Isabella Heiwa

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Isabella Heiwa

by Gen



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Date of Birth

16 June 2009

Date of Death

22 July 2020




Lawful Evil


Birth place





50% Coyote
50% Dog
(Akita / Tervuren)




Current pack Salsola
Current rank The Ambassador

Isabella came to 'Souls in the fall of 2011. She met Sirius Revlis, and then later joined his pack, Salsola. Since then, she had risen up and held multiple high ranks, including Crone and Ambassador before retiring to take care of her mate's children. She is now located at the Salsola outpost to help maintain it and increase Salsolan trade interests.

by Gen

Sizing Chart





50 lbs

27 in


140 lbs

38 in


170 lbs

5ft 11in

Prefers Optime form.


Isabella chooses to dress herself as elegantly as she can considering her lack of access to resources. She is often wearing a floral scent and silk. Jewelry is also a very common accessory seen on her person.


Lupus & Secui

Isabella displays a lot of her dog heritage in her body shape and pelt thickness. Her neck is rather thickly covered by the dark maire (#12110d) fur that is inherent in her Tervuren blood. Her body is more elongated, and the hair is coarser going down her neck, chest and belly, as well as on the backs of all four legs. Her legs are thinner, ganglier, and her torso is longer. She is a rather bulky shape, though still fairly narrower and smaller than a purebred Tervuren because of her coyote blood.

Her tail has a slight curl from the Akita blood, which also accounts for the early dawn white(#fbf0da) coloring on her face, eyebrows, belly, socks, and underside of her tail. The white socks are only on her hind legs, with only white toes on her front feet. Her backside is a seal brown (#2a180e), going down her lower neck, her entire back, and halfway down her tail. It merges with the black of her mane, and the black that continues on her side. Then is the raw umber (#784E11) which coats almost everything else, merging into the dark colors and into the hot toddy (#AE752C) between it and the very white cream of her belly and feet. The tips of her ears are the coffee color, though muddled as the rest of the ears are dark grey.

Strange are the woman's eyes. A ring of bird flower (#dbdd15) surrounds her dark pupils, with pelorous blue (#1F87B8) being the rest of the eye. A common condition, the woman disregards her eyes most of the time, but does tend to accentuate her outfits with blue and gold.


The same coloration is evident in her optime form, though her thick neck pelt thins and is styled in smooth strands. There are a few strands of white visible, as well as coffee brown and dark brown streaks, though most are disguised by the voluminous dark hair. Isabella cuts it herself, though she does not pretend to know how to cut it into pretty shapes, as she never has a mirror. But she does part it and brush it out to keep it smooth; image is everything. She focuses on keeping herself clean, and hygiene is fairly important to her.

If she is simply out and about, she normally dons a thicker skirt that goes all the way down to her ankles and billow around her. If she is working, most of her clothes are sheer. For male clientele, she wears sheer skirts with golden ornaments at her waist and ankles. She also has a few silken scarves that she drapes about her, as well as silk camisoles that do not hide her figure. For female clientele she will keep her thick skirt, as she is more respectful toward fellow women.



  • A long scar across her collarbone from a previous fight in defense of Salsola during the Borealis conflict.
    • She often will cover it with either clothing or her hair, as she does not much like it.
  • On her lower back, above her tail is the Cotona scar.


  • A necklace with a bottle attached to it. [1]
    • Bottle filled with a rare and expensive rose perfume oil.
  • Ruby and gold ring, often worn unless outside of the territory. [2]
  • Other times, she'll vary her jewelry to various chains and rings and bracelets. Most of it is gold and jangling, chains and coins.

by Alaine


  • Intelligent - she has a penchant for learning and is highly adaptive to most scenarios.
  • Seductive - she will use whatever sexual temptation she can to gain another client, rather free with her touches and glances.
  • Hateful - she dislikes most of the men she has ever slept with, some more than others. She is much more open with women, and cares for them more. She is definitely a feminist of sorts.
  • Proud - she is well aware of what she looks like and knows that men like it. She know show to emphasize her curves so that men see her curves first.
  • Shallow - Isabella will only ever take a man she finds attractive as a client. She does have a slight weakness for strong men, especially ones attractive and with scars.
  • Graceful - fluid and skilled, Isabella knows how to act and walk in a manner befitting a lady, even if she isn't really one.
  • Distant - will rarely talk about herself or her past, and the people who know will most likely be only women.
  • Sexual - a bit of a nymphomaniac, Isabella enjoys sex, and any variation to the standard. She likes to experiment, though draws a limit at anything that can harm her body or physical appearance.
  • Vain - Isabella is terribly vain, but that really is because of her profession.
  • Cold - she can be rather cold, and rather heartless. She normally doesn't much care about other people, unless it benefits her in some way.



