Azalea Eternity

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Azalea Eternity


by Alaine

Basic Info

NameAzalea Eternity
AliasElowyn (Loner)
NicknameNo :|
Date of Birth15 June 2020
GenderFemale (she/her)


Subspecies57% Wolf, 40% Dog, 3% Coyote




Informatore, WitchLive by Thistle and ThornPeer through the Veilthere's more than one reality
That is why they are gods


Azalea Eternity is a wolfdog and member of Salsola, where she was born. She currently serves as an Sanctus Apprentice in the pack and holds the jobs Informatore (Spy) and Witch.

The daughter of Idrieus and Grievous Eternity, Azalea is a member of an affluent household. She is the oldest of triplets and her parents' first born, preceding Lilium and Whisper. Her puppyhood was relatively peaceful, and she grew up fairly sheltered to the cruelties of the world. Much of her focus was on what she was going to do once she shifted (at the time, train up and join the Shield, like her mother), exploring the pack, and making friends. In January of 2021 she underwent the Cueponi ceremony[1][2] and was promoted to The Family. Since then, she lived life relatively peacefully until catching the attention of Aani Aston-D'Noires in early April of 2021, when she was but 9 months old.

Aani groomed Azalea from a young age (see The Aani Problem for details), isolating her from her friends and family and introducing her to drugs. By the time Azalea finally snapped and told Kamari Kaiser and Krios Revlis about Aani, eight months after Aani began to abuse her, it was too late. She fled and was declared a Pentini by the Mafiosi. Unfortunately, Aani escaped in part because the hunt to capture her was postponed when New Caledonia (where her then-girlfriend Sólveig Dawnrunner lived), was invaded. It took nearly four months for Aani to be captured and stand trial.

In that time Azalea became pregnant after a one-night stand with Spartacus Simone Ulrich. The out-of-wedlock pregnancy shattered her already shaky relationship with her family to pieces. After Azalea decided she would keep the puppies her father told her that she was no longer welcome in the family home. Casimir Soul stepped in to save the day when Azalea went to her old friend for help. By the next evening, the two were wed. A month later, Azalea gave birth to Indigo Eternity, Thistle Eternity, Sundew Eternity, and Skadi Eternity.

Azalea has epilepsy (see Epilepsy for details) and had her first seizure in Casa di Cavalieri during The Olympics. After experiencing several small focal onset awareness seizures, she had a tonic-clonic seizure in the evening that included religious content. In the post-ictal period she hallucinated the three Khalif gods, and if would be the first of many times that she would hallucinate them. Afterwards she began to experience many more seizures, sometimes as often as several focal seizures a day. She believes that these seizures are messages sent to her by the gods, and that she has to interpret them properly.

She is training to be a Witch of the Coven with the intention of becoming the Seer. After her seizures and hallucinations, Azalea began to believe that she has been chosen by the Khalif gods to serve as a vessel through which they can speak. She sees herself as a religious leader, and is training to become one.

Was awarded Spotlight Soul in May 2021. [1]

In the 2021 Yearbook Azalea was awarded the following superlatives: Mentally Held Together with Rubberbands and Bubblegum, 2021 OTP (with Sólveig Dawnrunner), and Best Butterflies and Good Feelings (with Sólveig Dawnrunner, for this thread)

Pack History


Duration: 15 June 2020 – Present
Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
Ranks: Sanctus Apprentice (1 November 2021 - Present)
  • Arbiter (1 August 2021 - 1 November 2021)
  • Warden (1 July 2021 - 1 August 2021)
  • Tradesman (1 June 2021 - 1 July 2021)
  • Confidant (1 May 2021 - 1 June 2021)
  • Family (2 January 2021 - 31 April 2021)
  • Bambino (15 June 2020 - 2 January 2021)
Jobs: Informatore (Spy), Witch

Salsolan Anicombs

Serve in the Central Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Inner Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Faction Tiers of the pack for three months
Serve in the Sotto Capo for three months
Serve as a Servitori for three months OR hold the debt of an Indentured Servant for three months
Earn one Job within the kingdom
Earn two Jobs within the kingdom
Organize a Pack Project OR participate in five threads assisting any Pack Projects
Create 10 All Welcome (AW) threads on Salsola's pack territory
Complete all of the Thread Prompts for any one month
Take part in 5 Last Supper threads
Complete a LASKY thread at or around Fort Preble, the Salsolan Outpost at Portland
Have a thread with a member from each active Pack
Have a thread with a member from each active Loner Band
Take a mate within Salsola
Become a parent to children in Salsola with a mate
Endure a physical punishment
Recruit one Outsider to Salsola and be their Sponsor
Recruit three Outsiders to Salsola
Usurp a Job or Rank from a fellow Salsolan OR be usurped by a fellow Salsolan
Take part in a Special or Ceremonial Event
Earn 10 other Anicombs
Be the Top Poster for a month
Adopt a Salsolan OR create an Adoptable in Salsola
Awarded for exceptional service to Salsola
I participated in the First Boreas War in 2012!
I participated in the Second Boreas War in 2016/2017!
I participated in the Inferni/Salsola War in 2017!
I participated in the CotS Plot in 2019!
I participated Salsola's 10th Birthday Festivities in 2021!

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Plot Opportunity

  • Azalea has puppies now! Want to check them out? They're still really young so she's pretty protective of them and really has only just started to see people again, so limiting this to people who already know Azalea. <3
  • The trial just happened! That was pretty intense, let's have a thread about it!
  • She's still been having seizures! I can't play out every seizure (she has, on average, two tonic-clonic seizures a month and several focal onset awareness seizures a week), but if you'd like to have a thread with her seizing, let me know!
  • Totally down to do thread prompts, hit me up! <3

OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing that she was promoted to Sanctus Apprentice (November) and that she's a Witch (October). Only a select few know that she's an Informatore.
  • Already knowing Azalea through small talk at Last Suppers or knowing of her because of her parents.
  • Knowing that Azalea hasn't been around much/been very social.
  • Knowing that Azalea and Cas got married, not necessarily knowing when or why they got married.
  • Knowing she has seizures, not necessarily knowing what they are. May have heard whispers about how she says that the gods appear to her during and after the seizures, which she calls 'shaking fits' or 'shaking episodes'. Please ask before saying that your character has seen Azalea have a seizure unless we've threaded it before. Should be known through rumors only.



A wolfdog of very mixed parentage, Azalea strongly resembles a domestic dog in terms of pelt color, though her build and size suggests her wolfish heritage. A true piebald, Azalea has a sweeping white portion of her fur that covers the left side of her face. As for her build, she sits above-average for her dog-heritage and average for her wolf-heritage. As she currently is, a young teenager Luperci, her heft and body shape is that of someone who does a lot of running. Which makes sense, considering all the exploring she does. Her D'Angelo heritage is most apparent, as Azalea is the largest and overall darkest of her siblings, and the only one with green eyes.

