Grievous Eternity

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art by Mel

Grievous Eternity is a wolf and a high ranking member of Salsola, where he was born and raised. He is engaged to Idrieus Eternity. With knowledge of equine care and training, herbalism, first aid, and experience as a combatant, his skills see Grievous thriving in support roles.

One of the four children of Bane D'Angelo and Basilaris Eternity, elite members within their pack, Grievous was born into a life of relative luxury and expectation. He proved his capabilities while acting in defense of Salsola during the Second Boreas Conflict, after which he gained independence, though remained at home to aid and support his parents following their retirements. Their departure that summer, alongside that of his brothers, left Grievous struggling with his sense of identity and purpose. He was soon given this when he became a sponsor for Luigi Benedetti. A participant in a conspiracy that led to the Inferni-Salsola War, Grievous fought for his pack until the end of the conflict.

When his cousins took control of Salsola, much of Grievous' role within the pack began to shift. He journeyed south to Chesapeake Bay during that summer, where he informed the Benedetti family as to the service provided by their sons during the wars. While uncomfortable as a trader, Grievous' experience with horses and driving proved extremely useful throughout the journey.

Friendly with Idrieus, his aunt's adopted daughter and Salsola's Paladin, Grievous found excused to put himself frequently in her company. What began as a mild infatuation grew over time as the mutual attraction between the pair intensified. Grievous asked for Idrieus to be his mate early into the new year, and the two formally announced their intentions to wed that spring.

Shortly after, Grievous was promoted to Ranger Apprentice, launching him into Salsola's Faction ranks.







  • Date of Birth: 3 May 2016
Human Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: A cabin west of The Clinic
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Ranger Apprentice (1 June 2019 - Present)
  • Pronunciation: gree-vuh s
  • Etymology:
    • Grievous: causing great pain or suffering; atrocious
    • Eternity: infinite or unending time
  • Significance: GENERAL KENOBI
  • Nicknames: Kuschelbar ("Huggybear")
  • Alias: Burdock




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Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Grievous around Salsola...
  • Being aware that he is madly in love with Idrieus.
  • General conversations (e.g., small talk). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP, must be discussed before posting.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolf. Grievous is almost entirely Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, and resembles one – he is large in build, but with a slightly smaller head and long limbs.
  • Fur: Exceptionally sleek looking.
    • Optime Hair: Shaggy, cut and regularly tied back. He often braids the sections closest to his face.
  • Facial Features: "Bitchy resting face". Grievous has central heterochromia; his eyes are predominantly yellow, with orange closer to his pupils. The fur beneath his eyes is gray.
  • Build and Size: He is tall and leggy, but with well defined muscles.
    • Lupus: 110 lbs (50 kg)40 in (102 cm)
    • Secui: 170 lbs (77 kg)50 in (127 cm)
    • Optime: 240 lbs (109 kg)7ft 0in (84 in) (214 cm)
  • Scars:
    • Four large scars run across his right shoulder.
    • Three notable scars on his face; one above his right eye and two across his muzzle.
    • Three scars on his right leg.
    • Smaller scar on right hip.
    • Minor scratches around his face and hands.
  • Jewelry and Accessories: Smoothed amber-colored sea-glass pendant wrapped in a simple cord.
  • Gear: Grievous has several bags for supplies. He has a pair of leather gloves, though only wears these while working with difficult horses.
  • Weapons: A pair of katars.


  • Speech: Harsh-sounding voice, often condescending. Grievous is fluent in Engish and German, and often speaks with a Germanic flare notable in his words.
  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy), Eternity, D'Angelo, horses, Dogwood, Bluejoint, woodsmoke, dirt; scent masked with Labrador Tea.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Expressive eyes. Often calls people "fools".
  • General Posture and Body Language: Good posture, slightly stiff-looking.

art by Mel


His pale pelt is not uncommon for his species, though Grievous and his sister are both piebald like their father. This afflicts Grievous largely around his head and lower body, and is responsible for his heterochromia.


