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Please direct all PMs to my OOC account. This is the account that I will always log in on. Character accounts will only be logged in on to reply to threads.


I followed Eve from the dark lands in September 2013 with my original character, Skana Creo. In the beginning, I left and rejoined the forum a few times before my most recent comeback in February 2015. I was an OOC leader of Midnight Shores from April - December 2016, when the pack was disbanded. I was then an OOC leader of Sapient from January 2017 - July 2018, when it was also disbanded.

I am currently part of the Mod Squad (I'm a Moderator), having joined the team in December 2017. I am an OOC Leader of Salsola, and joined the team in February 2020.


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  • Plotting: Please be serious with your plot suggestions; I have been heavily burned by whims before, so I am often reluctant with engaging in plots as a result.
  • Lasky: I do not do Lasky because I usually forget about posting in it.
  • Mature Content:
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  • Powerplay: Minor PP is fine, please ask for anything else beforehand or if you're unsure though.
  • Assumptions: I'm fine with packmates knowing of my character (name, rank). For anything not specifically listed in their assumptions section on their wikis, please ask first.
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Titles & Icons Trivia


  • I helped contribute to the Sapient Procrastination Icon Hunt of 2017, and made a personal icon to represent Sapient's Leadership at the time; myself (European Robin) and Kitty (mug with a cat paw print). The mug was made a saturated red for Sapient's dominate and often-used pack color.
  • Because I'm a sucker for uniformity, I originally made custom Pack Pride buttons to match across my characters' signatures (all were modeled after the Sapient button I had on Asura), but later decided to make them for other packs too:
    • Salsola Mistfell Vale Casa di Cavalieri Cour des Miracles Del Cenere Gang New Caledonia
  • My custom title, "Ghost of Razgriz" and its hover, "Fear and death trail its shadow beneath," are from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. The hover is from the poem regarding Razgriz, and the title itself is what the player's fighter squadron becomes known as by their enemies after they faked their deaths. Their fighters' paint is onyx with crimson accents.
  • My custom title, "Lock-on" and its hover, "[ MISSILE ALERT ! ]," are from the Ace Combat series. When an enemy fighter has a missile locked on your plane, the HUD will display this warning.
  • My Legend of Zelda’s Sheikah Eye icon Sheikah is because I love the game series, particularly, the character Sheik from Ocarina of Time.
  • My Japanese fox mask icon Never see me is because I love the masks, and is a small token of my old love for the ANBU of Naruto. The “Never see me” hover is ninja-related (stealthy, you never see them = I’m always on invisible xD)
  • My Animal Crossing’s Blathers the Owl icon Tend to Blather is because, like Blathers, I tend to be full of information and I tend to blather :p
  • My Substitute Shinigami Badge icon Shinigami Daikou is because I was a fan of Bleach.
  • My hat-wearing owl icon Seeing is Believing and its hover, "Seeing is Believing", was a prize won on Kamari from the [SL] October 2022 event.

Skana Creo

  • Her wolf skull icon, They Call Me a Demon and its hover, "They Call Me a Demon," are a homage to Judas Poer de Aika XIII (who is dead and had red eyes) and the thread/encounter that changed Skana's once naive and innocent perception of strangers, titled: They Call Me a Demon [M]
  • Her custom title, "Demons hide in Shadows" with its hover, "don't get too close," is a nod to Judas (red; "Demons"), Skana (blue), and Anathema (grey; "Shadows"), and the fact that though one may never know it when they meet her, Skana comes from a dark past.
  • Her custom title was changed after the disbandment of Midnight Shores, "Drive on and don't look back" with its hover, "It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past," were for Skana's change again in packs and her learning from her mistakes; the colors were changed to symbolize Midnight Shores (pink and darker blue), Skana (blue), and Anathema (grey).
  • The conch shell icon I can still hear the sea and its hover, "I can still hear the sea," was something I made for Midnight Shores when it disbanded, and was one of the three icons its members could purchase with their remaining game points.

Heine Kaiser

  • His crowned skull icon, All Hail the Fallen King with its hover, "All Hail the Fallen King," is a tribute to the fact that he was born a prince, but his home was destroyed when he was a child, and so he would never be able to live the life he was born in to.
  • His custom title, "You'll never break me" with its hover, "beat me, hate me, but," are a badge of Heine's stubbornness and unbroken spirit in his life as a slave.

Teagan Stryder

  • Her knight helm icon, My own Knight in Shining Armor with its hover, "My own Knight in Shining Armor," is a nod to Teagan's nature and her desire to be her own hero as well as a tribute to Casa di Cavalieri (knights, purple crest).
  • Her icon of a purple gladiolus flower, Gladiolus is a sort of symbol for Teagan's personality as well; the flower symbolizes "strength of character," "faithfulness, sincerity, and integrity," and "never giving up." The color purple symbolizes, "dignity, pride, and success." The gladiolus flower is also known as the "Sword Lily," thus another tribute to Casa di Cavalieri.
  • Her custom titles have always flip-flopped, but the current one; "You shoot me down / But I won't fall / I am Titanium" and their hover "Cut me down, but it's you who has further to fall," are song lyrics from "Titanium" by David Guetta feat. Sia. It was one of many songs that I felt represented Teagan.
  • Her temporary icon Beer Mug was my prize from a contest to name Casa di Cavalieri’s tavern, the Five Shields, in April 2017.
  • Her Stryder-Knight icon This is my Oath with its hover, "This is my Oath," was a custom emblem I made for Teagan and her direct descendants, and is the symbol worn on their armor. The hover was chosen because of the Brotherhood Oath she took while in Casa di Cavalieri that she held onto and lived by even after leaving the pack.

