Salsolan Trade Outpost

The Outpost

Salsola's Off-Board Location


  • Location: Portland, ME, USA
  • Status: REQUEST ONLY
  • Languages Spoken: Common (predominantly), French, German, Multiple other languages spoken amongst members
  • Travel Information:
    • Distance to Salsola: ~365 miles (587km)
    • Average travel time to Salsola: ~6-7 days on foot (10 hours of travel per day at 5 mph). Especially leisurely travel (or travel by cart) may take a week or more. The trip would not be significantly accelerated on horseback.


  • Foundation: 2014
  • Species: Varied
  • Population: 49 (100% Luperci)
  • Current Leader: Blair Eternity

Overland Map

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Being among the first Freetown refugees to flood with their remaining wares to Portland, the Outpost Salsolans were able to claim an excellent spot for the location of the new trade point; A relic of humanity in the form of Fort Preble. Although largely overgrown and somewhat destroyed by the passage of time since its original use as a military fort, Preble was an easily-defendable stronghold from which the merchant Salsolan had easy access to the new major trade ports in Portland.

With some hard work, Fort Preble will become a pleasant location for Salsolans or any Salsolan ally to stay should they wish to buy or sell at the Portland docks.

Portland, Salsolan Outpost

1.  General Information

Having fled from the decimated waterways and coastal routes of Freetown, traders from the area re-located to the nearby but relatively unscathed Portland to attempt to re-institute their merchant bases. The Salsolan Outpost members traveled with the original surge of survivors, and passed by Portland proper to South Portland, where they discovered the remnants of Fort Preble. Having been originally of military construction, the Fort remained largely unbroken by nature and time, and was a suitable domicile for the SL Outposters to renovate for living quarters and merchantile storage.

Most of the fort comprises of a number of stone barracks and beneath them, concrete bunkers. With some patchwork, repairs and customization, these existing buildings have been better adapted to suit the Luperci traders' needs.

The barracks, though simple in appearance, are well constructed and - when furnished - make for relatively comfortable and easily defensive dwellings. They are used as homes for the canines who are serving Salsola by acting as trade contacts near to the Portland docks, and will be welcome accommodation for Salsolans (and allies!) who chose to make the tiring trip to the merchant center.

This location will house a fluctuating number of pNPC and other NPC characters. It provides the leadership with a method to realistically keep good IC contact between the pack and characters who have been dropped, but may be picked up again and wish to still belong to the pack. If you have a character that you might want stationed at Salsola's Outpost, please contact the leadership and we will sort something out!

Fort Preble is open for IC use by any Salsolan character. If you wish to have your character travel to Portland, they are more than welcome to stay in the barracks and have basic interactions with the NPCs living there! This can make longer trading trips much more realistic, whilst also provide you with an opportunity to reference an extra pack-based location in any LASKY threads you might enjoy during your character's trip.

Having a base of contact in Portland also means a much more constant flow of goods between the pack and the Portland merchants. Salsola will be able to access and procure rare or unusual items with much more ease and efficiency. Has your character been wanting a specific item for some time, but you cannot think of a realistic method in which he/she may get it? Why not discuss with leadership and plot for one of the Outpost Salsolans to procure that item for your character!

1.1  Territory

Fort Preble - Barracks

Main Barracks

The largest surviving construction on the weather-torn grounds. The main barracks are a formidable building constructed of stone and concrete. Though covered with vine and vegetation in some areas, and rather rough-looking from the outside, it is largely in livable repair and is a longstanding structure with many separate chambers.

This is the primary living space for the permanent occupants of the Outpost, and can easily fit up to as many as 30 Luperci comfortably.

Guest Barracks

In a little rougher condition than the main barracks, this building has in some places lost sections of wall, or has trees and vegetation growing through the flat rooftop. There are, however, a number of rooms in reasonable repair that are currently being tended to by some of the Outpost members. This is where Salsolan Family or allies who are passing through are most likely to stay, as the independent building of the Guest Barracks allows them to come and go as they please. It has ample privacy from the busy comings and goings of the main barracks.