Though she was rather lanky and scrawny as a younger yearling, Azalea has put on some more fat and muscle since becoming a mom and looks more balanced than she did as a juvenile. Her coat is naturally very thick and fluffy, a testament to her dog and wolf heritage. Her face is expressive and her eyes are deceptively bright and open. Though she can struggle controlling her expression, usually she has no problems keeping her audience exactly where she wants them, a testament to all the people-watching she does. In her Optime form, she has extremely curly hair, with one strand being much lighter than the rest, like her mom. Her hair has different curl patterns in different areas of her scalp, giving it a bit of an untamed and wild look, especially since she finds brushing it and otherwise cleaning it up boring. Her hair is usually down because she doesn't know what to do with it, but when she does put effort into taming it she usually ties the top half back and keeps the bottom half down.

Azalea has a stylized scar of the Hand of Eris on her right scapula. It was carved by Grievous Eternity in mid-April 2021 when Azalea was about nine months old.

  • Speech: Azalea has a bright, clear voice. When she was a puppy she had all the conviction and volume of one who knows nothing of the real world. Now, a little bit older and a little bit wiser, Azalea is more likely to hold her tongue, though she has never lost the curiosity that carried her through hard times.
  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy), Eternity, when disguised she often will cover her scent with earth and smoke and sage.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Likes to touch things, doesn't like being touched, tends to "people-watch"
  • General Posture and Body Language: Dominant, quick to take lead in any situation if there isn't someone of clearly higher rank already there. Will naturally defend her position with bared teeth/raised tail/etc.


by Oottsel

Color Palette


White (#FFFFFF)
Tan (#D2B48C)
Dove Gray (#6D6C6C)
Abbey (#4C4F56)


De York (#7AC488)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Mine Shaft (#323232)


95 lbs (43 kg)
38 in (96.5 cm)
Used almost 50% of the time, Azalea loves to run around and explore. It is common to see her trotting around Salsola in lupus form, on some adventure or another. This form is more convenient and fastest, in her opinion. She also likes this form more than Secui because it is slimmer, which is important when running through the forest, where one can't afford to be clumsy.


165 lbs (74.8 kg)
49 in (124.4 cm)
Azalea still hasn't quite figured out that you can stop shifting in the middle. Once she does, though, she still won't use Secui as much as Lupus, as it is larger and bulkier and requires more energy to move quickly. She also is a little bit clumsy in this form, and tends to run into things because she isn't used to being this big.


225 lbs (102 kg)
6 ft 6 in (78 in / 198 cm)
Used the other 50% of the time, Azalea is very fond of her Optime form.



by Nat

TL;DR: Charming, kind, and smart, Azalea is also a wee bit traumatized and struggling through young adulthood.

Azalea, first and foremost, is kind and smart and charming. She moves through the world looking to make people laugh and make people happy, and tries her absolute best never to hurt anyone. With a loud and brassy laugh, she is infectious in her joy, making everyone around her laugh along as though it were the easiest thing in the world. She is nevertheless very mellow in her demeanor, speaking relatively slowly, since thought is put into every word. She tends to have a little bit of a mysterious air around her, facilitated by her deep thoughtfulness, insight, charm, and imagination. She communicates in such a way that simply exudes warmth and safety and sensitivity, and she tends to make a powerful impression on those around her. She had a very solid sense of self as a puppy and was very charming, quick to make all kinds of friends with all kinds of canines. For a long time, she was also incredibly confident, the kind of confidence that you were born with. This was charming and cute to most, but for some, it was attractive. Aani broke that sense of self and confidence, leaving Azalea traumatized and nervous. Aani's emotional abuse and grooming (see the The Aani Problem) started at a young age (human maturity 13, nine months old), and predominantly revolved on convincing Azalea that she was an addict, that her family didn't want to see her, that they didn't care for her, etc.

She struggles with anxiety and depression, though how much of this is due to the events she experienced as a young girl and how much of this is due to genetics are unknown. Azalea started using drugs and was exposed to sexual grooming so young that she hardly had the chance to experience anxiety or depression before her first traumatic experience. She has intense feelings of shame and guilt, both over everything that happened with Aani as well as over her drug dependency. Worst of all, she has PTSD from the entire experience, but most of all Catalina's overdose. This is characterized by her thinking about it repeatedly, sometimes all the time, and experiencing extreme emotional reactions when reminded of the event. She will also experience flashbacks and have nightmares, though the nightmares don't necessarily have to be about the event itself. The PTSD has made the drug dependency even harder to get a handle on, since Azalea tends to engage in self-destructive behavior when she's at her lowest (e.g. after a flashback). Because of this, she tries her best to avoid talking about the event or Catalina's "death", and avoids Aani and (to some extent) her family.

She has always used a mask, carefully curated to fit perfectly. It was usually deployed pre-Aani when Azalea was exhausted from social interaction (she is an introvert, after all) and was forced to put on her polite smile and timed nods as actually paying attention to the conversation became too much. Post-Aani, however, it has been used much more frequently. This is in part due to her being constantly exhausted from social interaction from being so wired and depressed and potentially high. The mask is something that she wears when she can't necessarily be herself, either for fear of repercussions or because she doesn't have the spoons.

But besides her trauma, Azalea is an introverted woman who is nevertheless mostly comfortable entertaining company for a limited period of time. She enjoys making friends, so when given the chance she will dedicate herself to befriending interesting people. Once finished with their company, Azalea will usually retreat into herself, often by literally going off into the woods to explore and think. She finds that time spent alone is often more rewarding than time spent with others, with the exception of select few. When it comes to romantic partners, Azalea is sensual and excited to explore, as long as she is actually interested. A romantic, Azalea dedicates herself fully to her partner, thrilled by discovering new information about them, even the smallest thing, and simply enjoying their presence on a quiet evening. She is unafraid to express her love for someone, and feels it unconditionally. She can be disappointed if she feels like her partner isn't giving or can't give her the same in return, and can take that as a sign that they don't love her as much as she loves them. This is devastating to her, considering the amount of dedication she puts into her own romances. Azalea falls in love hard, but that doesn't mean she falls in love easily. Idealistic, she is often caught up with ideas of perfection and fairytale romances, when that simply isn't reality for most relationships. This means that often, she would rather not be in a relationship than be in an 'imperfect' relationship.


