Wisteria D'Angelo

Wisteria D'Angelo was born in Khalif, and is now a Confidant of Salsola. She is the mate of Aedan de Valence, and mother of Odessa D'Angelo, Claire de Valence, and Delphinium D'Angelo.

Wisteria lost her life during the chaos of the Red Star.

Wisteria D'Angelo

by Mel



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Date of Birth

30 Oct 2005









a flowering vine
of the angels




Birth place





50% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
50% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf




Mate Aedan de Valence
Pack Salsola
Rank The Confidant

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Lupus

1.2  Secui

1.3  Optime

110 lbs (-- kg)
36 in (-- cm)

245 lbs (-- kg)
44 in (-- cm)

240 lbs (-- kg)
6ft 10in (82 in) (-- cm)

Though still very tall for her gender and for the Rocky blood in her veins, Wisteria is not very stocky. She is lighter, longer, and overall built more closely to the speed side of her breeding. Certainly, she is considerably stockier than a coyote, but in comparison to most of her species she is relatively thin beneath all that long white fur. This form is not very commonly used, though it is shapely in its own right.

A slight unusuality, but when considering the family from which she comes, it really isn't all that odd. Wisteria's Secui form is bulky, broad, and powerful. Her mixed blood manifest entirely in this form, yielding the woman large, powerful paws, thick, sinewy muscles, and long, thick guard hairs at the nape of her neck. Her pristine white fur reflects sunlight like a mirror, and the glare can and will be used to hide her while hunting during the daylight hours. In comparison to the average Secui form, Wisteria's is a monster.

She is thin, but shapely, her legs long and curved, bust conforming to her long proportions, hips widened ever so slightly by childbirth. Her paw pads are an off-white sort of color, something closer to grey, and often scrubbed clean after a long day's trek. Her hair is just as ivory in color as her body, and left to wave and curl as it so pleases. Her long, luscious fur has been cleaned to a gloriously pristine white, and will stay that way until she decides some color is needed.

1.4  Modifications

  • Wisteria's ears are pierced twice.
  • A sun made through scarification on the low part of her back.

1.5  Accessories

Build & Species

Wisteria is, to say the least, a mixture of two very large breeds and tall. She is large for a wolf but remains trim and fit.


  • Eyes: ecstasy (#FA7814).
  • Fur: True white

2.  Personality

Let there be no mistake, Wisteria does not intend to be a pawn in someone else's plans, a figurehead to be wielded around like a puppet. For her whole life, she's quietly done as she's told, and quietly broken the rules, listened intently and ignored accordingly, all the time knowing that - at some point - she would be given the chance to reach out her hand and take rather than be given, dominate instead of submit. That time has finally come.

Wist does not tend to let her emotions outweigh her goals, never lets desire overrule ambition. Oh, she can be sultry when she wants to, turning on the charm and grace of good breeding, but everything is a means to an end as far as she's concerned. Where some wolves might be called noble and some might be called selfish, Wisteria would be called determined. She will not be someone's prize game piece; she will be the one controlling the board.

Or so she would like to think.

Unfortunately, for all this vaulted ambition, the young woman has no real power than an incomplete apprenticeship to her god, and, secretly quite the romantic soul, would prefer to avoid mating for no reason other than the elevation in status it would bring her. Everything she is or will be is ultimately tied into the whims and wills of those around her. Though she truly loves and loses with just as much pain as even the saddest of creatures, she's too much the politician to ever voice these thoughts. Too conscientious of the image she seeks to propagate to let it be known that she harbors such feelings.

See, Wisteria is smart. A touch unscrupulous, yes, but keenly intelligent. She knows that she won't get anywhere by compiling a list of enemies, and is clever enough to stockpile friends instead. Like the plant she is named after, finds strength in others and once she has "attached" to someone, makes use of them. She can flatter with a commendable smile, hate without ever showing it, argue without raising her voice or changing her tone. Duplicitous, intelligent… she's a force with which to reckon and no doubt about it.

Her personal life has been remarkably unremarkable. With her daughter in tow and exile on her head after leave of Khalif, and then the slow move into Salsola's better sides of the ranking system, she's had little time for romantic entanglements. That's not to say she's frigid or uninterested, but she's conscientiously avoided getting into anything more than casual affairs - and kept those relatively quiet. She is careful to keep those she may take a more intimate interest in at a certain distance, careful to keep these relations, though few and usually held in high regard, casual. Having been Salsola for several months now, she's been marked by one or two as a good bed mate, but the young woman knew better than to get herself a bad reputation and kept her entanglements brief and without animosity.

She is not a stupid canine, and though her matters of the heart tend to be softer than she lets on, she has her eyes set to the skies- and is unafraid to reach for it.


  • Fears:
    • Isolation, loneliness
    • Fire
  • Motivations:
  • Traits
    • Observant, maipulative, charismatic

2.1  Biases

  • Species: May have a thing against coyotes/dogs, oh no!
  • Non-Luperci: Wisteria is likely to have picked up some of Salsola's bias.

