Harrow D'Angelo

Harrow is the daughter of Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo, born in Salsola alongside Ataxia D'Angelo and Artemisia Eternity. She is the younger sister to Salvia Eternity, Boss of Salsola.

Harrow D'Angelo

by Alaine


Gen, Shannah, Kitty

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Nahyt Savin, Elena


24 July 2011




Birth place



Coyote-wolf-dog hybrid

75% Canis lupus (Wolf)
12.5% Canis latrans (Coyote)
6.25% Canis rufus (Red Wolf)
6.25% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


25% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
12.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.25% Red wolf
6.25% Dog




Pack Salsola
Rank The Tradesman


Packs Vinátta
Ranks Risna (VN)

The Associate, The Family, The Confidant (SL)

by Gen


  • Mineshaft (#3D3D3D): base fur color.
  • Tundora (#484848): chest and belly.
  • Cod Gray (#161616): muzzle, head, ruff, legs, and tail-tip.
  • Las Palmas (#D1F40F) and Citron (#8DB424): eyes.

by Alaine


Harrow is smaller and slighter of build, resembling a coyote more than either parent. Her features and appearance are primarily wolf -- she does not have a small muzzle, over-sized ears, or the teeth of a coyote -- but her petite and waif-like build might cause one to ponder her heritage.



  • Weight: 89 lbs (48 kg)
  • Height: 33 in (82 cm)
  • Slim and agile. Will show an obvious limp in left foreleg.
  • She has rarely used this form because of her permanent limp. She uses this form only when she has to.


  • Weight: 172 lbs (70 kg)
  • Height: 36 in (96 cm)
  • Adds some bulk, but remains slight in build.
  • She favors Secui over Lupus mainly for the fact that it is stronger than Lupus. But, she has no need to use it, and has not used it much before.


  • Weight: 190 lbs (82 kg)
  • Height: 6ft 0in (180 cm)
  • Average height, and very petite and feminine. Mane is cut shoulder length and let alone.
  • Harrow is seen exclusively in this form for it is easier to disguise how weak her left arm is. She also likes the advantages when it comes to hands.



  • Not quite a scar -- her left arm was severely injured during the Boreas Conflict in Salsola; following this injury, Harrow has reduced strength, muscle tone, and all-around use of this limb. Hence, her preference is Optime form, since it is unlikely she'd be able to walk in Lupus or Secui form without exhibiting some form of limp.


  • Her upper right ear is pierced once. She typically dons a silver ring therein.
  • Obtain the Hard of Eris in Fall 2012 -- it reaches over her shoulders, back, and hips.


  • Bone cross necklace, obtained/made for her by her parents
  • Always wears a cloak outside of Salsola, as to hide the Hand of Eris.


Her personality to this point has been subjected to various trials: the deaths of her littermates, Boreas Conflict fighting and death of her father along with the kidnapping of her brother, her injuries, etc. Lacking in true stability, she's flitted from one group to the next before returning home -- still very much the child she was when she left. Therefore, her personality is still to be crafted.

Harrow's a very intelligent creature, though her nativity and quiet makes her out to be an empty flower pot. She uses her wit to escape and manage situations, and can formulate a decision rather quickly when it comes to on the spot choices. She is more of a listener and watcher than a talker, and can find out many things about someone from the subtle things they say or do.

She is prideful of her and her family's standings within Salsola, and is keen to show her power over lower ranked members whenever the moments arise. But, when it comes to personal relationships outside of the family, she can be distrustful and in a moment of need, can be disloyal. This is not to say she is not capable of loyalty--she is very picky who she risks herself for. She is prone to panicking, and her naive nature makes her seem childish and foolish in pressed situations. She is not a sociable person, and rather spend time by herself, with her siblings, or with her mother than with others. An exception are animals--she will go out of her way to be in the company of animals, finding comfort within them. She is also artistic to a degree.



  • Likes: Very few people, poisons, drawing, animals
  • Dislikes: Most outsiders, most people in general, change, being confused


Intelligent, naive, proud, panicky, introvert, animal lover, artistic

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted, but very dominate over those she has power over
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Isolation, ostracism, violence


  • Self-interests
  • Salsola
  • Well-being of her few friends


  • Slaves: While as a child she saw nothing wrong with them, she now questions their existence, though does not outwardly express this.


