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Kamari Kaiser (kah-MAR-ee K-EYE-zer) is a member of Salsola, currently ranked as the Emissary, the Elite Spy of the Shield Faction.

She and her twin brother, Kamil, were born to a pair of Salsolan slaves, Abeni and Heine Kaiser. They grew up with little due to their lowborn birth, and were only allowed a chance at anything greater because of their mother's master, Lord Commander Lokr Revlis, who helped provide lessons for the twins until they were of shifting age.

Her early childhood was largely uneventful; however, this came to an abrupt end with the start of the Inferni-Salsola War in the fall of 2017, its conclusion upon which, encouraged Kamari to begin honing her skills in various fields that would aid her heavily in works involving espionage, fighting, and scouting. In the spring of 2018, Hierophant Elphaba Revlis betrothed Kamari to her childhood friend, Krios Heiwa, causing a strain in their relationship with one another. Shortly after their promotions into the Shield Faction, the two were wedded in September 2018.

Kamari became the Head of the Kaiser family at the young age of 1.5 years old when her parents left for Fort Preble in Portland. In her time in Salsola, she has channeled her skills to aid her in scouting, stealth, fighting, killing, languages, social manipulation, and espionage. During the duration of her career, she has taken up the jobs of Vedetta (a scout), Sapienza (an infiltrator), Informatore (a spy), and Assassina (an assassin). She works closely with Shield members, Brocade, Idrieus, and Krios; Erilaz O'Riley Eternity—her partner in espionage work—and Argive Hemlock—a master healer and poisoner, with whom, she has a business relationship with—in an active effort to protect the Thistle Crown and its Kingdom.

Outside of the pack, Kamari assumes one of two identities; “Birch Kaid”, an ever-wandering fur trader and hunter; or “Keres”, when working on assassination, interrogation, or special espionage missions/business. She wears masculine or neutral scents that do not make her stand out.

Kamari Kaiser
by Alaine

Credit: Alaine

OOC Information

Basic Information

Biographical Information
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Jackal-dominate Hybrid
    • 62.5% Canis aureus (Jackal) 1
    • 25% Canis lupus (Wolf) 2
    • 12.5% Canis lupus dingo
  • Family: Kaiser, Valkyrie, Arbitter, Bähr
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Emissary (Aug 2018-Present)
  • Additional:
    • Vedetta (Scout)
    • Informatore (Spy)
    • Assassina (Assassin)
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing she’s a Salsolan, having seen her “around”
  • Knowing that she’s…
    • …very secretive and is unpredictable in where she may show up
    • …a lowborn in Salsola’s society
  • For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character
Plot Opportunities
  • Always open for: gaining information on other packs/loner bands, missions (SL)
  • Generally open for...
    • (All) ...interrogations, assassinations, information gathering/spying, scouting, bounty hunting, hunting, expanding network of connections, trading
    • (Salsola only) ...sparring, teaching basics in combat, scouting, skinning, leather tanning, or arrow-making

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


While Kamari is primarily a mix of wolf and jackal, many of her more jackal-like traits shine through. She has tall ears and a petite face with sharp, almond eyes. Her fur, while thicker than a typical jackal’s, would be considered “thin” compared to a wolf’s pelt, and she often has to resort to wearing layers during the region’s colder months. Her cheek fur is not as thick as a wolf’s either, giving her a rather trimmed and sleek appearance. Her smaller stature may cause some to mistakenly believe her to be fragile or weak, however, Kamari packs quite a punch for her size. She has subtle, toned muscles, and has a surprisingly amount of upper body strength due to climbing trees, archery, and sparring matches with her mentor. She’s quick, agile, and illusive to catch thanks to being limber and flexible. In Optime, she cuts her hair short, allowing her to easily be mistaken for a young male at a glance.

She is often wary about using Lupus (particularly in unfamiliar terrain) due to her small size and the increased likelihood of being attacked, and, thus, primarily uses it only within the safety of the pack. In Secui, her legs are noticeably long, though, even in this form, she still stands on the small end of most other Luperci in their Lupus forms. She often takes to Secui if she is in the company of others in their Lupus, so as to not feel as small when standing next to them.

To those that have never seen a jackal before, Kamari is often mistaken to have coyote-like traits.

Typically wears blah blah blah. White bandages to bind chest. Tattered-edged, dark-olive green, hooded wool cloak. Tunic (dark and/or dull in color) and loose, dark pants. Leather bracers with a Celtic knot design pressed into them. Bow made of yew wood and a leather hip quiver; gift from her father. Knife and sheath that are worn at the small of her back via a belt.



  • Lupus: 21 in (53 cm) ↔ 24 lbs (11 kg)
  • Secui: 36 in (91 cm) ↔ 93 lbs (42 kg)
  • Optime: 5ft 4in (64 in / 163 cm) ↔ 123 lbs (56 kg) (Preferred)


She has four, faint scratch marks on her left forearm from a bobcat. During a violent encounter [M] with Delfina, Kamari received the slash mark across her chest (from the right side of her collarbone to the top of her left breast), as well as the stab wound on her left side that was cauterized closed.


  • Speech: Tomboy, neutral, diplomatic, respectful; at times, can be abrasive or playful
    • Fluent in German, French, and Arabic
    • Knowledgeable with a handful of random words/phrases in other languages such as Mongolian, Kazakh, and Russian
  • Unique Scent: Forest (tree [pine, cedar, juniper, etc.], river water, wood, dirt); Wood smoke, Cats, Horses
  • General Posture and Body Language: Flexible/non-rigid, lax, neutral, cat-like, often tries to minimalize presence (being very still, finding places/areas to stand in that are out of the way/hidden/easily overlooked)
Coloration Palette
Dawn Pink (#f4efe7)
Brandy (#dbb891)
Mongoose (#b9a185)
Arrowtown (#978472)
Roman Coffee (#765b48)
Judge Gray (#574537)
Cocoa Brown (#362c26)
Optime Hair
Roman Coffee (#765b48)
Judge Gray (#574537)
Cocoa Brown (#362c26)
Danube (#7babdc)
Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws
Thatch (#b89c94)
Shark (#333436)
Reference Images

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Confident, courageous, poised, persistent, patient, smart, free spirit, curious, sarcastic, secretive, cunning, perceptive

In her youth, Kamari was a rather outspoken and bold child, particularly when compared to her softer, shyer twin. She lived for adventure and freedom, and soaked up information from lessons like a sponge. While she understood her lowborn birth and accepted the poverty she grew up in, she never let someone talk down to her. Where she was forced to submit because of rank, she gladly poured those frustrations into fighting and hunting and bettering herself so that, one day, she and her family would no longer have to live in such squalor and be “beneath” the highborns of the Kingdom.

