Null Liulfr

Null Liulfr

Character by Lou
Name MeaningNothing Wolf
Name OriginUnknown/Norse
Date of Birth15 July 2011
Age1 year
Subspeciescanis lupus baileyi
Birth placeQuebec
Current packSalsola
'Souls ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack


Joining Date17 September 2012
Joining RankAssociate
Most Recent RankAssociate

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1.  History

Null was born in Quebec, along with five brothers. Being the runt, it was immediately assumed that she would die. Her mother named her 'Null' simply as a way to refer to the pup that both parents assumed would be dead in the morning. She survived, however, and even outlived three of her brothers who passed away during a snowstorm in their first winter. When she was one year old, Null left her family and travelled to Nova Scotia to make a life for herself. In September 2012 she met Draugr Helsi, who recruited her to Salsola.[1]

2.  Personality

While Null may look cute and harmless, it's largely an act. She's a thief and a sociopathic liar, telling whatever story she can to get her way, with little regard for others and no plan for if she is caught; which, unfortunately, is a common occurrence. Her lies and plans have a tendency to unravel around her and she almost always gets found out eventually. Thankfully, she doesn't tend to lie about things that have major repercussions for anyone but herself.

Null doesn't like responsibility, and would be perfectly content on one of the bottom rungs of a pack hierarchy ladder for her entire life, provided she isn't getting beaten up or some other unsavory thing. She's happy to just be submissive, do as she's told, and never have to make a big decision. This preference of lifestyle clashes somewhat with her belief that she is inherently better than almost anyone and her slightly confrontational nature. She doesn't go looking or fights, but if someone gets her riled up she won't back down from one, either, and this can cause problems if she gets up in the face of someone higher-ranking than herself.

Null enjoys company. She likes to surround herself with friends and shower them with affection. She is loyal to those to gain her trust and her love, and has a tendency to hand out affectionate nicknames. She holds grudges, however, and it can be difficult to befriend her once she has decided that she doesn't like you.

Her small size, mottled-camouflaged coat and inherent talent for stealthiness make her an excellent spy. Even if she is located, she doesn't appear to be a threat, and can often smooth-talk her way out of sticky situations. She isn't so good at fighting, though, and her tiny frame makes her vulnerable to other, larger creatures.

Null greatly desires as many puppies as she can have, though it is less about maternal instincts and more about having a vast brood to carry on her legacy, whatever that legacy may be. She wants to be the matriarch of a huge, sprawling clan, putting her in a potential position of power without actively having to advance in pack ranks or something similar; if she has children spanning across multiple packs, in multiple positions, she merely needs to request what she wants from her darling offspring. And, of course, it would make her feel useful and strong, despite her runtish size, to provide for her young.

Null doesn't care much for 'mates'-- she acknowledges that it would be best to have one so her puppies would have stable access to their father, and she supposes that it would be nice to be mated to someone that she had affection for, but it isn't a huge concern in her mind. She holds no dreams of great romance or world-shaking love. As far as she is concerned, her mate would only be there to get her pregnant, so physical strength and intelligence are more concerning factors for her than whether or not she 'loves' them. Love would be a welcome bonus, but not a necessity.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Null has no family in Nova Scotia as of yet, and doesn't get along with any of her relatives.

3.2  Friends

Null is beginning to consider Draugr Helsi (her mentor in Salolan culture) a friend/ elder sister figure.

3.3  Acquaintances

Null has met, but not yet gotten to know, Salvia Eternity, Isabella Heiwa, Kaoru, Gale the Lionhearted and Siv Helsi.

3.4  Enemies

Null has no enemies as of yet.

4.  Skills

  • Languages-- Fluent English, conversational Spanish, odd words in a handful of other languages.
  • Reading-- Has a working knowledge of written English from her puppyhood, hasn't had much practice since leaving her family home.
  • Trapping-- Skilled at creating traps and using them to catch her prey.
  • Tracking-- Has a very keen nose and is good at using scent and visual clues to track something, whether it be prey or a fellow canine.
  • Throwing knives-- Has excellent aim and uses the set that she keeps in her satchel to avoid engaging in close combat.
  • Stealth-- Has a natural talent for moving silently and staying hidden.
  • Lying-- Can tell a barefaced lie without any of the usual give-away nervous tics, and can remember every tiny detail of the lie so she never has contradictory stories. Can come up with a plausible story in seconds.
  • First Aid-- Can treat wounds/mild illnesses, knows how to perform resuscitation. No deep medical knowledge.

5.  Appearance

Null has always been small even for a Mexican Wolf, and was the runt of her litter. She stands at 22 inches at the shoulder in Lupus form, 23 1/2 inches at the shoulder in Secui form, and is 5'2" tall in Optime form. She is very petite and light-boned, with very dainty little paws. Her coat is the typical grey, brown, rust and tan with white face and underparts combination of a usual Mexican wolf, with the grey darkening almost to black around her shoulders, down her spine, and framing her face. A dark, wavering line extends horizontally from the edge of each eye into the dark fur framing her face. 

Null has very prominent pale cheek tufts and large dark brown eyes that make her appear adorable and harmless, and give her a kind, imploring appearance when she is not actively pulling an expression. This, combined with her long elegant limbs, light frame, and noticeably fluffy coat give her an endearing look that puts others at ease around her.

In Optime form, she wears her mottled mane combed and long, allowing it to frame her face and make her look even more innocent. She usually has a single long braid tied on the left of her face, but the rest of her mane is kept loose. She retains her prominent cheek tufts, and does nothing to trim her elbow and thigh tufts, choosing to keep her 'fluffy' appearance. She doesn't tend to wear much clothing, though she will occasionally wear jewelry or scarves for aesthetic appeal, and she always wears elbow-length fingerless gloves.

She always has a brown leather satchel filled with her various treasures-- largely various kinds of jewelry. She is almost always in her Optime form, and prefers her Lupus form after that; her Secui form is practically untouched.

She has a small amount of womanly curve in her Optime form, but it is completely hidden beneath all of her fluff. It can be felt if she is embraced or otherwise intimately touched. This fluff does not extend to her limbs in any of her forms, save for the elbow and thigh tufts, and her limbs are proportionally long, white, and sleek.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Almost always in Optime form.

6.  Notable Threads

i drink to my death and smack my lips with song-- September 14, 2012 -- Null meets Draugr Helsi, is recruited to Salsola.

Seeking a Home-- September 17, 2012-- Null arrives at the Salsola border, is greeted by Draugr, meets Salvia Eternity, and joins Salsola as an associate.

climbing walls out of resentment-- September 22, 2012-- Null helps Salvia Eternity catch escaped sheep during a hurricane.

in the strangest of places-- September 22, 2012-- Null is caught in a hurricane, is taken into Isabella Heiwa's home, and treats the slave Kaoru for a leg injury.

Lost in the Ages-- September 22, 2012-- Null braves the hurricane to help the slave Gale and his master Siv Helsi find Gale's niece.

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