Odessa D'Angelo

Odessa D'Angelo

by Alaine




Date of Birth

January 18th, 2011




Lawful Neutral





a city in Ukraine
from the Angel


Ukrainian, Italian




Birth place





75% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
25% Tundra Wolf



Odessa D'Angelo is the daughter of Wisteria D'Angelo and Eberhard Brandt. She was born in Khalif, the only living child from her mother's first (and so far, only) litter. She was mated to Imhotep Aabt before his death, and is currently a widow. Before Imhotep died they had two sons together, Ankh and Sol. She currently has the place of Confidant in her pack Salsola. She also works in the clinic located in Salsola territory at the Millstone Village. She helped to build it there and serves as the Curandero (Witch-Doctor) - a medic and poison expert.



  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#0B0B0B)
  • Skin: Cod Gray (#0B0B0B)
  • Eyes: Ecstasy (#FA7814)
  • Fur: Primarily Mine Shaft (#323232), her pelt has accents of lighter Kabul (#5E483E) and Emperor (#514649), lightening to a dusky shade of Sisal (#D3CBBA) around her underside. At its extremes, darker Gondola (#261414) and Cod Gray (#0B0B0B) can be found.

Art by Alaine

Odessa was born entirely black. Since she has begun to age, her pelt has lightened dramatically--she is now a mottled compilation of black, white, and reddish-brown. This dappled pelt has given her an advantage for daylight hunts, which she often accompanies her cousin on. She has orange eyes, like her mother. The hand of Eris is scared into her upper back. This is not yet decorated in any way.

Odessa always carries a brown messenger bag. Her bag is generally filled with empty or full glass jars depending on if she is coming or going, as she is always on the lookout for new plants to try and put into her concoctions. Other essentials in her bag are pens, a journal to write down her ideas or recipes, and a stone scorpion Can Tah. The Can Tah has spiritual significance for her, and she clutches it every time she prays. Odessa is much more concerned with the quality of her work than her physical appeal. She never wears clothes as she finds them entirely too binding and unhelpful for her day to day activities, which generally include crawling through bushes to find the perfect specimen. Her hair is naturally wavy and she switches between having it down or having it in a high pony tail depending on what is more convenient. The fringes of her hair hang over her right eye, which she finds annoying but has not found the ability to control without completely cutting it. Unless she deems it absolutely necessary for the task at hand, she is always in her Optime form.

Most of the time Odessa resents being so small, cute, and fragile looking. This alone, she believes, holds her back from reaching her full potential in Salsola. She rarely tries to do anything to make herself look more feminine than she already is. She is convinced that being small causes her not to be took seriously. Given this, any sort of decorations in her hair or accessories are usually out of the question. This is with the exception of a golden ankh pendant on a gold necklace given to her by Imhotep Aabt, she wears this one piece of jewelry religiously. She did so even before his death.





40 lbs (-- kg)
20 in (-- cm)

100 lbs (-- kg)
26 in (-- cm)

120 lbs (-- kg)
5ft 4in (-- in) (-- cm)

In Lupus form, Odessa body could be considered that of a hybrid's. She has an almost coyote like posture, though she still has a definite wolfish quality to her.

Odessa's least visited form. While most have impressive bulk and immense power, Odessa comes across as starved in this form. She had visited it only a handful of times since she gain the ability, yet she still finds it hard to move into that form.

In optime form, Odessa is willowy. Though she has no real height her daintiness creates the illusion of additional inches. Her hair, a dark brown-black shade, hangs down in back in loose curls, stopping near her Salsola brand. The fringe hangs thickly over her right eye. Reference.


Having never been raised in Khalif despite her birth there, Odessa's upbringing falls in line with that of her pack, Salsola. She believes in the hierarchy of the Family, though strives to impress her leaders in order to join the inner circle. In recent years this desire to please has become a consuming obsession. Although her changes are minuscule and impossible for anyone else to see, her struggle is constant. She will experiment on, and brutally kill, hundreds of rabbits or mice before she stops trying to find that "perfect" poison to impress the Boss. Many times she won't even realize how much death she has caused until the ground she is on is soaked with blood. Still, Odessa chooses not to acknowledge this obsession. She rationalizes this slow decline into madness with excuses about how close she is to a breakthrough. When she does zone out and do experiments without realizing it, she relieves her guilt by believing that she is possessed by the spirit of Tak.