As she matured, Kamari’s thrashing, brash nature became subdued as she learned to harness and control her emotions. The wild child born to slaves became a tactful, cunning woman. Kamari is highly intelligent and very perceptive individual, and is a wealth of information. She still maintains her confident, courageous, and curious nature, and still enjoys her freedom and love for adventure. She has, however, learned patience, and is a very persistent creature when she finds something she wants, particularly when it comes to her line of work. She enjoys a good challenge and testing her skills. She can be sarcastic and witty, and has always been a tomboy by nature. She lives practically and modestly because of her lowborn upbringing.

Kamari is not overly social, preferring more to watch, analyze, and collect information. However, despite this, she can work with others without issue, and can blend with the crowd if needed. She is very secretive, and finds lying and pretending to come easily. She is not someone that likes public displays of affection, and is more willing to politely receive it than she is to give it.

While she was brought up with more compassionate morals than some of her peers, Kamari is not above doing what is necessary, be it to survive, to protect, or out of duty. She is choosey with her loyalty, and her honor is tainted by her deeds as a Salsolan spy. Things like killing, lying, deception, or torture are acceptable if there is a good enough reason for it and it outweighs any consequences that may come of it.

When comfortable, one might see the feisty, less-poised individual that hides beneath her many masks.

  • Motivations: Honor, friends and allies, justice, revenge, loyalty to Salsola and protecting the Thistle Crown
  • Fears: Dishonor, failure, physical/mental impairment or weakness, death by poisoning
  • Likes: Freedom, honesty, loyalty, respect, being treated as an equal, puzzles, cats, horses, challenges, fighting, scouting/tracking/sneaking, adventure, climbing trees
  • Dislikes: Being looked down on, arrogance, the cold, being lied to, disloyalty
  • Packs – While Kamari believes Salsola to be largely superior (in intelligence, tactics, and trade) to other packs, she fully acknowledges the many faults that the pack and its people have. Of other packs, Kamari believes that an Infernian’s word and loyalty is to be taken with a grain of salt (thanks to the Salsolan narrative of the Inferni-Salsola War). She thinks that Casa di Cavalieri is the only true threat to Salsola, though, are too morally “good” for her tastes. She knows she would be easily viewed as a “villain” in their eyes.
  • Social Class – Having grown up as a daughter of two known slaves, Kamari grew up without many of the privileges and luxuries that the highborns and nobles in Salsola had. This played a large part in her youth, as she struggled greatly with growing close with anyone outside her family, believing them to have ulterior motives because of her low social class. To this day, she still believes many highborns and nobles to be rather arrogant and selfish.
  • Sex – Kamari is more comfortable around men than she is women due to her peer environment and her largely lacking being in touch with her feminine side. However, Kamari also tends to believe males, as a whole, are less intelligent than women, and are often prone to rash actions or being driven by their testosterone/ego. She views many non-Salsolan women to be weak, fragile, and too driven by drama and their emotions.

Kamari is largely lacking in sexual attraction towards others. She does not actively seek affection or romance, and often turns a blind eye to it when it comes to herself. Too often, she is more focused on her duties to the pack. More importantly though, her line of work, combined with her parents’ previous lives as slaves, has made her often regard the possibility of romance with extreme caution, ever wary of deceit, ulterior motives, or being an object of lust.

She would need to have a strong, positive relationship with an individual and great amount of trust in them as well. If confronted romantically by one such individual, she is likely to react evasively or become uncharacteristically shy or unnerved. Of those she is more comfortable around, she is likely to be more confident, and be playful and teasing. Regardless though, Kamari is not a large fan of intimate, public displays of affection, viewing them as a more private matter between couples.

Spirituality & Substances

While she largely keeps it to herself, Kamari does not believe in a higher power or have faith in the magic and witchery taken by many of Salsola's folk. She questions religions, and often believes them to be nothing more than a cult designed to take advantage of the weak-willed and minded.

Being of the espionage field, Kamari refuses to take anything that could be addictive or hinder her mind, but, is not opposed to using or slipping drugs or alcohol to someone else if it means getting information. During special occasions, she will socially drink with close companions, however, even then, she rarely gets drunk since she is sensitive to the taste of alcohol and doesn’t like it.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Espionage, Assassin, Scout
  • Stealth & Espionage (Master):
Taught from a variety of sources as well as being largely self-learned, Kamari is a master at stealth and minimizing her presence in an area. She knows how to use her environment to her advantage, and her small size allows to take advantage of things that other Luperci may not be able to. Her naturally perceptive nature, adaptability, and quick thinking allows her to generally be able to mold conversations into directions that she wants them to go to gain information, or, direct them away from topics she does not wish to speak on. She is quite good at controlling her emotions and outward expressions, and manipulating them to match what is needed at a given moment. She is also skilled in reading others, and often has a good idea of how others might respond to loaded or directing questions or comments. When dealing with Outsiders, Kamari tends to use her alter ego’s innocent and ignorant front—as well as perceived inexperience—to make her targets more willing to speak with her.
  • Fighting (Close Combat & Knives) (Master):
From an early age, Kamari was interested in fighting, both as a way to protect herself and those she loved, and because of the initial, pent up anger she had for her lowborn status and how she was perceived by those in the Kingdom. Her lessons began when she was six-months old and under the watchful eye of Jaegermeister Scorpius and Vesta, with whom she was taught how to properly wield a blade and how to fight in close quarters against a larger opponent. Kamari continued to practice, spar, and otherwise hone these skills as she grew older, developing a quick, deadly, and acrobatic-like fighting style that was furthered with the help of Velimir. She is a quick thinker and excellent tactician, and often uses moves that hinder her opponent, deceive them, or uses their own flaws against them.
  • Archery (Master):
First taught by her father to help provide for the family’s food, Kamari’s experiences with a bow stem back to shortly after she could shift. Multiple hunts and lessons with her father and Lokr furthered Kamari’s talents in the art until she took to maintaining her skills on her own. She practices and challenges herself regularly, using her bow in hunting, for fighting, at night, and in completive games with her mate. She is also capable of mounted archery (Mongolian/thumb draw style), a technique taught and sharpened by Velimir.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Multilingual (Common Tongue, German, Arabic, French):
Kamari grew up in a world that was rich in languages, her own home being where this part of her brain was first unlocked and nurtured. She learned German and French from her father, Arabic from her mother. Practice and usage of these languages were maintained through speaking and interacting with various packmates within the Thistle Kingdom. Kamari only knows bits and pieces of other languages, such as Mongolian, Kazakh, and Russian, because of her mentor-companion, Velimir.
  • Reading and Writing:
Kamari was originally taught how to read by her father, and this skill was later enhanced and expanded upon when she began taking lessons with Lokr. She can write fluently in English, German, and French (thanks to help from Helena), and can write phonetically (as it sounds) in Arabic, though, she is by no means a scholar in her writings in any language. When involved in situations that require her spy background, Kamari uses code; this is expressly used with only a small, trusted handful of individuals, such as O'Riley and Argive.
  • Skinning, Leather tanning, Arrow-making (Master):
She learned this set of crafts that she learned from her father in order to have an income of sorts. Perfecting these helped her father obtain more items of perceived wealth for the lowborn family, and actually helped Kamari herself rise from her sparse roots. She has become quite good at skinning animals for their pelts, turning hides into leather or leather strips, creating hide glue, and crafting arrows. She often uses these goods for trade, and takes advantage of them as her alias, Birch Kaid.
  • Horseback riding:
Yet another talent Kamari showed interest in when she was younger, she was given private lessons by Jaegermeister Scorpius and Vesta upon gaining a relationship with the pair. She was originally taught on Scorpius and Vesta’s personal horses, as well as some of the communal horses, before Kamari finally gained her own mount. She continued her training under the pair up until Velimir came to Salsola, and Kamari’s lessons continued under his tutelage. Kamari is a very confident rider.
  • Slight of Hand:
Taught to her by Velimir, Kamari showed an interest in the talent when considering how it might aid her with obtaining physical items either for leverage or due to being unable to coerce the information or their forfeiture by her targets.

