Dermid MacRae

Dermid MacRae (d-URR-mid mac-RAY) was member of Casa di Cavalieri, and played a minor role as one of the villains in The Mad King plot that ran from January – September 2020.

He is the cousin of Raghnall Thorburn. He grew up and was raised alongside Raghnall, expected to become his right hand and pledged shield when they grew older. Because of his closeness to the Alpha’s son and heir, Dermid grew into a formidable warrior of the Clan, and, wherever Raghnall went, Dermid was never far from his side; they fought many battles together, and Dermid has protected his cousins multiple times over the years. Not surprisingly, when Raghnall was ordered to travel to overseas by his father, Dermid accompanied him.

He joined the Cavaliers in the early spring of 2020, and remained within the pack supporting Raghnall’s mission in attempting to bring the Knight Clan back to its former glory, to include dethroning the resident leader and Alpha. When the Scotsmen’s plans were revealed, Raghnall forcibly dismissed Dermid from his duties as one of Raghnall’s pledged blades. Instead, Raghnall asked that Dermid return to the Scottish Highlands and protect his younger siblings—soon to be the new heirs to the Thorburn Clan—in his stead. Reluctantly, Dermid consented to Raghnall’s final will, and he escaped from Casa di Cavalieri in September 2020.


by Songbird

Credit: Songbird

  • Etymology:
    • Dermid: without envy (Irish)
    • MacRae: prosperity, grace (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Date of Birth: 17 February 2015
    • Birthplace: Scotland
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf
OOC Information
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Plot Opportunities
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Physical Description

While he may not be the tallest, it's quite obvious that Dermid comes from a long line of large wolves. His ears are small, and his face is broad with thick, fluffy cheeks. He has a double-coat that is medium in length, and is of a diluted, reddish-tawny hue with lighter, cream-colored undertones. He has a thicker waist and over all build than most would expect, however, don't mistake him to be a flabby or overweight beast. He is merely big-boned and muscular, making him both sturdy and powerful in his physique across all forms. Dermid sports various scars across his pelt, many of them being obtained from protecting Raghnall, various fights, from spars, or from hunting.

In Optime, Dermid has thick, coarse hair that runs mid-shoulder blade. Occasionally—or for important events—he'll have parts of it braided and decorated with wood beads. He is a sucker for having his hair groomed. As for clothing, Dermid typically wears a great kilt with a wooden plaid brooch. Both items are tied to the Thorburn Clan; the plaid by its colors and the brooch by its emblem; a Celtic-styled bear paw. He wears a belt around his waist. Typically, Dermid also wears his leather armor—a matching set of plated pauldrons and bracers—and often carries either his short sword or his ax on his person. He only dons his wooden shield if he expects a fight. He is highly humanized, though, may come off as feral or primitive in comparison to some Luperci due to his largely lacking wardrobe, mannerisms, and preference for hunting the "old way" (Lupus).


  • Lupus : 39 in (99 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • Secui: 48 in (122 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (77 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 9 in (81 in / 206 cm) ↔ 265 lbs (120 kg) (Preferred)


On his face, he has a scar on the right side of his forehead from a deer antler, one on the bridge of his nose crossing over to the right side of his muzzle from a sword, and another on his left cheek from a spear. On his torso, he has a scar on his outer left shoulder from a Luperci’s claws, two on his right forearm from and axe and later from a knife, another mark mars his left forearm from an enemy’s teeth, there is a scar on the top of left hand from messing with an angry badger, and, finally one on the back of his left hip from claws. He has one last scar on the top of right his foot from a spear.


  • Clothing
    • Great kilt made of wool; often fastened at shoulder with a wooden plaid brooch
    • Matching pair of leather pauldrons
    • Leather bracers
    • Leather belt
  • Weaponry
    • Ax and short sword
    • Wooden shield


  • Speech: Playful, aggressive, crass, sarcastic, heavy Scottish accent
  • Unique Scent: Field grasses and flowers, dirt, minerals, cedar, salt
  • General Posture and Body Language: Often hooks his thumbs into the hem of his pants when at rest. His stance is often confident and lazy. He noticeably slouches when seated.

Coloration Palette


Cioccolato (#4c240c)
Spicy Mix (#81543c)
Sandal (#ae916c)
Pearl Bush (#e0d5c5)

Optime Hair

Cioccolato (#4c240c)


Buttered Rum (#a87c11)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Pharlap (#a08275)
Mine Shaft (#252525)

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Summarized: Mischievous, blunt, crass, friendly, perceptive, laid-back, loyal, reliable, confident, proud

Dermid is very much the opposite his cousin’s frosty personality. He is outgoing and vibrant, and very much a social individual. He can get along with pretty much anyone, and, of those that may find him to be a little much, Dermid is glad to push his limits and boundaries if only for a good laugh for himself or if he feels someone needs to “lighten up.” He is not a man to mince his words nor to hold his tongue. This can get him into trouble, as he often cares quite little about offending someone—unless it’s a pretty she-wolf that he may be trying, and failing, to impress. He is blunt, but, he’s honest, and his heart is often in the right place, even his words may be poorly timed. Dermid is all about having fun and having a good laugh, and his optimistic attitude—and finding the “humor” in things—is often what gets him through the darkest of times.