 Whisper (#F7F5FA)
 Mercury (#E5E5E5)
 Silver Chalice (#ACACAC)


 Ecstasy (#FA7814)
 Supernova (#FFC901)


 Heavy Metal (#2B3228)


 Thatch (#B69D98)

2.  Personality


  • Tropes: Nice Guy, Self Made Man, Papa Wolf, Even Evil Has Standards
  • Expression: Introverted, defensive
  • Sociability: Grievous likes being part of a group, but he does not like being the center of attention. He generally tries to be helpful to others.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • "Would not betray family or friends, unless circumstances are dire. "
    • "Will take risks if the benefits are great. "
    • "Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure."
    • "Is not concerned with those less fortunate."


  • His family
  • Improving his skills
  • Bettering Salsola
  • Advancing in rank


  • Harm befalling his family
  • Physical disability
  • Death


  • Likes: Fighting, exploring, the ocean, napping, horses, Salsola, Idrieus
  • Dislikes: Wasting time, laziness, Outsiders


  • Grievous entered his adolescence during the Second Boreas Conflict, and experienced first and second-hand the violence brought on by Boreas, a group of highly religious wolves. He has come to identify all Religious Monotheism in a negative way.
  • True to Salsola's teachings, Greivous considers non-Luperci inferior.
  • Women are superior, though this is a fact in female-led Salsola.


  • 1 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual."
  • Demisexual; sexually attracted to people only after a strong emotional bond has been formed.


  • Grievous has taken hallucinogens as part of a Coven ritual.
  • He drinks socially and likes wine.


  • Polytheistic
    • Knowledge of various gods, belief in superstitions. He is especially knowledgeable about Khalifism, the religious practice of his family line, and displays the most respect for it.
    • Keeps a religious altar and artifacts.
  • Practices Saslolan rituals, respects Salsola's religious order.
  • Firm believer in fate and destiny.

3.  Skills


  • Combat: (Journeyman) Grievous was raised by Salsola's first Paladin, Basilaris Eternity, and spent much of his youth play-fighting with his siblings. He got his first taste of real combat during the Second Boreas Conflict, and began training more seriously after this.
    • Grievous is a notably fast shifter. He takes advantage of this and trains in all three of his forms.
  • Horsemanship: (Journeyman) Having shouldered much of the responsibility for his parent's horses, Grievous is able to provide basic care for equines as well as spot when things are "off" with a horse. He works with horses regularly, and trains many of them. Though too large to ride a horse, he has previously done so. He is capable of driving a cart.
  • First-Aid: (Journeyman) In the absence of other trained healers, Grievous has filled the role.
  • Herbalism: (Journeyman) Initially taught the basics by his mother, Grievous was later inspired by Asura Creo.
  • Cooking: (Apprentice) Grievous experiments with cooking food, which he prefers to eat.
  • Carpentry: (Apprentice) Capable of small repairs and construction.


  • Blind Loyalty: Extremely dedicated to his pack (and to certain individuals within), Grievous has no trouble overlooking and participating in the questionable acts done for Salsola's betterment.
  • Size: Grievous is large and has trouble getting into small places. He is too heavy to ride a horse, though has previously done so. His above-average size also requires more fuel, requiring Grievous to consume more food than average to maintain his weight.

4.  Heritage


Extended Family:

Eternity, D'Angelo, Lykoi
Italics indicates an unknown relationship, smaller text indicates an off-board relationship

5.  Relationships


  • His future wife Idrieus has become the most important person in Grievous' life.
  • A younger "cousin", O'Riley Eternity, is a bad influence.
  • A trader, Morgana Revlis, was friends with his father. Grievous traveled with her and a trade delegation to Chesapeake Bay. Aware of her supernatural powers, Grievous is wary of Morgana and does his best to stay on her good side.
  • Katinka Holt often works alongside Grievous.


  • For much of his childhood, then-Paladin Basilaris was a dutiful father. Grievous very much idolized the man, and was shaken when this vision of him was shattered during The Second Boreas Conflict. Basilaris' further abandonment and supposed favoritism has soured Grievous' memories of his father.
  • As a young man, Grievous was dedicated to his mother, Bane, whom he first learned herbalism and healing from. Her faith had a strong influence on Grievous, though he has his doubts as to its validity given his brother's condition.
  • People often joked that Grievous and his sister Misery were twins, and in many ways they were -- shadowing one another and ganging up on their brothers. Their behavior continued like this into adolescence, though following the departure of their family the two have drifted apart.
  • Scourge and Grievous got along, though this was not always the case. After being attacked by a Boreas wolf during the Second Boreas Conflict, Scourge's injury and his own role in his brother's defense saw Grievous warm up to his brother. This would not last, for Scourge soon departed alongside their parents.
  • The resentment towards Mandrake is no fault of his own, but being the reason that their parents departed Salsola has made Grievous bitter towards his "cursed" brother.

