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Primary Map

Blackwood, del Morte (previously)


  • Location: Canada, Western Hemisphere (Probably somewhere in Newfoundland)
  • Status: REQUEST
  • Demonym: None
  • Languages Spoken: English, Canadian-French, German, Spanish, Sign-Language
  • Influences: Slave Ring
  • Archetype (Group):
Slavery, Mercenaries, Traders, Combatants
  • Archetypes (Individuals):
Non-do-gooders, villains, slaves, victims, instructors, thieves, gladiators

Map by San

Rabenuhr - Raven's Watch

Current image is a placeholder. Will be replaced by map later.

Hidden away in the deep, thick forests of the island in Newfoundland is a place spoken of only in hushed whispers. The lines of the trees keep this place closed off from the world, and the mountain range to the side making it even harder for those to get in and out. Light cutting through the trees provides daylight to a carefully constructed camp resting at the center clearing. Lands of green grass stretch out across the area, color coming only from the burning of torches and small patches of flowers poking through the earth. Northern breezes passing through the trees provide a cool rush to those forced to remain outside, or punish those depending on the situation. A beauty hidden from the world for a sinister purpose. Here lies the hidden slave camp simply known as Rabenuhr, or Raven's Watch.

Resting at the center of a camp is a large, well decorated camp. Torches burn brightly from the outside, illuminating the furs that cover the lining on the outside. A single post resting on the outside is the only indication to the owner's usual choice of punishment. Tent door remain shut to all besides those that are requested to come in. All around this spot lay the rest of the camp, but into sections for ease of access. Stationed around the entire camp are the soldiers, anticipating the next thing to come in and out.

Gladiatorial Ring

Nestled off to one side of the camp lies a carefully constructed gladiatorial ring, used to properly train not only guards, but slaves intended to be breed for fighting. Constructed from the sweat and labor of already claimed slaves, the dug in earth creates a circular shaped ring in the ground. Exits are guarded and those thrown inside are only allowed up by the word of their masters or superiors. Down along the inside wall are some dug out indents used to keep members down here if needed.

Slave Quarters

Close to the ring are a sent of tents labeled as the slave quarters. Any new pups that are brought in, slaves that are in the progress of being trained, as well as ones that are intended to be sold off or used for business are kept within this area. The tents themselves can become overcrowded with the number of slaves Rabenuhr holds claim to. There are wooden cages set up along the outside as well as wooden posts with chains and rope intended to be used to "discipline" any that dare to misbehave or step out of line.

Rabenuhr Hierarchy

Notable members are shown within the following ranks. Click the button to see information on minor NPC characters.


Also refered to as the 'Grand Master' or 'Ringmaster', the Master is in charge of Rabenuhr. It is his/her job to make sure that everything is running smoothly and fixes and problems that might come about. This is the head of the entire operation and the most pleasured job. This member holds the rights to the center tent and handles most of the business deals outside of the camp along with other trades. This member is also the next in line to handle punishment and instructing of slaves if the Slavemaster is incapable of doing so.

Ophelia Blackwood

The eldest daughter and eldest out of all of Kruger's children, Ophelia was expected to do great things. From an early age, she was trained how to fight, and brutally so. She was taught to be ruthless and to spare no one. This carried over to her adulthood. Now the leader of the guards, she does not accept failure from anyone. She is brutal and merciless to anyone that dares to attack Rabenuhr or to any slaves that think they can get away. She can easily lose her temper when the guards under her watch fail to take care of things. When it was discovered that Kruger had perished and word was sent back to Rabenuhr, being the toughest of the siblings, she took the reins as the next Master in line, promoting one of her warriors to take her place, much to the disdain of her siblings.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6.5
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Great Plains Wolf, Labrador Wolf, Northeastern Coyote
  • Weapon of Choice: Broadsword
  • Appearance: Much more muscular compared to her other siblings due to her training. Unlike the others as well, she holds the golden colors of he mother with black accents along her face and body. She also has some lighter golden accents along her pelt. Her eyes are bright red, a clear indication of who her father is. Her hair is tied up in braids that rest along her shoulders. She has one scar along her upper lip. She wears one golden earring on each ear, golden bands at the ends of her braids, and a golden necklace around her neck.