He is an extremely loyal and duty-bound individual, and, while many may not take him seriously because of his demeanor, Dermid is a highly skilled fighter, and is not above killing to protect those he cares for or is loyal to. As well, though Dermid is not as wise or as smart as his cousin, Raghnall, he is smarter than he looks and acts. Rough and tough as he may make himself outwardly to be, Dermid does hold softer feelings, though, often covers them with his playful and laid-back attitude.

  • Likes: Food, wolf women, hunting, fighting/sparring, open fields/meadows, drinking, having fun, good company, laughing, running and rolling in snow
  • Dislikes: Overly strict and “goody-two-shoes”-types, hot weather, political matters/meetings, being tricked, crotchety old women

Skills & Hobbies

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

  • Fighting (Master)
Being raised alongside Raghnall meant that Dermid also sat in on most of his lessons. This allowed the pair to spar and tests their newly learned skills quite often, which only continued as they grew older and Raghnall needed to keep his skills sharp to thwart off any attempts at his life. As a fighter, he is a heavy hitter, with powerful swings and a formidable sense of balance and endurance. He knows how to use his body to get the most of his attacks. While he excels in the ax and shield, due to his training as Raghnall's sparring partner for so long, Dermid also has talents in hand-to-hand, swordsmanship, and feral fighting, though, all are to a lesser degree (Journeyman). He enjoys wrestling and play fighting.
  • Hunting (Master)
A big boy with a big appetite, Dermid loves the thrill of the hunt. He has an excellent nose and is surprisingly quiet on his paws, making him good at tracking prey and preparing for the final push. Though he may not be the fastest runner over distance, he can be counted on for the long-haul. His preferred tactic is to trip up his prey or otherwise use his strength and weight against them.
  • Tanning/Leatherworking (Master)
While Raghnall was taught lessons that would better prepare him to lead the Clan, Dermid was taught how to work with leather to help support trade with other Clans and popular Loner hubs. While Dermid doesn't have the fine dexterity for smaller craft or ornate designs, he's still able to make leather and simple leather goods (ex. bags, belts, furs, etc.). His passion is leather armor, such as pauldrons, bracers, and tassets. Chest armor, he has more difficulty with.
  • Horses
He grew up with horses and riding and fighting alongside them. He has a soft spot for the creatures, particularly big draft-bred ones and furry Shetland Ponies. He knows how basic care for the hoofed beasts, and has long dreamed of being able to tame a wild one of his own.
  • Cooking
As a lover of food, Dermid loves to cook. He's not one to go overly heavy with spices, and is of the mindset that simple can be more. He very much loves his meat (cooked or raw!), but has a secret affinity for root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. He's mastered simple plating and stews. His favorite food (aside from various meats) above all though is an apple.
  • Reading & Writing
He can read and write, though, his handwriting his awful.


Belenus (Draft horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

Active: March – September 2020

  • Sex: Gelding
  • Species: Draft horse
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (2012)
  • Size:
    • Height: 19 hands (76 in; 193 cm)
    • Weight: 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg)
  • Key Features: White blaze and socks; short tail; feathering
  • Coloration: Bay with dark brown eyes
  • None
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider and cart-trained
  • Trained warhorse
  • Great endurance and strength
  • Slow-moderate speed over long distance
  • Not easily spooked
  • Hardworking and brave


Belenus is a big horse. He has an athletic build atop his long, feathered legs, and his figure in general exudes power and strength. He is a dark, bay coloration with a dark mane and short, faded tail. He has splashes of white on him, seen in the blaze on his broad, wide nose and on each of his legs. Typical of his draft breeding, he is not a horse that can turn on a dime or ideal for racing. He can put on quite a bit of speed, however, it’s only in short spurts.


He is a gentle, simple creature. He’s not bothered by much, and is very trusting of his Luperci handlers. For such a big boy, he’s mindful of smaller creatures, and often does his best to not step on them. He’s willing to please and work, and is noted for his confidence with tackling new things. If faced with an aggressive and threatening Luperci, he is not above being aggressive back.


Belenus and Alastor were bred on a working farm near Portland. They were (somewhat reluctantly) traded off to Dermid and Raghnall as payment for taking care of an aggressive group of rival traders. Raghnall and Dermid took the horses with them to Casa di Cavalieri, and worked with the pair, training them to become warhorses. When Raghnall dismissed Dermid from his duties, Dermid took Belenus with him when he escaped the pack in September 2020.




 Template by Despi

Dermid’s original coloration concept

  • Dermid’s original concept had him as more of a typical, grey wolf coloration of greys, tawnys, and creams. To give him more of a Scottish flare, however, his color was changed to more of a reddish coloration when his Optime concept was first drawn up.
    • His visual design (his “side burns”, thick red hair, and squat build) in Optime was inspired by dwarf characters such as Gimli from The Lord of the Rings and the dwarves from The Hobbit.
  • Originally, Dermid was meant to be a much more serious and crass individual, and was meant to be simply a lowly background character (like a typical game NPC) and yes-man. However, to bring more interest to Raghnall in-game and introduce more interest for readers, Dermid was redesigned to be more of an opposite, looser character than the serious, no-nonsense Raghnall. This meant making him more obnoxious, louder, and much more humorous.
  • Dermid was supposed to die alongside Raghnall in battle when Aldora Knight and Cedric Stryder took back the pack from the Scotsmen, however, changes were made to the end-game plot, and we decided to go with more of a redemption-type ending for Aldora and Cedric that we felt was a stronger (and much more emotional) conclusion to the pack plot. This meant Dermid was spared from his original demise, and he was, instead, sent away by Raghnall before the final battle.

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