Ingvildr Knight

Ingvildr Knight


Credit: Despi


  • Name: Ingvildr Knight
    • Pronunciation: ING-vill-der
    • Nickname: Inga
    • Etymology: Lady of battle (Old Norse), A mounted soldier (Old English)
  • Date of Birth: 12 February 2020
  • Species: Wolf (Luperci Ortus) 1
  • Gender: Female


OOC Information

OOC Assumptions

Guests of Starhaven may assume:

Seeing her...
* around the haven in general and the carpentry workshop in particular
* bringing in a fresh kill to the New Moon Inn
Having her...
* discuss woodwork or basketry commissions
* be welcoming but guarded

Plot Opportunities

  • Trade
  • Open to suggestion


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Ingvildr Knight is currently the Ryūsei (Shooting Star) in the Shingetsu Trading Company.

Born to New Caledonia, at the pack's disbandment, Inga followed other members of her family to set up the Shingetsu Trading Company in the Miramichi Wilderness.

She is skilled in hunting (mainly through archery), arrowsmithing, bow making and black-ash basket weaving. She trades her wares as well as others belonging to the trade company.

1.  Character

1.1  Appearance

Inga is purely wolf, on her mother’s side predominantly Makenzie and Eastern Timber, on her father’s side, predominantly Grey. As an averaged sized female wolf, in optime, Inga is ever so slightly taller than her sister, taller than her mum was, but considerably shorter than her father. Her thick fur is of average length. Her colouring is darker than her mother and sister, but lighter than her father. Like both her parents, she has green eyes. Her face markings, pale on the cheek, darker above, accentuate her cheekbones. Like her sister, she has inherited a long slender muzzle from her mother’s side of the family, and the combination may on occasion make her come across as slightly haughty.

Ingvildr has the body of a muscular young woman. Her shoulders are particularly strong due to her regular archery practice, which was encouraged by her father as a child, and which she has continued to pursue competitively.

As she grew up in New Caledonia, she is used to a humanized lifestyle, which was encouraged by her father. Despite this, she is comfortable shifting back and forth should it prove convenient. Her Optime hair is regularly braided, simply so if she’s tending to her own hair, perhaps more decoratively so if she’s asked her sister to help. Occasionally she wears flowers in her hair as her father told her that her mother used to.

25% Common Gray Wolf, 25% Unspecified Wolf Species, 15.63% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Italian Wolf, 9.38% Arctic Wolf

By Despi!

1.2  Specifics

  • Forms:
    • Lupus: 37 kg — 32 in / 81cm
    • Secui: 64 kg — 42 in / 107cm
    • Optime: 90 kg — 6 ft 3 (75 in) / 191cm
  • Scars: Inga has a burn scar on her left shoulder which is visible up close. She has further scaring, predominantly on her left side which is much less visible.

1.3  Clothing and Accessories

Ingvildr sometimes wears a necklace or a couple of bracklets made of stones and "a mixture of bone, wood, and sea glass beads on twine, knotted to look pretty and to clank with melodic chimes at movement" "Miniature Frithr charms and some Caledonian unicorns were the centerpieces of many of the accessories." made by Kalypso Savoy and presented for in Call to Court Ride the storm, daughters of thunder.

1.4  Palette


 Cape Cod (#383D3D)

 Tapa (#77716D)

 Muesli (#AE8B67)

 Napa (#B3A495)

 Tiara (#CFD6D6)

Optime Hair

 Napa (#B3A495)


 Chelsea Cucumber (#92A759))

Nose and Pawpads

 Tuatara (#23221F)


 Chicago (#5D5B5A)

1.5  Personality

Summary: independent, loyal, focused

Ingvildr has a strong sense of family loyalty and devotion and a strong work ethic. She is fiercely independent and struggles to balance her own need for solitude and communion with the natural world, and her desire to fulfil her sense of family loyalty. When Ingvildr has something on her mind, an idea or enthusiasm, it is often all consuming and draws her complete focus. She’s capable of forgetting all else when her mind is fixated on a goal and this can frustrate others who might consider her selfish. She is often not aware of this. These periods of obsession are frequently followed by periods of complete disinterest as she moves onto the next exciting thing.