  • Likes: Rare and exotic items / people, attractive men and women, women, sex, perfume, flowers, powerful men
  • Dislikes: Men in general, weakness, kindheartedness, fools, optimistic people
  • Outlook: Realistic, pessimistic, dark
  • Expression: Extroverted, subtly dominant
  • Alignment : Lawful evil


  • Deformation is a proocupation of hers, as the majority of her success is attributed to her looks. Her main concern is maintaining her physical pristineness
  • Assault by a man - she always has this concern and always tries to avoid it or create a situation where she can avoid it easily. It is more that she is afraid of death to a man, as a dishonor on her pride.


  • Furthering her life and standards, as well as elevating herself higher and her faithful retainers.
  • Keeping Salsola afloat, more or less for her protection.
  • Perfecting her trade in perfumes and fortune
  • The Mother


  • Gender: More tolerant of and willing to aid women.
  • Species: Neutral. All are potential suckers, winners, and customers.
  • Non-Luperci: Dislike to the point of hate, she will find a way to change them, by forced blood exchange if necessary.
  • Color: None, unless ugly or murky


  • Pansexual. She has a preference to women, though enjoys sexual relations with men far more.
  • Is a highly sexual creature and exudes
  • Highly feminine, will often assume the feminine role. In a homosexual relationship, she often takes a dominant feminine role.


  • Casual drugs only.
  • Uses alcohol on patients and used mulled/spiced for her own purposes.


  • Pagan, a highly modified, darkened hippy concept with pagan overtones of sacrifice and earth worship.
  • Believes that all spirits return to the earth, the Mother of all beings, when they die, living in an eternal paradise in the soul of the world.
  • Has a shrine for her offerings and prayers in a nook outside of her home. It is an old hollow log with a waxed inner coat to prevent candle fires.


Key Relations

  • Lillith Trombetta was Isabella's mate. For whatever reason, she fell in love with Lillith and that's the way it is. She is very loyal to her, despite being very quiet about the nature of their relationship.
  • Kaoru Hideki was Isabella's slave. She thinks highly of him, appreciates him, and has been very affectionate to him in times of suffering for him. She has tended to him during illness.
  • Siv Helsi The closest a friend Isabella has, though the two of them have an unvoiced rivalry against one another.
  • Draugr Helsi Another almost friend of hers, but they do not have a rivalry. Isabella like the female's company sincerely.

Family: Heiwa? + Silevue

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Unfriendly: Borealis wolves, enemies of Salsola, New Dawn for their feral roots
  • Murders: Murder of last lover in Montreal

Former Relations

  • Sirius Revlis former King of Salsola, a lover and client of hers, that she still lusts after in memory.
  • Visionary Solitaire her step-father and former lover. He guided her into the profession she is now in. She does not have a fond memory of him as it was tainted by his loyalty to himself.



  • Scent:
    • Salsola scent: Salty, marshy. Wolfish, with a weaker hint of coyote
    • Personal scent: Salty, lavender, incense, and smoke
  • Speech:
    • softer, lilting, with a hint of a French accent. Can be a tad sharp at times, clear.
    • Very floral speech, formal at times.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Makes subtle gestures, raised brows, a smirk, soft motions.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Holding herself aloof, Isabella maintains an ethereal motion. She attempts to seem to glide, and keeps her motions fluid. She also holds herself dominantly upright.


Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Salsola members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Isabella around the ruins, or seeing her slave and horse.
  • Seeing her riding her horse or around heavily wooded areas gathering.
  • Seeing her rituals of small sacrifice or prayer.
  • General conversations (e.g., reporting all is well on the borders). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP. You MUST pm me about this.