  • Passionate: Azalea pursues her ideas with conviction that may surprise anyone looking in from the outside. She absolutely does not settle for "good enough" and does not mind upsetting the status quo.
  • Principled: Azalea has deeply held beliefs, beliefs that show clearly when she speaks about subjects that matter to her. She is a very compelling communicator, with an idealism that can persuade even the hardest of skeptics. Charming and unwilling to change her mind unless presented with good evidence, it's easy to see why she is a natural leader.
  • Insightful: Azalea tends to skip straight past appearances and get straight to the heart of things. Because of this, she can seem to have an uncanny ability to understand people's true feelings, motivations, and needs.
  • Creative: Azalea loves to work to find the perfect solution to loved ones' needs, drawing on her vivid imagination and a strong sense of compassion. She is a great listener and a wonderful counselor.
  • Altruistic: Dedicated to her community, Azalea isn't one to enjoy succeeding at another's expense. She thinks (a lot) about how her actions will affect others, and her goal is to behave in a way that will give back to her community.
  • Looks for Bigger Picture: Azalea naturally looks and finds patterns in her life and will search for the bigger picture. She will examine a problem from every angle before moving forward.
  • Calm: Though she can get quite anxious, like anyone, Azalea tends to be very relaxed and calm. She exudes a warm and calming energy that puts folks at ease, and usually speaks in a way that makes others relaxed, too. This makes people feel safe and comfortable and even makes them gravitate towards her a little bit. It helps that she is very observant and good at reading people, as well as molding herself to fit in, so she can easily find out the best way to de-escalate a situation.
  • Sixth-Sense: Azalea has a strong intuition that guides her. Unfortunately, though she may have it, she may not always use it, like in the case when she first met Aani and then kept meeting her afterward. Fortunately, she'll learn from that experience, and be very good at reading people and situations
  • Curious: She is incredibly curious about everything, from the natural world to her society to religion and politics. She spends much of her time by herself thinking about all kinds of different things, as well as exploring SL territory and finding new things.
  • Intelligent: Azalea is, really, very intelligent. Her mind is racing ahead far faster than her mouth can keep up, sometimes making it hard to communicate her ideas and thoughts.


  • Hard to Read: Azalea is incredibly complicated, and very hard to read. One could even say that she has a mysterious air about her. She has many layers to her that she reveals very gradually, being incredibly private. Someone may think that they are very close with her, only for her to confide some secret with them that she'd been holding on to for an ungodly amount of time. She will only reveal herself when she is absolutely sure that there will be no judgment or negativity.
  • Sensitive to Criticism: This has more to do with her values and opinions rather than anything specific (say, a critique in training), but when criticized Azalea can become defensive. This is in part because she is naturally avoidant of conflict and in part because of the way that Aani treated her.
  • Reluctant to Open Up: Azalea values honesty, but is also incredibly private. She has a very hard time opening up about her struggles and being vulnerable. This is in part because she's been conditioned to believe that nobody will believe her, but also because she thinks that if she has any problems, she must solve them herself and not burden others. This may feel very strange to those who love her when they feel some distance in their relationship since Azalea will likely be the first person to stand by their side when they need assistance, but then flee when others try to do the same.
  • Perfectionist: She's an idealist, through and through. This can mean that she isn't able to finish something that she started because she is so stressed about the final product not turning out perfectly. She is also the type to constantly be looking for ways to fix jobs, relationships, living situations, etc, if they aren't exactly right. If she can't fix them, she can blame herself, and others (Aani) may take advantage of this idealism by telling her that it isn't the relationship that is the problem, but rather Azalea. She's vulnerable to gaslighting.
  • Avoiding the Ordinary: This feeling of having a greater purpose in life isn't necessarily a weakness, since it does give Azalea motivation in many ways. However, it can become a weakness when she is unable to complete the more ordinary tasks that need to be done to complete her larger vision, throwing her into a negative feedback loop of feeling motivated and beginning to start the tasks that need to be done, then getting stuck when she finds them too boring and then having to restart all over again.
  • Prone to Burnout: Remember the negative feedback loop? This cycle can be exhausting, as she tries to pursue her greater purpose and then gets stuck (and don't forget her perfectionist tendencies) and eventually finds herself completely burnt out. It's incredibly demotivating for her to have all of these great ideas and feel entirely unable to enact them, and she can become quite depressed and feel useless because of this.
by Raphaelion



  • Emotional Disposition: Curious; Even-Tempered
  • Sociability: Introverted (though very social, she does get tired out by social interaction and finds that time spent alone can often be much more rewarding than being with others)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Finds most people to be narrow-minded and inflexible.
    • Considers herself above the law.
    • Will never betray a friend and enjoys having close friends.
    • Considers the needs of the community in personal life.
    • Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so.
    • Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: Really likes NC.
  • Species: None (yet)
  • Non-Luperci: Has inherited SL's attitude towards Non-Luperci. Though she doesn't think highly of them, she wouldn't hurt one out of hate.
  • Gender: Feels more comfortable with women, generally speaking


Azalea is very very gay. I hardly even tried, I don't know what happened.


  • Service
    • Primary: Azalea is driven by her service to Salsola as well as her spirituality/religion.
  • Understanding
    • Secondary: Similar to the Discovery/Adventure motivator she was fueled by as a puppy, Azalea is keen to understand herself, her community, and most of all the spiritual world.

Motivations as a puppy:

  • Discovery/Adventure
    • Primary Motivator: Azalea is always seeking new adventures, meeting new people, and learning new things.
  • Recognition
    • Secondary Motivator: Azalea has a very keen drive to perform well within Salsola and prove herself.


Azalea was raised by a father who practices Khalifism, and follows this religion in a relatively orthodox fashion. As she grows older and learns more, her beliefs will deepen.



by MykalaBlue

Azalea has epilepsy and experiences seizures with religious content. As an incredibly religious person, she treats the seizures as a religious problem, rather than a medical problem, and has yet to seek out proper medical aid for them. She believes herself to be chosen by the gods to act as a vessel through which they can send messages, and is training to become a religious leader in Salsola. The seizures themselves she calls 'shaking fits', excepting the focal awareness seizures, which she usually describes as 'moments of strangeness', not having the vocabulary to describe them more precisely. She is generally afraid of when the next seizure may strike, finding herself intimidated and fearful of the gods and the feelings that come with the seizure.

Azalea has three kinds of seizures, which will be outlined below the toggle button. She began to have seizures shortly before her first birthday, in June of 2021. Her seizures usually include religious content, and she can also experience religious content in the ictal period, post-ictal period, and inter-ictal period (which means she can experience religious content at any point in time). To clarify, ictal means seizure. Being a very religious person, Azalea treats the seizures as a religious problem, not a medical problem (not that they could do anything about them anyway).