Despite feeling strong emotions, her facial expression is considerably more guarded than her sibling’s, and she is more reluctant to express her feelings openly, especially to strangers. When upset, Ingvildr can be cold. She is more likely to glare, give the silent treatment and sulk than come to punches. However, if pushed, she will fight. She can hold a grudge and be frustratingly incommunicative if she doesn't feel appreciated. With romantic relationships, she is more likely to disengage as she becomes less interested over time. Typically, she is not sympathetic to what she sees as weak or needy behaviour.

On occasion, Inga does like to relax and although she rarely seeks it, she enjoys being the centre of attention.

  • Motivations: ---
  • Fears: ---
  • Likes: ---
  • Dislikes: ---
  • Packs: Ingvildr is suspicious of Salsola given that her father was once held as a slave there. However, she is also aware that on occasion Salsola provided aid to New Caledonia hence her feelings have always been conflicted.
  • Species: Ingvildr is wholly perturbed by those who have biases against particular species, although she herself tends to underestimate the power of smaller canines, for example some dogs.
  • Non-Luperci: As far as she is aware, Inga has never met a true non-luperci. She holds a certain admiration for those who hunt in lupus or secui forms.
  • Sex: Ingvildr respects both men and women.
  • Colour: no bias.
  • Sexuality: Inga is predominantly attracted to men but not exclusively so.
  • Age: Inga has relatively little experience with pups or with caring for the elderly. She is typically respectful to the older members of her family.

Ingvildr could be considered naïve when it comes to her sexual awareness. Although she has on occasion met and had a romantic interaction during her travels, she has not fallen in love or experienced the pain of heartbreak. Her encounters have been solely initiated by the other party and Inga is typically slow to recognise the interest. She does however deeply admire beauty and adornment in dress and jewellery of others, which can develop into a minor infatuation, although this is less a sexual interest than a desire to move and look like the other, yet despite this, having been brought up by her father who tended to not wear clothes, she finds it difficult to express her fascination with decorative elements and elegant manners in her own appearance.


Ingvildr simultaneously holds contradictory beliefs having had a range of incomplete religious training from a number of directions. From her mother’s lineage she had developed a belief in aspects of the Norse gods. She is deeply attracted to the Norse gods due them representing a link to her unknown mother and her name. From her father’s stories she has a deep respect for the sun god Fenris. From her upbringing in New Caledonia, she became aware of the Old Caledonian gods and the stories associated with them. She is highly suspicious of anyone, or anything, related to the goddess Nín.


Ingvildr is naïve on the topic of illicit substances. She has limited experience and no sense of judgement regarding the topic, but nor is she particularly interested. Since moving to Starhaven, she has begun to drink alcohol more regularly and likes the way it helps her to relax.