Her mother and uncle have taught her about their gods, which Odessa believes in, though she is still learning about various things. She believes Tak is the one who originally gave her the power to give life and take life away (with her poisons). To Odessa, Tak is very personally involved with her progression because of the dark color of her fur. In her own mind, she is the chosen child of Tak. She wants to please Tak equally as much as she wants to please the superiors in her pack. She has occupied a follower mentality, striving to be well behaved and obedient in order to secure her place within Salsola. Odessa is happy to do whatever it takes to impress her elders. Due to the meekness of her personality it would be impossible for anyone to realize how arrogant she actually is. She rarely speaks out or stands up for herself, but she does have complete confidence in her ability to kill and heal, almost to the point of having Grandiose delusions (GD), but she is unable to articulate her abilities or her beliefs in them in a clear and coherent way.

Odessa is constantly plagued by the fear that she will be ejected from Salsola. There is no reasonable basis for this fear, as she has been nothing but pleasing to everyone she has met. Still, this controls fear controls the majority of her choices in interactions with pack members. Alone, Odessa is one person, and to others she is entirely different. She acts carefully and always aims to aid Salsola in any way she can. Odessa is fiercely independent, preferring to at least attempt to do things herself before asking for help, which she has no problem doing. Odessa is also a medic. She is always expanding her knowledge by looking for new kinds of plants and writing in her medicine guide she made for Salsola. Her good nature and pleasant character would never approve of using poison to take a life personally (although she has no qualm over supplying pack-mates with generous amounts) but when possesed by Tak she does not consider herself responsible for her actions and is capable of almost anything as long it it promotes her esteem among her peers.



  • Likes: Writing, reading, plants, being praised, excelling, the color orange.
  • Dislikes: Sleeping, being scolded, being second best, the color purple.


  • Obsessive, Arrogant, Meek, Timid, Intelligent, Ambitious, Delusional
  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted and Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness, being left or deemed worthless.


  • Praise


  • Packs: Hates anyone from New Dawn or Casa di Cavalieri because of the hostile status they have with Salsola.
  • Gender: Sexist against women, thinks they inherently lack the capability that a man has and when women break this stereotype believes they are "the exception not the rule."
  • Color: Prefers wolves with dark coats because of her affinity toward Tak, you would never know this in day to day interactions.
  • Sexuality: Uninterested in your sexuality and judges people who are open with theirs.


Odessa believes in khalifism, the religion that is based on the region she was born at. More info on this religion can be found here: Khalif. She especially resonates with the God of dark wolves, Tak. She carries around a scorpion Can Tah and considers the scorpion to be sort of a protector over her house and family. She often grabs her Can Tah while praying fervently for wisdom and understanding from Tak. She believes that she is sometimes possessed by the spirit of Tak, in in those cases that she cannot control her actions. To Odessa, she is the chosen child of Tak and much of her personal life revolves around this relationship with him. She will sometimes preform sacrifices when she thinks that Tak demands it of her, but generally thinks the animals can be put to much better use when involved in experiments.


Odessa is heterosexual and is widowed from a male mate. She does not talk about her sex life, as she is very private. She thinks her desire for sex is average when in fact it is very low, only really wanting to have sex once in a blue moon. She is completely faithful, and never cheated on Imhotep when he was alive. Additionally, Odessa believes a wolf can only love one other wolf, anything more is simply confusion.


Due to her fascination with medicine and poisons the list of substances Odessa has tried is impossibly long to list. She has put anything in her mouth as long as she knew it wouldn't kill her. She is extremely experimental generally using herself as a test subject before trying one of her ideas on someone else. She doesn't care what drugs people take, but wished they came to her more often for advice and help as she thinks it takes an utterly stupid wolf to be able to kill oneself accidentally from any kind of substance (especially when her medical book, where she catalogs substances, is so near and available).


Key Relations

  • Imhotep A'abt was her mate. He has since passed on, leaving her a widow.
  • Ankh D'Aabt is her eldest son. She is struggling with letting him grow up, and tends to fret over him.
  • Sol D'Aabt is her younger son. She probably lets him get away with a lot.
  • Wisteria D'Angelo is her mother. Odessa loves her mother and often uses her for baby-sitting purposes.
  • Aedan de Valence is her step-father. Discuss relationship stuff with Stormie!
  • Salvia Eternity is her cousin and leader. They have a friendly, if distant, relationship. Discuss relationship stuff with Mel!

Family: D'Angelo


Odessa D'Angelo is the daughter of Wisteria D'Angeloand Eberhard Brandt. She was born in Khalif, the only living child from her mother's first litter and considered a blight. While tradition demanded she be killed because of this, her mother instead chose exile and fled to find her brother. Both found a home in Salsola, where they currently reside.

Growing up in Salsola, Odessa adapted to and adopted the packs Laws without question. They are all she has ever known, and she believes them firmly. She is devoted to her work as a healer, and was especially devoted to her mate and children before Imhotep passed. Her interest in manual labor has decreased over time, though she maintains the Garden and is leading the Shulie Farmland Revitalization project at Salvia's request.