2.  History

Year 1: Daughter of Slaves
Duration: 13 February 2017 – Present
Ranks: The Emissary (Aug 2018 – Present)
  • The Shield Apprentice (Jun-Jul 2018)
  • The Henchman (Mar-May 2018)
  • The Warden (Feb 2018)
  • The Tradesman (Jan 2018)
  • The Confidant (Dec 2017)
  • The Family (Oct-Nov 2017)
  • Bambino (Feb-Oct 2017)
Co-Ranks: • Vedetta (Scout)

• Sapienza (Infiltrator) (2018-2021)
• Informatore (Spy)
• Assassina (Assassin)

Special Ranks: Inquisitor (Jan-Dec 2019)

Kamari and her brother, Kamil, were born in late winter, twins nearly identical in their markings and size. They were not planned, and were unlawfully conceived by Salsolan slaves, Abeni and Heine Kaiser. Slaves were not allowed to reproduce, especially not with one another, and when Abeni’s master and owner, Lokr Revlis, discovered her pregnant, he granted her freedom. Heine was released from his own servitude immediately following the Second Boreas War on account for valiant actions that saved the lives of his own masters’ children from being killed by an invading enemy. The pair became mates, and, as Serfs—Omegas of the pack, but, free—they started to carve out their own lives for the first time. Abeni suffered a hard pregnancy due to the winter seasons and stress of the war being actively waged on the Thistle Kingdom though, and the twins were the only surviving pups of their litter as a result.

The children were raised with the support of Lokr, who, while once Abeni’s master, had always had a soft spot for her. He gave the twins lessons in various things, from hunting, to reading and writing, to Salsolan culture, teaching them everything a highborn Salsolan child might have, a privilege their lowborn roots might have not allowed them access to without his intervention and generosity. Kamari’s father started teaching her how to stalk, hunt, and be stealthy when she was still quite young. Kamari had always been a child interested in his duties in their family unit, had always wanted to immolate him and help out where she could. What started off as little games turned into full-on lessons as she grew older until he eventually felt her capable enough to join him on hunts. Their bond with one another grew strongly as Kamari became more and more capable of helping provide for the family as well. Kamari’s relationship with her mother was not as strong, however, Kamari did enjoy bringing a smile to her mother’s face, often through gifts or seeking praise for a job well done.

Heine returned from a trip to Portland with a pair of kittens—later to be named Stone and Agate—when the twins were only a few months old. He had intended for the pair to be companions for both Kamari and Kamil, however, the cats took a greater liking to Kamari, and grew a stronger bond and relationship with her than her brother. The cats became Kamari’s first “friends.” When not in lessons, she often spent her time with them, playing games that would later aid her talents in the stealth field, climbing trees, and in her agile and quick fighting style.

Even as a child, Kamari was keenly aware of the differences in her parents, their small family, and the rest of the Kingdom. Where others wore fancy clothing or had shiny trinkets, her parents were bare. Their house was not much different; sparse, simple. Their belongings were small and few. Her parents always averted their eyes around the others, always showed submission. Kamari was taught to do the same, something she often tried to challenge when she could. A bold stare here, a simmered glare there. She never much liked the stark changes in her parents’ demeanor when another Salsolan would come by or speak with them. It wasn’t until she was older and able to understand her lowborn birth that she would understand why.

She experienced her first shift at five-months old, and quickly began lessons in the bow soon after. It was with this first milestone towards adulthood that Kamari found her priorities and goals in life changing. She wanted to help out more with the Kingdom, wanted to be able to fight and protect her loved ones just like her father did and had, but, perhaps the most mature development was her new drive to bring honor to her family’s name. She wanted to prove that she was more than the lowborn daughter of slaves, and took her first steps in doing so by going to Boss Salvia Eternity for her Cueponi Riddle, a coming-of-age rite given to the pack’s children when they sought to advance into adulthood and become a contributing member of Salsola.

With the arrival of autumn, came the arrival of the Inferni-Salsola War, and Kamari’s world was rocked as she was forced to mature quickly to keep up. Her parents forbade her from participating, however, their actions made to protect her only caused her to rebel in secret, her desire to help their pack stronger than their parental ruling.

During the early stages of the war, Kamari was approached by O'Riley Eternity, who offered her a way to get the answer she sought to complete her Cueponi Riddle. The pair of them snuck off into the night, arriving on the borders of Inferni, where she stole one of their famed, wolf skull border markers. She was chased by Infernian scouts, however, she managed to get away and made it back home without further incident. The following morning, she presented her answer to Salvia, who permitted her to join the ranked members of Salsola. It was Kamari’s first step towards proving that she was more than just a lowborn girl. Kamari continued to help her fellow packmates where she could, and it was during these turbulent times that she met Krios Heiwa, a highborn boy with as much talent with the bow as she, and with equally as sharp quips and teases to her own too.

Towards the end of the war, Kamari was picked to participate in a final, large-scale stealth operation meant to bring Inferni to its knees. She was the youngest member in a hand-picked group of five—to include Elphaba Revlis, O'Riley Eternity, Brocade Valentine, and Khael Lykoi—that infiltrated deep into Inferni territory and set the Clan’s main community housing, the D'Neville Mansion, alight.

Year 2: Ascension

Amidst the Inferni-Salsola war, Kamari began an odd sort of friendship with a highborn boy, Krios Heiwa. After an outing gone wrong in the late months of winter 2018, however, their relationship became strained after a heated argument, one that Hierophant Elphaba Revlis happened upon. Later, during a Last Supper held at the beginning of spring, Elphaba revealed Krios’ Revlis bloodline…as well as tested the two’s rocky friendship by betrothing them to one another.

