Bellad Songthorn

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By Nat

Bellad Songthorn is a founding member of New Caledonia.

A healer originally from a small tribe of wolves living in the woods by Slave Lake, known for their keen interest in the stars and their knowledge of the surrounding herbs. The tribe met its demise in a forest fire, leading him to flee with his wounded older brother, Ierian Songthorn. After the two were discovered by scouts of New Caledonia, he gradually entered into their fold, turning his experience to the aid of the pack since its foundation.

Originally obsessed with ensuring the well-being and survival of his last kin, life in New Caledonia gradually lead him to become more open and dedicated to the pack. Although his intentions have changed and his worldview evolved, Bellad is still occasionally wracked with guilt over his powerlessness in the face of his tribe's demise. Unbeknownst to him, he may have had more involvement with this tragic fate than he realizes...






  • Nickname: N/A
  • Pronunciation: Behl-laad
  • Meaning: N/A
  • Origin: Unknown. Chosen by the elders of his tribe
  • Epithet: Starseeker (used exclusively by Fennore)

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: New Caledonia
  • Rank: Distinguished
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Healer I, Apothecary I

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Bellad throughout the Realm, and having general conversations with him
    • Having had him treat minor injuries or ailments
    • Please clear specifics or major ailments in advance
  • Knowing him to be a healer of reasonable skill versed in medicinal qualities of herbs
  • Knowing he has an older brother who he brought to the pack early on
  • Hearing he hunts exclusively in Lupus, rarely wears clothes and is comfortable with the feral form

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
Bellad is a tall Luperci, prominently wolfish in his features, with a lean build. His dark pelt is thick and somewhat coarse to the touch.
  • Optime Hair: A mane of straight black hair, infrequently styled or particularly cared for beyond being kept clean.
  • Build and Size:
A tall wolf befitting his heritage, though of a fairly lean build. He values the dexterity of Optime, but frequently shifts and knows both of the quadruped forms quite well.
  • Lupus : 31,1 in (79 cm) ↔ 88 lbs (40 kg)
  • occasionally used. Bellad prefers this form to travel, often opting for it when accompanying Luperci on horseback in order to keep up. It is also a form used for hunting when the more robust Secui isn't required.
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 154 lbs (70 kg)
  • moderately used. Secui is primarily used in dangerous scenarios, where feral instinct needs to be combined with prowess.
  • Optime: 6 ft 7 in (80 in / 201 cm) ↔ 218 lbs (99 kg)
  • frequently used. Particularly as of his joining New Caledonia, Bellad spends increasingly long stretches of time in Optime. Even in his Optime form, Bellad infrequently wears clothing, feeling little shame over being clad in nothing but his pelt.

  • Scars:
    • The fire left two scars - one on his left shoulder and one lower, on his left hip. Both are leftovers from his escape from the fire, likely from flaming branches lashing at him.

  • Tattoos & Piercings:
  • Humanization:
Despite frequently being in Optime, many of Bellad's animal mannerisms and habits remain. Nonverbal communication, relying on his sense of smell, finding superfluous clothing confusing and unnecessary. Until recently Bellad also couldn't read or write, only now starting to practice the skill.

  • Everyday
    • A trio of mismatched medicine pouches around his neck. He loosens the cords to allow them to remain even in his quadruped forms
    • A water skin of distinctly Caledonian design, gifted by Fennore. He has grown attached to it, but claimed it was out of practicality


  • Speech: A calm, thoughtful tone, prone to somewhat archaic and ceremonious manner of speech.
  • Scent: His natural scent is largely overlapped with the smell of herbs and earth.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Observing whoever he is talking to without saying anything for a period of time. Closing his eyes to focus on and read surrounding scents.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands tall, but walks softly, particularly in less known terrain.

Fur (Go to name that color!)

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Optime Hair

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Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars


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1.2  Personality


Bellad's hard to read at first, but his calmly inquisitive gaze hides much, from generosity and kindness to sorrow and nigh-ceaseless remorse. He can be imposing as he silently studies strangers only to question their intentions or ponder them out loud. Despite this, his desire to help others is genuine, and he has a hard time ignoring the plight of another. Living for the first time among people so far removed from his original tribe, Bellad demonstrates curiosity and a desire to learn, even though certain traditions and concepts still perplex him.

