Silivren Garwaen


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  • Date of Birth: 13 November 2017
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Luperci: Ortus


  • Pack: None
    • Rank: n/a

Former Packs

  • Old Caledonia

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Silivren has the uncanny ability to siphon attention from lost souls. She is beautiful in a savage sort of way: pragmatic and sly; all sharp teeth and a silver tongue. Once a Captain, Silivren demands respect from those in her company. She can rouse motivation from nothing, pulling upon threads of loyalty to accomplish a task. There is something feral about her despite her two-legged form, and she looks at others the way a predator might assess their prey.

Despite her charming nature, Silivren can easily become hyper-focused on her work. This can make her difficult to reason with. In the past, she has made hasty decisions that have endangered others, or that have resulted in questionable outcomes. She is not afraid to use violence to get her point across. She is known for giving rousing speeches to gather people to her cause and can be convincing regardless of her knowledge on any given subject. Silivren believes that she has been rewarded for her service and is deeply ingratiated to Nín.

The soldier favours a long sword as her weapon of choice and is proficient with a hunting bow.

She has a soft spot for children as she has never had any of her own.


Every inch of Silivren cuts like a blade. She has a sharp carmine gaze and a wide, stern mouth. She is an indeterminate mixture of dog breeds which results in a tall, willowy woman with long-standing ears. She is made up in white and grey tones, her pink skin seeping through in places where the fur is at its thinnest. Her hair is almost always left loose and long (never styled) or is tied into a ponytail. Her extremities are brindled silver, the stripes fading away as they reach her torso. Upon her broad shoulders, she has a collection of eye-markings that have been etched into her skin. She loathes to tell people what they represent - but they are a remnant of her life directly after the war.

Silivrens appearance is defined by her time as a soldier. She has a smattering of scars that trail across her ribs and around her hands. She is muscular like a big cat and tends to glide through a room. She can most often be found wearing a collection of leather armour that is patched together from her time as a mercenary – but beyond that, the woman often wraps herself in layers of fabric to stave off the cold.

An old war injury is threatening to claim her vision, and this terrifies the warrior more than anything else. This is a secret that she has shared with no one, not even her wife.

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