Shikoba Whiplash

  • His custom title "Break me down" and hover, "and build me up," are song lyrics from "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, and were chosen because of his depression that came from losing Bronx, which rekindled his hatred towards wolves because of the Boreas Conflict II, and caused his subsequent struggle to recover when he could not cope with the loss and temporarily left Inferni in the summer of 2017.
  • His Inferni flame icon Fire and Brimstone with its hover, "Fire and Brimstone," were bought when the pack disbanded. The hover was one of Inferni's often-used slogans/titles to symbolize the pack.

Elias Blueridge

  • His custom titles "When we hit / our lowest point", and their hover, "we are opened to the greatest change," is a quote from Aang in The Legend of Korra. It was chosen because Elias' biggest change and lowest point in his life was losing his sisters and having to surrender to an "enemy" pack at the fall of the Austringer Cartel. It forced him to be free of the Cartel's dark influence, and it helped Elias become the better person he was always meant to be. One line was purchased/won from being in the SSWM 2017 winners' circle.
  • His temporary icon of Krokar's goat, Edith, Edith and its custom hover, "The one that goat away," was a prize from Krokar's The Great Goat Getaway contest. I thought the pun was clever/funny :p
  • His mountain scene icon Blueridge is something I made before I decommissioned Elias so that he'd have one icon pretty. The icon is of the Blueridge Mountains, from which his surname comes from. The tiny birds are a nod to his falconry roots from his Austringer Cartel days.

Ragna Eklund

  • Her custom titles "Do not go gentle / Into that good night" and their hover, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light," are from a poem written by Dylan Thomas. I thought the poem suitable for Ragna due to her involvement with Boreas Conflict II and being one of the few survivors from the Boreas faction. The colors were chosen from the conflict's symbol used to represent Boreas.
  • Her red bear pawprint icon I will carry your memory and its hover, "I will carry your memory," are a tribute to Snorri Niequist, who was Ragna's closest ally that died in the aftermath of the Second Boreas Conflict. The icon is actually one of his family's emblems/is the tattoo that he wore on his chest.
  • Her scarred, roaring black bear icon Our scars make us with its hover, "Our scars make us," was chosen for Ragna's ferocity and would eventually become the symbol for her specific branch of the Eklund family.

Asura Creo

  • Her custom titles "Meant to fly / In that sky" and their hover, "No matter how many times you stumble," are lyrics from the Japanese song, "For You," by AZU. I liked the song and the inspirational lyrics :p
  • Her split wolf head icon Creo Duality and its hover, "Creo Duality," is a personal family pride icon that I made. Creos from the line that Asura hails from are more "true" Creos since they follow the more "traditional" color schemes of either very dark or very light in coat color, and eyes in men are predominately orange, for women, blue.
  • Her customized version of the caduceus icon Combat Medic and its hover, "Combat Medic," are a symbol of the role that Asura plays. She is a highly skilled medic with combat capabilities, thus allowing her to be capable of defending herself in a dangerous fighting environment. The icon actually has a knife instead of the traditional staff to play along with this theme.
  • Her Sapient Master/Apprentice Métier icon that I made It's written in our history and its hover, "It's written in our history," marks her time as a member of Sapient, and then history repeating itself in how her mother, Skana, ended Midnight Shores, and how Asura played a key part in the cause for the disbandment of Sapient. It was obtained with Sapient's disbanded.

