Raghnall Thorburn

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by Songbird

Raghnall Thorburn was a member of Casa di Cavalieri before meeting his end in a one-on-one fight to the death with fallen-Sola, Aldora Knight, in the early fall of 2020. He played a pivotal role as the main villain and mastermind behind the The Mad King plot that ran from January – September 2020.

He was ranked as a First Officer before briefly ascending to a Knight of Fenris, a position comparable to a council member. He held the co-rank of Guardsman.

He was the son of Tasgall Thorburn and Moyra MacRae. The oldest of his siblings and the Alpha's son, Raghnall was raised with the skills and expectation that he would someday lead the Thorburn Clan and those that had pledged their allegiances to it. When a letter sent home by Jamie O'Neil reached the High Clans, Alpha Tasgall sent Raghnall to see if the infamous and dishonored Knights Clan could be returned to their former glory and made useful to the Thorburn Clan.

Raghnall traveled overseas, accompanied by his cousin and friend, Dermid MacRae, and veteran warrior and ally, Duncan Mac'claidheim. From Portland, they made their way north, eventually arriving and joining the Cavaliers in the early spring of 2020. There, Raghnall and his Scotsmen observed the pack and its many descendants of the Knight defector, Ares Knight. Raghnall saw weakness amongst their number though, and decided that their leader and Lune, Luca Knight, was the source of it.

Using precise and anonymously-made psychological warfare tactics that spanned over the length of the summer months, the Scotsmen drove the Lune mad to the point of doubting his own pack members, and even publicly murdered two Cavaliers. Raghnall ascended to power quickly afterwards through skillfully manipulating the situation and taking advantage of the pack’s broken resolve. He became a councilman that would “help make Casa di Cavalieri better,” a position he intended to use to return the Knights to their former glory, just as he had been ordered to by his father.

He held the position for a month before he and Jamie were overheard by fellow councilman, Warlord Cedric Stryder. Though they threatened him, initially, into silence, actions made by Cedric’s adoptive son, Fredrick Knight, was the catalyst to the Scotsmen’s inevitable demise. Realizing they would be killed for their crimes against the pack, Raghnall dismissed Dermid from his duties, and sent him to inform his younger siblings of his death, as well as to become their advisor.

Alone, he met Aldora when she challenged him for the right to reclaim her title as the pack’s leader and alpha. He fought her with honor—without his armor, without his sword—with the pack as their witness, and died when her fangs found his throat.






  • Date of Birth: 02 February 2015
  • Date of Death: 15 September 2020
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Residence: None
  • Pronunciation: RRAH-gh-n-AH-ll
  • Meaning: Gaelic form of "Ragnvaldr", which is composed of “advice, counsel” and “power, ruler”
  • Origin: Scottish
  • Epithet: The Dark Knight


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (March – Sep 2020)
  • Rank: Knight of Fenris (Aug – Sep 2020)
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Guardsman Tier I
  • NONE – Contact Songbird if you wish to make assumptions regarding this character.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
Raghnall is unmistakably a large wolf, a product of a long-passed down cultural belief that only the biggest and most powerful wolves being allowed to breed. He has a double-coat that grows in thickly in the winter months and large paws that help him traverse through thick snow. His ears are small, typical of those hailing heavily from northern-dwelling wolves. Raghnall sports a powerful physique noticeable throughout all of his forms. Toned from years of fighting and training, his large size, build, dark coat, and cold expression often make him a formidable, if not intimidating, individual to face.
  • Optime Hair: Shoulder length, silken and thick with a slight wave to it; worn slicked back and out of his face
  • Build and Size: Tall and powerful-looking. Athletic, broad-shouldered, and with tasteful musculature. It’s very obvious that he is a fighter.
    • Lupus : 40 in (102 cm) ↔ 105 lbs (48 kg)
    • Secui: 50 in (127 cm) ↔ 165 lbs (75 kg)
    • Optime: 6 ft 10 in (82 in / 208 cm) ↔ 250 lbs (113 kg)

  • Scars:
    • Jagged scar near left eye from a sword
    • Three claw marks across his left breast crossing over his shoulder; crosses over tattoo
    • Two crisscrossing scars on his left forearm from two different incidents
    • Star-cluster scar on his left side where he was stabbed
    • Mark across his right thigh from an axe

  • Tattoos:
    • Celtic bear pawprint tattoo on left breast
  • Humanization: Highly humanized, but may come off as somewhat primitive compared to some Luperci due to his mannerism, wardrobe, and way of doing things. He is very skilled and used to work with his hands, but is just as equally comfortable in his Lupus or Secui form as he is in Optime.

