Battalion Fir-Chlis

Battalion Fir-Chlis


Battalion is an anxious, paranoid critter born to a pack that believed shifting was an abomination to nature. They chased her away and she was then further raised by an opportunistic trading band that used her for an extra pair of hands and kept her alive, but not much else. She has feelings about this.

She is currently living in the Portland area with her mate, Lossë Fir-Chlis.

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by Budskull!

Basic Info

Date of Birth13 OCT 2019
LuperciYes, Ortus



  • Nickname: Tali, Bat, Leon, Taleon
  • Pronunciation:
  • Etymology:
  • Epithet:


  • Family: Fir-Chlis (through mateship)
  • Birthplace: Silver Falls
  • Species: Wolf
  • Subspecies: 25% Mackenzie Valley, 75% Timber

Plot Opportunity

  • None at the moment


OOC Information

OOC Assumptions

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing Battalion has left along with her husband and members of his family for the Citadel.



  • Speech: Generally rather short and to the point. She isn't accustomed to having long conversations and finds them awkward.
  • Scent: Evergreen trees or dandelions if she is near them and clean. Otherwise, often of blood due to her focus on hunting and tanning as skills.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Sometimes flicks her ears anxiously although she tries really really hard not to as she knows this is a "tell" and she's anxious most of the time.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Tends to shrink into herself when around others. Hunched shoulders, lowered chin, and averted eyes are commonly seen.


Color Palette


Liver (#613a16)
Momoshio Brown (#4D2820)


Calcareous Sinter (#DBEFFF)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Abbey (#4C4F56)

Physical Appearance


The most notable thing about her appearance is her ears, which are longer than would be average for a wolf of her stature. They probably don't stand out as much to others as they do to her, but nonetheless they are a differentiating feature.

Her fur is primarily a dark brown with a countershaded almost-black brown across her back, ears, and a mask around her eyes/muzzle. Bat's eyes are a piercing blue, which does stand out well against the darkness of her coat.

She is slightly below average in stature and emphasizes that by generally trying to go without notice. Bat doesn't normally stand tall and announce herself. Instead, she shrinks inward and shows submissive gestures. Her posture in her Optime form when she is around others is particularly abysmal. She tends to be slumped with her head canted to the side so she can more easily look at the ground.

In her Optime form, she dresses casually if at all and keeps her hair loose unless she is working. Then she will often tie it back more to avoid the nuisance of her mane in her hair than anything else. Most of the time she will have a belt with a simple dagger on it, as well as a recurve bow and quiver with a smattering of arrows. Bat also owns a backpack which is where she stores what clothes she does possess and any other items she is currently carrying with her. This might not always be with her, though, as she often hides it when she doesn't need anything out of it during a particular venture. She is not highly humanized, prioritizing the practical over the aesthetic.


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)
Bat is very comfortable in this form and uses it almost as often as her Optime form. She primarily is in this form if she is hunting or moving long distances but doesn't need to carry anything. Also prefers sleeping in it.


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)
Her least preferred form. She does occasionally use it if she has a specific need for this form, but she does her best to avoid it. If there was one form in which she felt the most like an "abomination" as her family raised her to believe, it is this one. It makes her feel weird and she doesn't like to use it.


- lbs (- kg)
- ft - in (- in / - cm)



 by somebody, probably

Bat is an anxious creature at her core. As she became the very thing her parents loathed at a very young age, she has low self-esteem and often second guesses herself. She is eager to prove herself as useful, a trait encouraged by both her parents and the traders that eventually raised her to adulthood. Though she has been trying to break this cycle of self-hatred and reliance upon others for confidence, it creeps into her behavior still.

Bat is fairly logic-based when she is comfortable, preferring to avoid letting her emotions lead her whenever possible. She also doesn't like to be around others who are overly boisterous or emotional in general. She tends to be withdrawn even in the best of circumstances, but in a group with a lot of talking she is likely to be silent and observing. Being introverted, Bat prefers her own company over the company of others.

She is curious and most at home in nature rather than anywhere with walls. In fact, walled in areas tend to make her claustrophobic and more anxious than usual. Bat enjoys learning new things and has a quick mind for learning new physical tasks. In general, she prefers physical action to mental work as she is not well-versed in strategy or coercion. Though she hasn't had much opportunity to try and is fairly adaptable; a lot of who she could be without the restrictions of those who raised her is still very up in the air, as she has only been free from that for a short time.