  • Antoinette - black domestic cat.
  • Seductive Deception - draft mix palomino horse.


The Ruins, Salsola

Ruins layout by Gen

Isabella lives in the ruins of Salsola. She can often be found there as she is not a very motile person. When in doubt, she is there. During the winter she preoccupies herself with mild sewing, using dried herbs for oils and soaps, and such. In the summer, the patches outside her ruins house a garden of flowering plants and a few poisons. A shrine is tucked in a corner outside, slightly covered by a tarp.


Other than the ruins in Salsola, she has only lived in Montreal and Toronto previously.



It was a strange twist of fate that brought Lydia Silevue and Mormont Heiwa together. Two different people, they became mates at a young age. Isabella was born in Toronto, outside the inner city with her twin brothers Goliath and Desmond. They lived away from the other wolves in the city, eager to avoid the gang violence that was rampant. Her mother had been a gypsy of sorts, a practitioner of pagan ways. She would read fortunes and write protective runes, a mixture of her own mother's teachings and her mate's Shintoism. She would light candles to the earth every now and then, praying for guidance and other things. Mormont was often absent, belonging to a city pack gang. He usually spent his days fighting or meeting with the members of his pack. Lydia, disliking violence, tried to keep her children out of it all. The three of them were taught to stay out of conflicts from a young age, and taught enough self defense to be safe. Isabella started to learn tarot reading and charm calligraphy from her mother while her brothers chose to go with their father. The young girl was mostly independent from her childhood, though she took on most of her mother's traditions.

But the violence escalated in the city, and the happy family found themselves in the middle of it. Lydia took all three of her children to her small shrine to the earth and had them all light candles and offer prayers for their father. The prayers did not help, and they were ignored. Mormont had been heading home and almost arrived, too, when he and a close friend of his were ambushed. Isabella's father did not survive, but his friend Visionary did, a man whom the children considered an uncle of sorts. Lydia, not a part of the gangs, took the man, Visionary, in and helped him heal with her herblore.

Isabella mourned for the loss of her father, though it was short lived; she had never been close to her father, nor had she much cared for his continued participation in the fighting, even though his mate was usually a nervous wreck because of it. Her dislike of most men started at this point, though it was not yet defined fully. It was made worse when the man, Visionary Solitaire, made her home life less stable. He had a flirt's air about him, making eyes at both the mother and the now 10 month old girl. Even healed, he returned almost daily to spend time in Lydia's company, and would seem to always take the time to talk with Isabella, who found herself attracted to the man's charm, as a naive girl would. Soon enough, Visionary took Lydia for his own and called Isabella his daughter. The looks and flirting continued on, and neither women addressed the issue.

Lydia became pregnant, carrying Visionary's spawn. As the woman grew more and more heavy with pup, Visionary turned his attentions to the yearling girl who had developed into a young woman. At the time, Isabella was working on her own in her mother's trade, reading the cards and writing charms.

He came to her, asking her to tell his fortune. By now, Isabella understood flirting well and took the chance to flirt with her step-father, who did the same. Her fortune to him said, much to her dismay, "A mistake will be made, changes dark of heart." The man disregarded the fortune, for he thought it to be a silly trick to get trinkets in trade, which the women had hoarded and collected like magpies. Visionary offered to teach his step-daughter valuable skills, and took her to the city to meet with the women in his pack gang. From them, Isabella learned the art of seduction. She watched them interact with men, including her step-father. Often enough, she saw the man put his hands on these women, hands going up their skirts and they would giggle and moan at him as he did this before everyone else. Isabella watched with her bi-colored eyes and understood she was in a brothel and her step-father enjoyed the company of these whores. But never did he sleep with them, as some of the other men did, in the same room no less.

Isabella understood that the lesson he was trying to teach her was easy to learn, but what she truly began to learn was her dislike for these men. They cooed at these women and the women let them put their hand where they wanted, but Isabella saw the payment they took; gems, booze, cloth, food, fur. And they were wealthy from it. That much the young woman knew, and that it would be a great boost to her business. But she made no mention of it to her mother, brothers, or step-father. It was a plan but she could not do it with her mother working near her all the time, even in her pregnancy.