  • Everyday
    • Great kilt made of wool; often fastened at shoulder with a wooden plaid brooch
    • Matching pair of plated, leather pauldrons
    • Leather bracers
    • Leather belt
    • Dirk and short sword
  • Common
    • Wooden shield
    • Leather shin guards


  • Speech: Deep, rough, aggressive, blunt, crass, sarcastic; heavy Scottish accent
  • Scent: Pine, cedar, wood smoke, minerals
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Scowls and frowns often, very feral smile
  • General Posture and Body Language: Proud, confident, powerful


Dune (#24201e)
Merlin (#3b3632)
Fuscous Gray (#55504c)

Optime Hair

Dune (#24201e)


Hot Cinnamon (#d27019)

Nose/Pawpads/Claws, Scars

Cod GrayE (#161616)
Almond Frost (#90776b)

Reference Images

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1.2  Personality


  • Stoic, calm, arrogant, confident, blunt, perceptive, diplomatic

Raised from birth with the knowledge that he would one day take his father’s place as the Alpha of the Thorburn Clan, Raghnall’s personality has been heavily shaped by this knowledge and his experiences towards this end. He is noted as having always been a rather calm wolf, stoic, and conniving and perceptive as he was intelligent. This made him a rather formidable heir, as he was not one to be manipulated or fooled more than once by hopeful-influencers or other wolves hungry to have some sway over the pack’s political grounds. He was a child prodigy in terms of fighting talent and battle tactics, which forced him to join the Clan’s warriors from a young age, and, in turn, made Raghnall mature rather quickly and largely shape his adult personality.

He is a man who holds great pride in both his heritage and himself, and while his confidence may come off as arrogance, it is well-founded. He is a man who is loyal to those that have proven themselves to him, and will go above and beyond to protect and take care of those he deems “his responsibility,” be this his family, friends, or his pack. He is the type of individual that, if someone of “his” were to be captured, he would go to hell and back to rescue them, or, would make sure his enemies felt the full force of his wrath in his vengeance. Dutiful and protective of his own, Raghnall often earns the respect of his comrades.

Being raised as an Alpha’s son has made Raghnall quite at ease on the diplomatic front as he is in on the field of battle. He knows when to hold his tongue, but also knows how to tear his opponent down with methodical and precise wording and actions. Combined with his perceptive and tactician nature, Raghnall makes for a frightening individual to do business with, or, worse, to wrong. He knows how to use other’s words against them, and is quite good at twisting things to fit his own agenda or to further discount other’s credibility. He often uses logic, technicalities, and convenient omissions to win arguments, striking in such a way that his opponents become trapped in a corner. He is a man of honor—or, his version of it, at least—though, and, despite what may be seen as deceptive techniques, he refuses to lie to gain an advantage.


  • Outlook: Equally optimistic/pessimistic
  • Sociability: Largely introverted; Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Motivations: Honor, recognition, prestige, pride
  • Fears: Permanent handicaps, falling from grace, dishonor to his Clan


  • Likes: Fighting, hunting, horses, food, ale
  • Dislikes: Disrespect, weak individuals, cowards, being lied to, being made a fool/tricked


  • Packs: None
  • Species: Wolves are the superior species. Dogs are cowardly, weak, and often foolish-minded. Coyotes look like jackal-wolf hybrids.
  • Non-Luperci: So long as they’re not a wolf, they make good pets
  • Gender: Women are typically weak-minded or conniving
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Same-sex relationships are counterproductive to reproduction and may weaken one’s bloodline
  • Age: Elders typically like to hear themselves talk, the young are often rash


Strictly heterosexual, with a heavy preference for strong, independent wolf-blooded females that can hold their own in a fight. Women that are physically and/or mentally weak, or are overly loud and dramatic often irritate him. Raghnall does not openly seek the affections of another, nor has he any interest in romancing a woman he hardly knows. He is someone that does not open himself to others unless he has first formed a close bond with them. A relationship with Raghnall would take time and a lot of trust, as he is often suspicious of ulterior motives in women given his birthright.


He believes in the Wolf God and Conqueror, Fenris. The world of their ancestors was wrought with constant war and fighting, of give and take, and Fenris favors the strong and clever. In this world, it is eat or be eaten. Only the strong survive, and only the strong should lead the pack.


Raghnall is not above a good drink, and can hold his alcohol quite well. He has his own rules though, and he never allows himself to drink to a point where he can’t confidently swing his sword or fight.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Extended: Thorburn, MacRae
  • Mother: Moyra MacRae
  • Father: Tasgall Thorburn
  • Littermate: Conan Thorburn
  • Siblings: Eadan Thorburn (2), Emer Thorburn (2), Eoghan Thorburn (2)
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents: He holds a rather business-like relationship with his father, seeing him first as an Alpha and leader of the Clan than his actual father. Having been raised in his shadow since he could walk, Raghnall grew out of love for his father quite some time ago. While he respects his father and is loyal to him, Raghnall views him to be too arrogant and aggressive in his old age. Of his mother, he has a hefty respect for warrior women because of her, and her personality, skills, and actions, have heavily influenced his personal standards for females and their worth. It is from her, that he gained his more compassionate tendencies compared to his father.
  • Siblings: Having lost Conan in his puphood, Raghnall feels rather detached about his relationship with his brother and littermate than he feels towards his younger siblings. He holds a rather open and affectionate relationship with his sister, Emer, and brother, Eoghan, and it is with them that Raghnall’s personality truly brightens and his protective wrath knows no bounds. The loss of his brother, Eadan, was one that Raghnall took personally, and is one of his deepest regrets.