February: Kamari and her twin brother, Kamil, were born to newly-freed slaves, Heine Kaiser and Abeni. March-April: The twins grew under the watchful eye of their parents. May: Heine returns from a Portland trip with two kittens, Stone and Agate. The twins also start having lessons under their mother’s previous owner, Lokr Revlis. June-July: Kamari starts to go on more and more hunting lessons with her father and continues to grow and become more confident and bold. August: Kamari shifts, and takes up the bow like her father, and starts private fighting lessons with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta. September: She continues to growl, practice, learn, and explore the world around her. October: Takes—and passes—her Cueponi Riddle. Participates in the Inferni-Salsola War and begins her path down the path of espionage and subterfuge thanks to O'Riley Eternity. Kamari also makes a friend in Krios Heiwa. November-December: Continues to practice her fighting prowess, mastery of the bow, and talents in the spying field.

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Year 3: Trials of a Shadow

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Year 4: ---

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3.  Relationships

  • Parents: Kamari feels a stronger connection with her father than she does her mother, and takes after a lot of Heine’s traits and talents. She highly respects Heine and all that he has done for her. Of her mother, Kamari adores her, but, often feels she has to protect her. As well, because of Kamari’s tomboyish and brave nature, she often finds herself unable to feel a connection with Abeni’s softer, gentler personality.
  • Sibling: While once very close and inseparable from her twin brother, as they grew older, they grew apart. Where Kamari strove to better their situation, Kamil could only focus and dwell upon their family’s plight. Kamari’s betrothal by the pack’s then-second-in-command, Elphaba, was the final straw that led Kamil to flee the Kingdom. Publicly, Kamari has treated his unannounced departure neutrally. Privately, while worried about his wellbeing, she does harbor some bitter feelings for his actions and leaving when and how he did.
Something something Arik and Leona.
Other Relations


  • Argive Hemlock is a nobleman with an incredibly sharp mind and sharper attention to detail. These, combined with their difference in morals, makes her somewhat wary of him. As a result, her relationship with him is rather cold and very guarded on Kamari’s part. Still, she acknowledges his expertise in medicine and poisons, and trusts him enough to heal her and keep his end of their business arrangement, in which, he provides her poisons to use for missions or to coat her weaponry with in exchange for Luperci test subjects that are enemies or threats to the Thistle Crown.
  • Krios Revlis is Kamari's childhood friend and lover. They became formally acquainted during the height of the Inferni-Salsola War, where they became each other's first friend in the Kingdom. Their lives have become thickly entangled with one another ever since due to political actions, their similar interests, job fields, and their overall devotion to one another. Krios' highborn birth often caused Kamari to initially try to keep him at a distance and this, along with other insecurities on Kamari's part, also caused of many unnecessary fights between them. They suffered a rift in their relationship when Krios' half-sister betrothed them to each other when they were both hardly a year old, however, their friendship allowed them to overcome it, as well as many other hurdles and hardships that faced them as time drew on. Over the course of these events, Krios developed feelings for Kamari that were stronger than friendship. While aware of his feelings, Kamari's own insecurities, fear of the unknown, and being shy and unsure of her own feelings, caused her to adamantly ignore and deny what Krios felt for her (and what she felt for him) for the longest time. However, almost three years after their betrothal, Kamari had an accidental slip of judgement, and let it become known that she returned Krios' feelings, and the pair's relationship went from one-sided/platonic to romantic.
Their relationship is full of teases and jabs at one another, and is not without the occasional argument when their combined stubbornness gets the best of them. They're protective of one another, and he has saved her life on more than one occasion. She trusts him completely, and genuinely enjoys his company, even if she sometimes acts otherwise. Kamari is aware of Krios' jealousy towards her espionage partner, O'Riley, however, knows that it is more or less harmless, particularly after she finally acknowledged her feelings towards Krios. Krios has also been known to be rather generous with showering her with gifts.
  • O'Riley Eternity is Salsola’s second-in-command, and someone that Kamari is highly loyal to. He was the one that introduced her to the idea of the espionage field, helping her complete her Cueponi riddle in the midst of the Inferni-Salsola War, and later taking her on the infiltration mission that would win the war for the Thistle Kingdom. From a young age, she has revered him for his knowledge, experience, and expertise. She greatly trusts and respects him, and sees him as something of a role model. Because of this and their similar affinities in job fields, she has worked with him on multiple occasions throughout her career.