Soon, Lydia was too heavily pregnant to work her job, and she spent her time resting for the imminent birth, and offering incense for Gaia. Visionary spent most of his time with his step-sons and -daughter. He sent the boys to his pack to learn to fight properly, and drank liqueur with Isabella, well away from his pregnant mate. A few scant hours before Lydia took to her birthing den, Visionary took Isabella to his bed, who went willingly along, infatuated with the man and his charms. To her own step-father she lost her virginity, and found herself both revolted by sex, and fascinated by it. It did not bother her that Visionary was her step-father, he had no blood ties. And when they had finished, the two went to Lydia, and enjoyed a meal with her. If her mother knew, she never said a word about it to Isabella.

Four pups came into the world, and Lydia was just as healthy. Isabella found herself loving her four new siblings, despite the fact Visionary spawned them and not her own father. She called them her siblings, as much as her twin brothers. Visionary had a strange way of naming children, evident by his own parent's habits. Thankfully, Lydia put her foot down and assisted in naming her children, though only the daughters. Willow Solitaire, Melodia Silevue-Solitaire, Legend Silevue, Ignition Solitaire were named days after their birth. Visionary doted on his mate and children, though he always found a scrap of time for the older twin brothers, and always a moment with Isabella. Often enough, she took him to bed, though now she made sure she received something in return, her price for spreading her legs for him. It was a lesson she had learned too well from his teachings.

This pattern continued for a good two months. Somehow Isabella avoided pregnancy, and she learned quite a lot about the art of pleasure and lovemaking. She knew Visionary so well by that point, that he did not have to tell her what he wanted her to do, she could do it. And she learned to add her own flair to it, which kept the man coming back. Isabella never knew how Visionary really felt about her, but he enjoyed her body enough that she didn't bother to ask, nor did she find herself caring much.

Lydia continued to offer her prayers to Gaia, which Isabella often joined in on. The earth was probably the only thing the woman truly loved and cared for, other than her mother and her siblings. But her love for men never truly manifested, though she continued to enjoy sex. She still had not expanded her trade to her body, though she had often considered it. It was not her mother's way, so she decided she would need to leave to be able to do it.

Isabella focused on her new siblings, trying to teach them. However, Lydia soon learned that most of what the young woman was trying to teach was not something she wanted her four new children to know. Lydia went to Visionary and asked him to speak to Isabella, "since [they] had such a good relationship". Visionary went to his step-daughter, and told her to leave the children alone and let their parents teach them their lessons. Isabella was not happy about that, yelling at the man. Solitaire didn't like it, and found himself yelling back at the young woman. In a rage, he bound her arms behind her back and forced himself into her, using her raw in his anger. Finished with her, he felt immense guilt and disgust, marking his final acts of sexual relations with his step-daughter. Isabella was a mixed bag of emotions. She felt cheated, disgusted at her weakness against him, anger at his enraged abuse of her, and hatred of men who dared to lay their hands on women. Though, Isabella never told her mother what the man had done, but she had told her that she hated the man from then on. Angry at it all, Isabella told her mother she was leaving, done with the family, so she "could do what [she] wanted with his spawn". After that, the woman packed a bag, took an ink set, a good bit of her earnings, and something else. Stealing her mother's tarot deck, she ran from Toronto.


She arrived in Montreal, having run northeast along the water, hitting the city and crossing the rusting bridge. There were no gangs here, but there was life in the city. So, in the dead of winter, Isabella found an apartment to operate out of, learning some French. Literate from a young age, the woman wrote ads for her services on large boards with paint and put it in her window. She slowly accumulated silks and cloth, finding a love for the color red as she decorated her new home. Using whatever she had or had found or had earned, she slowly created her store. There was a small table that served as her desk, with a cushion on opposite ends so they could sit on the floor. The bed was a mess of blankets and cloth, stuffed with fur. But it was a long road until she was comfortable in the room. She slowly gained a client base, who found her enchanting and charming, as well as skilled in the things she did.