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  • Emotional Disposition:
  • Sociability:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • I'll take care of you if you take care of me.
    • Live and let live.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: Thinks Salsola is full of witches.
  • Species: --
  • Non-Luperci: Sees them as equal to Luperci.
  • Gender: --
  • Color: --
  • Sexuality: --
  • Age: --


Pansexual. Has found both males and females attractive.


Survival and making a home for herself.


She is an absolutely confused little beast when it comes to spirituality. Bat was raised to believe that shifting was an abomination, which felt fine when she was little and thought herself "pure" like her mother. When she changed for the first time, she felt like someone cast out through sin. However, as she has grown up more around Luperci, she doesn't think they are that much different from non-Luperci in their behaviors or personalities. Nor does she consider shifting sinful. Part of her longs for the easy belief of her youth in a higher power and a set of moral rules, but she has not established deep feelings about it.



  • Hunting: She is a proficient hunter, as it was her primary "job" in her trading band and the thing she was able to do most often. Mostly this is hunting either in Lupus form or with a bow. She is also skilled at processing dead animals, either ones that she has hunted or ones she has found.
  • Tanning: Battalion enjoys the entire process of tanning, despite how gross some might find it.
  • Archery: Taleon is a skilled marksman.


  • Subterfuge: she is not a skilled liar and would be a terrible spy.
  • Horses: she's kind of afraid of horses and doesn't do well with them.

Familial Relationships


  • Mother: Snowflake
  • Father: River
  • Older Siblings: Mist, Oak, Loam, Sunset, Lilac
  • Littermates: Polliwog, Amble, Maple
  • Mate: Lossë Fir-Chlis
  • Children: Cemna, Minnow, Tarastië, Partalë, Jubilee, and Isilmë Fir-Chlis

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* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Her feelings on her parents are... complicated. When she was younger, she hated them for essentially leaving her to die. However, she still has fuzzy fond memories of the times spent together before she first shifted. Mostly she avoids thinking about them at all.
  • Siblings:
    • When she thinks of her siblings, it is mostly with pain and concern for what happened to them. She assumes her littermates also shifted, though she isn't sure because she still isn't certain how she became a Luperci in the first place. From what she has learned, she assumes her entire litter had to be Luperci? Some part of her still wonders if she was, in fact, cursed and they're still contentedly living with her family pretending she doesn't exist... Since she hasn't seen her siblings in so long, she mostly just feels a childhood fondness and a vague hope that they are well wherever they are.

Other Relations


  • Odysseus is one of her best friends. They bonded over being chased by a mama bear defending her cub and have since met up several times, including at the Stockshow.
  • Lossë Fir-Chlis is her husband/mate, so obviously the one she cares about above all others.


  • Liam del Morte was the wolf that convinced her to join New Caledonia. She'll always consider him a friend for that reason.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: Hokori Tanaka

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


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Animal NPCs


by Despi


  • Name: Skunk
  • Gender: Buck
  • Species: Goat (Valais Blackneck/Alpine cross)
  • D.O.B.: 2022
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: A well muscled goat who is mostly black with white "stockings", a couple of splotches, and face/beard. He also has an adorable pink nose. Slightly less adorable are his long curved horns.
  • Personality: Skunk is quite dramatic. He's playful, but fussy. He likes his needs tended to quickly and with a purpose. If they aren't, he makes sure that anyone around him knows it by nipping and headbutting. Nor is he very particular about where or how he chomps down, so generally Bat recommends being especially careful with valuables around him.
  • Skills: He's really good at throwing tantrums. A+ tantrum thrower.


  • Bought at the Lancaster Stockshow 2022.

Can be Referenced

  • Can be referenced as being around the Rhovanion being a nuisance.


New Caledonia

Duration: 29 JULY 22 – 18 JAN 23
  • Tavar (JAN 01 23 - JAN 18 23)
  • Aear (DEC 01 22 - DEC 31 22)
  • Distinguished (NOV 01 - NOV 30 22)
  • Privileged (OCT 01 - OCT 31 22)
  • Commoner (29 JUL - 30 SEP 22)
  • Hunter III
  • Marksman II
  • Pathfinder I