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Dermid MacRae is Raghnall’s cousin. The two had known and been with each other since they were weaned, and, as such, Raghnall was very close and loyal to his cousin. He often relied on Dermid for counsel and to be brutally honest with him. He knew he could count on Dermid to have his back and not be swayed to turn against him despite hefty bribes or pretty promises. The two knew the ins and outs of each other; from how they fought to how they would think or act. In the end, Raghnall chose to dismiss Dermid from his duties to him, asking that he, instead, pledge himself to Raghnall’s younger siblings, and see to their protection where Raghnall could not. Raghnall trusted no one else to protect his siblings like he knew Dermid would. As well, Raghnall did not want Dermid to die because of him.
  • Jamie O'Neil was a valued ally. While he may have been young and had less life experience compared to some of Raghnall’s other comrades, he saw great promise and value in the O’Neil, and trusted his sword. When Jamie deserted the High Clans, Raghnall was disappointed, but, felt an understanding for him given the circumstances he’d run from. He made a personal vow to try to bring Jamie back with him to be one of his trusted swordhands once their mission in Casa di Cavalieri was finished. At the end, however, Raghnall had hoped that the Cavaliers’ love for Jamie might spare him and his children, especially if Raghnall could argue that the other Scotsmen had only been following his orders.
  • Duncan Mac'claidheim was a veteran warrior and someone Raghnall highly respected. His talents on the battlefield, sound council, and overall life experience made him a desirable individual to keep in Raghnall’s circle of trusted clansmen. When Raghnall was given the task to travel overseas, Duncan was one of two that Raghnall wanted to have come with him. Once the mission was over, Raghnall had intended to ask Duncan to be one of his swordhands and advisors once he took power from his father in the Thorburn Clan. Raghnall felt anger at Duncan’s untimely demise, and blamed himself for its preventable end.

Notable Relations

  • Aldora Knight was the first Cavalier Raghnall ever met. She initially struck him as a strong and pretty she-wolf with potential. She had all the qualities to make a fine Alphess, however, he quickly found her drive, confidence, and priorities to be rather lacking, or otherwise distracted from what they should have been. He blamed her lack of actions and firm leadership skills on her mentor and fellow-Alpha, Lune Luca, which was what spared her when Raghnall plotted to undermine Casa di Cavalieri leadership. When she chose to fight him alone—rather than make the pack fight for her—for the right to be Casa di Cavalieri’s Alpha once more, she earned his respect, and he felt no ill-feelings towards her when he met his inevitable end.
  • Starlight Hushhowl was a young but promising Cavalier, that, despite her age and inexperience, managed to earn quite a bit of respect from Raghnall. Her calm and no-nonsense personality and fighting prowess reminded him greatly of his fellow female, warrior companions back home, and he found her presence to be a welcomed comfort of familiarity as a result. He helped train and hone Starlight’s skills in mounted combat, and, given more time in the pack, he might have considered pursuing her romantically.
  • Cedric Stryder was the son of the Lune, and a skilled warrior. His fighting prowess, desire to keep the pack safe, and being active and proactive about its defenses earned him Raghnall’s respect. However, while his high rank promised well of the love of his fellow Cavaliers, his loyalty, and his potential, Raghnall thought that Cedric was naïve and ignorant to the harsh reality of the world beyond the pack, and he blamed Cedric’s young age and blood relation to Luca to be his downfall when Raghnall and his men made their move to take over the pack. He specifically made Cedric a member of the Knights of Fenris because he thought Cedric would make a fine leader and warrior, if only given the proper direction.
  • Luca Knight was the Lune of Casa di Cavalieri, and, as one of the larger males, and the one in a position of leadership, in Raghnall’s eyes, Luca was the pack’s main Alpha, or, leader. While, initially, Raghnall respected Luca, upon getting to know the pack better and learning of its history and inner workings, he saw many flaws, and, as its leader, Raghnall blamed those flaws on Luca. Raghnall saw him as a weak leader, leading to weaknesses in the pack as well. As such, Raghnall saw fit to tactically remove him from power and attempt to return the Knight Clan to its former glory once he was out of the way.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: ---
  • Murders: Miscellaneous NPCs

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Warrior, Fighter

  • Fighting (Master):
Being the Alpha’s son and next in line to lead the Thorburn Clan, Raghnall was expected to fight, and to do so well. So, he was taught from an early age how to fight to defend the Clan’s lands from their enemies. Growing up, he had a constant sparring partner in his cousin, Dermid, and their bond and practices only remained as the two grew into adulthood. Raghnall is an expert in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and feral fighting.
  • Horses (Journeyman):
Raghnall grew up around and using horses, and, again, as the Alpha’s son, was expected to learn how to fight from the back of one. Due to his size, he can no longer ride the smaller and swifter horses, and can only use the larger and slower (but more powerful) draft-bred types. Raghnall is quite comfortable with riding and mounted combat, and knows basic care in regards to horses.
  • Shield (Journeyman):
While not as proficient as his sword arm or unarmed fighting capabilities, Raghnall has experience with using a wooden shield in battle. He much prefers to do without, however, he understands the importance of one in the thick of fresh combat.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Hunting (Master):
Yet another expectation of the Alpha’s son, Raghnall was taught how to both lead a hunt as well as to be a supporting member. In either case, he was taught the importance of teamwork. He can track, stalk, and course prey, and is no stranger to making the killing take down and bite. Raghnall works best in hunting in Lupus or Secui.
  • Diplomacy & Politics (Journeyman):
Raghnall is no fan of politics and turns his lip to those who are insincere or brown-nose. Despite his disinterest, he does well enough when forced into the environment. He knows how to talk and conduct himself, how to switch from being neutral to cutthroat when necessary. He isn’t rash, and doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of things. His style is to be brutally honest and to be confident in his verdicts to convey a strong front.
  • Whittling & Small Woodcraft (Journeyman):
As a pastime, Raghnall has developed a small love for whittling and creating small woodcraft. He finds the actions soothing, calming, and, surprisingly, an easy trade source. He favors animal totems and Celtic runes.