Slave Drivers

Slave drivers are at the heart of the operation in Rabenuhr. They are the ones in charge over overseeing the slaves as well as instructing them. It is up to them to make sure they are breed to client's needs as well as for the other services they offer. They are also in charge of training up the gladiators and making sure they are fit to fight. If there is any resistance from the slave, or misbehaving, it is up to them to snuff it out by any means they choose. Punishments can only be overruled by the Master.

Marmon Blackwood

Born the younger of his two sons, Kruger charged Marmon in taking up the position as the head of the slave drivers for his natural talent in the art of manipulation and teaching tactics. Taking his rank to heart, this male does everything in his power to make sure that all the slaves and gladiators are properly trained, and punished appropriately. Though he takes pride in his work, he often does not speak, allowing his presence and his stature to speak for themselves. He strikes fear into those under him as well as his subjects. It is often seen as a bad sign if spoken to by him.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6.5
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Great Plains Wolf, Labrador Wolf, Northeastern Coyote
  • Weapon of Choice: Whips
  • Appearance: Average in size, leaning more towards the leaner side. Slight muscle build in his arms, but nothing much more than this. Pelt consists of light brown and darker gray brown with some very light brown accents. He having his father's eyes shows he is not a friendly sight, if the scars along the side of his upper left lip were any clearer indication. His hair flows back down along the back of his head with one part of it tied in the front.

Sierra Rivers
A female slave driver that is usually refered to as Marmon's right hand. Unforgiving of mistakes, she is usually the first to dish out punishment to the slaves.

Landon Drachen
A male slave driver that is usually seen overseeing the gladiators. More of a teacher by nature, he trains the fighters on how to fight properly, sending them to others when they don't listen.


Hunters hold two main jobs within Rabenuhr. They are in charge of hunting prey to feed everyone in the operation, including the slaves. Their other job is going out of the camp to capture non-luperci, luperci, and steal away pups to make into slaves. They can also be used to persuade others to come join the camp as rank officials. They will often go out in groups to make things easier for each other and to increase intake at a much more efficient pace.

Bariston Blackwood

Older of his two sons, Bariston took an interest in the incoming slaves and hunting when he was around his shifting age. With some persuasion from his father, he began to join the other hunters on their missions outside of Rabenuhr. One time when he was out, he was attacked by a bear, tearing off part of his ear and leaving the scars on his face. This only proved to make him stronger and much more intimidating. Loving his line of work, he strives only for the best and will not accept coming back empty handed, no matter what.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6.5
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Great Plains Wolf, Labrador Wolf,, Northeastern Coyote
  • Weapon of Choice: Bow
  • Appearance: Leaner build to account for his use of speed. He has some muscle in his arms from capturing and hunting. His pelt is black with white and gray accents. His eyes are orange, close to his father's. His hair falls neatly behind the back of his head with one bit tied, also resting along the back. He has a notch in his ear as well as a line of scars across his face from the side of his head.

Randolf Otto
A male hunter with a twisted outlook on life. He loves the smell and sight of blood, and takes great pleasure in torturing his prey before killing or capturing it.

Halley Bane
A female hunter with a much calmer and serious attitude. Has an amazing aim and rarely ever misses her target.


Guards are the first and only line of defense Rabenuhr has. Because of this, all the guards are expected to be brutal in their methods and spare no one. Their job is to make sure the camp in protected at all times from intruders and to make sure that none of the slaves/gladiators escape. Should any make it past them, it is then up to the guards to track them down and murder them.

