Blitz is a NPC slave in Salsola who belongs personally to Odessa D'Angelo. Their relationship is flirty and she trusts him implicitly, for a long time nothing could happen between them because she cared too much about her mate Imhotep Aabt and children. Now with Imhotep dead, Blitz is realizing there was more to her reluctance than just loyalty. She has slowly become more and more obsessed with her work, and paranoid about pleasing her pack. The most important thing to her is what Salsola thinks of her, and it is clear that no matter what Blitz does she will not risk her rank or place in her pack on a slave.


by Dark


Personal Slave NPC


Date of Birth

February 8, 2009




Birth place





20% Rhodesian Ridgeback
80% Arctic Wolf




Current pack Salsola
Current rank Personal Slave

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Blitz is average size, standing 6 ft 9 inches (206 cm) in his Optime form and weighs 225 pounds on average. He used to be buff and was particularly suited for hard labor, but Odessa doesn't have him do that which has caused him to lean out a little. Instead she experiments on him, so at any point he could have patches of hair missing or new scars. He has a chip in his left ear and a gold ring in his septum, both signs of his enslavement.

1.2  Coloration

  • Blitz is primarily a white color through most of his body
  • A light shade of grey decorates the top of his ears, the tip of his tail, his feet, and his chin.
  • He has a ridge on his back of hair going the opposite way, it looks like light grey.
  • His eyes are a natural brown and green mix, with mostly green.

1.3  Modifications

  • He generally keeps his hair short and shaved for easier movements.
  • Septum piercing.

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Speech

Speaks clear english and is obviously heterosexual although he doesn't speak about his sexuality.

2.2  Abilities

  • Woodwork (Master):
  • Reading (Apprentice): He is learning how to read with help from Odessa
  • Tracking(Journeyman):

3.  Residence

Millstone Village, in the communal slave quarters since January 2013.

4.  Personality

Blitz was raised as a slave; but even such is bold and sure-footed. He is confident in his abilities and undergoes tasks with eagerness and pleasure, especially for Odessa. Since the moment he was given to her he has lived to please her and feels that even if he was free he would want to stay by her side and serve her. He undertakes important tasks without being ordered and sometimes speaks without being addressed first. This is only because he is so eager to help, as he is obedient to Odessa until death. Speaking out is a problem Odessa is trying to solve, and to make her happy he goes to great lengths to make their public relationship seem as if she is cruel to him. It is likely he would have been a high ranking member of a pack if it were not for his slave status. He has entertained fantasies of escape when he belonged to others, but since he has belonged to Odessa he believes slavery is the life intended for him and he wants nothing else.

5.  History

5.1  Early

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5.2  Later

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6.  Archive

6.1  2014

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