Ankh D'Aabt

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Ankh was the oldest son of Odessa D'Angelo & Imhotep Aabt and brother of Sol D'Aabt. He was a member of Salsola from birth up until his death in May 2019.






  • Date of Birth: 1st August 2012
  • Date of Death: 7th May 2019
  • Gender: Non-Binary
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:Salsola
  • Mate:
  • Pack: Salsola (since birth)
  • Alias: Amun (used outside of Salsola)
  • cNPC: Narcissa D'Angelo
  • yNPC:
  • Allspice, Ginger, Dill, Clove and Rue (Domestic cats)
  • Faust, a white horse.



  • TBC ;)

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • TBC ;)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: It is wholly apparent that Ankh is a hybrid, though you'd be excused for thinking he was part coyote. Possessing tall ears and a lithe athletic body, he favours his domestic heritage highly.
  • Fur: Ankh's fur is one of the things that singles him out as a hybrid. Unlike his father's coat, it is plush and fairly long. Unfortunately, he lacks a double coat and is very susceptible to the cold.
    • Optime Hair: Short, straight, pushed back, nothing-to-see-here.
  • Facial Features: Ankh's face is sharp and pointed, and he is usually seen with a glum expression. Ankh can be best described as "angelic" and in bright light, his fur seems to glow.
  • Build and Size: Ankh is fairly tall, but lacks mass. He is lean and wiry. His form can be best described as a very large Pharaoh Hound with wispy white fur.
  • Humanization: Ankh is very humanised.


  • Fur:
    • Gallery
  • Eyes: Zest
  • Optime Hair: Gallery
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Pink


Zest (#e28218)
Gallery (#eeeee)
Coral Tree (#a2726d)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Hand of Eris on inner right wrist. Coloured an olive green colour. Mild burns on the left side of his face and torso.


Ankh is a bit of a magpie and likes to snag shiny things.

Jewelry and Accessories


  • Bear skin cloak, leopard skin cloak. Cotton wraps.


  • Speech: Typical Canadian accent in all languages, hinted slightly with Arabic and Germanic tones.
  • Scent: Herbs, plants, incense, Salsola, D'Angelo, cats
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very neutral, non-confrontational and avoidant.


2.  Personality

After the death of his father, Ankh has become a glum individual. A air of sadness is perhaps the only emotion he seems to betray. He's very even tempered and slow to anger, even when frustrated he never really shows it. Ankh tends to avoid confrontation face to face and can be pinned down as fairly sneaky thanks to this. He's very family and Salsola orientated and would do anything to appear in a good light to the leadership, especially after his depressive spell. The hybrid prefers quiet company, like that of his cats.

Even though his depression had since faded away substantially, he still suffers from it. Small, trivial things can send him into a depressive spiral, but they don't tend to last for long. His depression also triggered an almost obsessive need to prove himself. Slowly, step by step Ankh is becoming more ruthless. Though he still stays true to his quiet, unsuspecting demeanour.

2.1  Ideals


Depressed, glum, quiet, obsessive, thinker, superstitious, non-confrontational, even-tempered.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic/realistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, quiet
  • Expression: Neutral
  • Alignment: Neutral good


  • Honour
  • Family
  • Salsola


  • The one thing Ankh fears most is death. He would take seeing a dead person, or the death of an acquaintance very badly.
  • Ankh is highly superstitious and carries around three amulets to protect himself against essentially anything and everything.


  • Packs: Salsola is the centre of everything to him
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks they are dumb, and useless. Used to think they were a myth.
  • Gender: He sees gender as a spectrum, with women being more powerful mentally and men more physically powerful. Anyone can be anywhere on that scale.
  • Sexuality: Again, he has little concept of sexuality. His libido is low and he is pansexual.
  • Age: Kids are literally gifts to the world~


Ankh would probably describe himself as pansexual. Essentially gender isn't a barrier to him, but he's gotten a lot gayer as he's gotten older.


  • Likes: Reading, healing, gardening, riding, myths, incense, good conversation, summer, kids, cats, religion.
  • Dislikes: Intolerance, death.


Ankh has pretty much tried everything, but he doesn't really do anything too often.


Ankh can be best described as a cafeteria spiritualist. He believes in bits and pieces for the different religions he's read about. He doesn't believe that the gods created the earth, but they are there and present and maintain the various natural forces around the earth. He has no set religion, believing in everything and nothing at the same time.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: D'Angelo

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Sol D'Aabt Makes Ankh very jealous :| but he loves his baby brother and kind of wishes he hadn't left Salsola.
  • Loki Jade Lykoi He's a little gay for Loki tbh. Loki is pretty much Ankh closest friend.
  • Odessa D'Angelo is his Mommy <3 He loves her but is kinda pissed she left.
  • Imhotep Aabt Was literally the best thing ever and his death made Ankh super depressed.

4.  Skills


  • Languages: He speaks English, Arabic and German fluently. Can also read some ruins.

5.  History



  • DD Mon: your character was born hooray!