2.  Skills

Main Focus: Archery
  • Archery: (Journeyman)
Inga has taken a steadfast interest in archery. She was taught by her father and has been learning under his tutelage since she could hold a bow. She trains regularly to maintain her strength and accuracy and can be found doing so in all weather conditions. During the archery competition at Casa Di Cavalieri Olympics in June 2021, Ingvildr won second place. Archery is Inga preferred hunting strategy. She sees contribution to the pack's food stocks as a key part of her role. In New Caledonia she was a marksman.
  • Arrowsmithing and Bowcrafting: (Journeyman)
In addition to learning how to shoot arrows, Ingvildr has trained in crafting bows and arrows. She began learning to be a fletcher from her father. She can frequently be seen searching for birch in the silver strip, and is frequently found shaping arrowheads, straightening wood, and fletching arrow shafts. Although less proficient with bow making, this is a skill that Ingvildr is working hard to develop and her typical bows are easily suitable for beginners and ammateurs. She has made a few pieces which she has been particularly proud of. In New Caledonia she was a Tinker.
  • Basket weaving (Journeyman)
During her travels, Inga came across basket weavers who use the wood of the black ash tree.She has brought this knowledge back to New Caledonia, where she became a weaver.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Woodworking: (Apprentice)
A hobby that she took an interest as a result of her father's influence. Inga can identify different types of trees and what woods are best for certain projects or crafts. While she is less devoted to practicing this skill over archery or arrowsmithing, her curiosity in it remains strong.
  • Horsemanship: (Dabbler)
Another hobby introduced to her by her father, Inga is a fair rider and competed in the Lancaster Stockshow in the Barrel Racing on her father's horse Streibo. Ingvildr's inherited Elenore in 2023:
  • Abilities: High endurance, ambling gait.
  • Personality: Obedient, but shows nervous tendencies around loud noises.
  • Description: Chocolate palomino mustang with a very light mane and tail. Born 2012
  • History: Originally owned by a member of the Boreas faction, Elenore was used as a scouting and pack animal during the Boreas Conflict II. She was gifted to New Caldeonia in January 2020. Following New Caledonia's demise, she was adopted by Ingvildr.
by Alaine

3.  Relationships

Ingvildr was born in New Caledonia. The daughter of Thyri Dawnbringer and Merlin Knight, Inga and her sister, Sólveig Dawnrunner, were nursed by Teagan Stryder following the untimely death of her mother and another sibling. Despite her losses, Inga grew up with a number of family members, including aunts Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner, a milk sister, and an abundance of cousins.

3.1  Family Relationships

Family Tree: Stormbringer, Knight

  • Milk-Sibling: Naomi Stryder
  • Extended Family: Ingvildr has a very large extended family. She is closest to her Stormbringer and Sadira relatives but has far-reaching relatives in the Knight and Collins families as well.. Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
Nieces & Nephews: —
by Mandi

Key Family Relationships

  • Merlin Knight: Inga's father. Following the death of her mother, Merlin raised her and her sister, Sólveig, as a single father.
  • Sólveig Dawnrunner: Inga's only surviving littermate. As chidlren they were as thick as thieves and rarely seen far from one another. As adults, although their paths have not always been so tightly aligned, their love for each other remains deep.
  • Kalypso Savoy: Inga's aunt, and the mother of the majority of her cousins. After her mother's death, Kalyspo provided something of a mother-figure in her life.

Family Relationships

  • Gaia Dawnrunner: Another of Inga's aunts. Gaia had a role in Inga's childhood.
  • Teagan Stryder: Although not officially family, Teagan was Ingvildr's milk-mother after Thyri's death. After her death in January 2022 during the events of A Tear In The Tapestry, Ingvildr was devestated.
  • Naomi Stryder: Inga's milk-sister while she was being nursed by Teagan. She's been weaned for a long while now, but Naomi remains an important figure in Ingvildr's life.

Friendships etc.

  • Azalea Eternity: Azalea helped Inga to obtain the schematics for building a beehive for Sólveig.
  • Lossë Fir-Chlis: Lossë helped Inga build the beehive.
  • Battalion: Battalion and Inga, both marksmen in New Caledonia, shared their interests in hunting and archery.

4.  History

Ingvildr was born in alongside her sisters Rúna Stormbringer and Sólveig Dawnrunner on the 12th February 2020 to Merlin Knight and Thyri Stormbringer in the house where her parents lived #16 City Square as members of New Caledonia. Sadly, Rúna passed away after only six short days of life, and following complications from the birth, her other Thyri also departed the living world.

