the pack.
  2. this is only the beginningBaelfire and Hokori clear out an area of debris and bush whack in preparation of defenses.

December 25th 2021

  1. bitterness is nothing new to meLiam and Moose work together in order to create a trap.

PART IV (Hide)

December 25th 2021

  1. [M] hell is empty and all the demons are hereKalypso finds the Messenger Tree is vandalized, and the message left behind by the mysterious assailant is a terribly frightening one.
  2. light of the sevenVodeva and Rand visit the Messenger Tree to see the damage for themselves. Alma and Martha are in tow.
  3. road to eternity — The Valar (Iomair and Fennore) and Fili (Kalypso) convene in private to discuss the ever-spiraling matters within the Sun-and-Moon Kingdom. The decision is made to call off the annual Call to Court until more pressing matters are resolved. Councilor Kalypso is tasked to go to Salsola with the news.

December 26th 2021

  1. you signed that dotted lineKalypso arrives on the borders of Salsola, and delivers the Valar's message to the pack's second-in-command, O'Riley Eternity.
  2. the sun that burns me cleanLossë is on his way to the King's Bastion, but stops just before entering. Graffitied across the doors is a blood-written message clearly meant for High King Iomair.

December 27th 2021

  1. identify yoursmellf!Hokori meets Silivren on the borders and chases her off.

December 28th 2021

  1. mórilanta — The Valar meet with Bellad and Toraberā to pronounce them as the newest Councilors of the Realm.

December 29th 2021

  1. [M] burn baby burnToraberā creates Molotov cocktails just in case.
  2. calm before the stormBaelfire and Moose come across one of the first signs of the enemy.

December 30th 2021

  1. [M] quickdrawHokori trains with Rabbit and Pippa.
  2. for those rainy daysAidan creates defenses at the borders of New Caledonia.

December 31st 2021

  1. [M] just a smokescreen awaySólveig meets one the Twins, Ivo and Hans, and is unwittingly ensnared in a game of cat and mouse.

January 1st 2022

  1. fortunate sonVodeva is caught in a trap as Alma disappears just as the attacking begins.
  2. eleven, I have found youYuki and Athalie are on patrol when Blackhawk suddenly springs out of hiding and attacks Yuki! As Athalie goes to aid their comrade, Innis Shadowmend appears! They manage to fight off the strangers.
  3. war and peaceIomair, his daughter Indis, and Calan are caught unawares, and the High King calls for the Realm to retreat to the City Square.
  4. pick up your weapon and face itNaomi and Genkei are ambushed at the borders against the Twins, Ivo and Hans. They try to fight them off, however, when the summoning howl from the Valar is heard, the Stryder siblings quickly retreat to heed the call.
  5. [M] a new age dawnsArk comes face to face with Toraberā.
  6. [M] cobra venomValkyrie finds herself in a difficult situation when she suddenly springs a trap. As she tries to get free and regain their bearings, Emyn Celos suddenly appears and attacks her! Valkyrie calls for help, which arrives in the form of Rand. They manage to thwart off the Outsider long enough that Valkyrie gets free of the trap... but not before Harbor Sharpfeather arrives!
  7. [M] taken away to the dark side — Falling back to the Fort, Calan makes an unfortunate encounter with Ark. Hokori comes to save him after Ark knocks him unconscious with his mace.
  8. [M] hold me tight, the wood is full of snarlsArran and Moose are deep within Caledonian territory when they are suddenly confronted by Spark Coldmane. It's obvious that they're not a new Commoner. Grof appears from behind, and it quickly becomes apparent that they mean to do harm.
  9. [M] sneak thiefAlma is caught in the middle of graffitiing a tree with the familiar marks of the Eyes and the Tears. With her hands covered in blood, Iomair and Baelfire draw the conclusion that she is tied to the cursed happenings around the pack. They attempt to capture her so they can bring her before the pack to answer for her crimes. Alma fights back, though; Iomair and Baelfire are forced to defend themselves, and Alma is killed.
  10. [M] don’t be afraid to be scaredDorian, Liam, and Vegard are ambushed and chased by Ghosts, Cynatria, Grof, Shiv, Crunch, and Snowdrop.