* Juan

  • Species: Margay
  • DOB:
  • Description: Traded for in Freetown. Prior to his ownership by Odessa, Juan was poorly treated by his captors who had no real idea about how to care for him. He was taken from his mother too early and was in a bad state when Odessa found him. Never the less she was able to nourish him back to health.
  • Personality: Juan is naturally curious and typically docile.

* Saffron

  • Species: Domestic Cat
  • DOB: JAN 2011
  • Description: A Maine Coon crossbreed. She was procured from Freetown by Larkspur, and then gifted to Odessa by Eris.
  • Personality: She is friendly and enjoys attention.

* Remy

  • Species: Gelding
  • DOB: APR 2010
  • Description: Remy is a large Hispano-Breton. Obtained from Amy Sunders.
  • Personality: He has training in cart pulling and is typically docile, but has a tendency to become stubborn.

* Keshi

  • Species: Gelding
  • DOB: DEC 2009
  • Description: Odessa traded for him. His name means demon. He is a Black Paint horse. Thin and lanky. Resides in a stall in the Salsolan stables.
  • Personality: Docile to the point of almost stupidity


  • Multiple art pieces.
  • Various NPCs



  • Whole Year: Odessa has a pretty dress made for her by Lillith Trombetta so she can go to the The Last Supper. She also sets up a long lasting arrangement to make poison for Lokr Revlis and forms a belief that someone has tried to poison her. Siv gets her a new slave, Blitz and she releases Novak from service. Imhotep Aabt passes away in July.


  • January-August: Odessa was at the Salsola Outpost with Blitz, meeting new people and trying to acquire some things from trade. She came back in August, without the knowledge that Sol had been gone and Ankh was depressed.
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


Note: Only threads played after Ki took over Odessa appear.


  1. pale flesh for my devotion (23 NOV) \\ Quartz Shoreline, with Bastion Hallow. Odessa is walking along aimlessly until she sees a rock with moss that is PERFECT for Salsola's bloomery project. As she begins to collect she runs into Bastion and Janos
  2. condemnation in the silence (11 DEC) \\ Salsola, with Lokr Revlis. Odessa is walking at dusk to find Bistort, she runs into Revlis without realizing he is the son of Sirius and embarrasses herself.


  1. Under the tilt (02 JAN) \\ Odessa runs into loner Svasra and it is off to a bumpy start. She offers the stranger some food in hopes of leading her away from joining New Dawn, where they are meeting dangerously close to.
  2. Vogue (03 JAN) \\ Lillith Trombetta has a meeting to make some beautiful dresses for Odessa and her cousin SalviaEternity for The Last Supper
  3. Nothing seems to phase you (06 JAN) \\ Odessa runs into Azucena Lykoi as she is at the edge of pack lands trying to mask her scent, quickly after their bumping into one another Odessa gets very sick. She believes she has been poisoned, but keeps the suggestion to herself.
  4. Practice makes perfect (07 JAN) \\ Salsola, with Lokr Revlis. Odessa is going about her business and caring for the clinic when Lokr busts in the door in need of assistance.
  5. Let's get through on dinner (07 JAN) \\ Aedan de Valence bothers Odessa by trying to get her away from Imhotep Aabt because he is a dog.
  6. [M] I create the sickness (09 JAN) \\ This is the begining of Odessa's mental decline. She loses her shit because she can't make a poison right and is torturing animals with little to no purpose.
  7. practice makes perfect (JAN 10) \\ At Salsola, with Lokr Revlis. Lokr comes into the clinic with a mild hand wound. It becomes apparent the real reason for his visit is to ask Odessa about poinsons she had been experimenting with. She gives him a gel to put on his blade that causes seizures, but she is determined to make a more lethal poison for him.
  8. Object of an evil eye (JAN 12) \\ At Salsola, with Scorius D'Angelo?. Odessa runs into Scorpius quite by accident while she is traveling back to the clinic with Blitz. She leaves the conversation uneasy.
  9. and blood our cradle until the light dawns (FEB 11) \\ At Salsola, with Aedan de Valence and Wisteria D'Angelo. Odessa helps deliver her half-sisters.
  10. Do not dishonor us (MAR 22) \\ At Salsola, with Imhotep Aabt, Sol D'Aabt, and Ankh D'Aabt. Sol refuses the mark of Salsola with is the Hand of Eris. Ankh offers to take the mark in his place, and pleases his mother and father by doing so.
  11. It isn't so bad (MAR 31) \\ At Salsola, with Blitz, and Lux Attican. Blitz inappropriately shows Odessa around the slave quarters where he lives, making sure to show off to Lux that he has the "best" master.


  1. weight on my chest, things on my mind (AUG 7) \\ Salsola, with Ankh D'Aabt. Odessa is traveling home from the Salsola Outpost with Blitz when they unexpectedly run into her son.



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