Artemisia Eternity

Artemisia Eternity

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24 July 2011









Art, Arte


infinite time




Birth place



Wolf-coydog hybrid

25% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
12.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.25% Red wolf
6.25% Dog




Pack Salsola
Rank The Arbiter


Pack Ranks
July 2010 - Present

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Artemisia Eternity was a high-ranked member of Salsola, formerly serving as The Emissary.

She was the daughter of Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo from their second litter. With an unknown male, she is the mother of Cinareae Eternity; with her once-mate Loki Helsi, she is the mother of Hel Eternity and Quicksilver Lykoi.

She was killed defending her pack mates during the Second Boreas Conflict.

1.  Appearance

Artemisia is the largest of her sisters, taking after her father in size and bulk. Her entirely wolfish figure and brown timberwolf's coloration is similar to that of her elder sister Salvia, albeit a much darker version. There is virtually no evidence of hybridization within Artemisia; she is unmistakable for anything but a pure-blooded wolf.

1.1  Coloration

  • Primarily armadillo brown (#423F34).
  • Her coat fades to hemlock (#5F583A) along her underside.
  • Her belly fades to finch brown (#5E5B47).
  • She has a oil brown (#222011) dorsal stripe, ears, and muzzle stripe, along with foreleg markings.
  • She has bright, hot cinnamon (#C97318) eyes -- they are Larkspur's eyes, perhaps just slightly tainted with Lykoi gold.

1.2  Forms



Optime (Preferred)

100 lbs (45 kg)
32 in (101 cm)

200 lbs (90 kg)
40 in (109 cm)

220 lbs (99 kg)
6ft 5in (77 in) (196 cm)

Artemisia has a thick-bodied natural form. Her large form is squat and seems a compact square shape of solid muscle. Her thick, wide-set chest contribute to the distinctive lack of endurance she suffers.

Arte's Secui form is massive -- thickly muscled and hulking, this is the only form where her size is of appropriate proportion to muscle and strength. In fact, lacking the usual thickening of the Secui body, she appears rather like the average Lupus form in proportion (if only a several sizes too large for a Lupus).

Arte appears masculine -- her hips lack curving, and her legs are hard muscle rather than softness. The only clear sign of her womanhood is her breasts. They are pendulous and seem almost comically overlarge on her otherwise masculine figure. They are a constant source of agony for Artemisia, both physically with back pains and mentally, as she considers them awkward, out of place, and near useless. Her hair is cropped short, with only a few haphazard bangs over her face.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars: May have received Salsola scarification marking -- up to the player.


  • Three rings she wears on her thumb, index, and ring finger of her left (dominant) hand.

1.4  Gallery

2.  Personality

Exceptionally withdrawn and stoic compared to her sister, Ataxia. She often comes across as callous or standoffish due to her habit of staring, when in fact she's simply more focused on paying attention than partaking in idle chit-chat.

For one so young, she takes a lot upon her shoulders. Art is constantly comparing herself to others, especially when it comes to accomplishments, and tends to feel a daunting feeling despite having many years to do what she feels is necessary to be remembered.

From the comments of others she's gradually gathered that due to her size, she will be strong and therefore must be a fighter or defends, which is quite alright by her, but has also left the impression that she must always be on guard. Due to this she refuses to sit with her back to a door or window, and is constantly keeping an eye on absolutely everyone and everything going on around her.

2.1  Interests

  • Constantly looking forward to an age when she can take on a job within Salsola and truly become helpful, Artemisia has taken an interest in the fighting techniques of others—those who rush in with vigor, some who parry and block, and a few who've truly honed their skills—with the intention of finding what works best for her.
  • Other, vaguer interests, include learning to read and write, as well as the spiritual practices her mother partakes in, though she has no real intention of following in her righteous footsteps.

2.2  Ideals

  • Fears:
    • Failure, losing
  • Motivations:
    • Competition, comparison
  • Traits
    • Withdrawn, stoic, focused, paranoid, suspicious, ambitious


  • Species: Generally indifferent to species. She knows she is part coyote and part dog, but thinks of herself as a wolf.
  • Non-Luperci: They are weak and lowly, but occasionally have their uses.
  • Slaves: Artemisia's precise feelings about slaves aren't truly known. It is known, however, that she is unlikely to ever directly own a slave herself.


Currently unknown due to her age.