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Post Log & Archives


July 2022


  1. [M] rapacity, tenacity, capacity for more
    With Elhaz. Bat (sort of) assists a "loner" on a mountain in a goat hunt, receiving information and a meal in return.
  2. The Only Place Where Everyone Should 'Fear The Premiere'
    With Vegard. Two strangers come across Bat while she is cleaning a hare hide.
  3. Take a deep breath, count to ten.
    With Fredrick Knight, Deonach Carceri. A couple of coyotes join Bat to admire the stars.
  4. If looks could kill, I'd be dead.
    With Rex Calloway. Tali is "poisoned" and tries to fish with a young coyote.
  5. [M] Jack Move
    With Hokori Tanaka. Hoko robs Bat of most of her possessions.
  6. Fireworks in flight.
    With Liam del Morte. Tali takes down a deer and is invited to visit New Caledonia for a few days.
  7. None shall pass!
    With Liam del Morte & Toraberā Tanaka. When entering New Caledonia for the visit, Liam and Tali are confronted by Tora.
  8. A temple of the self.
    With Dorian Savoy. While visiting New Caledonia, Tali meets and chats with Dorian Savoy.
  9. Seeing an unpward trend.
    With Kalypso Savoy Tali meets Kalypso and learns a bit more about the history of anti-wolf sentiment from local coyotes.
  10. spawning pool.
    With Evie. Battalion comes across a distressed loner.
  11. Dodging bullets with your broken past.
    With Odysseus. Odie and Bat eat blueberries, avoid a mama bear, and generally bond.
  12. Alone with everyone I know.
    With Egregore Prizmov. Leon follows the trail of a wounded deer...
  13. A path that leads to nowhere.
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis. While heading to join New Caledonia, Battalion comes across a future packmate who talks with her about her reasons for joining.
  14. Calendula maritima
    With Fennel Featherwind?. Tali comes across another wolf at the riverside.
  15. Take me home, country roads.
    With Toraberā Tanaka. Battalion joins New Caledonia as a Commoner.

August 2022


  1. Breathe the same air.
    With Iomair. The High King finds Battalion looking for a house to call her home.
  2. Finding your path.
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner. Bat tracks an elk and meets a new friend.
  3. Prayers became more than a dream.
    With Liam del Morte. Battalion helps Liam clean up and prepare a trade stall.
  4. Aim to succeed.
    With Lorien Coara. Walking through the Silver Strip, Battalion comes across a packmate.
  5. Falls from the sky like a star
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner. Leon learns about the value of bees.
  6. Life finds a way.
    With Jonk. Bat practices her marksmanship skills and meets a packmate.
  7. Tangerine Skies
    With DeeDee Trixie. Leon comes across a coyote that smells distinctly like Rex...
  8. the wind was blowing, and the song that he sang to me
    With Oberyn Haskel, Makwaikwe de le Poer. Leon meets a mated pair and hunts an elk calf with them.
  9. Onto its mast my colours nailed
    With Clyde Munroe, Orca Munroe. Leon meets a sailor and his cub; she also gets a delicious fishy meal and shares a bit about her pack with them.
  10. I feel like taking chances, I feel a lot like seventeen
    With Marten. Very gracefully, Battalion fails to catch a hare and makes a new friend.
  11. Ya probé, ya fumé, ya tomé, ya dejé
    With Odysseus. Odie comes to visit Battalion in New Caledonia.
  12. Trapped in the atmosphere.
    With Dorian Savoy. Battalion and Dorian visit the Brass Potato to celebrate her joining New Caledonia.
  13. In a golden age.
    With Kalypso Savoy. Tali seeks out Councilor Savoy to learn more about how she can assist with trade.
  14. Basking in Sweet Sunshine
    With Hageshi Tanaka. Leon meets a falconer.
  15. You forgave and I won't forget.
    With Hokori Tanaka. Bat learns that a certain shadowy figure from her past is actually a member of her pack.
  16. Th' loove ay mah life
    With Clyde Munroe. Bat learns to fish from Clyde.
  17. Spirits in my head and they won't go.
    With O'Brien. Bat tracks the migratory patterns of the local elk herd with Obi.
  18. People scare me, fish feed me.
    With Orca Munroe. Bat spends some time with young Orca.
  19. Brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone, block-by-block, home-by-home
    With Most of New Caledonia. Bat attends Hokori Tanaka and Benjamin Michael Winthrop's wedding.
  20. Entrapment
    With Hokori Tanaka and Dorian Savoy. Taleon is pulled forcefully into a dance with Hoko, then saved by Dorian.
  21. A flair for the dramatic.
    With Benjamin Michael Winthrop. Bat asks the groom for a dance and tries to figure out why on earth he'd marry Hoko.
  22. Entrapment
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis. Tali asks Lossë to dance with her at Hoko's wedding.
  23. Can I wish on a star for another life.
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis. Bat works on learning to read with her friend Lossë.

September 2022

  • Battalion attends the Lancaster Stockshow for the first time.