  • Heterosexual
    • Has this thing for blondes.
    • She can be totally awkward but then flirty -- she's just inexperienced as hell. |:


She never tried them and she probably wouldn't do them even when invited to.


Despite being taught various beliefs by both parents, she is not very religious.


by Sie


  • She was trained by her father in the ways of horsemanship. She has somewhat touched up on these skills since his death, and she could be considered to be at a journeyman level.
  • She draws often. She is better with still life than anything else, but is working on Luperci portraits.
    • She is also good at cartography, one time drawing a map of a whole pack's territory.
  • She was taught poisons by her cousin.


  • Left arm is severely lacking in strength.
  • Prone to panicking, naivety, etc.


Key Relations

  • Skoll Haskel: she wants to touch the butt
  • Salvia Eternity: The Boss of Salsola and her older sister. They are not close, and at times Harrow can feel standoffish about her. However, she deeply respects her and has a strong urge to prove herself to her.


Eternity, DAngelo, and Lykoi

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: None
  • Unfriendly: Wolves and dogs mostly

Former Relations

  • Gale Lionheart: A freed slave of Salsola and once one of her only friends there. She treated him with respect even when he was a slave, and she considers him to be close.



  • Quiet and very feminine.
  • Careful with her words and can flourish her vocabulary.
  • Soft manner of speech commands attention more often than not.


  • Salsola scent: salty, marshy. Wolfish, with a weaker hint of coyote.
    • Always disguises scent whenever outside of Salsola.



Species Canada Lynx
Date of Birth 23 October 2011
Gender Female











Omitl is brownish gray throughout, with a tawny-colored face and bright greenish-yellow eyes. Her underbelly is slightly lighter and grayer than her overcoat, which is darker brown. Her paws are dark, with striped markings near where the dark parts fade.

Omitl weighs 22 lbs (9 kg) and is a smaller cat. She is stoutly built, and her dense fur coat makes her appear larger than she actually is. She wears a simple leather collar, adorned with a tag. The tag bears the Hand of Eris symbol.


Omitl is very active. She is semi-obedient, following orders in her own time and at her own pace. Although Canada lynx are typically solitary hunters, coordinated attacks have been observed previously. Omitl may sometimes hunt with assistance from Itzcitla, though this is less cooperation than unwittingness on Itzcitla's part, as Omitl simply uses him to scare prey toward her. Omitl is capable of speaking, although her English is rudimentary and thickly accented, as she was never formally educated on Luperci speech. She has a biological brother, Fella, living in Vinátta.

Omitl is also frequently let out on her own and wanders around on her own. She tends to loiter around Harrow's home and will sleep inside of the ruin with her. She is unsure of the new slave and has taken to avoiding interacting with her, especially as Maria's thicker Spanish accent leaves her even more challenging for the lynx to understand.

Maria Sanchez

Species 40% canis latrans 50% canis lupus familiarus (Poodle x Golden Retriever) 10% canis lupus
Date of Birth 12 February 2014
Gender Female



Mah-ree-yah San-chez






Mexico City


A female dog-coyote hybrid with rather curly fur and hair. She has three sets of scars on her body, one on her left breast and one on each thigh. Often, she covers them with clothing to mask their presence as she is not proud of them and they bring up bad memories. She keeps her very curly hair up in a tie that bustles out like a curly orb at the back of her head.


She rather firm and authoritative for a slave, but somehow maintains that she is only authoritative as she knows better for her masters than they realize. It leads to making decisions that most masters would not allow and she takes more freedoms that more heavy-handed masters would have quickly ended. Fortunately for Maria, Harrow has few expectations and this leaves Maria feeling rather loyal to the older woman for rescuing her from a rather bad situation to one where she has near complete run of the ruin home.