Colton Thorne

Colton is the older brother of Ridley Thorne. The brothers have both served Ophelia and Rabenuhr faithfully and grew up the internal ranks of the warrior system not only for their bravery, but for their brutality. When Kruger's daughter rose to the occasion to become the next Master of Rabenuhr after her father's death, she was quick to promote Colton to take her place, believing he was the best warrior she had. Even though this may be the case, he is slowly learning just how hard it is to be a leader, and still sticks close to his former head, learning what he can from her for his transition to power.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Great Plains Wolf, Labrador Wolf, Northeastern Coyote
  • Weapon of Choice: Shortswords
  • Appearance: A muscular male who has grown a wide collection of scars over the course of his time in Rabenuhr. Typically seen around the camp sporting some leather armor and small pieces of cloth along with his weapons kept close to his sides. Feeling no need to wear any accessories, he lets his body speak for itself. (More on pelt appearance coming soon).

Ridley Thorne
Younger brother to Colton. Still a bit inexperienced when it comes to fighting, though does his best. Many of his brother's scars come from protecting Ridley.

James Moody
One of the younger warriors that has proven himself to be a formidable warrior. Winning Ophelia's favor because of his skills, she has sent him out on more hunts to bring down escapees.


Medics are a necessity for any sort of settlement, and the ones here are no exception. The medics around Rabenuhr are responsible for taking care of injuries that any of the members take, patching up slaves from their punishments, and treating the gladiators after their training sessions. These skilled members have the power to deny treatment to anyone they wish, and can only be overruled by the word of the Master.

Violet Blackwood

Born the younger of the two sisters, Violet held sympathy for the slaves and gladiators. Though her father saw this as a weakness from early on, he set out to have his daughter taught in the medical field so that she could use that sympathy for something more practical. Gathering more skills in the art, she earned her way up to the head of all the medics in Rabenuhr. She takes good care of the injured, and will rarely turn any aside. Even though she still has this sympathy, due to her respect for her father, she will not use it to aid slaves and gladiators in their escape.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6.5
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Great Plains Wolf, Labrador Wolf, Northeastern Coyote
  • Weapon of Choice: Knives/Wooden Staff
  • Appearance: Leaner in size, she has some curves to her body. She doesn't hold much muscle compared to her other siblings due to a lack of formal combat training. Light brown mixed with brown gray accents cover her body and her hair. Her name comes from her bright violet eyes, the only different from her father and the rest of her siblings. She wears three gold earrings on each of her ears, styling her hair up in a curly bun.

Cybil Whitney
A general medic that is usually seen around the gladiator ring. She's the first to step in and take care of the fighters when they have taken serious injuries.

Sarah Smoky
One of Violet's medics that is specially trained to deal with burns. This medic usually takes care of new slaves and pups that have received their brands.


Slaves and Gladiators take up a majority of the population in Rabenuhr, as they are the primary focus of the operation. Those chosen to become gladiators are taught how to fight with a weapon of their instructor's choice. When they are in prime condition, they will be sold off to those looking for slaves that can fight, or wish to have those that can fight; if not that, then if they are specially selected for their brutality and loyalty, they have the chance to become ranked guards for Rabenuhr.

Slaves are not so fortunate. None of these members have the chance to become anything more than what they are selected to do. Most of the slaves that are brought in to be trained are non-luperci and pups (that are also either non-luperci or pups that have not shifted yet). If proven to take well to their instructors, they are changed into luperci. Some slaves may be trained to fight to protect their masters, but most are breed to obey orders, take care of things around their master's living space, and for sex. Those used for sex will either be sold off for this purpose or the Master is paid to have them used for a set amount of time. Other slaves will be sold off to those willing to pay for them.

Kira Seymour (Gladiator)
A male that was brought in by one of the hunting parties. Inexperienced, he is still in the process of gladiator training, but is showing good progress.

Simone Brent (Gladiator)
A Rabenuhr born male that was selected to become a gladiator from his puphood. Breed to fight, he now helps in the training of others until he is bought by someone else.

Severa Ward (Slave)
A female jackal that was discovered a great distance away from the camp by Bariston. She was brought back to Rabenuhr, made a slave, and is held in very high regard.

Gordon Ephraim (Slave)
A male that was brought into Rabenuhr on one of the hunting trips. He was deemed too weak to become a gladiator and has since been trained to be a slave.

