Farron Belgrave

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by Despi

Player: Kris
Creator(s): veldt
Birthplace: Ft. Preble, Portland
Date of Birth: 14 February 2021
Sex: Female

  • Pronouns: she/her

Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus)

  • 45.31% Wolf (Common Gray, Easter Timber, Red, Northern Rocky Mountain, Alaskan Tundra), 40.63% Dog (New Guinea Singing Dog, Pharaoh Hound, Alaskan Malamute, Irish Water Spaniel), 14.06% Coyote (Northeastern, Texas Plains, Plains, Mexican)

Pack: Salsola
Rank: The Family

Animal NPC: Aella

OOC Assumptions
Salsolans may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • TBA — ask Kris for more details!

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1.  Synopsis

Farron Belgrave is a member of Salsola, the daughter of June Belgrave and Khalifa D'Angelo. She and her siblings, Marik, Evander, and Arkana, were born abroad at Salsola's Outpost, where she has lived all her life. Farron is her mother's secret favorite, taking after her in many ways, though she competes with her siblings for her father's attention. No doubt a socialite in the making, Farron possesses a lovely singing voice like June and dabbles in creative writing and poetry when she isn't navigating the social and political scene. Born to a merchant and merchant's daughter, Farron has wanted for very little and grew up quite comfortably, having unrestricted access to the many exotic wares filtering through Portland.

Previously, her brother Marik visited the mainland but ultimately returned to the outpost after failing to find his footing. Farron, intrigued, seeks to do the same while accomplishing what Marik could not: sticking the landing.

2.  Appearance


The middling child of two hybrid parents, Farron is a melting pot of breeds. Most evident is her wolf heritage — it lends to her lean, sharp features. Doggish blood is evident in her long legs that end in small feet and hands, and coyote blood in her decidedly bushy tail. Her fur is long enough to keep her warm in the winter nights, another throwback to wolf heritage that some of her siblings didn't inherit.

Farron's thick fur is dark coffee brown with points that fade into cream. Notable markings include the pale star on her forehead. The Belgrave woman inherited her paternal grandmother's steely blue eyes.

Her mother taught her from a young age to present as a proper young woman. Exclusively found in her optime form, Farron often wears modest dresses with lace detailing in rich fabrics befitting a wealthy merchant's daughter. She strays away from gaudy jewelry, but often chooses bright colors despite her mother's preference for dark, muted tones.

Farron inherited her mother's deep brown, wavy hair. She keeps it shorter than June and tends to wear it high on her head when dealing in matters of import.

The merchant's daughter has perfected the art of going unnoticed. The perfect wallflower, Farron makes sure to blend into the background until her presence is required. Modest flowery smells such as jasmine and chamomile are her perfumes of choice. When called to be present, Farron holds herself with an undeniable sense of pride. Her voice is unwavering, despite its softness, and her gaze is stronger than a proper lady's should be.

Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#16100D) (#2C241D) (#8C6D5A)
(#CCBCB2) (#CFC9C8)
Eyes, Nose
(#ADBACC) (#100906)

-- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)


-- lb (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)


150 lb (68 kg) — 5 ft 8 in (68 in) (173 cm)

By Despi

3.  Personality


Farron comes across as the ideal submissive woman. Contrary to apparent Salsolan culture, the Belgrave-D'Angelo household functioned as a patriarchy with a powerful father and a demure mother where the sons were taught trade and the daughters to be wives. For Farron, this upbringing took rather well. She is docile, quiet, and poised. She rarely speaks out of order and has a way about her that promotes calm, easy conversation. She is proficient in skills such as speaking French, reading, composing poetry, and singing - though the latter is reserved for friends behind closed doors.

Within the inner workings of Farron's mind, one would find a rich imagination and resolve. She has yet to set herself to a task, but once she does, there is little that can get in her way. She shows a level of cunning and manipulation that cannot be taught, but uses them very rarely. She usually just has to ask to get her way.

It is true that Farron has had very few obstacles in her life and that shows in her naivety. She tries to believe the best in others when she can. She has a healthy level of optimism that things will work out well. She expects a certain standard of living but has learned to be content with the small things in life like a good book and a warm cup of tea.

  • Demeanor:
  • Speech: —
  • Sexuality: —
  • Outlook: —
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Shall follow the law.
Shall help the needy if such action advances law and order.
Shall not betray others.
Shall honor legitimate authority.

4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (D'Angelo, Belgrave?)
Extended Family (Moineau, Lykoi, Kimaris)

Character descends from the D'Angelo and Lykoi lines; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to them. Unknown relations indicated by *

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