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1.  My Life

I have been on and off 'Souls since it was called "Bleeding Souls." I don't know when the change happened though, because, "on & off." I have been around wolf based roleplay sites since I was pretty young- originally getting started in neopet guilds. LOL. That has to have been like 12 years ago? I think I was like 13. Unlike most awesome Souls' players I am inept at any kind of web code. It has taken me hours just to edit this wiki TEMPLATE. That is how much I want you to know me. You are welcome! It may take me a while but I think I can do a lot with code IFF I have a template to work on (IFF is me trying to use a logic pun, GET IT?). I currently attend UNLV. I have a completed two separate degrees, one is a B.A. in Philosophy and the other is a B.A. in Communication Studies. I am currently in the M.A. Program at UNLV for Communication Studies, set to graduate Spring of '16. Then I have to stop teaching COM 101 and go into the real world and get a real job, which I am not excited about. Ugh.

I love writing! This stuff is a big release for me. I picked up Odessa D'Angelo for the first time in the end of 2013 and played her till around the summer of 2014. Now, I am picking her up for the second time in August of 2015. My master plan to stay active is to not overwhelm myself with threads. Normally, I am SOOOOO excited to come back and start writing I take all the empty threads and then when life starts I get overwhelmed about the thought of coming back to 'Souls and answering all those threads. The goal at the moment is like... two threads at a time? Despite that I am ALWAYS open for a good plot! It just may take a minute to get started.

I used to co-own Alaskan Wilderness Wolves & The Eight back in 2005-2007, if you happened to be a member my characters name was Blitz and he was the Alpha of Misted Dreams. Life became life, and I lost contact with everything and everyone from there. I miss a lot of those people. P.S. If you are Zee/Urukara USE MY CONTACT INFORMATION AND SAY HI! Life is better now, I have my own house and a boyfriend and am ready for the future.

I may be a little bit of an alcoholic. :)

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All my threads can be found under their respective character wiki's. Sorry! It is so much work to try to do everything twice -___-