January 2nd 2022

  1. [M] shaken, not stirredBaelfire recovers in the wake of killing Alma.
  2. [M] can’t take my spiritValkyrie attempts to create some traps to protect New Caledonians.
  3. [M] beautiful hellSaga and Percival are out hunting for food for those back at the Fort when they suddenly find themselves under arrow fire by Favrielle Kingsford! After a short delay, the Caledonians pinpoint the tree Favrielle is hiding in, and, with some tactful planning, manage to make her fall from her vantage point, where they kill her.
  4. [M] are you a saint, or a sinner?Naomi, Ronin, and Kalypso engage in a fight with Nunzio Spini and Travers, who are found skulking around the stables in Rhovanion. The thread ends with Nunzio being killed. Travers begrudgingly flees.
  5. the silent screaming of the treesEulalie and Baelfire are attacked by Innis Shadowhand.
  6. [M] singularityArk comes to wreck havoc and meets Ramsey.
  7. and I feel my blood pounding like the beat of a drumGwaun Commodore, Filigoda, and Rabbit work together to train.
  8. [M] Fresh from the fields, all fetor and fertileSólveig and Bellad work together to help treat Reblin's grievous facial injury.
  9. we’re going to go where everybody knowsKule is tasked with being on guard.
  10. We're going down, down in an earlier roundTeagan and Mako are ambushed by Cynatria and Grof. The arrival of Ronin and the Dark Strider force the Ghosts to retreat.
  11. [M] Taking us home where dust once was a manYuki and Atica are attempting to scout out the enemy when they are ambushed by Tekoa Nightstripe and Shiv! The arrival of Fleur results in Tekoa’s death.

January 3rd 2022

  1. backdrop of memorySólveig and Eulalie share a moment of comfort and kindness between them before the siege is underway.
  2. if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete — Members of the Tears, Eyes, and Ghosts discuss progress before bringing in their new weapon to siege the Realm.
  3. Welcome to the war, we've only begun — The Twins, Ivo and Hans, fire their catapults on New Caledonia.
  4. [M] remember meIomair sounds the alarm to retreat as the Realm is obliterated by stones throne by an unknown weapon. During the retreat, Rabbit sacrifices himself in order to save Pippa from a falling stone.
  5. [M] stay with me now when I’m fallingRohan is taken hostage by the Tears of Nín.
  6. Some say love is a burning thing — As the boulders begin crush the City Square, Sólveig tries to save a creature from almost certain death.
  7. tear in abyssFennore and Bellad realize that their son is missing — he did not make it back into the Fort.
  8. [M] the holy dove will be caught again — As boulders pelt the battlefield and the walls of the Fort at uneven intervals, Valan has his wounds tended to by Serafina as others seek comfort around him.
  9. the place of all fears — As it becomes clear that the Caledonians will not be leaving the Bastion any time soon, Calan leads a group to take what they can from storage…only to find that the enemy has raided it.
  10. It's been a long day without you, my friend — In the evening, Gwaun mourns Rabbit's loss while the Fort is under siege.
  11. [M] bystander of evil — The night of the events, transpiring from Fennore’s desperate call to take cover in the Bastion. Valkyrie has a moment.

January 4th 2022

  1. there's an ocean beyond the sea; that holds elixir for all who grieveVodeva paces the Bastion, ruminating over whether or not her pilgrimage brought the siege upon them. Rand seeks to comfort her.
  2. [M] Cross my heart, hope to die — As the entire world around them begins to crumble, their lives now shoved into the Bastion, Valkyrie breaks down.
  3. there's a valley above the skyVodeva tries to work with some meager supplies while being watched by The Dark Strider.
  4. never enoughFennore, still reeling from the disappearance of her son, works on her archery to try distracting herself from the pain. Amon attempts to give her pointers.