She has been educated in her mother's rituals and her father's Khalifism, and while she respects them and believes in their merit, Arte doesn't partake in either.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Idolized her mother Eris Eternity as a child -- as she grows, however, Artemisia became more distant and suspicious of her mother, as with others. Arte has perceptively noticed her mother's lack of useful talent, and has used this to formulate a motivation: to exceed everything her mother has ever accomplished. The competition, while friendly, carries deep and resounding undertones of importance for Arte. She does not want to end up the same as Eris.
  • Her older sister Salvia Eternity is idolized similarly to her mother, albeit with a tinge more fear since Salvia's attainment of the Boss rank. She doesn't know Pandemic D'Angelo as well as her other siblings; he is viewed with vague suspicion. Her sisters Artemisia Eternity and Harrow D'Angelo are viewed in a competitive and slightly suspicious light, especially the latter.
  • Molcaxitl Yocatl is often asked to accompany Arte when she goes wandering about so she doesn't get herself into unnecessary trouble. More often that not she dismisses the woman as stupid, which she sort of is by comparison.
  • Arte had a deep respect for her father Larkspur D'Angelo; his passing affected her deeply. Similarly, Sirius Revlis was viewed as a supplementary father figure; his departure from Salsola essentially turned Arte's world upside down.

3.2  Family: Eternity, D'Angelo, Lykoi

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Stoic and given to talking little, Artemisia's voice is the most feminine thing about her. Given naturally to a quiet, sweet-sounding voice, Arte frequently attempts to deepen her voice and make herself sound older.
  • Scent: As per Salsola social norms, Artemisia disguises her scent when leaving the pack's vicinity. She prefers "masculine" scents -- e.g., she avoids flowery and sweet scents, and instead opts for the sharpness of mint or the bitter bite of bayberry.

by Sie

4.1  Residence

  • Owns her own residence in Salsola ruins -- precise details are up to the player to establish.

4.2  NPCs

  • None

4.3  Abilities


  • Physical strength is her greatest asset. She has engaged in combat training -- however, Arte hasn't engaged in fighting outside of the Boreas Conflict, which occurred before she could make much use of herself.
  • She can call forth her earliest memories and recite her surroundings, the people present, and what was going on in great detail. Whether this is the beginnings of a photographic memory or simply cause and effect of watching so carefully, time will tell.
  • Arte is capable of reading, primarily due to the tutelage of Sirius Revlis. Her writing is somewhat sloppy and malformed, though this absolutely not due to a lack of practice, but rather her large hand size and lack of extremely fine motor skills (e.g., she has ham-sized paws and it's damn tough to grip a pencil, okay).
  • Again due to Sirius's attention, Artemisia is elementary proficient in speaking Italian, coupled with very rudimentary reading abilities. Her writing of the foreign language is extremely limited; she engaged in only two writing lessons prior to Sirius's abrupt departure from Salsola.


  • Arte possesses a distinctive lack of endurance. Due to her size and strength, she expends quite a lot of energy with any movement. As such, she cannot run with the same expectation of longevity as the average canine. In addition, her food requirements are quite hefty.
  • Artemisia is rather paranoid -- as such, she has strange physical habits (e.g., seating position, keeping herself aware of exits, etc.)
  • Prone to ignoring physical needs (eating, sleeping, etc.) in favor of gleaning knowledge and completing whatever task she's focused her mind on.
  • Lack of sociability -- Arte is naturally suspicious and unlikely to form any deep friendships quickly. Her observant nature and fantastic memory, too, make her somewhat difficult to deal with as a friend; she might remember and recall some minor, long forgotten slight.

4.4  Inventory


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  • Offering: something
  • Accepting: something


  • A pair of tarnished silver earrings she keeps around despite her lack of pierced ears.
  • A notebook to practice her alphabet and jot down observations in.

Art by Dark

5.  History

  • Artemisia was born 24 July 2011 to Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo alongside four siblings in Salsola.
  • Her sister Shibboleth was born sickly; thus, Eris kept her young children well-hidden for the early weeks of their life. The healthy sisters were allowed out to play as they grew old enough, but Shibboleth remained inside the den, until one day Eris took Shibboleth away and did not return with her.
  • Shortly thereafter, Solanaceae was killed by what appears to be a feline attack on the edge of Salsola territory. Artemisia is aware of the truth behind Shibboleth's death -- her sickly sister was burned on a pyre to strengthen Artemisia and her living sisters, as Eris has said.
  • In an effort to honor the memory of her diseased siblings who died to help her, Artemisia has fallen in line with everything that is expected of her, to the point where it could be assumed she'd gladly jump off a cliff if her parents asked. As a general rule of thumb she skirted away from girls her age and instead played and wrestled around with other boys, often returning home with bruises and cuts.
  • As of March of 2012 she spends a couple hours once a week with her King, learning to read, write, and speak in Italian as well as some rudimentary and necessary geography plus whatever else he feels like sharing with her. Since becoming his student she has immersed herself in the world of knowledge, going so far as occasionally forgetting (as opposed to intentionally) to eat.
  • During late April she abandoned all other interests partly out of grief over the death of her father, but also in hopes of becoming the secretive pack's first real scholar.

5.1  Threads


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