Kamari Kaiser

  • Her custom title "If I wear a mask" and its hover, "I can fool the world, but I cannot fool my heart," are lyrics from Christina Aguilera's version of Disney's Mulan's song, "Reflection". The lyrics were meant to show Kamari's troubles with finding out where she stood in Salsola's political hierarchy, where she is of low birth compared to her packmates, as well as her decision to go into the espionage field. The title was obtained from being in the SSWM 2018 winners' circle.
  • Her crowned skull icon Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom and its hover, "Royalty of a Fallen Kingdom," is something "inherited" from Heine, as it was a symbol that I eventually chose to represent "true" Kaisers. She is from a line of royalty that no longer matters, for it has no kingdom and its then-only living descendant and heir was forced into slavery and now lives in a far-off land.
  • Her icon Shinobu is Japanese kanji of the word "Shinobu." Delving into the stealth field, as a fighter, through espionage and infiltration, with hiding and masking her true self, I often considered Kamari ninja-like, and felt the little kanji symbol fitting.
  • Her flower icon Snapdragon is a Snapdragon, a flower that is supposed to mean "deception," which is what Kamari does with her role as a spy.
  • Her custom title "Amongst Shadows" and its hover, "Be wary, for all is not as it seems," is a nod to Kamari's "title" of "The Shadow," as well as for her tendency to work...from the shadows in her role as a spy. The title was obtained from being in the SSWM 2019 winners' circle.
  • Her custom title "Seeker of Secrets" and its hover, "and oh the many that there are," are because she's a spy, and a nod to all of the secrets she's found thus far.
    • Her custom title "Bearer of Masks" and its hover, "You only see what I want you to see," is, again, spy-related and her dealing with manipulation to get what she needs out of a situation.
  • Her galaxy icon out of this world and its hover, "out of this world", were a prize won from the An Alternate Universe (2020) contest.
  • Her thistle icon Live by Thistle and Thorn and its hover, "Live by Thistle and Thorn", were a prize won from the [SL] Decennial Birthday event.
  • Her spinning top (from Inception) icon there's more than one reality and its hover, "there's more than one reality", were a prize won from the An Alternate Universe (2021) contest.
  • Her skull icon Cut our teeth until we swallow it whole and its hover, "Cut our teeth until we swallow it whole", were a prize won from the 2023 Lancaster Stockshow pack event.

Issola Haskel

  • Her custom title "Braver than you believe" and its hover, "stronger than I seem," are taken from a Winnie the Pooh quote made by Christopher Robin, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." I chose it because of Issola's kidnapping [M] via Ciprian Tenebriso in the Fall 2018. The title was obtained as a prize from the [CdM] Masquerade event in January 2019.
  • Her Cour des Miracles' Fleur-de-lis icon Fleurit dans l'adversité with its hover, "Fleurit dans l'adversité," were bought when the pack disbanded. It's supposed to be French (because of the pack's theme and because of Issola's father's side of the family) for "Blooms in Adversity." It was, also, chosen because of Issola's kidnapping.

Argive Hemlock

  • His custom title "Never forget them" and its hover, "because they won't forget you," is part of a longer quote made by Fullmetal Alchemist's character, Solf J. Kimblee: "The one thing worse than death is to avert your eyes from it. Look straight at the people you kill. Don't take your eyes off them for a second. And don't ever forget them, because I promise that they won't forget you." The title was obtained from being in the SSWM 2020 winners' circle.
  • His poison apple icon Go on, have a bite and its hover, "Go on, have a bite," was chosen because of his affinity for poisons and feeding his victims poisoned food

Skadi Eklund

  • Her Mistfell Vale Tier III Drakehund icon And the serpent released its tail with its hover, "And the serpent released its tail," were bought when the pack disbanded. The Drakehund special rank icon reminded me of the great Norse beast, Jörmungandr, which is said to bring about the "end of an age" (Ragnarök) when it releases its tail. Being that Mistfell Vale was disbanding, I thought it fit.

Naomi Stryder

  • Her custom title "Loyal, Brave, True" and hover, "Who am I without my armor?," are song lyrics from the 2020 song "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera, and were chosen because I thought those specific lyrics fit Naomi. It was won from the 2020 An Alternate Universe contest, which I technically won via Kamari.
    • This title's hover was later changed to "I am a knight sworn to valor" in Jan 2023 because I felt the song lyric continuation no longer fit her.
  • Her Leaves of Lorien Brooch a fellowship everlasting and its hover, "a fellowship everlasting," was a prize won through New Caledonia's 2021 December "Fellowship of the Realm" event.
  • Her Stryder-Knight icon This is my Oath with its hover, "This is my Oath," was a custom emblem I made for Teagan and her direct descendants, and is the symbol worn on their armor. The hover is a nod to the family's roots in Casa di Cavalieri and is in reference to the oath that Brotherhood members took when they were knighted.
  • Her New Caledonian Unicorn icon The Roquen and its hover, "The Roquen", were awarded for completing her Grand Quest. Naomi's epithet is also "The Roquen", which comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language, meaning "knight, rider, or horseman." It was chosen because of her profession, but, also due to being born in and growing up in New Caledonia. It plays to Old Calediona's theme of having names with an Elvish-like flair to them.
  • Her New Caledonian Silver Co-Rank Pin icon Worn with Honor and its hover, "Worn with Honor", were claimed at New Caledonia's disbandment. I liked that it fit the color scheme of Naomi's other icons at the time, was less in-your-face Caledonian, and because I wanted something that could be more subtle in symbolizing her co-ranks, her loyalty to NC, and Wraith's Teeth Guild membership.
  • Her custom title "My Battle Cry" and hover, "My blade undoes the wicked", was chosen to go along with her first title, as well as for her character in general after IC happenings in New Caledonia. Its purple color was also for NC-pride.

Ivo Doran

  • His eye-and-tear icon Strike fear in the hearts of men with its hover, "Strike fear in the hearts of men," was an icon I created for the villains of the A Tear in the Tapestry New Caledonia pack plot. He shares this same icon with Talbot Kingsford, Silivren, Ark Coara, and Éna Lanthir, all of whom, have their own variant hovers. Ivo's hover was to allude to the fear brought about by his catapults that were used against New Caledonia.

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