  • Brocade Valentine is a relative of Krios’, a seasoned warrior, and the leader of the Shield Faction. The two have been on a handful of missions together (during war and in multiple infiltration operations), and his fighting prowess and ability to work silently and effectively have earned him the Kaiser’s confidence and loyalty. The two share a very positive and friendly relationship, and she is someone that Brocade has come to for support in the past, and is one of the few that know of his past-love and rejection by Salsola’s Boss, Elphaba. Kamari thinks that he has a good head on his shoulders, and that he has a likeable personality, foolish as he may be sometimes. Kamari often teases him and tries to genuinely look out for his wellbeing.
  • Elphaba Revlis is the Boss, Queen, and leader of Salsola. She was the daughter of Kamari’s teacher, and has always been someone that Kamari has regarded with respect for her age and rank before Elphaba as an individual. Though Kamari is polite and loyal to Elphaba, she is often quite wary of the cardinal-eyed Revlis, knowing that things are not always as they seem with the woman. While Kamari did not appreciate it at the time, Elphaba helped raise the Kaiser family’s originally abysmal status and stigma as slaves by betrothing Kamari to the highborn House of Heiwa and royal House of Revlis through Krios.
  • Idrieus Eternity is someone that Kamari respects for her intelligence, fighting prowess, and reliably serious nature. As a long-standing Shield member, Kamari could never see the Faction tier without thinking of Idrieus being there, and she believes Idrieus to be one of the most skilled fighters and defenders of the Thistle Kingdom. Idrieus is someone that Kamari knows she can count on to guard her back, as well as to speak honestly and without political bias.
  • Morrow Larue is blah blah blah.
  • Silas del Morte is a man whom Kamari found herself unexpectedly trusting, and one of few she would hand-pick to go into battle with. Wordless as he may be, he has shown time and time again to be loyal to the Kingdom despite his indentured service, and is quite the capable and formidable fighter. She gifted him knives after he protected her and killed on her orders during a patrol. He is a very obedient individual, which makes Kamari quietly worry of a darker packmate taking advantage of him.
Minor Relations
Past Relations (Show)
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: None
  • Delfina Heiwa was her friend and mate’s aunt. Having been warned of Delfina’s distaste towards lowborns, Kamari was very wary and guarded around Delfina when she returned to Salsola Proper in late summer of 2018. Kamari was suspicious of Delfina’s involvement with Ondine Heiwa’s death, and treated her coldly as a result. After getting too close to the truth, Delfina poisoned Kamari, and nearly succeeded in murdering her too [M] [1]. When Delfina was sentenced to death in mid-spring 2019, Kamari felt it was long overdue.
  • Helena Troy Lykoi was someone who Kamari was unsure of at first, however, their relationship grew to be quite amiable after Kamari took French lessons as a child under Helena. She thought Helena to have a sharp mind, and valued the woman’s vast network of information sources through her trading partners. Her cooking and her ability to coordinate celebratory events were superb. Their relationship came to an abrupt end, however, in the summer of 2020. Circumstances regarding the death of Helena’s former-servant, Andrew Winthrop, and her sudden and coincidental disappearance around the same time made Kamari wonder if the two incidents were related somehow. Because of their former relationship, and their line of work, Kamari did not attempt to pursue the ex-Ambassador beyond the initial search. She believes Helena to be alive somewhere, knowing the woman to be too crafty to succumb to a mere highway robbery or otherwise.
  • Isabella Heiwa
  • Loki Helsi
  • Lokr Revlis was her Godfather and teacher. He was a familiar figure in her young life, having taught her many lessons in the way of Salsola as well as other life skills and marks of sophistication, such as reading and writing. Her respect for him dwindled due to his noticeable absence during the Inferni-Salsola War, and then even further when he was outed as being a traitor to the Kingdom. While she would not want to harm her old teacher, she is bitter about his betrayal and seemingly hypocritical culture lessons that he taught her growing up.
  • Kaeli Blacksun was a seasoned veteran that Kamari greatly respected for her fighting abilities and cooperative work ethic on missions. Kamari enjoyed sparring with her, and acknowledged and deferred to Kaeli’s experience with battle and conflict. She found comfort in their like-minds in this regard, as well as Kaeli’s distaste towards witchcraft. They made a tentative arrangement for Kamari to take on one of the Blacksun ravens, however, when Kaeli decided to move what was left of her family to Fort Preble, Kamari decided to cancel their arrangement, not wanting to put a strain on Kaeli.
  • Pontifex Troy Lykoi held a soft spot in Kamari’s heart. The daughter of Helena Troy Lykoi, Kamari knew and regularly interacted with Pontifex since the girl’s puphood. Her innocent and kind personality fostered a protective side in the Emissary, one which lingered even after the girl mysteriously disappeared with her mother in the summer of 2020. Wherever she is, Kamari hopes she is alive, well, and happier than she was in Salsola.
  • Scorpius D'Angelo was a man that Kamari greatly respected. Despite being intimidated by him at first, Kamari eventually lost her initial wariness as their time together grew. He effectively took her under his wing in her adolescence, and it was through him that Kamari truly solidified her fighting skills and learned about horses and their upkeep. She grew close with his wife and children, often visiting them whenever she managed to make trips to Salsola’s Portland location. She was saddened to learn of his untimely death during the winter of 2019.
  • Velimir Voronin is a man that was introduced to her by her father, and later became her mentor of sorts. While initially rather cold and somewhat rude with him, Kamari eventually accepted him, and the pair share an amiable teacher-student, family-like relationship. Velimir became a primary source for advice for her in the absence of her family, and is valued for his fighting prowess, skills, and his life experiences. She considers him to be something of what a grandfather might be like. She trusts him to handle long-distance trades between Salsola and Portland on her behalf. Velimir often takes care of her animals as well.
  • Vesta was a teacher, a friend, and a sparring partner, and something of what Kamari considered having an older sister might have been like. Kamari thought quite highly of her and enjoyed the fun they have with one another, and was saddened to hear she had departed for whereabouts unknown after she’d moved to Fort Preble.

4.  NPCs



  • Current: ---
  • Previous: ---

Bones (Common Raven) (Hide)


Active: April 2020 – Present

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Common Raven
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2020
  • Size:
    • Length: 22 in (56 cm)
    • Wingspan: 45 in (114 cm)
    • Weight: 1.5 lbs (25 oz; .71 kg)
  • Key Features: Smaller-sized raven, easily mistaken as a crow
  • Coloration: Ebony iridescent feathers, dark brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Observing that she looks and acts like any other common raven/crow
  • Bones’ sex is not known ICly, so, characters are free to assume her sex
  • Only individuals that are close to and actively in contact with Kamari may assume knowledge of Bones’ existence/partnership with Kamari
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of Broken High Speech, though, will not speak to unfamiliar Luperci unless necessary
  • Currently being trained for scouting/patrolling, harassing, spying, and carrying coded messages


Bones is a smaller raven, and is often mistaken as a large crow, especially to those that aren’t wholly familiar with the subtle differences between the two corvids. She has beautiful, ebony, iridescent feathers that are well preened. Her beak and scaly legs are equally as darkly hued.


Typical of a corvid, Bones is highly intelligent and perceptive, and capable of complex problem-solving. She is observant, and generally quiet and aloof when in the presence of strangers or Luperci she feels no connection to. When near Luperci she is comfortable with and feels safe around, however, Bones can be playful and quite vocal as she teases and bonds with these individuals. Overall, she is a brave and fearless bird, unafraid of harassing creatures of larger size if she feels confident enough in her abilities to escape harm or has the right motivation.
She is not above using tricks to obtain things that she wants or needs to get. These tricks can range from feigning understanding or intelligence or injury, stealing, or using her higher intellect to otherwise craft a plan to dupe her target. Bones also has a superb memory, and, of those that wrong her or her “flock,” may resort to petty (or not so petty) acts of vengeance.
In regards to other birds of her species, Bones is a very dominate bird, and will not stand to be bullied.


In the fall of 2019, Kamari bartered with the Head of the Blacksun House, Kaeli, to obtain one of the family’s raven chicks in the following spring to be used for reconnaissance work. However, when the Blacksun and what remained of her family moved to the Salsolan outpost in Portland, Kamari pulled out, not wanting to disturb the Blacksun matriarch, particularly given the mysterious disappearance of her husband and mate. Kamari took matters into her own hands and stole a raven chick from a poorly guarded nest in the abandoned portside town of Bathurst in the spring of 2020. She brought Bones back to the pack and raised her with a future of work in espionage and reconnaissance in mind.
By mid-summer 2021 and at one year of age, Bones unwittingly began to form a flock of her own when two young ravens born that year became separated from their original flock and family. They followed Bones, drawn by her bravery, intelligence, and leadership. They began to gradually learn the ways of Luperci through her and her connection with Kamari. The two ravens were eventually named Fig and Plum by Kamari once they proved willing to work with her and perform simple tasks. When Mirko Morandi joined Salsola, his early days were spent following Kamari and learning about the Kingdom. During this time, he became an object of interest for Fig and Plum before he eventually befriended them and began to take on the Kamari's tasks in training them.