Devastated by the loss of his beloved, and faced with two pups less than a week old, Merlin requested the aid of packmate Teagan Strider to nurse Ingvildr and Sólveig. In the safe comfort offered by New Caledonia, Ingvildr grew into a confident, healthy pup. She developed a strong relationship with her blood sister Sólveig, and they were rarely seen apart. Her milk sister Naomi Stryder offered another valued friendship. As a parent, although heartbroken by the lost of his partner, Merlin was generous and patient. A role model to Inga who, eager to please her father took a keen interest in his woodworking and archery skills. Aunts, Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner, provided much needed female role models and maternal affection. Kalypso in particular took a keen interest in her twin nieces and further guided Inga when as an adult she became interested in developing trading skills.

Ingvildr shifted for the first time in August 2020, shortly before her sister.

Ingvildr had a reasonably sheltered upbringing. She never really knew her mother, and so whilst the unhappy emotions that surrounded her birth must have been present to her as a young pup, she would not have been aware of what was happening. Her aunts and milk mother stepped in and provided female support during her early childhood, and her father was lovingly devoted, trying to make up for the absence of his wife. Ingvildr developed a close relationship with her sister Sólveig and further developed a broad range of friendship building skills due to the presence of many cousins and her milk sister Naomi Stryder. Keen to please her father, Ingvildr developed good manners and took up his favoured skill, archery. She has proven herself to have natural talent and enthusiasm for her weapon of choice. Furthermore, she quickly developed a love of the outdoors and physical activity.With the help of her father, she learned to ride a horse, shoot a bow and make arrows. Merlin was particularly proud of his daughter when she came second in the Casa Di Cavalieri Olympics archery competition and on developing her skills as a tinker. She later competed in barrel racing in the Del Cenere Gang Lancaster Stockshow in 2021 and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive environment.

Being a wandered at heart, driven by a curiosity to see new places and understand the wider world, Ingvildr spent more time away from pack lands. Determined to be able to look after herself she spent her autumnal months exploring new places. During this time, she met wolves who knew the art of basket weaving using black ash. In the early months of 2022 tragedy struck her pack and, having not been around involved in the lead up to the attack, she berated herself for not recognising the dangers, especially so after the death of her milk mother. Late winter turned into spring but Ingvildr, already with a tendency towards periods of solitude distanced herself from her family. She was unable to deal with the emotional overwhelm that struck her following the realisation that the home which she had always imagined to be safe was vulnerable.

During late spring Ingvildr made various trips north to search out places with knowledge of her dead mother’s gods. From a young age, Ingvildr had heard of these gods from her father, but they were not the same gods as typically were worshipped by New Caledonia members. In search of something to calm her heart she sought knowledge.

Conscious he was now eight years old, in September of 2022 she agreed to accompany her father to Portland, to the Citadel. Life in the Citadel however was not to Inga’s taste. Although she met many new canines, she missed her home and the land of New Caledonia which she knew so well.

In late November 2022 before the worst of winter set in, Inga returned to her homeland. However, over the winter, New Caledonian entered a period of unease. Following a short period of violence and treachery, which for Inga resulted in the loss of a cousin and severe injuries when she attempted to save Pippa from a fire in the Dye Studio, Inga left with her sister and other family members.

The group resettled to the Miramichi Wilderness, forming the Shingetsu Trading Company.

4.1  Threads


Ingvildr is born on the 12th of February alongside sisters Sólveig Dawnrunner and Rúna Stormbringer. Born with a birth defect, Rúna passes away six days later. Her death is followed quickly by that of her mother, Thyri Dawnbringer, whose health had been in a steady decline since parturition. Their father, Merlin Knight, acts quickly to ensure the survival of his remaining two daughters and enlists the help of Teagan Stryder, who had recently given birth to a daughter of her own, to nurse them. Sólveig and Ingvildr spend the remainder of February in the Stryder-Ridley household.