Fort Preble is current overcrowded -- visitors are expected to set up camp outside of the Fort during their time in Portland, as the Guest Barracks are in use!

Storage Bunker

Hidden beneath a solid door that leads underground, the storage bunker is a giant chamber under the earth. It is segmented by many pillars and walls, and although it has no windows and is extremely dark within, it can be traversed easily if one only has a candle or wooden torch. This well-guarded structure is where the Salsolan Outpost members store the majority of their un-living trade goods; Its cool temperature makes it suitable to preserve most items without harm.

Stable building, corral, and Paddock

A relatively small building adjoining the main barracks. This offshoot would originally have been a wing of the main structure, but the clever outpost members have managed to convert it into a reasonable stables with enough stalls to hold 8+ large beasts. The stable building opens out into a large paddock, segmented with some crude timber fencing. To one side of the paddocks is the corral, a round wooden structure for working, training or housing difficult animals.

Helsi Yurts

A trio of primitive looking dwellings. The original was constructed by Kynda Helsi & Hugleikr Silfr upon their arrival at the Fort, while they were aided by Blair Eternity and Reykja Helsi in building the others. Two of these structures are the permanent dwelling of the Helsi family, while the third and largest serves as a "guest house" for women seeking privacy from their male companions, as well as an area for spiritual and religious practice.

1.2  Ranks

Member Statistics
Total49 members
Sex24 females
25 males
Age47 adults
2 puppies

The position, expectations, and duties of members at the Salsolan Outpost mirror those of the main pack. Details of what these entail can be found on our Ranks page.

Generally, the Outpost acts as a “testing ground” for new Associates passing through the area. Members who prove themselves will be encouraged to travel to Salsola-proper, while others may come to the Fort looking to improve their trading or other skills before returning. The leadership role of Fort Preble is most akin to that of a Capo member, though encourages an autonomy that is necessary in far-flung Portland.

Characters generally do not move too regularly from their positions while staying in Portland.

Previous Residents
Previous residents of the Outpost that have left Salsola membership or have died while stationed at the Outpost are notated here.
Departed for parts unknown following the resolution of the Second Boreas Conflict.
Disappeared mysteriously in the chaos of the Red Star's aftermath.
Departed for Eterne.
Departed for Mortimer.
Traded away.
Chose to live as an Outsider.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed for Onuba.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.
Departed, whereabouts unknown.

Deceased Residents

Died in the aftermath of the fall of the Red Star on April 1, 2016
Disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the winter of 2016; was killed by his son, Alistair Callow.
Died shortly after childbirth in 2017.
Disappeared, presumed dead.
  • Magnus Salcedo
Died saving Clementine Salcedo.
Died in the winter of 2019. He went out hunting and never came back, and was later found by his son.

2.  Available Items in Storage

Items Marked "Trade"

Any item marked "trade" is a valuable item to the pack. An interested buyer will have to have quality items to trade in return to this item. The amount of items required to trade for a "trade" item is dependent entirely on the specific value of the piece. If you are interested in a "trade" item, please PM Salsola Leadership to discuss a suitable trade offer.

Items Marked "Collection"

These items are free to any Salsolan, as they are expected to benefit the whole pack in general OR are simple not valuable enough to re-trade. This means that any Salsolan can collect and take ownership of these items. Restrictions apply: If an individual has already taken a collection item in the past, they may not be allowed to take another - These items are intended to be shared out, not hoarded by one Family member!
Please Note: Items that are free to any Salsolan will be marked "Collection". Items marked "Trade" must be traded for with goods from the potential buyer. To collect an item, you MUST have a RO LASKY thread taking place at the Outpost where the item is claimed. If you are interested in an item, please PM Salsola Leadership for more information!