4.  NPCs



  • Current: None



Can be Referenced...

Alastor (Draft horse)

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Species: Draft horse
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (2014)
  • Onboard?: --
  • Active: Mar – Sep 2020
  • Size:
    • Height: 17.3 hands (71 in; 180 cm)
    • Weight: 2,000 lbs (907 kg)
  • Key Features: Slight wave to mane/tail; light feathering
  • Coloration: Solid black with dark brown eyes

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume:

  • Alastor’s care and ownership being taken over by Starlight Hushhowl in September 2020.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider and cart-trained
  • Trained warhorse
  • Great endurance and strength
  • Slow-moderate speed over long distance, quick in short bursts
  • Not easily spooked
  • Hardworking and brave


Alastor is a very handsome horse, and it’s almost a shame that he was gelded. He’s tall and with more of an athletic breeding than raw, muscled power. He is thick-boned, and while he looks quick powerful, he walks with a graceful gait. His mane and tail have a slight crinkle or wave to them, and are just as dark as the rest of him. His legs are only lightly feathered.


He is quiet, observant, and, in general, docile. He shows a willingness to learn, and holds great trust in his Luperci handlers. He is a hardworking creature, and can, at times, be stubborn. He is not easily spooked by combat or weaponry, however, he will remove himself from the immediate vicinity of it. If attacked or charged by a Luperci, he isn’t afraid to kick, stomp, or bite back.


Alastor and Belenus were bred on a working farm near Portland. They were (somewhat reluctantly) traded off to Raghnall and Dermid as payment for taking care of an aggressive group of rival traders. Raghnall and Dermid took the horses with them to Casa di Cavalieri, and worked with the pair, training them to become warhorses.
When Raghnall was killed by Sola Aldora Knight, Alastor’s care was taken over by Sworn Brotherhood member, Starlight Hushhowl, who had worked and trained with Alastor when she’d been training with Raghnall in mounted combat.

5.  History

The Rise of a Dark Knight

Thorburn Clan


February 2015 – February 2020


Oighre (Heir)

Raghnall was born in the Scottish Highlands to Clan Alphas Moyra MacRae and Tasgall Thorborn, and, as the firstborn son, he was to be the heir and eventually inherit his ancestors’ hard-earned legacy. The Thorburn Clan was one of many Clans—locally, known as the High Clans—that roamed the Scottish Highlands. Like many of the High Clans, the Thorburns were wolf-blooded, and had a very violent way of living; full of constant skirmishes for land, power, and goods. This fact, along with the general, harsh lifestyle of the highlands, Raghnall was cursed with a bitterly harsh life from the start. He lost his littermate and brother, Conan, to an assassination attempt while they were still pups, and he lost his younger brother, Eadan, during a border conflict with a rival clan.
His education in fighting and diplomacy were started from a young age. He was raised alongside his cousin, Dermid MacRae, who was expected to be his right-hand and shield when they became older. Raghnall showed great promise and talents even as a pup, which only caused his father to push him further and further as he grew older. On his father’s orders, Raghnall joined the Clan’s warriors in border skirmishes and raids as a teenager, and the fights, losses, bloodshed, and terrors he saw caused him to mature quickly, though, it also honed his talents in fighting as well as in battle tactics. Forced into attending diplomacy meetings, Raghnall became wise to clan politics, as well as how to read and predict the actions of other Luperci.
His experiences, the culture of their lands, and the harshness of the cruelties in life molded Raghnall into a formidable and powerful individual. Loyal and protective of his people, and one of their best fighters and tacticians, Raghnall was well respected amongst his clansmen and greatly feared by his enemies.
During Raghnall’s father reign as the clan’s Alpha, the Thorburns had become a rather formidable clan, and had had many smaller ones pledge their loyalty to them. Tasgall’s greed could not be satiated though, forever wanting more, more, and more. While older, Tasgall was still in his prime, and was, by no means, ready to retire from his position. So, when a letter came from overseas from a scout named Jamie O'Neil, Tasgall saw an opportunity to increase the spread of his rule, as well, bide him more time before his son inevitably took his throne.
He gave Raghnall orders to confirm the validity of the letter—that the deserter descendants of the infamous and once-powerful Knight Clan had been found—and sent him overseas. He barred Raghnall from taking a large group of warriors, fearful that the clan’s strongest fighters would choose to follow Raghnall and leave the clan weak in the eyes of their adversaries. Raghnall consented to his father’s orders and judgement, and chose only to take his trusted cousin, Dermid, with him, as well as a veteran warrior, Duncan Mac'claidheim, who was close to Jamie, having once been the younger Scotsman’s mentor.
They paid a hefty sum for safe passage across the Atlantic during the final months of winter in 2020, and eventually made landfall in Portland. Raghnall and Dermid secured the group horses to help make their long journey a bit easier, and made their way steadily north, as detailed in Jamie’s letter. Eventually, they found Casa di Cavalieri.