  1. You were probably happier yesterday, ver.2 (12-19 Feb)
    City Square, with Thyri Dawnbringer, Merlin Knight, Sólveig Dawnrunner, Rúna Stormbringer.
    The tale of Ingvildr and her siblings' first week of life, from their birth through the declining health, and eventual deaths, of Rúna and their mother.
  2. Slow motion zero gravity (18 Feb)
    City Square, with Merlin Knight, Sólveig Dawnrunner, Teagan Stryder, Naomi Stryder.
    With Thyri gravely ill and unable to nurse her remaining two daughters, Merlin races to the Stryder-Ridley home with Sólveig and Ingvildr and asks for her help. She agrees to nurse the new whelps in their mother's stead.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of March.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of April.

Older now, Merlin takes Ingvildr and Sólveig out more and more often around the City Square and nearby landmarks, introducing them to new faces and teaching them skills of importance, as well as interesting things they may enjoy as hobbies. They have more a presence within New Caledonia, but are always accompanied by their father.

  1. Sun it rises
    Rhovanion, with Merlin Knight, Sólveig Dawnrunner, Iomair, Rabbit.
    Ingvildr and Sólveig, in the company of their father, meet the High King and Rabbit while they "help" Merlin ensure the pastures are safe for the livestock.
  2. But everybody's bones are just holy brances
    Enedwaith, with Merlin Knight, Sólveig Dawnrunner, Toraberā Tanaka
    Merlin takes the girls out into the forest to search for a tree to fell and render into lumber. While searching, they come upon Tora, who helps them find a suitable sacrifice.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of June.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of July.

August brings changes to Ingvildr, who shifts for the first time (a short time before her sister) near the middle of the month. She learns how to hunt in her Optime form, how to pluck and dress a turkey, and participates in pack-wide feast.

  1. Where through the clouds a path is torn (17 Aug)
    City Square, with all of New Caledonia (Pack Thread).
    Merlin takes his newly-shifted daughters out for a hunt to donate food for the pack feast. After plucking, dressing, and cooking the turkey hen they caught, they present it to Councilor Fennore before seeking out their cousins.

Gaining confidence, and discovering interests of her own, it is here that Ingvildr starts to come into herself and can be seen pushing the limits of her body and exploring hands-on skills she finds interesting. Though she is no longer seen as often with her father, she is still almost always accompanied by her sister, Sólveig. Together, they begin to explore some of the more distant reaches of their pack's territory.

  1. Star sixty-seven
    The Messenger Tree, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Naomi Stryder.
    While out exploring, Ingvildr and Sólveig come upon their milk-sister, Naomi, at the base of the Messenger Tree.
  2. So calm that wicked wind
    City Square, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Dorian Savoy, Leandra Savoy, Hokori Tanaka, Valkyrie Savoy.
    Inga and Sólveig, armed with a butterfly net, take in the season migration of the monarch butterflies and are abruptly joined by their younger cousins.
  3. Caesar's palace
    The Lowlands, with Rand Coara.
    Following the suggest of their father, Ingvildr and Sólveig scour the Sword Coast for useful items. On their way back to the City Square, they come upon Rand praying by the river.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of October.

Nothing notable happens to Ingvildr throughout the month of November.

The girls join Merlin on their first trip outside of the Realm at the beginning of this month, where they get a taste of the excitement and adventure (and also are given a lot of warnings about the dangers) of traveling. They also explore pieces of the former territory that their mother's birth pack, Vinátta, once laid claim to.

  1. Good things might come to those who wait
    Sticks and Stones, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Merlin Knight, Serafina Amaranthe, and Tercero Robles.
    A pair of young travelers come upon Merlin and the girls while he shares stories around their little campfire. Sólveig is instantly in awe while Inga shows more caution and restraint.


With winter in full swing and the Realm blanketed in white, the girls experience their very first Call to Court, where they are dazzled by the spectacles of celebration and get to meet new faces from Salsola.

  1. Ride the storm, daughters of thunder
    City Square, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Merlin Knight, and Kalypso Savoy.
    The girls' aunt visits them before the Call to Court to give them early birthday gifts. They invite her inside and listen to stories of past relatives from Kaly.
  2. Emergency exits and the distance below
    The Mordotir, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Yuki Tanaka.
    While exploring The Mordotir, Inga and Sólveig come upon their younger cousin, Yuki, who appears to have somehow sustained an injury to his head. They help him back down the mountain after Sóli assesses his wound.