His kin's tragic fate hardened him, and even life among New Caledonia hasn't completely eliminated his intense feelings of guilt. Bellad still berates himself, even to the extent of mounting blame for events blatantly outside his ability to affect. Whether it manifests as overworking or losing sleep with worry, his inner demons prove capable of causing the defensive mask of a wise healer to crack.


  • Outlook: Somewhat pessimistic but never to the point of apathy
  • Sociability: Introverted to some extent, but not incapable of opening up and prone to asking questions
  • Expression: Calm and inquisitive
  • Motivations: Ensuring his brother's survival; redeeming himself; saving lives; finding peace (unacknowledged).
  • Fears: Suffering further loss; his skills proving inadequate; abandonment; uncontrolled or vast fire.


  • Likes: The stars, singing, learning, his brother;
  • Dislikes: Disrespectful behavior, disregard towards illness or injury, tight clothes;


  • Packs: Bellad has only recently begun to learn of the surrounding packs. He knows little of those outside New Caledonia, but finds them largely just as strange and alien.
  • Species: He has no strong feelings towards either species, though other wolves put him at ease.
  • Non-Luperci: Bellad spends enough time in his Lupus to feel a sense of understanding towards non-Luperci. Still to be Luperci is undoubtedly a blessing.
  • Gender: Bellad thinks little of gender outside of being aware of health issues exclusive to one or the other.
  • Sexuality: Feels no attraction towards males. Hesitant about relationships despite his tribe's openness to short and long term relationships alike.
  • Age: Awkward around puppies. Respectful around elders. Annoyed around puppies with bodies of elders.


Bellad is heterosexual and is not attracted to other males. Earlier years of his life were strongly dedicated to his family and perfecting his skills. This focus lead him to largely overlook his libido, growing rather bashful whenever it would manifest. His sole romantic relationship during his time in his homeland was an affair with a woman who was in his tribe's care. He still struggles to define just what it was (outside of being his only proper experience of intimacy), particularly as the woman left the very next day after the moment they shared. Hesitant and shy as he can be, when in doubt he would likely rely on instinct. All that's left is letting go long enough to let it guide him.


Bellad used to share his tribe's belief in the Myriad Spirits, or simply the Myriad. To them, everything that surrounded them and each one of them had an individual Spirit, though they were just as varied as the objects they were associated with. This lead them to both invoking the Myriad as a whole and believing in addressing or favoring particular Spirits based on their needs. Since the tribe's demise, their faith is all but purged, including from Bellad's heart. He still recounts and occasionally carries out old rituals or utters prayers, but more so based on a sense of familiarity and nostalgia than genuine reverence. The most basic tenet of the tribe he still keeps closer to his heart than he might admit: "Respect the land, and respect the spirits, but above all else respect your kindred in need".

When it comes to the faith of others, Bellad is mostly impassive, believing it a possible solution to seeking support or hope. It is merely a solution he would no longer resort to. However, proselyting or attempts at religious debates make him uncomfortable.


He is aware of the existence of various substances, primarily plant-based ones. Consumption of some of them was not unheard of among his tribe, often treated as a communal or ritualistic affair. He would still express frustration over those who spend too long "with their mind clouded and addled".

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Parents: Since the fire Bellad has never spoken of his family, not even to his brother. From what can be learned from his somewhat less reserved older sibling, Bellad was always driven to impress them. They had a caring father, who taught Bellad songs and stars, and a strong and dominant mother, a prolific huntress of the tribe.
  • Siblings: Ierian is his last remaining family. Until recently, Bellad's obsession with his survival blocked most other notions. He regards Ierian as a hero, superior to him in every way though tragically crippled by the flames. Despite all this, he is frustrated by his brother's mounting rejection of his treatment. Much like Ierian attempts to prove Bellad wrong in his self-accusation, so too does Bellad attempt to dissuade Ierian's sense of survivor's guilt. Neither has succeeded so far.

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Fennore was one of the first Caledonians he ever met, locating him alongside Tamlin after the two heard Bellad's song. Originally he regarded her with suspicion, even as he demanded to see the wounds she sported at the time. Gradually she became one of the voices calling him to join the pack. Their subsequent encounters in New Caledonia evolved from curt affairs into ones that were far more heartfelt, if occasionally awkward. A near-death experience finally drove Bellad to consider just what his feelings for her were growing into. While he can no longer deny a deep fondness for the wolfess, he struggles to find the appropriate approach. Even more so while being clueless as to the proper form of courting in New Caledonia. Despite his expectations she has become one of the decisive factors in his decision to remain with New Caledonia.