The Fall of a Mad King

Casa di Cavalieri


March – 15 September 2020


Knight of Fenris (Aug – Sep 2020)

  • First Officer (Aug 2020)
  • Second Officer (Jul 2020)
  • First Cadet (Jun 2020)
  • Second Cadet (May 2020)
  • Recruit (Mar – Apr 2020)


Guardsman Tier I

Raghnall, Dermid, and Duncan were met at Casa di Cavalieri’s borders by pack leader and Sola, Aldora Knight. She was wary of the Scotsmen, as the pack had lost two of their own members (1, 2) to Outsiders in the months prior, however, she eventually gave her approval for them to join the pack after realizing they were friends of Jamie’s. Upon becoming indoctrinated, Raghnall initially gave the Scotsmen orders to simply observe and feel the pack out. While there were many that carried the Knight name and were wolf-blooded, Raghnall wanted to confirm what his father desired; that the Knights could be returned to their former, renowned glory as fearsome warriors on the battlefield.
He bided his time, getting to know the Cavaliers and discovering their weaknesses and strengths as a whole. He found the pack to, indeed, be filled with fighters, though, many were too green compared to his clansmen back home, and had likely never seen a day of true battle. He also found the pack to be rampant in same-sex mateships, something that was unheard of—or extremely rare and taboo depending on which elder and clan one spoke to—back in the High Clans. Compared to the clans, too, the pack’s overall defenses felt lacking, and its people, weak and too distracted and comfortable with a life living behind their Fort’s walls and never looking beyond them.
If Raghnall was to salvage what potential there was in the pack, he had to weed out the weak, starting with the leader who had allowed it to fester and take root in the first place; Lune Luca Knight. Back in the Highlands, Alphas were often challenged by others, and Raghnall was no different. Ever the tactician though, Raghnall knew—as a newer member of the pack and as a non-bloodkin—that he would not be able to win the pack over if he boldly challenged Luca’s title as the pack’s Alpha. Instead, he felt that he stood a greater chance of manipulating the pack to his favor if he could prove Luca to be an unfit leader.
So, Raghnall devised various tactics to test Luca’s ability to lead his pack, finding that using psychological warfare to yield the greatest results in turning the Lune mad with paranoia. With many of the Council and Brotherhood old or young and naïve, and Aldora rather absent and distracted from her role as Sola, Raghnall decided to get rid of Luca, and the rest of the weaker, higher ranks would fall with his demise. Taking over the pack and winning their favor would be a matter of playing the right cards at the precise moment.
The Scotsmen’s mission had nearly ended before it could firmly take foot, however, when the child, Fredrick Knight, overheard them talking about getting rid of Luca. They managed to coerce the meek and often-voiceless boy into silence though by threatening his family and his own life.
Not long after, Raghnall found his opportune moment when the Lune decided to go on a patrol near the pack’s borders alone. The Scotsmen had planned on staging the scene to look as if Luca had been killed by a Loner, however, their plans were interrupted when the pack’s old tiger, Ovidiu, came to the Lune’s defense. The Scotsmen managed to fight the tiger off, and, ultimately, killed him. The delay had wasted precious time though, and Raghnall called off their assassination attempt, ordering that they botch the scene and get rid of any evidence of their being there. They would have to strike another day.
The attack only further drove Luca mad, making him distrustful of his own pack to the point of enforcing stringent curfew rules, as well as forcing the Brotherhood to spy on their own packmates. Raghnall and his men were able to successfully evade the Lune’s attempts to discover the traitor(s) amongst his ranks, and when word got out that Luca didn’t trust his pack and accused one of them for attacking him, Raghnall took advantage of the unease that settled from the Lune’s own making. The plan to make the pack doubt their Alpha’s ability to soundly lead them was slowly working.
Deciding that it was safe to resume the psychological attacks on the Lune, Raghnall tasked Duncan with planting a letter in the Lune’s personal office. With his other men staged and with alibis, the plan should have worked, however, Raghnall could not have predicted for the events that came after he handed the letter off to the old veteran. Duncan had passed the letter off to his lover, Tessa Raskin, to deliver, and she had been caught and accused of being its author by the Lune. When she explained that Duncan had given it to her, Luca ordered for the Scotsman to be brought before him. A hasty trial was held, and, though their innocence was proven—their handwritings didn’t match that of the letter, for, it had been Raghnall who had written the message for the Lune—Luca would not stand for it, and he murdered them viciously before the entire pack to see.
Though fueled by his anger for losing one of his clansmen, Raghnall put his feelings aside, and decided to go with a new plan for taking over the pack. A trial was to be held for the Lune for his actions against his own packmates, however, for his safety, Luca would not be at his own trial, but, rather, holed up in his office under guard. Raghnall would not leave it up to the pack to decide Luca’s fate, not when it had been his clansmen that had been murdered. So, he tasked Jamie with killing the Lune; both as an act of kindness to allow Jamie revenge for his fallen mentor, and because Jamie was the most well-loved by the pack, and had the strongest alibi that Raghnall felt few would question. Meanwhile, at the trial, Raghnall would see if he could persuade the Cavaliers to kill the Lune anyways on the off-chance Jamie was unable to succeed.