Tonic-Clonic Seizures: Tonic is the stiffening phase of the seizure, and comes first. Azalea's entire body will stiffen up and she will fall over, sometimes violently propelling herself into obstacles (e.g. walls) on the way down. Because her muscles clench, they force air past her vocal cords and can cause her to cry out. This is usually when she bites her cheeks or tongue. Her back and neck will arch and her jaw will lock completely (any attempts to open her mouth will fail). It is in this phase that she loses consciousness, right before the other physical symptoms start. The clonic phase is when the shaking begins. It is rhythmic and stereotyped (the same every time), with her arms and legs bending and relaxing at the hip, elbows, and knees. Her mouth will foam, sometimes quite a bit. Overall, these seizures last between 2-3 minutes, though they may feel much longer to anyone witnessing them. Afterward, Azalea will usually spend the next half hour returning to consciousness. She'll usually wake up for the first time within 15 minutes of the seizure ending, but will be confused and unable to communicate, potentially unable to move. She will then fall asleep again, and after a little while awake once more. This time she'll be in a little more control of herself, a little more awake. This cycle will repeat until at one point she'll wake up and feel practically normal, if not a little bit tired, and of course struggling with any injuries sustained during the seizure (e.g. bitten tongue, sore muscles from the seizure, bloody nose, etc.) It will take a while more for her to be able to return to normal, physically, up to a day. This is because her muscles are completely exhausted after the seizure and are usually very weak after the seizure. More information about Tonic-Clonic Seizures

Focal Onset Awareness Seizures: Azalea also experiences seizures that happen in only one part of the brain. The symptoms of these kinds of seizures change from person to person wildly, but for her, she will usually experience an out-of-body experience, and feel like she has two bodies. One of the bodies will suddenly get pulled out of her and start moving around, and this can happen in many different ways. Usually, the second body will rock, especially if she is lying down. Sometimes it will twist and distort within her body (e.g. her hips will feel like they are twisting, or her arms will twist and distort). Her vision will distort, as well. It shifts to the left, then flicks back in place, sometimes so quickly that it looks like the world is just shaking. However, she is conscious the entire time and can communicate (unless she gets overwhelmed and scared, but that isn't due to the seizure). Obviously, all of this is very overwhelming, and she will often sink to the ground and try to ground herself in reality by touching the earth. To a bystander, it may look like Azalea has collapsed, as she often will close her eyes to fight against the dizzying effects of her vision distorting. Otherwise, she does not pass out or convulse, and remains in control of herself the entire time. The seizures can last between a minute and 15 minutes or longer (though the longer ones may be several seizures happening one after another).

She experiences focal onset awareness seizures directly before tonic-clonic seizures since in those cases the seizure starts in one part of the brain and spreads to the rest. In this case, she experiences all of the symptoms above, but she cannot communicate and cannot tell that she is about to have a seizure. She feels as though her thoughts have slowed, and though she recognizes that something is terribly wrong (and often seeks help because of that), she doesn't know why. Often the symptoms that she experiences in normal focal seizures are aggravated. More information about Focal Onset Awareness Seizures

Myoclonic Jerks: These seizures manifest as shock-like jerks. They happen very often, usually in the morning, and only last a second. Her upper arms, neck, and shoulders will jerk up and back very suddenly but then stop. Usually, it only happens once, but rarely they will happen in pairs. She hasn't linked these jerks with the other seizures. If she is holding something, there is a chance that she could drop it. More information about Myoclonic Epilepsy

Roleplaying a Seizure: I recommend at least reading what I've written here before writing your post, and definitely feel free to ask me if you have any questions! If you've never seen a seizure and feel weird about writing one, focus more on what your character is feeling than what Azalea's body is physically doing as she is seizing. That is probably going to make a more interesting post to read anyway since Azalea has so many seizures and over time there are going to be many posts made where she has a seizure. If everyone writes about what exactly the seizure looks like, that would be pretty boring. But I've written the basics above, so definitely supplement your post with writing like: "Wolf let out a sigh of relief as Azalea sank back to the floor, only to feel his stomach clench in fear as her limbs began to flail and her mouth began to foam. He desperately wanted to scoop foam out of her mouth, but her jaws were snapping, and when he tried she bit him. Still, he was terrified she would breathe in the foam and choke on it."

So there's an example of how I would play someone who doesn't know anything about epilepsy or seizures trying to help Azalea. Do note that you absolutely should not put your hands (or anything) in the mouth of someone who is having a seizure. If you are worried about them choking, roll them onto their side so that the foam drips out of the side of their mouth. Again, if you have any questions or need clarification, ask me! :D

Familial Relationships


Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or they don't know that they are actually related.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Azalea has a complicated relationship with her father, Grievous Eternity. For a very long time, he was her favorite and she was the shining apple of his eye. Until the truth about Aani came out, and her family learned about Azalea's involvement with her. As Aani said would happen, her father blamed Azalea for Aani's mistreatment of her, and nothing Azalea said would make him see differently. Explosive arguments turned their relationship upside-down and it wasn't until Whisper stepped in to mediate that the family began to feel as if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Then Azalea learned she was pregnant. The already unsteady foundation that formed their relationship crumbled to pieces and before Azalea knew it, she was being threatened with the harsh reality that single mothers in Salsola experience. It was only with Casimir's intervention that Azalea could even have a relationship with her family, and she still holds that against them. It is hard to forget that they would have left her to raise her puppies alone with no home to save their reputation.
    • Though Idrieus Eternity did not participate in Azalea and her father's intense arguments, she was at all times a stalwart supporter of her husband. Never did Azalea get the feeling that her mother was willing to cross a bridge and meet in the middle to hear her side of the story. She never spoke up when Azalea chose to keep her puppies at the expense of leaving her family. Azalea feels no desire to quickly forgive her mother for her father's actions, not when her mother supports his decisions.
  • Siblings: Azalea and her sisters, though very close as pups, have since grown distant in that same way that Azalea has grown distant from her parents. Aani kept her from seeing her family as much as she would have liked when she was under her thumb, and even after Catalina's death, Azalea still struggled with her addiction to opium, leading her to not rebuild the bridges that Aani had burned. Once the truth came out, Whisper stepped into the crossfire to become the mediator between Azalea and their father. This is something that Azalea will always remember when she recalls that tumultuous period of her life. Despite her rocky relationship with her parents, Azalea likes to believe that she can trust her siblings and hopes that, with time, they can develop a good relationship.

Other Relations


  • Aani Aston-D'Noires: Aani introduced Azalea to opium, and spent months grooming her with addiction, until a violent altercation after Aani 'killed' Catalina de le Ulrich made Azalea lose trust in her completely. By then, though, Azalea was already using drugs, and Aani had already manipulated and gaslit Azalea so much that she's imparted herself in Azalea's mind forever. She can't help but hear Aani's voice telling her that she'd stupid or crazy or an addict, thoughts that appear in a flash and hurt her in her soul. She believes that she is responsible for Catalina's 'death', and beats herself up for it regularly. It is easy for her to rationalize the abuse she suffered at Aani's hands as a kind of karmic punishment. In November of 2021 Aani regained Azalea's trust in part due to their close working relationship and drugged and raped her. This finally proved to Azalea that she wasn't crazy, that Aani had wanted her, and that she had been trying to create a close relationship with her as a puppy (9 months, though technically an adult in SL, is 13 y/o in maturity) in order to control and abuse her. She fled and cut off all ties as she tried to process this traumatic experience.
  • Sólveig Dawnrunner: Sólveig is her best friend, who quickly turned into something more than a friend. Their relationship is the one thing keeping Azalea sane as she struggles with seizures, Aani's abuse, the aftermath of Catalina's death, and the strange appearances of her gods and the vague and stressful missions they give her. They've been growing closer and closer, and Sólveig is the one canine that Azalea has trusted enough to tell her about Aani. Often, she is the one person that Azalea feels she can run to for help and comfort.