Kafei Chatham (Slave)
Daughter of Grace Chatham and another female slave. When she tried to escape with her siblings, she was recaptured. Put through hell for what she had done, she hopes that her siblings will come back for her before she befalls a terrible fate.

WANTED (Escapees)

The members that have escaped, whether it was successfully or not. A record is kept of all the attempts, whether those that have gotten out were still at large or if their bodies were brought back to Rabenuhr. It is up to the Guards to find these members, assuming they are still nearby. Groups will often be sent out to find them. The living members, if found, will be killed on the spot.

Voss Kimberley (At Large)
Brother to Morticia and the only survivor of the group that attempted to escape from Rabenuhr. When the shift in power began to take hold, Voss launched a counter-attack on the camp. Although he was able to get more gladiators and slaves out to lead them to freedom, it cost him one of his eyes and to be forever on the run.

Morticia Kimberly (Dead)
Sister to Voss. She followed her brother and a couple others in a break to escape from Rabenuhr. She was soon captured and lied about leading to protect her brother before being killed.

Ivaylo Vexx (Dead)
A male gladiator that agreed to help provide assistance in breaking free from their capture. He was killed by the guards when the group was being chased down.

Beatrix Crowley (Dead)
A female slave that agreed to escape with the others to escape from her life of slavery. She was captured and killed.

Valdern Payne (At Large)
Valdern was one of the ranked members within Rabenuhr, but it's harsh lifestyle on so many innocents began to ware him down over the years. Working along with Voss, he helped to plan and execute the plan to attack and free more of the slaves and gladiators. Now labeled a traitor, he helps to fend off any members following them to hunt down Voss' group.

Grace Chatham (Dead)
Born into a life of slavery, Rabenuhr is pretty much all she knows. Numb to having multiple litters, she was convinced to come with Voss' group. She fell behind and was killed on the spot, her body found by her children after the battle.

Rina Chatham (At Large)
Daughter of Grace Chatham, she was raised alongside her sister to become a slave. When Voss came to Rabenuhr, she escaped with her mother and siblings. She felt awful to leave her sister behind in that awful place, but believed Voss when he promised her they would get her out one day.

Viktor Boyd (At Large)
A male pup that was brought in by one of the hunters. Nursed by Grace, he was treated just like one of her sons. Trained in the gladiator ring, he was one of the first to come with Voss' group and helped to try and get his mother and sisters out. Broken over his failure to his mother and one sister, he vows to make up for his mistake.

Amon (At Large)
A competent Gladiator that was often contracted out as a bodyguard for traveling merchants. A repeat customer purchased Amon's company as per usual, but they were ambushed by thieves; while Amon fought them off dutifully, he was ultimately outnumbered, leading to the death of the merchant and him being left to die. He managed to drag himself to the nearby borders of New Caledonia, where he was taken in by Fennore and nursed back to health. He knew that too much time had passed since his initial disappearance for him to be received in Rabenuhr's good graces should he try to return, so instead he took the risk of living in New Caledonia henceforth, abandoning the Gladiator life he had known.


Laws and Crimes

The word of the Master is the law. Any order he gives is expected to be followed without any question. Questioning an order by the master can show signs of disloyalty and thus lead to suffering punishment.

All the slaves and gladiators are to stay to a set schedule set aside by their masters and instructors. Any slave or gladiator that disobeys an order or goes against these orders and schedule will be subjected to the proper punishment by the slave drivers. All breeding slaves are to stay separate from the normal slaves, and gladiators separate from them. If anyone is caught where they are not supposed to be, then they will be subjected to punishment.

Plotting to betray the Master and the ranked members is not permitted. Slaves are not permitted to leave the camp. If there is an attempt at an escape, the slaves will be hunted down by the hunters and guards, and will be killed on sight. Any that manage to get away will be hunted down by groups of guards and hunters to search for them. If anyone is caught aiding the slaves and gladiators in their escape, they too will be killed on sight.