Ingvildr's first birthday is celebrated this month! She and her sister move into their adult ranks and begin to double down on their individual interests and skills.

Spring arrives and the girls do a bit more exploring outside of the Realm's protection, allowing them to meet some new Luperci and granting them with invaluable new experiences.

  1. Road full of promise
    Mount Oromocto, with Sólveig Dawnrunner.
    Joining her sister outside of their pack to provide a little protection, Inga decides to do a little hunting while Sóli searches for useful plants.
  2. Where the grass and the dirt and the gravel all meet
    La Estrella Roja, with Sólveig Dawnrunner, Merlin Knight, Sawyer Cook, and Gaston Trouillefou.
    Merlin takes the girls on a trip to La Estrella Roja with the intention of trading. Before they can even make it inside, Sólveig becomes distracted by the sight of two old men digging a garden.

Ingvildr gains her Tinker I corank, meets Altuan, the bear, develops a little hero worship for Ierian and investigated the mysterious flowers while her sister is away trading in Salsola.

  1. as soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen
    With Esyllt.
  2. drip drip drop lil' April shower
  3. braches, feathers and bark
    Inga heads into the forest to search for birch and meets Arran Fir-Chlis and Meril Fir-Chlis . (Co-rank: Tinker I)
  4. it was quiet without you
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner and Merlin Knight.
  5. a circle to sing them to sleep
    With various pack members.
  6. what's a bear?
    Inga heads off into the forest and hurts her ankle. Luckily Ierian Songthorn comes to help. Then Altuan the bear makes an apperance.
  7. like a river runs
    With Indis.

Ingvildr goes on an adventure to the Teeth and learns about fabrics at the Dye Studio.

  1. do you know why the flowers never bloom?
    With Vegard.
  2. bad day
    With Everard.
  3. red, blue and all the colours of the rainbow
    With Peony Braithwaite.
  4. fresh flowers for a new day
    With Everard.
  5. nothing breaks these ties
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Merlin Knight and Azalea Eternity.

Ingvildr goes to Casa to compete in the Olympics. She gets second place in the archery competition and learns about building beehives from Honorin.

  1. the gathering of torchlight
    Olympic games opener.
  2. olympic game: archery
    With Aldora Knight, Fredrick Knight, Peony Braithwaite, Theodore Reeves and Azade Feriqi.
  3. if i fell under the spell of your call
    With Azalea Eternity, Sólveig Dawnrunner, Caspian Knight and Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii.

Key events

  1. you were worth it all
    Alongside her packmates, Ingvildr attends the wedding of Fennore and Bellad Songthorn.
  2. all grown up like
    Ingvildr asks her Aunt Kalypso Savoy about joining the New Caledonia Trading Company.
  3. i have the high ground
    Ingvildr trains for the barrel race at the upcoming Lancaster Stockshow with Naomi Stryder.

August marks Ingvildr's second time visiting another pack, this time it's to compete in the Del Ceneres Gang Lancaster Stockshow.

  1. the bees knees
    Following instructions gathered from Honrin Wolfe Denahlii?, Ingvildr builds a beehive for her sister Sólveig Dawnrunner with Lossë Fir-Chlis.
  2. [LCSS] not sure who's will be done, you can call me a sinner for wondering why
    Ingvildr attends the Lancaster Stockshow and competes in the barrel race. With Characters.

A quiet month

A quiet month

Ingvildr spends time in neutral territory and becomes more accustomed (through many failures) to hunting on four legs.

  1. autumnal wanderings and ghostly plants
    With Rafaela Tejada.

A quiet month


During A Tear In The Tapestry Ingvildr loses her milk mother Teagan Stryder.