Maria was born in Mexico City to a small dog-coyote hybrid pack that was located at the edge of the sprawling urban area. Their pack fell to the frequently shifting gang packs, absorbed by their victors. Unfortunately for Maria and her sister, both were sold into slavery in exchange for weapons when they were both very young. They traveled up north where they were split off somewhere in Texas. Ana went to the West and Maria went North. Her first master was decidedly nice, who fed her and gave her some clothes. Her second was incredibly less polite. Her scars are courtesy of him. Fortunately for her, he lost her to settle gambling debts.

  • Osrath Eternity and Harrow liberated Maria and Nergui from a group of slave traders instead of trading for them.


by Sie

  • Harrow was born 24 July 2011 to Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo alongside four siblings in Salsola. Harrow was named for the English word harrow, specifically "to disturb keenly or painfully; distress the mind, feelings, etc., of." This name was insisted upon by her mother and derided by her father, who feels it bears too much similarity to Harlowe D'Angelo, a distant D'Angelo relative who went mad and attacked Larkspur, Eris, and Harrow's elder siblings prior to Harrow's birth.
  • Her sister Shibboleth was born sickly; thus, Eris kept her young children well-hidden for the early weeks of their life. The healthy sisters were allowed out to play as they grew old enough, but Shibboleth remained inside the den, until one day Eris took Shibboleth away and did not return with her. Harrow is aware of the truth behind Shibboleth's death -- her sickly sister was burned on a pyre to strengthen Harrow and her living sisters, as Eris has said.
  • Shortly thereafter, Solanaceae was killed by what appears to be a feline attack on the edge of Salsola territory. Harrow is aware of the scenario of Solanaceae's death; however, she was not permitted to view the body.
  • During the Boreas Conflict, Harrow is severely injured, to the point of suppressing her memories and identity. She is rescued by Hael Savin, who fixes her arm to the best of his ability. The pair camp and travel together thereafter.
  • She hooks up with the canines of a would-be pirate pack, but departs shortly thereafter to Vinátta, where she remains until mid-August 2012 under a false and assumed identity. At this point, some of her old self began surfacing and she departed the pack with only Omitl and a few of her things.





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  1. Aye Aye, Captain (5 May)
    Halifax, with Percival Teach and Tobias Roche.
  2. [M] Seven Sins to my Name
    Harrow meets up with Tobias and Percival's crew.
  3. Sailing for Adveture
    The group sets claim to a small piece of land.


  1. Everyone Lies
    Vinátta, with Lilin Soulstorm.
  2. Small Big Cats, or Big Small Cats?
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  1. [M] (NPC) From the Fire We Return
    Salsola, with Draugr Helsi and Eris Eternity.
  2. This Holy Crow Above Me
    Salsola, with Eris Eternity, Pandemic D'Angelo, and Ataxia D'Angelo.
  3. Open Arms and Closed Hearts
    Salsola, with Gale Lionheart.
  4. Your Bark Will Wear Thin
    Salsola, with Salvia Eternity.


  1. The Strength I Need to Push Me (
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  1. Follow No One, Always Play the Wrong Card
  2. The strength i need to push on
    Thread with Null Liulfr post storm.


  1. Between two lungs
    Encounters Skoll Haskel, introduced herself as Nayht Savin.
  2. I took a sip from a devil's cup
    Learns some poisons from Odessa D'Angelo.
  3. Flesh in the age of reason
    Last Supper - promoted to Family.
  4. Stead fast in the flames
    Conversation with Gale Lionheart, starts to question slavery.




  1. Lucky rabbit feet
    RO - Poisoned a fox with a trapped rabbit.
  2. Mare Nostrum
    Meets Skoll Haskel again and she draws him.


  1. Tread floors, you don't fall through
    Harrow looks for Gale and Yvette, and finds Gale.
  2. While the young, they wait alone
    Talks to Draugr Helsi about Salsola and Draugr's past.


  1. [M] Sanguis Terre
    Salsola sacrifice of a captured male for fertility and bounty.
  2. The star of the slowest revolution
    Saturnalia Feast
  3. You can take it to the clerk
    Gives gifts to Salvia, who is Queen.
  4. The words are written in the dust
    Confronted by her sister Artemisia Eternity for her running to Vinátta.