Item Amount Collection/Trade Notes or Description


x1 Collection Leather Medical Bag
  • Sturdy doe-leather satchel, marked with healer's cross
  • Contains fresh linen bandages, 3 small glass bottles of salve, and a mild herbal painkiller
x1 Trade Set of Bone Needles
  • Made from expertly carved, extremely thin and sharp whale-bone
  • Can be used for stitching wounds, tailoring, OR tattooing


x2 Trade Curve-Bladed Scimitar
  • Picked out by Aedan de Valence's careful eyes
  • Each sharp-edged Scimitar comes with a luperci-made leather sheath and belt
  • These are the perfect weapons for individuals who do not like the heaviness or slowness of a full sword.
x1 Collection Oak Staff
  • A sturdy, carved staff as tall as a regular Luperci
  • Make of pale Oak
  • Useful for distanced combat, or individuals who are nervous around blades/blood.
x1 Trade Yew Bow and Quiver
  • A quick, efficient weapon that requires dedicated training for use
  • Comes with a green-dyed doe hide quiver and 5 flint-tipped arrows
  • A well-balanced weapon, but shows signs of having been used before - worn grip.


x7 Trade Pouch of dried Marijuana
  • Traded for its high quality, this plant makes an excellent pain-killer or stress reliever
  • In high quantities, it may also be used to enhance rituals
x3 Trade Wild Dandelion Plants
  • Currently planted at the Outpost - Can be dug up and re-planted elsewhere
  • Roots can be roasted as coffee substitute
  • Unopened flower buds can be eaten raw or used in cooking
  • A serving of dandelion greens contains the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk - is also a good source of potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C (improves Luperci health!)
x1 Collection Dried Fleabane
  • Used to provoke a miscarriage or prevent pregnancy
x1 Trade Ginseng Plant
  • Leaves are used to make a fragrant, calming tea
  • Berries and roots are flavorful and edible, can be boiled and used in cooking


x3 Collection Assorted Scarves
  • These 3 colorful scarves were hand picked by Wisteria D'Angelo for their soft, clever weave
  • Made of cotton, which is rare and difficult to come by, they hold dyes spectacularly well, and make for excellent winter wear
x1 Trade Harp
  • A rare acquisition, this beautiful carved oak harp is sure to set a musician's heart wandering!
  • A spectacular instrument in very good repair, this item is sure to be a bargain for any clever trader.
x4 Collection Assorted Cloaks
  • Made from assorted animal pelts - mostly deer but one bear and one moose.
  • Generic in appearance, good for traveling outside of Salsola Proper
  • Made from a combined effort of Till and Lillith

3.  Livestock

Livestock Numbers

The Outpost houses their own livestock, though, to a smaller number than Salsola Proper. These animals are intended to remain at the Outpost and be used by its members. Some of these livestock may be used for for additional breeding stock, others may also be used for transferring goods or helping Salsolan characters move between the Outpost and Salsola Proper or vise-versa.

Seeking a new companion NPC? Salsolans intending an imminent return to Salsola Proper may trade for animals marked with [NT!] or [FT!] tags. Outsiders are welcome to make offers on any free-trade animal. Please send a PM to Salsola Leadership if interested in discussing a trade!

Please refer to each animal's tag(s) for their intended usage.

Icon Sex DoB Tags About History


Mare ~2010

Rider Trained
Experienced Handlers

  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: This mare is trusting as well as a quick learner, though she is also fiery spirited. Very agile and sure-footed, she's an excellent horse intermediate to experienced riders. She can be known to be stubborn at times.
  • Description: An appaloosa mare with very unique markings. She is agile in build and had a white coat with black and gray freckling along her legs, underside, and face, with a pink-toned mouth and nose.
  • Stolen from a traveling loner, she was gifted to Salsola by Bayani Grimm upon his joining.
  • Gave birth to Frida in 2018.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.


Art by Alaine
Mare 2013

Rider Trained
Free to Trade

  • Abilities: Hardy, fast over short distances.
  • Personality: Somewhat stubborn, prefers smaller riders.
  • Description: Buckskin Tobiano bred in the Bay Horses herds. Branded.
  • Taken from Drifter Bay during the 2014 foal round-up.
  • Gave birth to [Tamerlane offspring] in 2017.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.