On the day of the trial, the pack voted to spare Luca’s life, however, when word came that Luca had escaped from his office, the pack was sent on a hunt to find him. To keep up the ruse of their innocence, Raghnall and Dermid joined the rest of the pack in their search. The Lune was found dead in the Town Square, and as the pack mourned the loss of their leader, Raghnall decided to take advantage of their moment of weakness and loss of direction. He accused Sola Aldora and the Council of failing Luca when he needed them most, and questioned their absence when his mind had spiraled into madness. Raghnall had intended to use his speech to plant seeds of doubt in the pack’s minds. He had not intended for Aldora to actually step down and renounce her leadership and position as the pack’s last remaining Alpha.
Warlord Cedric Stryder asked for Raghnall to help fix the pack and strengthen it, even going so far as to offer him the rank cloak of leadership that Aldora had cast aside. Raghnall refused—it would have been too obvious if he accepted it—and, instead, suggested that they form a new, leading council instead. He chose individuals that both fit his stated agenda—to be what the pack needed in that moment—and his hidden one—individuals whose influence, connections, and/or personalities could play to his favor—and those individuals were Warlord Cedric (young, but a strong fighter, and with great potential), Laborhead Honrin (someone who had recently been outed as a hero of sorts to the pack, revealing the Lune’s previous deceit and lies), First Officer Jamie (well-loved by many members, but, also one of Raghnall’s own), and First Cadet Nayavota (loud and outspoken, he didn’t want to risk having her speak out against him or unintentionally undermine him; it was best to keep her on his side, supporting his agenda). Together, the five of them formed the Knights of Fenris.
In the month that followed the new leading council’s formation, Raghnall did his best to reach out to the pack and give off the image of someone they could trust, and someone who wanted to consider their interests and opinions and make the pack something they could all collectively stand behind. While a great majority of it was genuine, it was also a tactic to win the pack over and make his eventual take over to become its leader seamless, without the pack even realizing that they’d been manipulated by him. These plans were cut short, however, when Cedric overheard Raghnall and Jamie talking one morning, revealing their involvement with the Lune, Cedric’s father’s, demise.
In an attempt to not lose months of hard work and make Duncan’s death in vain, Raghnall decided on a drastic measure to keep Cedric silent and compliant; threatening his children. While Cedric may have begrudgingly accepted to remain silent about what he’d heard, Fredrick decided to renounce his previous vows of silence upon seeing his father’s return to the Fort. When Dermid discovered Fredrick meeting with Aldora, he alerted the remaining Scotsmen, and Raghnall made one final amendment to their mission. He tasked Jamie with taking care of Fredrick, and he sent Dermid away while the pack was still unaware of things that had happened that morning.
When he returned to Fort Kingsbury, Raghnall took the time to mentally prepare himself for what he knew would be his last day alive. He had expected Aldora to demand his presence—if she was the Alpha she wanted to be, had promise to be, she would not have dismissed what Fredrick revealed to her—and he had heeded her summons. When she accused him of his actions against the pack, Raghnall did not deny them. And when she challenged him to the right to lead her pack once again, Raghnall accepted out of honor for the old ways and for her courage and desire to reclaim her title.
Though he knew he would die—be it by her teeth or the pack’s—Raghnall fought Aldora in a one-on-one battle in Optime with nothing more but their own fangs and claws as their weapons. While they managed to badly batter one another—Raghnall left a vicious scar down the side of Aldora’s face—Raghnall met his end when Aldora managed to bite his throat, crushing his windpipe and causing him to bleed out.



March 2020
Finally at their journey’s end, Raghnall, Dermid, and Duncan join Casa di Cavalieri. The pack is in the midst of preparing for a large, diplomacy event with other packs in the realm, so, Raghnall and Dermid do what they can to help before watching the various festivities.

  1. To the fella over there with the hella good hair (Early March)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Skadi Eklund, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall and Dermid apprehend a sneaking girl and her bear, and, after ensuring they're not there to steal from them, Raghnall asks about Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. Took the midnight train goin' anywhere (March)
    Casa di Cavalieri borders with Aldora Knight, Duncan Mac'claidheim, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall, Duncan, and Dermid join the Cavaliers.
  3. For Honor and Glory (25 Mar)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Casa di Cavalieri, Mistfell Vale, New Caledonia, Del Cenere Gang, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Lune Luca calls the pack and its guests to welcome them to the Spring Tournament.
  4. i wanna be where the people are (26 Mar)
    Fort Kingsbury (Stables) with Arlen Stryder, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall and Dermid meet the pack's Dishonorable, Arlen, the son of the Lune.