Cedar (Mustang horse) (Hide)


Active: May 2018 – Present

  • Sex: Stallion
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2013
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: 890 lbs (404 kg)
  • Key Features: Dorsal stripe, striping on legs, one white foot
  • Coloration: Bay dun with one white ankle, black mane and legs; dark brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …in the paddock next to Kamari’s house roaming freely
      • …with Kamari or her other companions
    • Knowing he is a good scouting horse and follows Kamari’s commands
  • Having him watch you carefully and unwilling to let you close/touch him without Kamari present or being someone that he is very familiar with
  • May chase, feint charge, or attack you if he thinks you’re a threat to his herd or Kamari
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider-trained
  • Good endurance, fast
  • Trained for scouting sorties; surefooted, quiet, very alert
  • Can take simple commands (stay, follow, carry on, etc.) and can be summoned with a whistle
  • Will buck or bite a rider that is not Kamari, approved by Kamari, or someone that does not gives him the “password”


Cedar is a handsome stallion of Mustang ancestry. He’s of a rather plain, bay dun coloration, something that, to one without an eye or care for detail, may make him an easily forgettable or an otherwise unimportant/noticeable looking horse. He has a rich, pure-black mane where his tail has lighter hints of brown faded throughout it. Primitive markings, such as the black dorsal mark, faint striping on his legs, and tipping of his ears are the few features that really set him apart from an average-looking brown horse. He also has one foot that has been dipped in white.
  • Gear: Western-style tack, decorative gear (browband and breastcollar), leather saddlebags, various wool blankets (for riding)


Cedar is a generally tolerant and quiet horse who is very mindful of his feet and body, making him rather ideal for someone going on missions and sorties that require stealth. He’s not the most affectionate horse (and often comes off as being quite aloof), but is not opposed to receiving affection by those he is comfortable with. He doesn’t overly react to a lot of things, seeming to be quite tolerant of sounds, movement, or new things, however, he may be cautious of them. He is a very vigilant horse, and seems to be pretty intelligent when interacting with his environment.
He is not easily spooked, though, he is wary of those he does not know. With strangers, it is best to approach him with Kamari present, otherwise, he will be sure to maintain a certain distance, and, if chased, may turn and fight. He will watch someone and “judge” them until either reassured by Kamari, or, he deems them to not been an immediate threat.
His polite, well-mannered, and calm nature is the reason he still remains an intact stallion. It is thought that he has low testosterone levels.


Born and raised by a breeder who lived close to Portland. The breeder was an individual who once specialized in scouting and trail horses for a pack, leaving Cedar to be in good hands in his youth. He was socialized young and trained with specific quirks and skills that his original buyer requested. The deal between the breeder and buyer went south though when it came to finally hand Cedar off, and, to spite the man and to keep him from trying to steal the horse, the breeder had every intention to kill Cedar.
Heine Kaiser had shown interest in the breeder’s available stock over the course of a few months prior when he had been searching for a gift for his daughter, Kamari. When Heine came to pick out a horse though, the breeder decided to trade Cedar to Heine, having grown fond of the father, and deciding that he didn’t want to kill a “good horse” if someone could benefit from the years he had spent training Cedar. An exchange of goods was made, and Cedar was brought back to Salsola, where he was gifted to Kamari in early May 2018.
Upon coming under her ownership, Kamari has worked tirelessly with Cedar, gaining his trust and his confidence and loyalty to her.
  • Sired a filly born in May 2020 with Krios’ Seduction.
  • Sired a foal to be born in June 2021 with Velimir’s Sandstone.

Sandstone (Horse) (Hide)


Active: June 2021 – Present

  • Nickname: Sandy
  • Sex: Mare
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2010
  • Size:
    • Height: 16 hands (64 in; 163 cm)
    • Weight: 1,200 lbs (544 kg)
  • Key Features: White stripe on face, one white ankle
  • Coloration: Chestnut with white markings; brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • ---
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider trained, and seems right at home even amongst merchant caravans
  • Smooth gait, makes her perfect for new riders and pleasure riding
  • Sure-footed, allows her to be a good companion to take cross-country
  • Moderate speed, excellent endurance


  • Gear: ---


Sweet and easy-going, Sandstone is what many would simply describe as a, “good beginner horse.” She minds well, is docile, anything most Luperci would ask for. She can be playful at times, but can easily be brought back around with a stern voice or hand. Sandstone’s curious personality makes her ideal for introducing her to new things, however, it may sometimes be her downfall in certain situations. Likes: Apples, affection, being spoken to, playing, rolling around in dirt/grass, running. Dislikes: Being ignored, threatening Luperci in Lupus/Secui form (will kick or attempt to trample), rough handling (will buck you off and then make a victory lap around you)


Sandstone was born wild, but was eventually caught and tamed with her mother from a young age. She grew up as a general riding horse, passing between a few owners as times changed. Eventually, she ended up in the hands of Velimir when he was passing through a town on his way to Portland. The two bonded and she has become something of a valuable companion to the old man.
  • Gave birth to Aspen, who was sired by Cedar, in late June 2021. Currently cannot be separated from it.

Aspen (Horse) (Hide)


Active: June 2021 – Present

  • Sex: Filly
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: Late June 2021
  • Size:
    • Height: -- hands (-- in; --- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- kg)
  • Key Features: Stripe on face, dorsal stripe, striping on legs, one white foot
  • Coloration: Grulla with black mane and tail; dark brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • ---
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • ---


  • Gear: ---




Foaled by Sandstone and sired by Cedar, Aspen was born in late June 2021, and in the dramatic aftermath of Kamari losing her late mentor and friend, Velimir.

Walnut (Mule) (Hide)


Active: July 2018 – Present

  • Sex: Gelding
  • Species: Mule
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (spring 2014)
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: 945 lbs (429 kg)
  • Key Features: Lightly-colored face, short mane, large ears, shaggy coat
  • Coloration: Chestnut with cream undertones and face, white mane; dark brown eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …in the paddock next to Kamari’s house roaming freely
      • …with Kamari or her other companions
    • Knowing that he…
      • …is a good pack pony and very willing to work/carry loads
      • …is a bit wary of unknown Luperci (but is more curious/open than Cedar)
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider and pack-pony trained
  • Good endurance, moderate speed
  • Very strong and tough
  • Surefooted, patient, quiet


Walnut has a rich, chestnut-coloration with lighter, cream undertones. His face is also of a lighter hue than the bulk of his body, the coloration spilling down along his neck and resulting in a white mane. He appears to have some sort of draft-horse-like ancestry, as, though he did not gain their height, he gained their body-type; with somewhat thicker bones and a more robust, stout build. His fur is a bit longer than most, giving him a furrier look to him, particularly during winter time.
  • Gear: Western-style tack, leather saddlebags, various wool blankets (for riding)


A docile, hardworking, and amiable creature, Walnut turned out to be a rather beneficial and surprising acquisition for Kamari. He is a non-dominate and very calm, gelded mule who tends to get along quite easily with other animals, which helps Kamari greatly with innate strength. He’s a gentle beast that enjoys working, and does great when riding or following another horse or caravan. Walnut seems to prefer the company of stallions or other geldings over mares, but enjoys play in general with any horse, with Luperci, or with Kamari’s cats. He has quite a bit of character when comfortable with someone, and may do quirky little things or show various signs of affection.
While he can be left alone for long periods of time without issue, and does not spook easily, Walnut gets very anxious if left alone at night. He does better when with another horse or with a Luperci nearby that he can see and sleep near.