To the men, and sometimes women, she served, she was a charming woman, full of smiles, touches, and knowledge. She was the listening ear they wanted, the longing body they desired, and the magician they desperately sought. She had a regular clientele, several men that she regularly slept with, pleasuring them in exchange for trinkets and such. Often enough she rejected potential clients because of their appearance or lackluster trades. Isabella did not care, though one or two came back violent. She had learned enough self defense from her mother to break a bone here and there. On top of that, she acquired steel knives that she stored in her sashes and draped clothes. No one messed with her. And those that came prepared and properly, she was nothing but an attractive body willing to work. But Isabella had plenty of clientele who came only for the tarot readings or her charms. A few women came for advice.

But then came Ghost Opera. He had heard of her from an acquaintance and decided to see just who this woman was. And he saw something he liked in her curvy body, and exotic looking features. He was the one who offered her a horse in exchange for her patronage. Granted, he asked for months of service for the mare, but Isabella, a lover of nature and Gaia, accepted immediately. The mare, a Clydesdale, was a beauty. Isabella gladly took Ghost as her client. Though, she noticed the similarities between the man and Visionary; both were charming men, attractive, and skilled. Both had a deadly glint about them too. But the horse was too much to pass up.

For a month or so, he came to pay call almost every other day. For that month, Isabella found herself just as attracted to Ghost as she had been to Visionary, and he found he had a more than simply willing woman spreading her legs for him. Then, he found himself loving the whore more and more, but Isabella found herself only truly in love with the attention he paid her, and the strength of his libido. Ghost slowly learned that Isabella was only in it for the payment, and decided he would have her regardless. Their sessions grew more powerful and Ghost became a much more ferocious lover. At first, Isabella loved the added roughness, though when he started to demand she stop seeing her other male clients, she refused. He came, sleeping with her almost daily. Still, she avoided pregnancy, by the grace of the earth. When she refused again and again to cease seeing the other men, he no longer left at all. He barred other men from coming, and whenever a man came to call and was refused, Ghost would force himself onto Isabella, who found herself weak against him.

Isabella could not handle him anymore. As much as she had enjoyed their fling at the start, he was no longer attractive to her and his repeated violations disgusted and infuriated her. In the middle of the night, she managed to slip a knife between his shoulder blades. She stole his silver chains and earrings, taking them with the rest of her trinkets. By now, she had too much to carry in a single bag. So she stole Ghost's saddle bags. She filled one side with her best silks and cloth, cradling a bottle of whiskey. The second held her less valuable trinkets, some jewelry, and some lesser silken things. Her satchel was filled with her main possessions; the calligraphy set, the tarot cards, and knives. Isabella saddled up the mare, whom she had chosen to name Seductive Deception. She called her Ducky, with love and affection. Isabella treated her horse better than herself. The mare is her one and only true companion. Montreal tainted, Isabella fled the city further northeast, heading to Nova Scotia.





  • Came into her role as a scent maker and fortune teller.
  • Started aiming her sights much higher.
  • Kaoru enters her life when Siv trades for him at Freetown.
  • Spent the year as Sirius' sweet treat.



  1. [M] What else could you possibly teach me?
    Services for payment rendered with Sirius Revlis
  2. The Scent of the Natural
    RO - uses a Salsola NPC to help prepare some incense sticks and then dries chamomile.
  3. Unwanted, Unneeded
    Meets Tlantli Kimaris - talk about the nature of Salsola and the people there.
  4. For an unknown price
    RO - at the winter market in the south - obtains seed packets (Rose, Lily of the Valley, Rosemary)


  1. The Last Supper
    Pack Meeting - Isabella is promoted to Family


  1. Rescue me
    Meeting with Siv Helsi.
  2. Do not pray for me
    A gift for Eris Eternity, condolences for her loss, and a warning to stop her mourning.


  1. my heart is a fist drenched in blood
    Plot thread - fighting with Alessandra Von Sin and Sirius Revlis against intruders. Isabella receives her shoulder wound.
  2. Laugh and die
    Isa practices her knife skills.
  3. the breath I was keeping for sunrise
    Meets Lohit?
  4. Hearlines
    Meets Alessandra Von Sin, properly introduced.