Art by Sunny
Mare 2010

Rider Trained
Experienced Handlers
Free to Trade

  • Abilities: Basic training. Rider trained, but inexperienced.
  • Personality: Somewhat flighty, does better with familiar handlers.
  • Description: --
  • Captured from the Wildwood Horses, Coast Herd in 2016.
  • Pregnant by Emmet — conceived April 2017.
  • Gave birth to a foal of unspecified gender in April 2018.
  • Was given to Krokar in July 2018 following Sapient's disbandment.
  • Found and claimed by Salsola following Krokar's disbandment in October 2018.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.



Filly 2018

No Use No Trade

  • Abilities: Currently in training. Experienced handlers only.
    • She is halter trained.
    • She can "pony on" with trail rides, and be led from another horse.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: : Sooty black all over.
  • Born to Pearl, sired by Olaf.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.



Mare 2015

Rider Trained
Free to Trade

  • Abilities: Rider trained.
  • Personality: Highly food motivated. Friendly, somewhat lazy.
  • Description: A bay appaloosa with socks.
  • Gifted to Salsola by Ossidael when he joined.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.


Art by Alaine
Gelding 2013

Rider Trained
No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: Energetic, rambunctious. Ozzy likes to go fast and is quick to run.
  • Description: A dappled Night Rider in coloration, with a mane and tail of Soft Amber. He has Swirl socks on all but his back left leg.
  • Born in April 2013 to Misty, sired by Black.
  • Ozzy was originally part of the Pauson breeding project, but rejected due to development issues. After a necessary gelding, he began adapting to the role of a working horse instead.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.



Stallion 2016

Experienced Handlers
Rider Trained
Free to Trade

  • Abilities: Great endurance, versatile.
  • Personality: Quick learner, though untrustworthy of unfamiliar handlers.
  • Description: A flaxen chestnut born in the Drifter Bay Herd. He has Oriental characteristics, and a long mane and tail.
  • Notes:
    • Reiner is not suitable for large riders.
  • Born in the Drifter Bay Herd, in the Ghost band.
  • Captured by Salsola in the spring of 2018.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.



Filly 2018

Free to Trade

  • Abilities: Very fast, decent stamina. Trained in ground manners, but still green to riding.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: : Medium-sized smoky black tobiano. Strongly reflects Wildwood characteristics.
  • Born to Filch in Krokar
  • Found and claimed by Salsola following Krokar's disbandment in October 2018.
  • Brought to Portland in the summer of 2020.



Stallion 2016 No Trade

Rider Trained
Pull Trained

  • Abilities: Able to carry a larger rider and pull a cart, though his anxiety can make him more unpredictable.
  • Personality: Eager to work but something of a "spooky" horse, he can get anxious in strange settings -- he is especially afraid of loud wind.
  • Description: : A stocky, muscular horse with a particularly wavy mane and tail.
  • Born in March of 2016 to Strawberry, sired by Svantevit stallion Tibor.



Stallion 2020

No Use

  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Black with a white nose and half black/white tail; of Gypsy Vanner ancestry
  • Born to Aloline, twin to Sally.
  • Gifted to Salsola by Aani Aston-D'Noires upon her joining in April 2020
Other Livestock
Icon Species # or DoB (Sex) Tags About History
Art by Alaine
Great Horned Owl x4

No Trade

  • Description: Large
  • Notes:
    • Four chicks born to Muerte
      • Hand-reared from chick-hood
      • Easy to train, as they are used to Luperci
  • Four chicks born to Muerte were donated by Till in Spring 2016.
Art by Alaine
Pig x3 sows

No Trade

  • Uses: Meat, leather, trading
  • Notes:
    • The pigs don't seem to really care what's going on around them unless it involves food.
    • Any piglets would be [FT!].
  • Three sows were transferred from Salsola Proper in the summer of 2020.


