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All Hail the Fallen King The Kaiser Family Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom
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Kaiser Skull

Credit: Songbird

  • Name Meaning: German; "emperor"
  • Family Origin: Rothaar Mountains, Germany
  • Species: Hybrid (jackal, wolf, dingo)
    • Various Jackals 1
    • Various Wolves 2
    • Dingo
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The Kaiser family originated in Germany where they were one of many that were part of a multi-branched and large, new-traditional pack called Kokoro. Notably, however, the Kaisers were part of the King's Branch, the highest and ruling branch of the Kokoro pack.

They were nestled in an expansive, wide valley near the Rothaar Mountains. The pack lived well and prospered for many generations, and was largely unbothered by other packs because of their hospitality and size. In 2013, their luck changed when a foreign enemy, known as the Rote Reißzahn, from beyond the mountains appeared. The initial raid parties demanded total surrender and a cull, and when the Kokoro pack refused their demands, the war began. Their forces spread thin from helping neighboring packs that were attacked during the initial raids, the Kokoro were unable to defend themselves when the Rote Reißzahn launched a final, full-scale attack on them. The Kaiser clan was completely wiped out save for the king's eldest son, Heine Kaiser, who was forced into slavery.

Heine shuffled between various owners before eventually ending up in Salsola under Bane D'Angelo's ownership. Over time, he found an attraction towards fellow slave, Abeni, resulting in the revival of the Kaiser family.

  • Common Roles/Lifestyles: Hunters, Fighters, Craftsmen, Traders/Merchants, Laborers, Diplomats, Scouts, Spies
    • Common Craftsmen Trades: Fur, leather crafting & working, arrow crafting, animal glue
  • Known for: Being skilled hunters, their ability to create high-quality furs, being multilingual, their stubbornness, their loyalty and reliability

1.  Family Members

Contributing members are notated in bold

Adopted members are notated by italics

A red x indicates a non-consensual litter

Members with a strikethrough died before they reached 18 months old

First Generation
  • Mira Valkyrie x Falk Kaiser (December 2013)
    • Diesel Kaiser
    • Heine Kaiser
    • Karri Valkyrie
    • Lillah Kaiser
Second Generation
Third Generation

2.  Defining Characteristics



The Kaisers were originally of pure, wolf blood, though, lines fluctuated as Luperci began to dominate the land. Wolf was still a dominant ancestry up until they were nearly wiped out. When Heine revitalized the family bloodline through his mateship with Abeni, jackal blood rivaled this. Coyote ancestry does not exist within the ancient bloodline. Landrace dogs may have sprinkled in here and there, but, their influence was often bred out and are not existent through the Heine’s ancestral bloodline.


  • Many traits (markings, build, fur type) of the Kaiser family can be attributed to their wolf roots:
    • Double-coated, usually of medium-length. Exceedingly short or long coats are not common.
    • Males are usually average in size, often maintaining a lean, athletic figure rather than dipping on the scrawny or brawny sides of the spectrum. Overly large males are rare, as are those of shorter stature. Kaisers are not a family that are known for becoming overly muscled.
    • Females are of average size, lithe, agile, and often make for good runners and coursers on the hunt.
    • Both sexes have the potential as capable fighters.
  • Slanted, almond-shaped eyes
  • Notably pointed ears


  • They are often known for their blue eyes, something that the original Kaiser family once held great pride in, as the color was often said to represent loyalty, wisdom, trust, confidence, and truth. As its members often took on leadership positions, this presentation spoke volumes of their linage and capabilities. Blues can range from very pale, icy hues to a subtle, bolder one. They are never a “vibrant” blue (i.e. never on the neon color spectrum).
    • Another common eye color is shades of slate or silver
    • Shades of yellow are often golden in hue, and are uncommon, though, are more common in those with excessive wolf ancestry.
    • Shades of green are very rare.
    • Variants of red are nearly non-existent within this family, primarily seen only when crossed multiple times with bloodlines with red as a dominant hue.














  • Kaisers are primarily comprised of a mixture of earthy hues, and are rarely one solid color. Their coats often have a combination of a light, a medium, and a dark coloration; commonly having a darker dorsal side and a lighter ventral side. They can be warmer hues or range more on the desaturated side. Lighter creams and darker greys or near-blacks are regularly seen within their markings, and also as accents.
    • Though not as common, hues of grey may also be found in the Kaiser family, though, often follow the same formula as the earthy colorations.
    • Individuals with predominately white fur are exceedingly rare. Solid white is non-existent within this family.
  • Markings
    • Brow spots are a very common marking, as are markings around their eyes (usually a brighter hue).
    • “Peppered” backs are seen frequently.
    • Agouti colorations are also common.
    • Brindling is rare, and dog-like spots/patches are non-existent unless bred with heavy dog ancestry.
















3.  Influence


With the near-extinction of the Kaiser lineage in their ancestral homeland, the family’s hope lied with Heine Kaiser to revitalize it. He produced offspring in 2017, and, from them, the family has since grown, though, is still small and with relatively few outside influences on their ancient bloodline.

  • Revlisvia Krios Revlis
    • Kamari Kaiser was betrothed to and later married and became mates with Krios at the behest of Salsola’s Boss and Queen, Elphaba Revlis. By doing this, Kamari helped relatively elevate her family’s low standing within the pack. Four years after their marriage, Kamari bore Krios a litter, thus formalizing lines with the Revlis family.


After the Kokoro pack’s destruction, Heine Kaiser saw a fair bit of the world. However, his fast-paced and ever-changing lifestyle only came to a stop once he became under a new owner in Salsola. It was there that Heine saved the Kaiser lineage, though, the family has not yet spread its influence elsewhere.

  • Salsola – While brought in as a slave, Heine Kaiser was later freed, and he revitalized the Kaiser family here. Their lowborn status set them apart from their packmates, and Kamil Kaiser even abandoned the pack after the betrothal of his sister. Despite this, the family holds a strong loyalty to the Thistle Crown.
    • Kamari Kaiser is the current leader and Head of the Kaiser Household in Salsola
  • PortlandHeine Kaiser resides in the Salsolan Outpost location near Portland, Maine, and acts as a huntsman and trader to the Kaisers in Salsola Proper.


Individuals, groups, or families of note are listed here. These range from those who had strong and outstanding ties with multiple family members, individuals who served the family, to those who might have severely wronged a family member, or are otherwise in negative standing with its members.

  • Velimir Voronin – Originally employed by Heine Kaiser, Velimir had strong ties with the budding Kaiser family, and served Kamari Kaiser directly as a teacher, advisor, assistant to her trading ventures, and taking care of her personal animals (horses).

Adopted & Honorary Members

Those listed here are individuals who were adopted into the family and took on the family name, or, are honorary members due to some sort of noteworthy action.

  • Character? – excerpt on the adopted/honorary individual and which Kaiser tied them to the family

4.  Icon

Kaiser Skull with Crown Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom

  • The member-variant icon can only be used if given permission by Songbird.
    • Kaisers that carry this custom icon must meet certain criteria fitting of the original Kaiser line.
    • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
    • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
    • The only hover texts permitted are:
      • Kaiser
      • Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom


1 Side-Striped Jackal, European Jackal, Common Golden Jackal, Egyptian Jackal, Syrian Jackal

2 Common Gray Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Steppe Wolf

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