  1. The beauty of the breaking
    Interrupts Eris in her looking out the coast, perhaps to bait her, tells her to stop being such a whiny ninny.
  2. People will talk
    Sirius and Isabella discuss his children and fortunes, and he gifts her a bottle necklace and ring.
  3. He went forth conquering and to conquer
    Pack meeting - Salvia's ascension to Auxiliary, news of Sirius' children.
  4. Beauty in the mire
    Isa gathers flowers, Reykr helps.


  1. Deception is the game
    Isabella goes to trade at Cercatori d'Arte's northern trading post visit, and meets Vasiliy Russo. She gets her cat, Antoinette, and then two chickens for Salsola.
  2. I was out in exile, perfecting my style
    Meets Amaury de Jong.
  3. Sail away to the other side
    Visits Vasiliy again, gets taught to fish. EW.
  4. Bring the rolling thunder
    Talks to Siv Helsi about acquiring a slave for herself.


  1. There's a hole in the earth somewhere
    They leave on the Freetown trip.


  1. On the line for all to see
    Talking with Salvia Eternity about clothing and femininity.
  2. House without a roof
    Meets Jordyn, attempts to enslave her but fails.
  1. Where the sun touches earth
    Meets Sonje Helsi.
  2. So stars fell asunder
    Meets Mephisto Lykoi
  3. We come for our souls
    Trade attempt with Aura Tenebris?
  4. In the strangest of places
    Kaoru cut his leg open and Isabella goes out in the storm to get help. Null Liulfr helps sew his leg shut and they talk about Salsola.


  1. Nature of things
    With Memphis Mathis; she's asking for food from her adoptive mother and slave.
  2. Between forgotten words
    Meets Imhotep Aabt
  3. Grasping ghost in flames unseen
    Meets Pandemic D'Angelo, tries to seduce him a bit.


  1. Blood in Glass Jarrs
    Meets Levent Kartal.
  2. Diamonds shine, but I never liked her anyway
    Meets Tourniquet Alcazar


  1. Flesh in the age of reason
    Pack meeting - Isabella is promoted to Tradesman, and Eris announces her mateship to her own son.
  2. Blaze of Inner light
    Meets Loki Jade Lykoi


  • Stole the Crone rank
  • Traded ranks with Siv Helsi and became the Ambassador



  1. [M]And it feels like I am just too close to love you
    Meets Whispers Neonite and the two of them get freaky.
  2. Through the ghost fields that remain
    Out of Salsola, Isabella meets Draugr Helsi by accident. They talk about the incest in their leader.
  3. In the hands of a strange being
    RO - Isabella takes care of the sick Kaoru and reads her fortune, to much joy.
  4. In our bloody hour of need
    Isabella takes care of a sick Memphis
  5. Doute dans le coeur
    Isabella takes the rank of Crone from Eris Eternity, leaving it open and becoming a Tradesman (i think).
  6. Bills unpaid and the collector draws near
    Confronts Draugr Helsi about her fighting Eris, as Eris let slip when she was overthrown by Isabella.


  1. Eight winters to the east
    Isabella gets caught in a trap at the borders and Draugr helps her home.
  2. don't go blaming your knowledge on some fallen fruit
    Draugr visits Isabella to see how she was doing, and Isa gives her one of two daggers she took after killing Ghost Opera. Draugr gives her the ermine cloak.
  3. [M] A bed of thorns for tired bodies
    Isabella brings Draugr two wooden decorations. They also talk of women on woman romance.


  1. Of gods and flames
    Talks to Siv Helsi about the Crone rank.
  2. A roof over my head
    Meets Locke Salvato.


  1. [M]Sanguis Terre
    Sacrifice of a living male for the season.


  1. Welcome to the family
    Isabella teases Lily Storm Revlis and Locke about being close.


  1. Singe your throat when the door is open
    Meeting with Lily.
  2. Sun tears upon a damned world
    Thunderstorm leads her to meet Artemisia Eternity
  3. Show the world
    Stuff happens with Artemisia and Siv.


  1. Where all other eyes avoid us
    A swim with Loki Jade Lykoi.


  1. As the pages of my life roll by
    Meets Ren Itou
  2. Dark Triad
    With Salvia Eternity and Siv Helsi, talking about the pack's land expansion.
  3. Wrap me up in your perfect lies
    Meeting Lokr Revlis. Isabella gets directions to Sirius.