  • Kamari Kaiser: On top of being someone that Azalea generally looks up to because of her relationship with her mother, Kamari (an her husband) was there for Azalea in a time of great need. She will never forget her help and her care.
  • Krios Revlis: Krios was always someone that Azalea liked and enjoyed spending time with. But when she was raped, he and his wife took her in and gave her shelter, emotional support, and medical care.
  • Casimir Soul is someone that Azalea looks up to a lot, and it's definitely not because when she first met him he had a cool sword. Fortunately, he's held up to her high expectations and is one of her role models, even if he can't imagine someone looking up to him.
  • Eden de le Ulrich is Aani's partner, the mentee of her father, and a friend of hers. Azalea looks up to Eden, and cherishes her company, often finding safety and comfort in it. Still, now that she has cut off all contact with Aani, Azalea worries a great deal about Eden and the puppies. A part of her wants to check in on them more regularly, but a greater part of her wants to avoid Aani, and she is forced to check on them when Aani is gone.
  • Elphaba Revlis is The Boss of the pack and someone that Azalea looks up to, even if she's a little wary of her. A large part of Azalea is determined to prove to The Boss that she will be an asset to the kingdom. Still, there have been times where Elphaba has made her uncomfortable by touching her when she (fairly) obviously didn't want to be touched. This reminds her of Aani, and she doesn't appreciate it.

Minor Relations

Past Relations:

Home, Trade, & Inventory


The Stone Cabin

A large two-story stone building surrounded by old and tall pine trees, fronted by a standalone massive black cherry tree, obviously planted purposefully many decades previously directly in the front yard of this home. The entire home is in disrepair, in need of lots of labor to make it livable again, but the bottom story is safe and will be comfortable once the broken windows are boarded up and the debris cleared away. The upper story, while in no danger of collapsing, is entirely unlivable. A small part of the roof has fallen in and there are more broken windows than unbroken windows. Ivy has infiltrated the upper floor and mold grows abundantly. The courtyard in the back has lots of promise, once the overgrown plants are cleared away from the stone flagons and Azalea has the time to dedicate to beautifying it.


Azalea has just begun to actively trade, and though she doesn't have much to her name now, she is starting to accumulate wealth. Under her alias Elowyn, she is a wine trader, so much of her spy activity revolves around her merchant work.

What she's offering:

  • Bone fish hooks and horse-hair fishing line (learning how to make the line still, will get good at it relatively soon)
  • Raw goods (furs, bone, antlers, etc)
  • Fish (though not a spectacular fisher, some days she gets lucky and catches more than she needs)
  • Wine (If you want wine, you must request it before she leaves to trade with her vendor or get lucky and catch her just as she returns)

What she wants:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Crafted Goods (candles, books, blankets, etc)
  • Skilled Labor (She always needs help renovating her home)


Not all of the items that Azalea owns are listed, only the ones that are referenced often or have some special significance to her.

  • Three Hand-Stitched Toys: Gifted to Azalea anonymously by Silas del Morte, there is one of a bear, a wolf, and a rabbit. Each toy is hand stitched with pieces of leather and fur, and tiny black beads for eyes. They are stuffed with material to account for claws and teeth. They were delivered via the Yuletide Yak, and were wrapped so: "There is a set of three toys bundled together with papers covered in charcoal drawings. All of these are bundled together in a simple fur, the papers folded as to not crumble too much in travel. The drawings are simple and only one color. There are a few drawings of Azalea herself, most with her family. There are a couple pictures with some attempted shading to show the night sky filled with stars. There are some lines between stars of fake constellations." Azalea really loves the toys, and though she will grow up and stop playing with them, she will keep them close and they will always remind her of home.
  • A Set of Throwing Knives: Gifted to her by her parents on her first birthday, Azalea cherishes these knives. Often they are hidden on her body, with her heavy and clunky dagger displayed on her waist. They come with plain leather sheaths and straps that allow her to tie them flush against her chest and her leg. (Note that the handles are wrapped with leather, not cord)
  • A Red Dress: Traded from Peony Braithewaite? along with two other dresses for six bottles of fine wine, Azalea adores this dress. Especially because she obtained it herself. And because it suits her long and lanky body.
  • A Braided Leather Bracelet: Found as a Treat in the 2021 Halloween Event, left as a gift by Yaga.

Animal NPCs


By Eike


  • Meaning: Bright Raven
  • Pronunciation: bear-trand
SpeciesCommon Raven


Appearance: Large raven - may or may not be male - nothing distinct in coloration.
Personality: Is very interested in delivering gifts to Azalea, may or may not have a crush on her. Doesn't particularly like or dislike anyone else, tends to ignore anyone offering food to him.
Skills: None yet; will learn to understand high speech well and speak broken high speech.


Showed up one day in March 2021 with a gift for Azalea and has stuck around ever since.

Can be Referenced

Hanging around Azalea.
He doesn't look particularly special, so if he isn't with her, it would be hard to pick him apart from any other raven.


By Despi


  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation: Free-da(short a)
SpeciesAnglo-Nubian/Valais Blackneck Hybrid
D.O.B.Spring 2021


Appearance: Black and white with brown eyebrows, she'll grow to 120 lbs as an adult. Pictured as an adult, currently looks kinda like this.
Personality: Cheery and relaxed, this kid has a mischievous nature and likes to jump all over the place. She is entirely unafraid of Luperci and thinks any old canine will play with her. And they probably will, because she's adorable. Azalea named her Friede with the hope she will calm down with age.
Skills: none yet! As an adult she'll produce milk.


Azalea traded two bottles of wine and a deerskin for her with the Del Cenere Gang

Can be Referenced

In her stable, being crazy.
Not in her stable, being crazy.



Azalea was born in Salsola on the 15 of June, 2020 to high ranking parents within Salsola. Her puppyhood was very calm, and she mostly just ran around and made lots of friends in the pack. In January of 2021 she underwent the Cueponi ceremony [1] [2] and was promoted to The Family. She completed her riddle within the day, delivering a nugget of metal ore to The Boss triumphantly. She was promoted to La Familia and lived life relatively peacefully with her parents and sisters until catching the attention of Aani Aston-D'Noires in early April of 2021. Aani became a obsessed with her, and after introducing her to opium [1], she began stalking her and manipulating her into spending more and more time with her. At first Azalea was freaked out by the opium and the attention that Aani was giving her, but after giving Aani a second chance and trying opium again after receiving the Hand of Eris, she became addicted. For about a month, Azalea spent much of her time at Aani's house, going whenever she could get away from her family. Aani would leave her puppies with her betrothed, Eden de le Ulrich, and together they would do whatever drugs Aani had on hand. At this point Aani was good to her, and though there were red flags abound, Azalea was too young and inexperienced to see them, and Aani was a spectacular manipulator.