Slaves that are meant for breeding are to only be used for breeding. If there are pups produced from non-specified slaves, then depending on the situation, the parents will either be separated from the pups or they will be killed. If the parents are between a slave and a ranked member, the parents will be killed and the pups will be raised by a nursing breeding slave. If pups are the result of a paid service with a female slave, then the mother will nurse the pups and then be train accordingly.

Biases and Prejudices

While non-luperci are looked down upon, there is still potential with them in the slave business. Most non-lupercis that are brought into Rabenuhr are used to breed future generations of slaves. Those that are lucky enough to prove themselves when it comes to listening and obeying orders will be changed into luperci. These ones will have a much better chance of being sold off to other masters, but sometimes even these luperci will just be used for breeding as they are still viewed to be below natural born luperci.

Having sympathy or romantic feelings for the slaves and gladiators is unacceptable. There are some exceptions to this, especially with the medics, but it generally frowned upon if anyone in Rabenuhr shows this feeling and will loosen up on instructions or punishments because of it.

Coyote and jackals slaves are held in a much higher regard to wolves and dogs as they are more exotic to the area. Because of this, these slaves are much rarer to Rabenuhr, but are treated slightly better than the others. Coyotes and jackals are never allowed to become gladiators and are paid much more handsomely for sex services.

Morals and Ethics

There is little to no morality when it comes to the means in which Rabenuhr is run. As long as everyone stays within the laws of the operation, then the ranked members are free to do as they please when it comes to how they tend to their work and their slaves/gladiators. There is a little morality when it comes to the higher ranked members, even some slightly from Kruger himself as it is part of their tactics to use manipulation to break the slaves' will, but other than that there is none to see.

  • Love: When it comes to love in Rabenuhr, the slaves are breed within the camp for the sole purpose of producing more slaves. When it comes to ranked members, they are permitted to fall in love and have children of their own. These children will be raised to become ranked members within Rabenuhr.


Spirituality varies between the different members that Rabenuhr has brought it. Slaves and gladiators are permitted to follow their faiths so long as it is when it is on their downtime and it is not disturbing anyone else in the camp. This rule also applies to the ranked members. They are permitted to take part in their own practices so long as they are not disrupting anyone else and they are a distance away from the camp. Aside from this rule, there is nothing spiritual about this place.

Raven Brand

Due to the nature of the operation that is being run, every slave and gladiator is to be marked by a raven somewhere on their body. The location may vary, but it must always be in a spot that can be visible to others. This mark is always branded on the slave, though treatment is given afterwords to ease some of the pain and deal with any side effects that might arise from the branding. Even if the slave is traded away, the brand still remains should it be returned to Rabenuhr, or as an identifier to those hunting down slaves that try to escape. The brand of the raven is always black, whether it turns that way from the method used for branding or the burn is dyed after the mark has been made.

Some of the non-enslaved members have also taken the brand along their body as a sign of loyalty to their Master. This is not done often, as there are many members who do not wish to be seen as equal to the slaves and gladiators that are brought in.'

The Raven Brand

  • The Raven Brand icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character that is a current slave of Rabenuhr or an Escapee, regardless of their connection to family, non-enslaved, etc.
The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • If you choose to have hover-over text, the only text permitted is: Bound to the Raven's Call (Slaves), Lost but Not Forgotten (Escapees)

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  1. 2017: Kruger returns from one of his trips injured. In an attempt to help, Silas is ordered to sit out in the rain before being called back in to sleep.


  • Creator: Salena — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • Please ask if you wish to have characters that are tied to Rabenuhr or if you have any question in regards to it's location and how it operates. Feel free to add in some NPCs if you think they would make for a great addition, or wish to use it as a tie to a pre-existing character, but ask me first before making a playable character from Rabenuhr.
    • Please be aware that some things may happen if you have someone off-board coming to this location or even just passing by. Rabenuhr does not take kindly to strangers and will kill anyone that is snooping around too much to protect their secrets.
    • Adoptables of Rabenuhr will be available at certain times. Check back on Salena's Character Adoptions to see if there are any pre-made ones available.
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