2.2  Sexuality

  • Heterosexual.
  • Due to both her background in Khalif, Salsola's openess of the matter, and a very real crush on her brother, Wisteria sees in-breeding as normal.

2.3  Spirituality

Though a full-fledged priestess of Khalif, Wisteria has begun adapting the rituals of Salsola into her own belief system. She would not stop worshiping what she considers "true gods", however, and still firmly believe in Khalif's god trio.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Salvia Eternity, despite her age, is feared by Wisteria. This does not stop her from excersizing a familial air around the girl, or attempting to cause trouble by spreading rumors to her.
  • Odessa, as her daughter, is absolutely adored. While Wisteria might not have approved of her mate, her offspring prove (in Wisteria's eyes) that the girl was right in her decision.
  • Eris Eternity is considered a bump in the road to her attaining a higher rank--while the two are sister's by mateship, Wisteria has always believed that Eris thinks too highly of herself...though she would never have said it aloud.
  • Larkspur: Always looked upon fondly, Wisteria trusted her brother despite their faith marking him as an outcast. She went far enough to look for him after her exile and their close bond was rekindled. It is likely she felt some less than brotherly emotions towards him, though did not act upon them due to Eris.

Family: D'Angelo

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Wisteria is fluent in English, though may have hints of Appalachian English in her voice.
  • Scent: As per Salsola social norms, Wisteria disguises her scent when leaving the pack's vicinity.



  • Wisteria comes with a house; the player needn't purchase one through the Salsola game. The description and specifics of Wisteria's house are up to the player, location aside.


  • None


4.1  Strengths

  • Wisteria is a priestess -- while this focuses on Khalif's faith, she is a deeply spiritual woman and would likely be open about sucha thing, even to the point of offering guideance.
  • Wisteria is capable of body modifications (Journeyman). She is well versed with scarification, tattooing, and piercing.
    • While primarily practiced as part of body modification, Wisteria is capable of wood branding
  • Since joining Salsola, Wisteria has picked up on wood working, specifically , as a means to keep herself useful.
  • Largely due to her size and speed, Wisteria is combat capable and ferocious in battle.

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Her upbringing has made her naturally suspicious of everyone; while she hopes for the best in people, it takes a lot to convince her of such.
  • Though it has helped her in combat situations and labor, Wisteria's size wears on her body--she suffers from osteoarthritis in her joints. Luckily, her daughter (and son-in-law) are medics!


4.3  Trade

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  • Offering: something
  • Accepting: something

4.4  Items

  • Something.

5.  History

Wisteria was born in Wyoming and forcibly exiled in January of 2011 due to her unwillingness to kill her daughter, Odessa . She traveled east, looking for her brother, and joined Salsola in July of that same year.


Wisteria was raised to believe she was better than others given her coat color's role within the religion she was born into - Khalifism. Displaying a pure white coat, she was considered 'pure', and therefore essentially nobility. A veritably intelligent child, however, she tended to have a much more open mind than any of the other pups her age, and operated in more grey areas than anyone could have initially imagined in their black and white world.

Wisteria spent the first four years of her life being segregated from her brother Larkspur, a black pelted male. She often snuck off to speak with him, however, after she was told that their father had planned to hand her off to another white wolf for status purposes. Her fears of being forcibly mated to a man she didn't love were justified, for certain, but only a few agreed with her- Larkspur being one of them. Her brother became the only family member she trusted for years after the incident was completed.

When she was three and capable of bearing children, she was wed to Eberhard Brandt, another white-hided man of high rank in the pack. She disliked the method by which she was mated to the man, and still more found herself disliking him. He was an abusive husband, if only in verbal terms. Physically he was a nice enough fellow, it was the tongue-lashings, and the continuous putting down of the fae that led to the next events in her lifetime. Secretly, the woman religiously took herbs to prevent pregnancy, and started training to become a priestess of the pack- a lofty position for the young wolf.

It was not until after her sibling's escape from his funeral pyre and leave of the pack alongside the prophet Misery that Wisteria had a child. She had missed a dose of her herbs somewhere, she was certain- and out of five whelps, only one survived. The living child, a black puppy, was seen as a blight on the white coated pair, and demanded the pup, newly deemed Odessa, to be killed. Two rituals away from becoming a fully fledged Khalifist Priestess, Wisteria refused to kill her child simply because of her coat color at birth. The Khalif exiled her and the whelp, claiming that they were cursed to be ruled by Tak.

Terrified, she fled and went to find her brother, working with the description of an area imparted on her by the wolfess Misery- where her brother would now reside. Salsola, the pack was called, and she was quickly allowed to join under the voucher of her beloved sibling. As the months continued to pass, her daughter's hide changed from black to a mixture of blacks, reds, and whites- and so deemed the babe touched by Ankh. Redeemed by this situation, Wisteria has decided it is her right to complete her final rituals as a priestess of Khalifism, beginning with her tattoo... and ending with the sacrifice of an evil soul.