January 5th 2022

  1. the things we have neglected will return with added forceDaisy and Agatha slip out of the besieged Fort to look for food. When Agatha's allegiance and the return of a man from Daisy's past are revealed, Daisy makes the split-second decision to flee New Caledonia.
  2. [M] the soul bears the markSilas and Casimir are scouting beyond Salsola’s borders in search of clues when they see Daisy, who is being chased. They end up aiding her, but are outnumbered, and are pursued to Salsola’s borders.
  3. Live through this and you won't look back — After Rohan goes missing, Calan seeks Fennore out to share his meal and comfort his old friend.
  4. find strength in painArran checks in with Atica to see how she's holding up while she stands guard.
  5. but we may only get the stale taste of defeat — When Ronin is nearly assassinated within the safety of the Bastion itself, Naomi rushes to his defense. After howling for backup, the cloaked attackers make a hasty exit when it becomes clear that they will not be able to quickly kill the Caledonian pair.
  6. your ivy growsClementine notices Evelyn struggling to get her armor on and aids her in this as they share a heart-to-heart and a (hopefully short) farewell.
  7. wake the wolfBrocade from Salsola prepares to say goodbye to his family in advance of leaving for the battle in New Caledonia.

January 6th 2022

  1. i can see my life passing me bySilas takes up first guard duty as the Salsolans make their advance towards New Caledonia. He's stargazing when Brocade and Torin decide to join him for the first shift.
  2. One hundred voices the same / Drench their sorrow in flame — In New Caledonia, there is a sudden calm on the battlefront, and figures come forth. They make demands, but the Valar refuse, leaving the enemy negotiators to return to their camp empty-handed.
  3. [M] There's blood on the crown — When the Valar refuses to meet the enemies' demands, their actions are rewarded accordingly.
  4. [M] A piece of homeIerian has the misfortune of being the first to discover the consequences of the Valar’s refusal during negotiations.
  5. [M] be tender in your care, his pain is freshMoose tries to help newly wounded Toraberā through the night despite his pain.
  6. [M] three daysIomair is reflecting in his room after being trapped in the Bastion for a number of days. Vodeva comes to visit as they both cannot sleep and discuss the old war and get nostalgic. They reminisce.

January 7th 2022

  1. Calling out the beast, the tiger underneathKamari, Spartacus, and Aidan scout ahead of the Salsolan battle party.
  2. three six nineKrios and Evelyn are sent ahead of the main body to search for enemy troops and gather intel.
  3. This is your moment, take to the skies — New Caledonian Falcon, Treasach, is attacked by Eyes of Omni Hawk, Kala, belonging to Agatha.
  4. you remind me that there’s not enough time — In the aftermath of some of the more successful hits by the catapults, the Bastion has had temporary walls of wood and rubble erected to plug up the Luperci-sized holes. Sólveig happens to be walking near one of these repaired walls when she realizes that it’s been set on fire! She calls for assistance.
  5. [M] one piece at a timeToraberā lost an eye in battle and is taking it rather poorly. Baelfire steps in to assist.
  6. [M] A sky, a night The black, the white — At the enemy camp, Rohan experiences his first shift and is 'rewarded' for his coming-of-age by Silivren.
  7. even if I can’t fulfil this wishKamari and Krios take a private moment to themselves on the eve of battle.
  8. [M] blindsidedJasper is hit: and Councilors Toraberā, Kalypso and Bellad have to deal with it.
  9. [M] I’m drowning in the night — The Salsolan group travels north, and makes camp to rest the night before battle. During the night, an assassin is sent to weaken their forces.
  10. a thousand endings for us nowRamsey succumbs to his wounds received days before by Ark.