Walnut came into Kamari’s ownership in July of 2018 after she and a packmate killed his previous owners [M] when they were casing the Kingdom. He spent a small amount of time immediately after with Kamari’s father, Heine Kaiser, in Portland, where the breeder that Heine obtained Kamari’s main horse, Cedar, from assessed him. He was later returned to Kamari in October, when it was deemed that the mule would likely not cause any issues with her other male mount. He was introduced slowly to Cedar and Kamari’s husband’s mare, Seduction, and upon their acceptance, was allowed to roam with them in the paddock.
He appears to have been used as a pack horse for quite some time, and likely passed between a few owners. He may have been castrated very early in life, as he exhibits little to no stallion-like behaviors.
Velimir Voronin is currently aiding in his training to be more tolerant of conflict, and to be more suitable for scouting-type missions that Kamari may take him on.

Stone (Domestic Short-haired Cat) (Show)


Active: Spring 2017 – September 2021

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Domestic short-haired cat
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2017
  • Size:
    • Height: 14 in (36 cm)
    • Length: 26 in (66 cm)
    • Weight: 16 lbs (7 kg)
  • Key Features: Stub tail, tufted ears, large size for domestic cat
  • Coloration: Brown tabby with yellow-green eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …around lower Tantramar, particularly in forested areas or around Kamari’s home
      • …with Kamari or her other companions
      • …hunting or playfighting with his cousin, Agate
  • Being glared at or otherwise regarded coldly by him
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of High Speech
  • Intelligent and stealthy hunter with excellent tracking/stalking skills
    • May be used to spy or collect information on others
  • Good at climbing/scaling trees and coming back down them
  • Protective and will fight off a larger animal if perceived as a threat


Stone is very much like his namesake; cold, aloof, and tough. He’s not a nice cat, and is more often described as “mean” (physically, verbally, etc.), a trait that is often seen in how he interacts with others than Kamari. He doesn’t go out of his way to pick a fight (not without reason, anyway), but, neither will he back down from one if challenged or put on the spot. Stone is quite bold and brave, and while he would gladly take on a creature three or four times his size, he has an intelligence to him too that keeps him from acting recklessly.
He’s a resilient feline, and an admirable and loyal companion animal. He is very protective of the Kamari, and, to a lesser extension, of her twin brother, Kamil, and, later, held a loyalty to Kamari’s betrothed and mate, Krios Revlis. Due to Kamari’s size and their time together, he often feels the need to protect her, and is not afraid to square up against something he feels threatens her being or her honor.
Stone is also protective of his cousin, Agate, with whom, he is usually found around. He often thinks Agate to be rather lazy, and may often lovingly—or not—insult his kin, however, he truly does love his cousin and is very tolerant of Agate and his actions. The two work together a lot, and will gang up on a perceived threat.
Often, Stone wishes that he had been born as a larger, wilder cat (i.e. lynx, bobcat, etc.), and has idolized Salsola’s Salvia Eternity’s companion, Abendrot, from afar. Stone is also highly territorial of the homestead and his and Agate’s usual hunting grounds, and will actively seek and attack unknown cats (especially other tomcats) that wander too close to Kamari’s home that he has not been formally introduced to.


Born in Portland to a feisty alley cat and a forest-dwelling tom, Stone lived his early life in the overgrown wilds of the nearby woodlands rather than the docks where his mother had grown up. His mother died early on upon being attacked and killed in a fight with two other cats. Thankfully for Stone, his mother’s relationship with her sister allowed Stone and his siblings to be taken under his aunt’s care. The small litter was moved to the docks, where they lived in a house with a Luperci fisherman. It was here that Stone bonded with his cousin, Agate. The pair were eventually traded off to Heine Kaiser when the fisherman realized his home was overrun with kittens.
They were brought with the father to the Kingdom of Salsola as a present for his children, though, the pair formed a stronger bond with his daughter, Kamari. The cats and Kamari grew up together, partaking in games with one another that would eventually aide in Kamari’s talents in the espionage field. Growing into adulthood, Stone has remained as a companion of Kamari’s.

Agate (Domestic Short-haired Cat) (Show)


Active: Spring 2017 – September 2021

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Domestic short-haired cat
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2017
  • Size:
    • Height: 10 in (25 cm)
    • Length: 18 in (46 cm)
    • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Key Features: Patchy orange markings
  • Coloration: Orange and white tabby with hazel eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing him…
      • …around lower Tantramar, particularly in forested areas or around Kamari’s home
      • …with Kamari or her other companions
      • …hunting or playfighting with his cousin, Stone
  • Being greeted in an open manner by him (friendlier than Stone)
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of High Speech
  • Intelligent and stealthy hunter with excellent tracking/stalking skills
    • May be used to spy or collect information on others
  • Good at climbing/scaling trees and coming back down them


The more affectionate of Kamari’s cats, Agate gets along with just about anyone. He enjoys being pet, having casual conversation, playing, and doing whatever quirky or fun thing may come to mind. He is much more open to strangers, and is often the first to greet someone if not barred from doing so by his cousin, Stone. Agate can be lazy, and can be found sunbathing when not on an errand or coerced into doing something with Stone.
Despite his friendly demeanor and rather laidback way of doing things, Agate is not above conflict, though, he is not nearly half as brave as Stone. He often follows Stone’s lead, even if the larger feline may be too gung-ho for Agate’s liking. So long as Stone is unwilling to back down, neither will Agate, though, he may try to act as a voice of reason to his cousin. And while he is not fond of Stone’s abrasive nature and tough love, he understands it and accepts and loves his cousin for how he is.
Where Stone plays a larger role as a protector to Kamari, Agate finds his place more as emotional support and helping lighten her mood when she’s down.


Born in Portland to a pretty alley cat that frequented the docks, but had a sometimes-home with a resident fisherman. His mother gave birth to his litter in this Luperci’s home and raised them there. His cousin, Stone, and his two littermates came to live with Agate’s family when his mother found out the news of her sister’s death and decided to take in the kits as her own. Agate and Stone formed a bond, and were eventually traded off to Heine Kaiser when the fisherman realized his home was overrun with kittens.
They were brought with the father to the Kingdom of Salsola as a present for his children, though, the pair formed a stronger bond with his daughter, Kamari. The cats and Kamari grew up together, partaking in games with one another that would eventually aide in Kamari’s talents in the espionage field. Growing into adulthood, Agate has remained as a companion of Kamari’s.