April 2020
Raghnall and Dermid continue to acquaint themselves with the pack and its workings. In the background, they also help with the strengthening the pack’s borders project led by Cedric, proposed by Duncan. Raghnall is disappointed that neither of Casa di Cavalieri’s leadership thought to take any defensive measures (and that the project had to be headed by a Brotherhood member) despite the pack having lost two of their own prior to Raghnall’s arrival.

  1. Picture Perfect (Mid-April)
    Whisper Beach, with Casa di Cavalieri, Dermid MacRae.
    A mateship ceremony is held for Armani Catori and Dawn Hushhowl.
  2. Initiation to the Fold (Late-April)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    An Apprentice Ceremony is held for Fredrick Knight.

May 2020
Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. May the eye of the goddess bless (07 May)
    Whisper Beach, with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    A mateship ceremony is held for Aldora Knight and Minerva Griffith.
  2. [M] Ring-ding didle idle i de-o (25 May)
    Wolfville (Five Shields), with Jamie O'Neil, Duncan Mac'claidheim, Dermid MacRae.
    The four Scotsman relax, share drinks, and trade verbal blows like they used to back home.
  3. A Step for Protection (29 May)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Lune Luca calls a pack meeting to announce the effects of the earthquake, as well as to enact a travel ban for the pack's safety.

June 2020
Having seen enough, Raghnall secretly makes plans to shake the foundation that Lune Luca stands upon. The Scotsmen are overheard, however, by Fredrick, and they threaten the boy into silence. Raghnall and his Scotsmen carry out the first of their plans towards the end of the month.

  1. Make no mistake (02 Jun)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Jamie O'Neil, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall and Jamie spar with hand-to-hand.
  2. Watching water boil (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri borders, with Pushok Hushhowl, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall, Dermid, and Pushok patrol the borders and deal with an Outsider.
  3. And with every passing hour, I'm so glad I left my tower (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri borders, with Cedric Stryder, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Wanting to get to know one of the pack's upper ranking members better, Raghnall seeks out Cedric to have him explain what he—and in part, Leadership—expect from guard routines.
  4. [M] Something reeks, oh, it's me (June)
    Shattered Coast, with Zetsubou, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall, Dermid, and Zetsubou scavenge a mink whale for its blubber and meat.
  5. Get off my lawn (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Jace’s wetu home), with Jace Wolfe, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall and Dermid stumble across the home of Casa di Cavalieri's Honored Elder, retired fighter, and reluctant veteran, Jace.
  6. Clotted Mud and Baited Breath (25 Jun)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Lune Luca calls the pack together upon being informed of a threatening message painted in blood on the Courthouse's wall.

July 2020
Raghnall and his Scotsmen [M] attack the Lune, however, are stopped from finishing the job by the pack’s tiger, Ovidiu. In the aftermath, Raghnall orders his men to lay low when Luca increases security around the pack. Later, the Lune’s mistrust of his own pack comes to light thanks to Nayavota, and Raghnall is satisfied to see his plan slowly working to make the pack question the Lune.

  1. there's a million things I haven't done but just you wait... (10 Jul)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Lune Luca calls the pack together to promote Cedric Stryder to Warlord...and also to put forth stringent new rules on his Cavaliers.
  2. Cossack and Russian reeled from the sabre stroke (19 Jul)
    Fort Kingsbury (Racetrack), with Starlight Hushhowl, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall trains Starlight in how to fight from horseback.
  3. A little stir-crazy (24 Jul)
    Casa di Cavalieri borders, with Eros Damaichu, cNPC Dermid MacRae, pNPC Howland Reeves.
    Raghnall, Dermid, and Eros scout the pack's eastern border.

August 2020
Feeling it safe enough to return to their previous, anonymous attacks, Raghnall has Duncan deliver another message for the Lune. However, actions he could not foresee cause for Duncan and Tessa to be murdered before the pack by the crazed Lune. Raghnall orders for Jamie to kill Luca while the pack is preoccupied with the trial being held for the Lune’s public actions against his own pack. When Luca is later found dead, Raghnall takes advantage of the pack’s broken resolve to further shake their trust in leadership, accidentally—though conveniently—resulting in his rise to a position of leadership as a member of the Knights of Fenris. In the aftermath, he makes sure to give off the impression of someone with the pack’s genuine interest in mind.