At some point, Azalea began to get addicted to opium, and spent so much time at Aani's that it became inconvenient for her to constantly be moving from the Eternity home to Aani's home. She moved in with Aani and the puppies at the end of Salsola's 10th birthday festival, and from there on Aani began to show her abusive side more. In mid-May, Aani dragged Azalea and her puppies out to Burntchurch mountains where Catalina De Le Ulrich ate opium and overdosed [1]. Aani blamed Azalea and forced her to abandon Catalina at DCG's borders. Azalea did so, and, terrified of returning to Aani and Salsola, she fled to New Caledonia and her best friend, Sólveig Dawnrunner. There she was welcomed with open arms, and accompanied the Dawnrunner-Knight family to The Olympics, held in Casa di Cavalieri. While there she had her first seizures, throughout the day (June 10th) she had several small focal awareness seizures, and then in the evening she had a tonic-clonic seizure that included religious content. In the post-ictal period she hallucinated the three Khalif gods, and if would be the first of many times that she would hallucinate them. Afterwards she began to experience many more seizures.

She returned to Salsola a month after she'd left with Aani and her puppies, with a horrible secret, the terrible burden of the seizures on her shoulders, as well as valuable information about the Olympics and New Caledonia. From there she began to follow the gods' plans for her, attempting to complete any task laid out for her and trying to decode any potential messages within her seizures.

She was promoted through the ranks quickly, in part because she took on the Job Informatore as an explanation for her frequent absences from Salsola. She left for two reasons: because she wanted to visit Sólveig and because she wanted to escape Aani. By the time she was a year old she already held the Tradesman rank, and she was promoted the Sanctus Apprentice in November of 2021, when she was only a year and 4 months old. This was all in spite of her dependence on opium and Aani's psychological abuse (which would eventually turn into physical and sexual abuse). See The Aani Problem for details.

Post Log & Archives


August 2020


  1. Be true to your word and your work and your friend
    With Grievous Eternity and Eden de le Ulrich, Azalea escapes the confines at home and gets caught by her dad! (Backdated to August, reply posted in October)

September 2020

  • Joins game as played character!


  1. Travelling Creature
    With Coaxoch, Azalea gets scared by a monster in the woods!

October 2020


  1. Far as I go
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Idrieus Eternity, and Lilium Eternity (yNPC of Idrieus), Azalea and Lilium get told spooky stories!
  2. Don't try to change me
    With Idrieus Eternity and Lilium Eternity (yNPC of Idrieus), Lilium discovers a mysterious package!
  3. Their blood and self and purpose
    With O'Riley Eternity and Idrieus Eternity, Azalea and Co. go on a goat hunt!
  4. Games People Play
    With Odalis and Torin de le Poer (pNPC), Azalea tries to scare someone, but takes a nap instead. :P
  5. Space Cadet
    With Characters and Nickodemus Sparhawk (pNPC), Azalea gets a trick played on her.

November 2020


  1. Little Sparrows
    With Characters, Azalea gets rained on. :(
  2. When it Falls
    With Characters, Azalea explores the storage!
  3. Circle of Light
    With Casimir Soul, Azalea meets someone new and learns a bit about sword fighting.
  4. Hold the Line
    With Salsola, Azalea attends her first Last Supper as a played character.

December 2020

  • Azalea shifts for the first time!


  1. One Thing
    With Mirte and Nickodemus, Azalea shifts for the first time!
  2. On, on they send, on without end
    With Idrieus Eternity and Grievous Eternity, The Eternity family get a visit from the Yuletide Yak!
  3. Queen of Peace and War
    With Kamari Kaiser, Azalea is taught the basics of knife play!



January 2021

  • Azalea joins the ranks of adulthood after completing the Cueponi ceremony.


  1. pulled up at the sound of some strange commandment
    With Elphaba Revlis, Azalea is given her Cueponi riddle.
  2. Queen of the Earth
    With Elphaba Revlis, Azalea solves the riddle given to her and completes the Cueponi ceremony. (posted in April)
  3. can't say I didn't want it
    With Krios Revlis, Krios gifts Azalea some clothing.
  4. Interesting people lead to interesting times
    With Dorian Savoy, Azalea gets a dance in New Caledonia!
  5. [M] We're meant to act even if we make mistakes.
    With Tattersall Valentine, Azalea and Tattersall get into a fight with a loner.
  6. [m][Saturnalia] spin the bottle
    With Odalis, Brocade Valentine, Silas del Morte, Silas del Morte, Everyone plays spin the bottle!

February 2021

March 2021


  1. wake up and start a big fire
    With Salsola, Azalea attends a Last Supper.
  2. a good strong win can keep you honest
    With Casimir Soul, Azalea and Cas dig a firepit for the Firehouse and meet a new raven friend. (posted in April)

April 2021

  • Azalea meets Aani and is introduced to opium by her.


  1. [m] Do you like my ring?
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea meets Aani again and she starts using opium. Aani begins to stalk her.
  2. A Day of Excitement
    With Idrieus, Azalea and her mom go on a hunt for clothing for her.
  3. [M] Shadowed Agony
    With Amos Gaines, Azalea interrupts Amos in the middle of his flagellation.
  4. the merit of all things lies in their difficulty
    With Grievous Eternity, Azalea asks her dad to carve The Hand of Eris into her back.
  5. in spirit divided, now reunited
    With Saga D'Angelo, Azalea meets her cousin for the first time in the New Caledonia/Salsola trading event!
  6. [M] In the Lion's Claws
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires and Saga D'Angelo, Saga separates Azalea from Aani while she's being creepy towards her.
  7. Fear is the Poison of Love
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea meets a new friend who helps calm her down after seeing Aani (--the day after the above thread--).
  8. Many hands do light work
    With Casimir Soul, Azalea and Casimir clean up his and Lyra's home and he gives her some clothing in exchange for her hard work.

May 2021

  • Azalea is promoted to The Confidant.
  • Aani "kills" Catalina and convinces Azalea that she is to blame. Azalea flees to New Caledonia to get away from Aani and process what is happening.