January 8th 2022

  1. Pre-Final Battle
    1. Every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible — In the hour before the final conflict, O'Riley rallies the Salsolan fighters. The group heads to the battlefront.
    2. [M] everyday a dying day — Following Percival's departure from the infirmary, Reblin reviews his life and all of his transgressions to Sólveig.
    3. we'll never know exactly where this river's gonna flow — After the bulk of Salsola's forces depart, tag-along Daisy grows restless. She decides to return to New Caledonia on her own, and after a conversation with those who stayed behind, departs from the Salsolan camp.
    4. steel your heart, the dawn will comeIomair rallies the troops in the Bastion as word spreads that support has come in from the west. Caledonians surge out into the field to join the fray!
    5. say a prayer for those left behindDaisy seeks aid from an unlikely source.
  2. Final Battle
    1. [M] when all is thought lostIomair, O'Riley, and Indis face off against Cynatria Nightbane.
    2. [M] the Riders of SalsolaLiam, Fennore, Silas, and Spartacus go to battle against Éna, Crunch Bonefury, Alanis Longriver, and Spark Coldmane.
    3. [M] that's how the light gets inValan, Aidan, and Percival go to battle against Ark and Solas. Just as things start to look bleak, Daisy arrives with Altuan the bear.
    4. [M] showdownHokori and Valkyrie face off against Silivren and Tigraine.
    5. [M] bleed the water redRand and Vegard go to battle against Martha and Emyn Celos.
    6. [M] it's the heat that drives the lightCasimir and Tattersall go to battle against Blackhawk and Shiv.
    7. [M] bare your blade And raise it highBrocade and Morrow go to battle against Innis Shadowmend and Harbor Sharpfeather.
    8. [M] the sum of all fearsEvelyn, Aidan, and Egregore go to battle against Chantal Dumont, Travers, Grof.
    9. there's more than one way to skin a catEulalie, Baelfire and Arran destroy and burn down an unmanned catapult.
    10. can't beVodeva exits the Bastion and is met with a flurry of action - across the Battlefield she spots her son before Fleur forces her back inside.
    11. [M] When you'll have to rise, above the best and prove yourselfNaomi, Ronin, and Genkei attack the location of the second catapult, which is protected by Ivo and Hans. As things turn dire, a faceless archer appears.
    12. A knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtueMako sees Teagan off as she rides off to battle.
    13. [M] And when the giants call to ask you what you're worth — As she rides to battle, something calls Teagan to turn north instead, where she is unexpectedly met by Naomi, Ronin, and a severely injured Genkei.
    14. [M] As a child you would wait, And watch from far awayNaomi and Ronin arrive at the Bastion with an injured Genkei in tow, and, with help from Mako, they get him to the temporary infirmary where Bellad and Sólveig perform emergency medical care in an attempt to save Genkei's life.
    15. [M] We are the warriors that built this townKamari and Teagan find themselves as unlikely allies as they fight against the Twins, Ivo and Hans.
  3. Post-Final Battle
    1. [M] The hand, the heart, An end, a start — After fleeing from the final battle, Tigraine returns to the Tears' camp to set Rohan free.
    2. Kiss me goodbye, love's memory — As her father leaves to find her mother, Naomi is requested to speak with Genkei. Meanwhile, Ronin keeps watch.
    3. [M] lightbringerRohan flees to New Caledonia and is discovered by his mother.
    4. And I see different shades nowTeagan uses the last of her strength to make it back to Mako.
    5. Beyond the Horizon — Using the distraction provided by fighting elsewhere, Kamari secretly smuggles the remaining catapult out of New Caledonia.
    6. [M] I've bit my tongue since I was young — Following the conflict, best friends Morrow and Tattersall are reuinted. Not long after this, they are sent to assist Kamari with her secret task.
    7. [M] something immutable, an immovable destiny we could never alter — Though the battle has been won, an enemy remains. Daisy and Percival track down the leader of the Eyes of Omni, Talbot, and see to his end.

January 9th 2022

  1. [M] this is how legends are made — A captured Ark Coara is brought before the Caledonians and Salsolans in a public trial to answer for his betrayal to his kinsmen, the destruction caused to New Caledonia, and for the losses suffered from the invasion.

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