  1. [M] Torn Envelope (15 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    When a threatening letter is delivered to the Luca, he calls the pack together in a hasty trial against the accused, resulting in the death of Duncan and Tessa.
  2. [M] The Scales of Libra (17 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    In the wake of the murders of Duncan and Tessa, Lune Luca's trial is held, however, it is brought to an abrupt halt when Luca goes missing.
  3. [M] Let the fire burn a lullaby (17 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Lune Luca's murdered body is found, and the pack is broken. Raghnall decides to speak up, resulting in Sola Aldora stepping down and the formation of the Knights of Fenris.
  4. Send him to the stars (17 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    A funeral is held for the deceased Lune, Luca.
  5. In need of an unbiased perspective (Late August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Sian Damaichu.
    Raghnall finds Sian, and asks about her ideas on how to change Casa di Cavalieri for the better.
  6. There's no dollar sign on a peace of mind, this I've come to know (Late August)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Jace Wolfe, cNPC Jacelyn Denahlii.
    Raghnall takes a break and watches Jace and Jacelyn while they practice archery.
  7. They just don't trust what they can't explain (Late August)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Veri Secanti, yNPC Alaric Ivanov.
    Raghnall seeks Chief Cleric Veri out in attempt to smooth things over after accusing the Brotherhood of inadvertently causing the Lune's demise.
  8. Battle Ready (Late August)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Pallas Nephus, cNPCs Dermid MacRae, Atreo.
    As a newer member of the pack, Raghnall decides to see what Pallas' thoughts are on Casa di Cavalieri, and what changes he'd like to see.
  9. And my house it's not much to talk about (Late August)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Hushhowl dens), with Dusk Hushhowl.
    Raghnall visits the Hushhowl camp, wanting to see how the family's home repairs are going now that they've been allowed to return to their former home.

September 2020
Things continue to go smoothly as a member of the new council up until Raghnall and Jamie are overheard by another council member, Cedric. While they silence him, it was his adoptive son, Fredrick, that ran to fallen-Sola, Aldora, to tell her the truth about the Scotsmen. When months of their nefarious deeds are finally brought to light, Raghnall faces the consequences with steely eyes.

  1. Take the next step (01 Sep)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Starlight Hushhowl, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Raghnall asks Starlight if she'll accept a promotion into the Brotherhood.
  2. With eyes as sharp as the edge of her blade (03 Sep)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    First Officer Starlight Hushhowl takes her oath and joins the Brotherhood.
  3. It's always darkest before dawn (15 Sep)
    Casa di Cavalieri borders, with Jamie O'Neil, Cedric Stryder, cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    When Raghnall and Jamie are overheard by Warlord Cedric, they decide to take drastic actions to ensure their plans remain a secret to the rest of the pack.
  1. (RO) Lose each weakness that remains, now that I have nothing left to lose (15 Sep)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with cNPC Dermid MacRae.
    Realizing that he will likely die later that day, Raghnall dismisses Dermid from his servitude to him.
  2. [M] Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep (15 Sep)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Aldora Knight, Casa di Cavalieri (background).
    Fallen-Sola Aldora challenges Raghnall for the right of leadership, and he honors her, resulting in a fight to the death.

6.  Trivia

  • Even though the plot began in January 2020, planning for The Mad King plot started in mid-2019, with earlier ideas taking root as early as late-2018. Key players of this plot were Casa di Cavalieri leadership members Melissa, Nat, and Jazzy; Melissa’s roommate, Ruby, and long-time ex-Cavalieri member, Songbird.
  • Raghnall’s original character concept came about in 2019. He was originally planned as a much darker, much crueler individual. He was intended to be everything Casa di Cavalieri was not, and to very much look down upon the Cavaliers and despise the weakness that had become of the Knight Clan. During the plot’s development stages, his eventual takeover was supposed to be more dramatic, with the Scotsmen killing Lune Luca outright (Aldora was not the pack’s Sola during the early planning stages) and with Raghnall becoming the pack’s new leader as a result. He was original intended to enforce things like wanting to cull the “weak” members of Casa di Cavalieri’s youth, abolishing and enforcing new mateship laws (only the “strong” could mate; same-sex mates not allowed, etc.), and forcing religious individuals like Minerva Griffith to support the Clan’s version of Fenris instead of the one that is currently taken on by most Knight members (Fenris the Ruthless Conqueror vs. Fenris the Benevolent Hero). When Raghnall took over, it was supposed to be a very dark place in recent Casa di Cavalieri history. However, as the plot progressed, there was worry that the pack’s players might not play into this as smoothly as we would have liked. To mitigate the chances of the players making their characters immediately revolt (or, understandably, simply try to kill the Scotsmen immediately instead of allowing for the takeover), changes were made about how Raghnall would take over the pack.
    • Because these changes were made half-way through the plot, some of Raghnall’s original character concept can be seen in his earlier threads.
    • As well, his visual designs—such as Raghnall’s dark pelt and his large, black horse—were made because of his original intent to be a much darker, typical-villain type character.
  • The new-council group, the Knights of Fenris, was not part of the plot’s original concept, but, introduced later on in an attempt to further keep Casa di Cavalieri’s players in the dark, as well, to throw suspicion off of the Scotsmen from an OOC standpoint.
  • As he was intended to be a “surprise” villain, most of Raghnall’s posts are written in such a way that they actually omit key bits of information that would have otherwise made reader suspicious of his character from the start. While his actions are true to himself, many of his thoughts and reactions are closed off to the reader. This was done in order to ensure players kept their characters as true to themselves as possible, and, when the characters reacted to each key plot point, it would result in a reaction as “realistic” as one could get.

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