Snorri Niequist

Snorri Neiquist is a wolf from Zion and a member of the Boreas faction. While not born in Zion, he might as well been. He was brought into the faction at a young age due to his family's talents, and the pack has been all that he has ever known. He is an expert weapon's specialist, and there is little that he has not seen, repaired, or used. When Amund Fannar led a splinter group to Nova Scotia, Snorri went along as their weapons specialist and fletcher. He participated in the Boreas Conflict II.

He spent the majority of his time on the war front repairing weapons and keeping the group battle-ready. Snorri was a close ally and friend of Ragna Eklund, and the two participated in many raids and attacks on Salsola and Inferni alike. He fought valiantly during the final assault made by the enemy attacks on Boreas' camp grounds, but obtained life-threatening injuries. Ragna managed to allow the pair to escape to safety as the last of Boreas fell. Snorri eventually died from his injuries in the days following the final stand, passing away during a bitter winter's night.







  • Date of Birth: 15 April 2011
  • Date of Death: 05 February 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Nickname: Bear
  • Pronunciation:
  • Meaning: "attack, onslaught" ; "new twig/branch"
  • Origin: Ancient Scandinavian ; Swedish
  • Jack (Draft horse)
    • Gender: Stallion
    • Age: Adult
    • Used primarily for travel and carrying materials



Boreas Faction members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Snorri having teased your character in some way
  • Having your weapons repaired by Snorri or Snorri giving you replacement arrows
  • Knowing Snorri will torture a coyote if their end is not met quickly by means of battle
  • Knowing that Snorri jokingly--or is he?--longs for a pauldron on his right shoulder lined with coyote fur



  • Species: Unmistakably wolf in all forms and at all angles
  • Fur: Thick, double-coat of medium length
    • Optime Hair: Kept very short, feral
  • Facial Features: Round wolf face, thick muzzle, small ears, full cheek fluff
  • Build and Size: Stands on the larger side both in height and in girth. He's not fat, however, but very heavily muscled from his work in the forge; built like a brick house
    • Lupus: 120 lbs (54 kg) ↔ 39 in (99 cm)
    Could be considered "tall" if it weren't for how thick-set he is
    • Secui: 189 lbs (86 kg) ↔ 48 in (122 cm)
    The hulking mass of power that is his Secui is what earned him the nickname as the "Bear"
    • Optime: 278 lbs (126 kg) ↔ 6 ft 7 in (79 in) (201 cm)
    Broad-shouldered and thickly muscled, particularly in his torso from his work
  • Scars:
    • Nic on left cheek from forging accident
    • Bear-claw tattoo over left pectoral
    • Four-claw marks across tattoo from a Sctintilla coyote
    • Two cuts across right arm from a Sctintilla coyote
    • Stab injury on lower left torso from a Sctintilla coyote
    • Cut on left shin from forging accident
  • Humanization: Highly humanized; could not imagine a life as a non-Luperci
    • Clothing:
      • Leather pauldron on right shoulder; covered in black bear fur
      • Brown-leather armband on right bicep; engraved and decorated with Niequist family emblem
      • Twine bracelet on right wrist x2
      • Brown-leather bracer studded with steel on left forearm
      • Brown-cotton pants
    • Weapons:
      • Axes x2


Antique Brass (#c9946a)
Dune (#302b26)
Flint (#6b645e)
Cloudy (#b5aca5)
Ebb (#f0eeed)
Sea Buckthorn (#fda129)
Mine Shaft (#393939)
Thatch (#c1a2a2)
Cocoa Bean (#592424)


In a world full of conflict and chaos, Snorri is a rather rare gem to find. He has a warm, "big brother" sort of personality, and any that find themselves as someone he cares for can rest assured that he would lay down his life for them. He is a very selfless individual, often putting others' needs above his own, and, if in need, Snorri will make sure they're taken care of. He's highly protective of his own, and there isn't a fight yet that he wasn't willing to take part of. He enjoys teasing others as a way to lighten the mood, but is never one to take it too far (unless they've done something he feel needs to be addressed). He's a good listener, and someone that can be relied on and trusted. Snorri is very hardworking and is a stickler for perfection in his works.

Having grown up with constant conflict though has put a few chips in his demeanor and has had a lasting effect on the male. While generally, outwardly unfazed by a lot of things and very slow to anger, Snorri does have a darker side, brought on particularly when the Sctintilla coyotes are brought up. He is not above vengeance and making others suffer if they have wronged him or someone he loves. He is a stickler for tradition and may challenge those that threaten this. His anger is hard to find, but, when released, everyone better watch out.


  • Speech: Deep; comforting and warm at times, threatening at others
  • Scent: Smoke, ash, burnt wood, minerals and coals, dirt
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fiddles when bored; has a constant eye for weaponry and wanting to make them "perfect"
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed (but not lazy or slouched)


  • Packs: Strong hatred for Sctintilla and dislike for Inferni; the wolves of Salsola were tricked and misguided
  • Species: Coyotes are good for very few things, the most ideal being a rug and something to pick one's teeth with
  • Gender: Lesser women are often misguided by their feelings
  • Sexuality: Homosexuality is a sin and a very serious insult


Snorri's parents were recruited into Boreas for their blacksmith talents when he was very young, and it is within the faction that Snorri has remained. He had three brothers growing up, two of which were lost to the rivaling Sctintilla faction of coyotes. Their bodies were found brutally assaulted and maimed, Snorri's hatred for the faction grew into a species-wide need to cull the earth of them. Snorri grew up and fought alongside his packmates without doubt for their cause. He had been hurt, and he wanted those deemed the cause of his pain to pay, and to do so dearly. He poured his talents into the family trade, wanting Boreas to have the finest and most reliable weapons available when they went into battle. When not in the forge or applying the finishing touches onto objects of war, Snorri honed his fighting prowess, eventually specializing in wielding battle axes.