Chickens (Various) (Minor) (Hide)


Active: Spring 2019 – Present

  • Sex: Various, primarily hens
  • Species: Chicken
  • Date of Birth: Various
  • Size:
    • Weight: 5-8 lbs (2-4 kg)
  • Key Features: Pea or rose combs
  • Coloration: Black/white barred (dominantly) or solid red; red combs, yellow eyes
OOC Assumptions
  • Number: Fluctuates (never more than 5 permanent adults)
  • Usage: Meat, eggs, feathers, bones
  • Salsola members may reference:
    • Seeing them around their chicken coop or near Kamari and Krios’ home
    • Knowing that they are used for food and/or personal trade
  • More Information »

These chickens are a hardy, northern variety, and are both good for their meat or their egg-laying abilities. They are best compared to modern Plymouth Rock Chicken and Rhode Island Red Chickens for nearest comparison. The chickens are free-range, though, do not wander close the forests that surround the couple’s home or the lake. They are protected by Kamar’s two tomcats, Stone and Agate, who often help deter other predators from killing them. They are not an overly loud or troublesome group (they’re rather docile unless they find a snake or rodent) and are rather good at keeping the homestead pest-free alongside the cats.

5.  Assets


Note: While the character may have other personal effects, the items listed here are those that are either unique, are significant or have sentimental value to the character, or are items that are regularly referenced to.

  • Knife with jade accents; Cueponi reward
  • Various skinning knives
  • Hunting knives of varying sizes
  • Various number of handcrafted arrows
  • Various number of pelts (higher quality furs more numerous in the colder months)
  • Various journals
  • Personalized wax stamp
  • Fur-lined leather bracers
  • Simple tunic, vest, and pants set
  • Saturated green tunic with dark pants
  • Decorative, silvery-grey and dark brown, fur-lined (ermine, rabbit) cloak made of dark grey, dyed wool with a metal brooch and clasp in the shape of the Hand of Eris; given by Krios [2]
  • Resin ring looped on a simple chord necklace; gift from her parents
  • Cheap metal bracelet given to her by Krios

Raised by her father in how to bargain with others, Kamari is a generally fair trader. Mainly, she trades in handcrafted arrows and the furs/pelts/by-products of the animals that she kills for food or hunts specifically for their fur. She is not easily duped by others, as she has a good eye for detail and is rather critical in her inspections. She can sometimes be rather stubborn about her idea of a certain item’s worth.

  • Raw Materials:
    • Feathers, chicken eggs/meat/feathers, wool, animal parts (claws, teeth, bones, etc.), horse hair
  • Crafted Goods:
    • Pelts of various local animals (all of good cut, though the fur itself may vary pending the killed animal’s condition), leather, leather strips, arrowheads, handcrafted arrows, hide glue, wooden animal totems and grass-woven bowls/baskets/mats (both provided by Velimir Voronin)
  • Weaponry & Armor:
    • Blades (knives), leather armor, bows, arrowheads
  • Crafted Goods:
    • Horse gear, paper, journals/books, (relevant) maps, clothing, blankets, wax sticks, unscented candles, leather oil
  • Other:
    • Credible information

The Hideaway Home

A one-story cabin hidden away by a small patch of forest on either side, and blocked off by a small lake at its back. There is a paddock on the northwestern side, an unattached open workshop (for Kamari's pelt-making and the pair's arrow-crafting) of sorts towards the southwest, and a hidden archery range (built by Kamari and Krios) in the portion of forest to the southeast of the house. The house itself has two bedrooms, a study, a sizable storage room, and a general living room with a fireplace. There is a porch at both the front and back entrances that are usually used for collecting firewood. A stable located within the paddock is connected to the house's northwestern wall.

Previous Residences:

  • The Kaiser Home
A small, family home consisting of two bedrooms, a loft, and a dining/living area. On the first floor, one walks immediately into the dining/living area. The room is sparse decorated, with simple cabinetry and counterspace lining the back wall, a table that seats four, and a worn couch. Various projects may dot the smaller end tables that are shoved into the room’s corners. On either side of this room is a small bedroom able to have a single, twin-sized bed and perhaps a nightstand with a bit of extra space for moving around, but nothing else. The loft that sits above one of these rooms is accessed by a ladder. This “bedroom” is able to hold a queen-sized bed and two end tables on either side with little room for much else.
Heine and Abeni originally took up one of the lower bedrooms, but moved to the loft when the twins grew of shifting age and were each given a room. Heine originally used Kamari’s room for his projects.
Outside of this house, there is a crude firepit and hitching post.

6.  Miscellaneous

Art by Alaine

Kamari and Kamil's original design concepts

  • Kamari and Kamil’s original color and marking designs were created by Alaine. The designs made them nearly identical twins, with only subtle differences seen in their facial markings, eye colors, and their color tones (Kamari has hues more like their mother’s, Kamil, their father’s). Over the years, Kamari’s markings have been simplified to reduce the hefty size of her color palette.
  • When Kamari was first created, she was intended to be more like her father was in his youth; rebellious, chaotic, and a troublemaker. She was supposed to be a loud character that spoke her mind and challenged traditions. Some of her early threads show this original draft of her; seen primarily in adjectives such as “impish” being used to describe her mannerisms and actions. The major inter-pack of the Inferni-Salsola War, however, changed the direction for her character, as natural events/threads brought about cause for Kamari to become more focused on her family’s honor, matured her as a character, and set her up for taking a path of an assassin/spy.

Art by Songbird

Early character concepts

  • She was also originally planned to use throwing knives as her weapon of choice instead of the bow and knife combination that she has today. This was due to her father, Heine Kaiser, and recently-played villain, Ragna Eklund, both being primarily bow users (and knife as a side weapon in regards to Ragna). This original design was changed, however, as the fighting style would have required Kamari to be largely self-taught in the midst of an upcoming Inferni-Salsola War. So, she was, instead, written to have followed in her father’s footsteps with taking up the bow, allowing for her skills with a knife to come into play post-war.
  • Kamari’s main horse, Cedar, requires a codeword in order to ride him. If an individual other than Kamari were to try and mount him, he would buck them off. This idea was taken from the book series, The Ranger’s Apprentice, by John Flanagan.
  • Kamari has stolen/obtained 4 horses/riding animals, usually by killing their original owner and rider. Kamari’s mule, Walnut, was obtained this way. The two other horses were donated for Salsola’s community use. One horse was a spoil from a stealth mission in 2021, however, the animals was traded off shortly after obtainment.
  • Awards

1 50% Side-Striped Jackal, 5% European Jackal, 5% Common Golden Jackal, 1.5% Egyptian Jackal, 1% Syrian Jackal

2 10% Common Gray Wolf, 7.5% Tundra Wolf, 7.5% Steppe Wolf

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