  1. Stories from the Labyrinth
    With Salsola, Azalea comes and hears the announcement about Salsola's 10th Birthday! Of course, she can't catch a break and finds herself alone with all three of Aani's puppies to get ready for the announcement.
  2. Om nom nom nom!
    With Salsola, Azalea competes in a meat-eating contest in Salsola's week-long birthday festival! Her sisters cheer her on, of course.
  3. [m] Give me a second
    With Catalina de le Ulrich, Azalea is left to care for two of Aani's puppies.
  4. straight through the heart
    With Odalis, Azalea joins Odalis in a 'friendly' game of archery.
  5. the opposite of people
    With Salsola, Azalea attends a play.
  6. one of us
    With Brocade Valentine, Tattersall Valentine, Kamari Kaiser, Azalea attends a bonfire for The Shield and their families high.
  7. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain
    With O'Riley Eternity, Tattersall Valentine, Kamari Kaiser, Krios Revlis, Grievous Eternity, Casimir Soul, Brocade Valentine, Aani Aston-D'Noires, Morrow Larue, Azalea participates in a reenactment of the last Boreas invasion.
  8. requiescat in pace
    With Elphaba Revlis, Krios Revlis, Amos Gaines, Evelyn de le Ulrich, Morgana Revlis, Azalea attends a ritual with the coven.
  9. Way-hay, up she rises
    With Salsola, Azalea rides on the newly-built cutter on it's first trip on the loch!
  10. sun on my head
    With Amos Gaines, Evelyn de le Ulrich, Azalea learns to fish from Bogdan along with Amos and Evelyn.
  11. A Vision of the Grand Masquerade
    With Salsola, Azalea participates in the Last Supper closing the week long festival celebrating Salsola's 10th birthday. Of course, Aani stirs trouble (in following thread).
  12. [M] Came to me in colors
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Aani is upset when Azalea shows affection towards her puppies and pulls her away from the supper to tell her this.
  13. I built a cage to hide in
    With Idrieus Eternity and Grievous Eternity, Azalea announces that she is moving in with Aani.
  14. [M] Soulless Creature
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea tries to visit her family after moving out but Aani gets so upset and moody that Azalea changes her mind to make her happier.
  15. [M] Knife Play
    With Hades Ars Paulina, Hades teaches Azalea how to throw knives.
  16. [M] A painting of you and I
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Catalina accidentally overdoses on opium after eating some and Azalea is tricked into thinking that she is dead, and forced to abandon her at DCG's borders.
  17. [M] Lead me through the dark
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea flees Aani and heads to New Caledonia and Sólveig.
  18. [M] Pale light through the break
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Sólveig helps Azalea through her opium withdrawal.
  19. all mimsy were the borogoves
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis, Azalea plays with young Lossë outside of Sólveig's home.
  20. I don't wanna take the world for granted
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner and Iomair, Azalea and Sólveig ask Iomair if Azalea could stay in NC for longer than three days.

June 2021

  • Azalea is promoted to The Tradesman.
  • Azalea experiences her first seizure and hallucination.


  1. [M] If I fell under the spell of your call
    With Ingvildr Knight, Caspian Knight, and Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Azalea and Ingvildr come across Caspian and Honrin beekeeping!
  2. [M] And the moon shines bright as bone
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea experiences her first seizure and hallucinates Ankh for the first time. Fortunately Sólveig is there to keep her safe while she's seizing.
  3. [M] Where is the light?
    Read Only, Azalea hallucinates Rah'khir and Tak for the first time. Rah'khir instructs her to create a charm to protect her from Tak's influence. Tak tries to get her to release the charm through psychological torture.
  4. [M] Reflections of Somebody Else
    With Belinda Braithwaite, Azalea speaks to a Del Ceneran about DCG while thinking hard about the events of the previous night.
  5. [M] I see the eyes of somebody else
    With Lukos Greyfire, Azalea learns a bit about BN.
  6. [M] I'll drink from your hands
    With Elphaba Revlis, Azalea returns to SL for the first time in a month and speaks to The Boss. She tells her of the Olympics and the state of various packs, and then tells her about her seizure and the arrival of the three gods, seeking out religious advice from her.
  7. [M] I knew death was setting in
    With Grievous Eternity, After speaking to Elphaba, Azalea returns to her family home to see her family for the first time in a month.
  8. [M] I kept asking to come up for luck
    With Evelyn de le Ulrich, Azalea has a particularly bad focal seizure (simple partial) in front of Eve.
  9. [M] He had an empty gaze
    With Spartacus Simone Ulrich, Azalea and Spartacus get into a fight for dominance and Azalea loses.
  10. [M] If I'd've known she would've treated me like that
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea and Aani talk for the first time since Azalea's return and Aani convinces Azalea that she's sorry, and asks her to live with them again.
  11. [M] I'm finding I can fly so high above with you
    With Eden de le Ulrich, Azalea has a focal awareness seizure in front of Eden.

July 2021

  • Azalea is promoted to The Warden.
  • Azalea has a second seizure, this time in Salsola with her family
  • Azalea visits Sólveig in New Caledonia again.


  1. Follow the many paths home
    With Arius de le Ulrich, Azalea and Arius spend time together for the first time since Catalina's death.
  2. It's a pretty picture
    With Tattersall Valentine, Azalea and Tattersall guard the Queensgate together.
  3. [RO] I was starving
    Azalea writes a letter to Sólveig.
  4. [M] Don't let me change; Don't let me go
    With Whisper Eternity, Azalea has a tonic-clonic seizure.
  5. It was such a mess
    With Argive Hemlock, Azalea visits Argive after her latest seizure to ask about the 'shaking fits'.
  6. [M] So I didn't come home low
    With Avery Knight, Azalea and Avery get into an argument after Azalea arrives late to their meeting place. She also receives Sólveig's return letter.
  7. Let it wash away
    With someone?, Azalea can't sleep and goes on a midnight walk.
  8. but still, like dust, I'll rise
    With Pompeii, Azalea meets Pompeii and talks to her about paper-making.
  9. I hope on hope
    With Krios Revlis, Azalea hears about the secretive mission and decides to bring food to Kamari and Krios.
  10. You put all those memories so deep inside my mind
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea finally makes the trek to New Caledonia and reunites with Sólveig.

August 2021

  • Azalea is promoted to The Arbiter.
  • Azalea earns the Informatore Job.