Notable Relations

  • King Iomair met Bellad while on a hunt, and the healer treated him after their quarry, a wild boar, injured the Caledonian King. The healer confessed his brother's existence to the King shortly after joining New Caledonia and has not forgotten Iomair's hospitality, both in forgiving his secrecy and in giving both of them a home. Bellad perceives Iomair as an authority figure, though he may not understand every nuance of the term "King". His respect hinges on gratitude and on witnessing the King's merit rather than recognition of his high station. He continues to occasionally examine Queen Vodeva's condition in hopes of maintaining her health.
  • Calan started out as a vexing and confusing patient, albeit one Bellad took upon himself of his own accord. While originally he thought rather little of the man, in time the merchant proved himself more capable than Bellad had given him credit for. Mutual assistance and especially almost perishing together in the Underthing brought him to regard Calan as a worthy pack-mate, perhaps even a friend. Though one dealing with whom is occasionally a test of patience. The healer still can't deny that Calan is far better adapted to the more civilized world of New Caledonia than he is and thus, much as he is reluctant, might seek something the trader would be able to teach him.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: Unnamed stranger who was in his tribe's care;
  • Friendly: N/A
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: Valan, Kalypso, Inara
  • Enemies: ---
  • Murders: ---
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: ---

Notable Past Relations

  • Athras Eryn tracked down the siblings whilst Bellad still hid his brother Ierian from the surrounding world, fearful for the safety of his bedridden sibling. It was Athras who found the two Songthorns just prior to their move to New Caledonia. After seeing the condition of Bellad's brother the Lord Regent ordered them to relocate to the rest of the pack at once, shocking Bellad, auspicious as this demand proved to be. Despite appreciating this mercy, the healer still couldn't help feeling suspicious of Athras, unable to discern his motives. Their interactions prior to the Regent's disappearance were made all the more tense by the man's insistence to be addressed by his noble title.

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Herbalism (Master):
Back in the tribe, puppies were taught to track down and identify medicinal plants from a young age. A frequently practiced game involved apprentices being presented with a bundle of varied herbs, then tasked with returning by sundown with an identical bundle containing all the same plants in it. Bellad was particularly skilled at this game. Furthermore, his kin's reliance on oral tradition taught most of them to memorize what they were taught. Bellad has thus committed seemingly numerous plants and their qualities to memory.
  • Healing (Journeyman):
The primary skill of his tribe and one that Bellad had dedicated much of his life to. From first aid to tending to various ailments, the Songthorn has much applicable knowledge, if only to ease one's pain if not facilitate a most speedy recovery. Although he dedicated years of his life to it, there are still procedures that he would have to devise or else learn from those more experienced. It is his hope that Ierian might help him, having studied the art of healing longer.
  • Singing (Journeyman):
Bellad's varied howls and his singing voice alike have a melodious quality to them, and he has impressive control over his vocal cords. Although he seems naturally talented in song, it is a skill few expect Bellad to have, as he rarely practices it outside of being asked for a song by someone he'd be willing to humor or else finding himself alone.
  • Literacy (Dabbler):
Upon his arrival to New Caledonia, Bellad was completely illiterate. This skill was exclusive to the elders of his tribe, thus he never learned, instead relying on oral tradition and his impressive memory. After Fennore offered to teach him, he accepted eagerly. Although he is finding learning the written word to be a complicated task, he considers it an honor to be taught in a skill once reserved for those above his station.


  • Combat (in Optime):
From a practical perspective, Bellad considers the quadruped forms to be most suited for "aggressive" tasks such as hunting. His people were peaceful and fighting one another in the "form of deft hand" was extremely rare. Bellad therefore never practiced fighting in Optime, almost to the point of being vulnerable should he ever be confronted by an enemy whilst in it.
  • Use of weapons:
Somewhat derived from his ineptitude in Optime combat, Bellad has absolutely no skills with weapons, to the point of not knowing how to hold one (though he is smart enough to tell which end is the pointy one). It does not occur to him that the skill might ever be necessary.
  • Etiquette:
It's not that Bellad is impolite. It is simply that his ideas of politeness differ from those he found himself among as of late. Disregard for clothing, scarce attention to jewelry, lack of deference to noble titles. It is not impossible for him to display gestures that would not normally be considered suitable for "civilized society". Luckily his capacity for learning may eliminate this flaw. With time.

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