  1. [M]The universe will probably expand forever
    Siv's sacrifice ritual of a horse.


  1. Fiery Behemoth in your eyes
    IN PROGRESS Meets Hugleikr Silfr
  2. Glory and fame, blood is our name
    Siv and Isabella change around their ranks, plotting to soften Salvia Eternity.


  1. In the smokiest of shadows
    Isabella is down about not being knocked up still :c
  2. The moon is falling down
    Lokr Revlis comes to propose a trip to Freetown.
  3. Chats dans le berceau
    Isabella and Siv go to Salvia to encourage babies from her.
  4. Freetown Departure
    Freetown trip departs
  5. [M] Leash you to my hungry soul
    In Freetown, Isabella gets a slave for Lokr Revlis and he is not thrilled.


  • At the start of the year, meets with Sirius Revlis and the two mate in an attempt for children.
  • Also copulates with her slave.
  • At the end of February, Isabella gave birth to her two daughters. She does not announce the father of her children, as she believes that one child is of her slave's get and not a pure-blood Revlis child.



  1. [M] North of the Wall
    Meeting with Sirius Revlis, where sexy things happen.
  2. Isn't it wonderful?
    Investigates some strange rumors of random new pups, meets Lillith Trombetta.
  3. Draw me to your dark embrace
    Gathering some metals for the SL bloomery, meets Fiora vin Haki.
  4. [M] Surrender to the Flames
    RO - Sleeps with her slave during the height of her heat.
  5. Your Eyes like Diamonds
    Lillith learns she is pregnant, comes bearing a gift.
  6. A gift the goddess gave
    RO - Isabella figures out that she is pregnant.
  7. the snows fall and the white winds blows
    Last Supper.


  1. [M] Star of Eden
    Isabella gives birth to Delfina and Ondine.


  1. A hand upon my bosom heart
    Isabella and Lillith discuss their relationship, especially the concern of their age difference.
  2. Do not scorn your father's gifts
    Fun chat time with Lokr. Always fun to antagonize him.


  1. [M] We were born to die
    Isabella gets the Cotona on her lower back, and Lillith and she enjoy the night together.
  2. The river is wide
    Fishing with Violeta Rose.
  3. Knock on the sky and listen to the sound
    A lovely chat with Salvia.


  1. [M] There isn't anyone to listen
    Isabella, Lillith, and the girls go on a picnic but are surprised by a trespasser from Isa's past; Lillith ends up killing him, and Isabella mutilates his corpse. They become mates.


  1. [M]Stricken
    A storm comes and Lillith and Isabella have a little childish fun out in the rain.
  2. Everything your heart desires
    Trade venture with Lillith at the Outpost and Tupperware.
  3. Rolling snare drums that come
    At the fishing weir with the girls and Hugleikr
  4. In that dream I'm as old as the mountains
    Visit from Loki


  1. You and whose army?
    Gardening talk with Draugr.
  2. In a garden of ashes
    Isabella has lost her daughters and is trying to find them.


  1. Dancing in our Dreams
    Teaches Lillith how to dance and they talk about her pregnancy options.


  1. And so you will do my wonders
    Loki needs to see her and some comes calling.


  1. A tide of web and horn and black soot
    Last Supper - announcement of Lokr's promotion, aw no.
  2. Into the mother's loving fold
    Osrath stumbles upon Isabella and Kaoru gathering berries.
  3. Unbridled and Unbound, watch it all come down
    After the Last Supper, Isabella goes to Siv to 'discuss' the problems.


  1. Death makes a corpse pale
    Impromptu trading with a new member (Stjarna Fylgja).
  2. [M] You make your love a liar
    A training session with Loki in the romantic arts
  3. I'm a monster, you're an enabler
    With Delphinium, about perfuming and things.


  • The start of the year comes with a masquerade in Salsola.


  1. A time for change
    Gives Lillith a haircut for the first time.
  2. A grim fandango, full of flames
    Begins the dancing at the Masquerade Ball.
  3. Title
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