Although February marks Ingvildr's second birthday, it is one still filled with grief for her lost pack members.

A quiet month

A quiet month

A quiet month

A quiet month

A quiet month

Attends her cousin Hoko's wedding.

  1. brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone, block-by-block, home-by-home
    Ingvildr attends her cousin Hokori Tanaka's wedding.

Ingvildr accompanies her father, Merlin Knight to New Caledonia Outpost.

In the Citadel, New Caledonia Outpost.

Ingvildr returns to New Caledonia.

  1. it made me think of you
    10 - Inga goes to check out what's going on with the local elk population and finds Battalion is already there.
  2. fish in the throat
    Mid - Ingvildr comes across Clyde Munroe, who has a terrible cough, and Archibald Reilly? in City Square.
  3. not yet weaving any wonders
    City Square - Ingvildr sets about learning how to turn a black ash into a basket (Co-rank: Weaver I) with her cousin Dorian Savoy.
  4. perfection is a dancing target
    The River Valley - Dawn one morning and Ingvildr is practising her archery (Co-rank: Markswoman I).


  1. light in your head and dead on your feet
    3/12 Call to Court prompt: Discuss the last Call to Court your character attended, or maybe the lack of a Call last year. What does your character hope to experience this time?
    The Silver Strip with Níndari
  2. everybody needs somebody
    Call to Court prompt: The Square is looking a little... worn. Maybe it's time that someone gave it some loving attention and cleaned up debris to get it back to tip-top shape.
    The City Square with Sólveig Dawnrunner
  3. but stare at the sun and be blinded by grace
    14/12 Thistle Market
    Salsola with Nikita Drakos?
  4. a pond made of history
    17/12 Thistle Market
    Salsola with Angora Valentine


The Winter of Discontent

  1. [M] 'cause we'll hold each other soon
    21/01 Inga, Sólveig Dawnrunner and Lorien Coara attempt to rescue Penelope Resnor from the Dye Studio when it is set alight by Rosa and her goons. Pippa dies and Inga is badly burnt.

New Caledonian is disbanded. Inga follows her Aunt Kalypso to the Miramichi Wilderness.

  1. after the flames
    Inga contemplates her new life.
  2. a stranger to oneself
    Inga works with her milk sister Naomi Stryder to clear a building.

Ingvildr begins to heal.

  1. am I a monster?
    Inga and her sister, Sólveig Dawnrunner, put on a brave face as they discuss their new life.

Inga continues repairing the carpentry workshop.

Inga's fur regrows and she starts to settle into her new life in the Shingetsu Trading Company in the Miramichi Wilderness.

  1. what's the buzz
    08/05 Inga and her uncle Toraberā Tanaka build a beehive for Sólveig Dawnrunner.

Carpentry, Trade, hunting...

  1. now there's three hearts beating
    Inga meets Marten near Black River Reserve.
  2. simplicity with enormous effort
    Inga near Pictou River?.
  3. I work only with lost and founds
    Carpentry in Starhaven
  4. where does the music go when it is not playing?
    Inga learns pottery from her Aunt Gaia Dawnrunner


  1. i grieve in stereo, the stereo sounds strange
    Basketry with Rohan Heartsong

Lancaster Stock Show at Del Cenere Gang

  1. with bow and hooves
    Horseback Archery 4th place

Inga hunts, travels locally and spends time with Elenore

  1. the enormous absence of form that is sleep
    22/09 Inga meets Oleander who calls herself 'Pearl'
  2. the voice and tongues are brown
    28/09 ...

Inga hunts, travels locally and spends time with Elenore

  1. it seems i have neglected complication
    07/10 Inga visits her Aunt Gaia Dawnrunner
  2. a question without an answer?
    12/10 ...
  3. to probe oneself is to recognise that one is incomplete
    13/10 ...
  4. we got nothin' but time
    14/10 ...

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5.1  Credits

Ingvildr was adopted from Mandi.