6.  History

Previous Packs and Ranks

Salsola (3 May 2016 - Present)
Bambino, Family, Confidant, Tradesman, Warden, Henchman

6.1  Archive



Horrified when his brother shifts and asks for his Cueponi ceremony before any of their siblings, Grievous is quick to follow up with his own request. His riddle ("Bring me a stone made from the living") proves to be complicated, but a chance encounter soon provides Grievous with the answer he eventually presents.

  1. sometimes the questions are complicated
    Trying to solve his Cueponi riddle, Grievous finds himself accompanying O'Riley Eternity and Nickodemus Sparhawk along the coast.
  2. There goes my luck
    Grievous trails and joins his father and Idrieus as they investigate a series of broken traps on the border.
  3. When the clock strikes [M]
    An attack on Salsola occurs at night around the “peak” of the full moon. Grievous and his brother kill Jarah Hjort, a Boreas wolf.
  4. running like moths to the flame
    Aiming to help the pack in its defense, Grievous follows a patrol. When he finds them under attack, and witnesses his father being severely injured, he joins in the fray.


Granted his independence and made a member of the Family, Grievous spends much of his newfound free time doing very little of actual importance. He begins exploring outside of the pack territory, though does not travel very far, and tests his new authority on an Outsider-turned-slave.

  1. no place for a cog that thinks all on their own
    While spending time with O'Riley, Grievous meets Elphaba Revlis.
  2. we do not suffer by accident
    Grievous summons former Boreas member and current slave Silas Kasper to perform a menial task.


Wanting to prove his usefulness to the pack, Grievous attempts to do just that.

  1. Out of the mire we were torn from, remember
    A strange noise leads Grievous to Quicksilver Lykoi, one of his elder cousins. He defends her from a crazed feral cat, only for the pair to later find a collection of newly-orphaned kittens in the aftermath of this incident. Quicksilver assumes guardianship of the litter and patches up Grievous' wounds.
  2. I just want to feel alive
    Answering Idrieus' summons, Grievous assists her in preparations for the construction of a training arena.


Grievous is promoted to Confidant, and encouraged by this, seeks to hasten improving his skills and gain experience.

  1. we don't look the same but I think that we are
    A wandering Grievous comes across his neighbor, Priya, and accompanies her home.


As the strange illness leaves Nova Scotia behind, it brings new changes to Grievous' life. His parents and brothers depart Salsola towards the end of the month, while he attends his first Last Supper alone.

  1. strange days moving on
    Grievous attends The Last Supper, feeling horribly self-conscious.


Anxious about the fate of his family, Grievous begins to sink into a depression. He goes about his days without doing much beyond the norm, and generally avoids fellow Salsola members for fear of intrusion into the absence of his parents and brother.

  1. What can I say except you're welcome
    Exploring the surrounding territories leads to an encounter with Asura, a Sapient member. Grievous first uses the alias Burdock with her, and the two work together in pursuit of a porcupine.
  2. rabble-rouse and sing aloud
    At O'Riley's urging, Grievous attends a celebration for the pack's Jagermeister and his new mate.


Reminded of his own abilities and desiring to find purpose in life, Grievous begins actively pursuing new teachers and looking for reasons to put his skills to use.

  1. [M] Sometimes the sky's too bright
    While Grievous is out hunting he responds to a pack member in distress.


  1. the single purpose of the present moment
  2. And here by thee will hum the bee


  1. the perfect party guests
  2. I wish to learn
  3. ask for no guarantees, ask for no security
  4. the fell clutch of circumstance
  5. [M] we need more than miracles


  1. don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes
  2. tetzahuitl


  1. glimpses of the ways beyond
  2. [M] You start them just to feel the heat
  3. think of all this fleeting world
  4. [M] We are the reckless, we are the wild youth
  5. [M] the drum of death is being beaten
  6. forces pulling from the center of the earth again
  7. tell the swine, we will make it out alive


  1. [M] did they promise you gold
  2. Like a soldier defends his land

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