  1. Yearning for Solace
    With Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Azalea goes to Till for spiritual guidance.
  2. summer breeze, oh so sweet
    With Bogdan Kotovo? and someone?, Azalea and Bogdan make bone fish hooks for Azalea to trade.
  3. Hope against Hope
    With Brocade Valentine, Azalea is sparring when she gets injured and needs some rest.
  4. Clothe yourself in beauty untold
    With Odalis, Azalea cleans up the front yard of her new home.
  5. [M] Like a stone can be broken into sand
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea finally cracks and asks Aani for opium.
  6. [m] [Lcss] Bared Teeth, Sharp Claws, Bright Eyes
    With Maisie O'Neil, Azalea and Maze fight in Fight Club.
  7. [m] [LCSS] Sweet Words Heal Tender Wounds
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea tells Sólveig about Aani.
  8. Stone of the Gods
    With Julius Valentine, Azalea and Julius try to figure out how to use the Protection Stone.
  9. [RO] Travelling Companion
    With Nickodemus Sparhawk?, Azalea asks Nick to go with her to trade for wine.
  10. [RO] Farewell to Hearth and Home
    LASKY Canon. With Nickodemus Sparhawk?, Azalea trades for wine with Nick.
  11. [LcSs]All the Wild Horses
    With Zasha Hushhowl, Azalea learns about the barrel racing competition from Zasha.
  12. [LSS] o frabjous day, callooh, callay
    With Lossë Fir-Chlis, Azalea sees Lossë again and catches up with the young man.
  13. chasing down the flimsy specters that we co-create
    With Molly Sommerfelt?, Azalea and Molly get scared by a ghost in loner territory.
  14. [m] a war on fear
    With Elphaba Revlis, Azalea seizes and has a scary premonition.
  15. My life turns in slow motion
    With Eden de le Ulrich and Idrieus Eternity, Eden tries to help treat Azalea after her seizure.

September 2021

October 2021

  • Azalea earns Witch Job.


  1. [m] I can't remember that day
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea asks Aani for advice.
  2. easy on me
    With Velour Valentine, Azalea and Velour banish a ghost.
  3. sweater weather
    With Brocade Valentine and Kamari Kaiser, Azalea carves pumpkins!
  4. If I ever need a reason to smile
    [RO] With Robin Chrysanthemum?, Azalea sends a letter to Sólveig. Little does she know it will never arrive.
  5. [m] Investing Hearts
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Azalea helps Aani make a special concoction.
  6. Days like this I don't know what to do with myself
    [RO] With Azade Feriqi and Kylychbek Feriqi, Azalea arrives in DCG to trade, unaware of the ghost at her back.
  7. Strange Gifts
    With someone?, Azalea returns from New Caledonia and finds a braided leather bracelet at the Stone Alter.
  8. slipping of the sun
    With Marina Amaranthe, Azalea comforts Marina after her traumatizing first shift.

November 2021

  • Azalea is promoted to Sanctus Apprentice.


  1. One more word and you won't survive
    With Salsola, Last Supper.
  2. Nothing's gonna save us now
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires and Grievous Eternity, Aani does some things that make Grievous and Azalea uncomfortable.
  3. [m] i have a heart made for taking flight
    With Brocade Valentine and Torin de le Poer, drinking game!
  4. [m] The Blue of My Oblivion
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Aani drugs and rapes Azalea.
  5. [m] Calm Under the Waves
    With Krios Revlis and Kamari Kaiser, Azalea seeks shelter with Kamari and Krios after the rape. Takes place directly after #3.
  6. [M] And every second I waste is more than I can take
    With Kamari Kaiser, Kamari helps Azalea get ready to leave Salsola. Takes place later that day after #4.
  7. [m] An Empty Shell of Me
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner, Azalea flees Salsola in favor of New Caledonia. Takes place a day after #5.
  8. [m] Time Moves Slow
    With Sólveig Dawnrunner and Bellad Songthorn, Bellad treats Azalea's injuries. Takes place later in the day after #6.
  9. [m] close your eyes and hear my secret
    With Fennore, Fennore visits Azalea in the Dawnrunner's home to suss out whether she's suspicious or not.
  10. it's a lonely game but I'll play it again
    With Liam del Morte, Azalea meets Liam for the first time while in NC and together they find mysterious bones.
  11. Let My Heart Shatter
    With Grievous Eternity, Azalea returns to Salsola and asks her father if she can move back into her family home.

December 2021


  1. The strong believe in cause and effect
    With Krios Revlis, Krios checks in on Azalea after her return.
  2. [m] Mine Eyes
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires and Lexus, Lexus approaches Azalea while Aani listens in.
  3. [m] fear will mess up your head
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires and Lexus, Azalea and Lexus meet and Lexus tells Azalea a secret.
  4. [m] Run along now, little one
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Aani threatens Azalea.
  5. [m] aching pains, fearful souls
    Read Only with Lexus Whitlock, Azalea treats Lexus' injuries.
  6. [m] keep on racing for the thrill of the chase
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires, Aani threatens Azalea again.
  7. a blanket of snow and fond emotions
    With Kamari Kaiser, Azalea visits Kamari and they build a snowman together.
  8. [m] ice in the path and a fiery wrath
    With Spartacus Simone Ulrich, Azalea and Sparty get into an argument.
  9. the secret to end all pain
    With Eden de le Ulrich, Eden catches Azalea taking herbs from the Clinic (to treat Lexus in secret) and they start chatting about Aani.
  10. [m] tragic love, built from mutual despair
    With Lexus Whitlock, Azalea treats Lexus' wounds.
  11. [m] if she says it, she means it
    With Wrath, Azalea runs into Wrath and they have a tense conversation.
  12. the witches rule at night
    With Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Azalea and Till chat about their gods.
  13. [m] bitter fury tends towards words said with dismay
    With Tattersall Valentine, Azalea and Tate get into an argument.
  14. [m] Listen to me, butterfly
    With Spartacus Simone Ulrich, Azalea runs into Sparty and they have an alarming conversation.
  15. [M] It Cascades and Falls
    With Arius de le Ulrich and Catalina del Bosque, Azalea follows Arius and learns that he's been meeting Catalina in secret.# [m] These bonds breaking loose
    With Lexus Whitlock, Azalea tells Lexus about Catalina.
  16. [m] their story sung tonight at last
    With Lexus Whitlock, Krios Revlis, and Kamari Kaiser, Azalea and Lexus tell Krios and Kamari about Aani. Azalea dissociates during most of the conversation.
  17. [m] help to calm these stormy thoughts
    With Krios Revlis, Azalea tells Krios about Aani.


January 2022


  1. bittersweet, this chapter closes
    Read Only, Azalea writes a letter to Sólveig.
  2. [m] the universe is up in roaring flames
    With Spartacus Simone Ulrich, Azalea runs into Spartacus in the Blackwoods.
  3. [m] there's too much going on
    With Krios Revlis, Azalea gives up her opium stash, determined to quit.

February 2022


March 2022


Icon and Title Trivia


InformatoreAzalea is a spy and a witch for Salsola and holds this icon to show her Jobs.
Live by Thistle and ThornAzalea won this icon by participating in Salsola's 10th Birthday Festival.
Peer through the VeilAzalea won this icon by being in the top 5 posters in Salsola's Halloween 2021 event.


That is why they are gods
This custom title was chosen because of Azalea's struggle with her religion and her faith when she knows that the gods that she prays to and believes in are horribly cruel, due to her visions of them. She doesn't trust them, she hates them at times, but she can't deny that they exist and that they are a huge part of her life now, and she is slowly on the road to accepting her life as it is, and their role in it.
Family Choose The Strong
Azalea won this temporary title by participating in Salsola's 10th Birthday Festival. (expired)

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