  1. Spinning 'round my head and I stare
    With Sparrow Lassiter. Tali and Sparrow spectate the Mounted Archery event at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  2. Breathe the black
    With Briarblack, Hokori Tanaka, Trelawney Courtright, Willow Martel, Hosea Courtright. Bat competes in the Clay Pigeons event at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  3. Waited all night for the walls to move.
    With Marten. Leon and Marten spectate the Odysseus vs. Dakota MacFarlane Fight Night at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  4. We carry through, do what we need to do
    With Willow Martel. Bat trades for some alcohol and talks about boys with Willow Martel.
  5. Ice in my veins.
    With Sparrow Lassiter, Rosemary Winsor, Daphne Braithwaite, Birch Kaid, Lucas. Along with many others, Bat spectates the fight between Cerberus and Hokori Tanaka.
  6. No trophy, no flowers, no flashbulbs, no wine
    With Esperanza Tejada, Lorien Coara, Hokori Tanaka, Bisbee Whitesage, Odysseus, and Marten. Taleon competes in the Foot Race at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  7. We could sleep under the evergreens
    With Odysseus. Tali drags Odie to vote for Best in Show at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  8. I may have overestimated my confidence.
    With Haytham Bornhardt. Bat plays games and drinks with Haytham before her Fight Night match.
  9. I must have more than this provincial life.
    With Fredrick Knight. Tali fights Freddy at Fight Night.
  10. sunbloom
    With Haytham Bornhardt. Leon meets up with Haytham at the Ugly Coyote after winning her fight with Freddy.
  11. A heart full of hope.
    With Anya Southpaw. Taleon trades for an outfit.
  12. Avarice is bad for the soul.
    With Liam del Morte. Bat spectates the Mesquite del Bosque vs. Lossë Fir-Chlis Fight Night.
  13. These words I'll never say.
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis. After he loses his fight, Battalion joins Lossë for his required stay in the ~spooky mansion.~
  14. Not for the faint of heart.
    With Morris. Battalion is helped by a Del Cenere member while trying to get her newly bought goat to come home with her.
  15. When It All Comes Crashing Down
    With Zsorthia Mercedes, While attempting to take down a wounded doe, Tali encounters a loner.
  16. Body and mind adrift
    With Bellad Songthorn, Taleon meets Bellad while out for a swim.
  17. When you're sinking like a stone.
    With Níndari, Tali meets a young Page while setting up an area for practicing her marksmanship skills.

October 2022


  1. no such thing as a failed venture
    With Kalypso Savoy and Hageshi Tanaka. The refounding of the New Caledonia Trading Company.
  2. Faith in a greater good.
    With Nikamew Sycamore. Tali meets a strange wolf who was attempting to hunt a seal.
  3. I really am tempted to just eat you.
    With Arran Fir-Chlis. Leon arranges to have her goat taken care of while she is away in Portland.
  4. Drink the blood of sleep
    With Liam del Morte. Bat studies some old graffiti with Liam the night before her Portland trip.
  5. A direct line from me to you.
    While on the road to Portland. On her birthday, Battalion reads the letter Lossë Fir-Chlis gave her before she left on her trading trip.
  6. One more lonely day without you.
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis. Tali comes home from her trading trip.
  7. spinning wheels and sleeping spindles
    With Eulalie Savoy and Aurora Dawnbringer. Tali learns about making wine with Eulalie and Aurora.
  8. Next time I'll send a letter.
    With Odysseus. Bat catches up with Odie after her Portland trip and they make a plan to visit Casa di Cavalieri.
  9. Actually, there's a chance we went the wrong way.
    With Odysseus. Leon and Odie head to Casa di Cavalieri

November 2022


  1. Come up to swallow you whole.
    With O'Brien. Bat accidentally scares Obi by trying to walk on the frozen lochlan glas.
  2. Everything put together
    With Vinitharya. Tali meets an enthusiastic young member of the pack and they search for Dorian Savoy together.
  3. I'm Glad You Could Scum
    With Aenan Pyr. Taleon helps an older member of the pack clear part of Lochlan Glas.
  4. It made me think of you.
    With Ingvildr Knight. Bat continues tracking the elk herd she intends to use for a pack hunt.
  5. A bit bullheaded
    With Clyde Munroe. Bat encounters Clyde ice fishing.
  6. There's nothing left for me to lose
    With Kaleidoscope. On a snowy night, Leon meets a new member of the pack who is singing.
  7. If not by net, then by spear
    With Orca Munroe. Leon spends time with Orca while he's training with his spear.

June 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

July 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

August 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

September 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

October 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

November 2021


  1. Thread Name
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December 2021

  • Your character got promoted, congrats!


  1. Thread Name
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