--- (---) ---

No Use

  • Name: ---
  • Abilities: ---
    • Uses: ---
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Notes:
    • ---
  • ---

4.  The Outer Reach

The What?

Out of game, we’ve realized that Portland simply has so many NPCs that housing them (and their animal companions) indefinitely is simply beyond the capacity of our Fort! To that end we have come up with The Outer Reach — a series of rotating trade missions that may (or may not) see every character make it back. This will allow inactive players the opportunity to decide the future of their characters, as well as help those intended for future play to develop more interesting backstories and gain experience!

Portland remains an ever bustling, lively city — and its growth, like so many other places, is undeniable. Within Fort Preble and the surrounding land, those members of Salsola who live in Maine can feel the open space shrinking all around them. With fewer prospects available, Governor Blair devises new prospects for Salsolans looking for work.

Making use of Salsola's abundant resources and talented members, organized parties are devised to lead trade caravans to distant locations. Owing to the length of time needed to travel, and Portland's increasing lack of space, these are long-term prospects – members who see this as an opportunity to live away from the ever-present eyes of Salsola's elite. It presents a unique opportunity to keep strong connections to the Thistle Kingdom without the every-day demands of its Family.

As long as dues are paid, of course, everyone is happy.

First Expedition - Chesapeake Bay, United States
Led by Jezebel and Bacchus Revlis, the group departed in mid-August of 2020 and arrived in late September of that same year. In order to bolster trading relations, a temporary trading post was set up by the Salsolans, who spend the winter in the Bay with the intention of sending goods north the following year.
The Trading Party

5.  History

Art by Alaine

Art by Alaine

Historical Founding: The first Salsolan Outpost was settled by a group of four Salsolans led by Aedan De Valence in September, 2014. Their preliminary repairs to the cabin site allowed for the canines to make a comfortable home at the Outpost, and their task of trading began.

In Autumn 2015, The Boss ordered another, larger group of dedicated Salsolans to join their brethren at the original Outpost. Their mission was to expand upon the excellent work that had already been achieved at the site, so as to be able to procure more trade goods for Salsola - Including livestock.

The original Trade Outpost endured in this manner for quite some time, managing profitable trade agreements and individuals deals at their leisure and reaping in the work of local merchants and goods from abroad. It might have continued to be so, but for the terrible catalyst that befell all Nova Scotia and the lands just beyond: In April of the year 2016, a great red star fell from the heavens and smashed into the sea beyond the southernmost reaches of the land. The effects of the meteor were devastating, and included the utter destruction of Freetown. The Salsolan Outpost suffered greatly for their nearness to the coast, and a number of goods were lost to the floodwaters that came in the days following the fall.

After learning of the plight of their traders, Salsola sent an envoy to re-establish connection and assess the damages. The leadership decided it would be most fruitful for the abroad SL members to pack their remaining goods and follow the great exodus of traders from the ruins of Freetown to a new burgeoning trade location, Portland Maine.

5.1  Threads

Please add any threads that you have involving the Salsolan Outpost to this list:

Weaver brings home one of the juvenile snowy owls to keep as his own.
Till makes a solitary trip to the outpost to give news to the Outpost Members, as well as drop off a clutch of great horned owl eggs, marijuana, assorted pelts, and also stays a few nights before heading back home.
Till is asked by Lillith to escort her late departure to reunite with her mate and son, who already moved to Portland before her. The trip goes pleasantly and Till and Lillith speak of their future business endeavors and strike a final deal with each other.
Julius gets caught feeling homesick by a "friend" he's met in Portland.
Julius seeks enlightenment, and falls short.
Solace and Julius compare clothing and treat themselves to a little fashion show.
A concerned Chester goes to confront his brother.
A restless Julius distracts himself from his headaches with dirty limericks and substances.
Clementine meets a mysterious trader, but due to technical difficulties around his craft, ends up doing business with his sister instead.
Plague barters with a lovesick sea trader and acquires a new familiar. Her daughter, Jubilee, struggles to ask her a question.

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