Larkspur D'Angelo

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Larkspur D'Angelo

by Mel



More Info

Forum Profile


Date of Birth

30 October 2005

Date of Death

10 April 2012




Chaotic Neutral







Common name for the poisonous Delphinium plant
of the angels






Birth place





50% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
50% Alaskan Tundra Wolf




Previous pack Salsola
Previous ranks Arbiter
Previous pack Anathema
Previous ranks ??

Larkspur D'Angelo is the former mate of Eris Eternity and father to all of her children. He is additionally father to Hawthorn, by means of his former slave Rowan Bissette. He was a previous member of both Anathema and Salsola. Larkspur was killed during the Boreas Conflict.

1.  Appearance

Built large, Larkspur takes after his father's family--which were Arctic Wolves. His black coat had begun to salt-and-pepper with age; this was most notable on his back and along his throat and paws. Along his forearms were white brands, an unfamiliar mix of words that were unrecognizable to those not from Khalif. He had one large scar on his face, caused by Halo Lykoi.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: asphalt (#130A06) to raw umber (#734A12)
  • His nose, paw pads, and areas of skin are black (#black)
  • Eyes: ecstasy (#FA7814).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily asphalt(#130A06).
    • Lighter silver (#C0C0C0).
    • Darker black (#black).

1.2  Forms




160 lbs ( kg)
46 in ( cm)

280 lbs ( kg)
54 in ( cm)

315 lbs ( kg)
7ft 10in ( in) ( cm)

Larkspur is heavy set and thickly furred, with long legs and broad paws.

This form gives Larkspur the appearance of being a small bear, thickening his muscles and adding bulk to his legs. He does not often take this form because his size severely heeds movement speed.

Equally tall, Larkspur is stocky and broad-shouldered, with a muscular frame. His hair is tousled, unkempt, and wavy. The tips are a bleached orange-yellow color, as he has not continued the practice of bleaching his hair since Misery’s departure. There are signs that this too, will become marred by white soon.

1.3  Other


  • Scars:
    • Along his forearms there are white brands, an unfamiliar mix of words that are unrecognizable to those not from Khalif.
    • He has many smaller scars along his body, though most are hidden by his fur.
    • An “X” shaped scar on the left side of his face, caused by Halo Lykoi during the second Dahlian War.
    • A deep bite-shaped mark on his right haunch, caused by a bear.


2.  Personality

Larkspur is in many ways a simple individual. He has no aspirations for power, though he will make a point to challenge dominance if he finds it lacking. Crude and to the point, he will not use flowery words and shows very little compassion for others.

Oddly enough, there is a second side of him that is remarkably child-like. Without any proper teachings on how to live as an adult, he is ignorant to the “right” way things are done as far as love, sexual relationships, and similar situations. He is fiercely protective of those he believes require this of him, but has only ever really known “love” for his aunt, Misery—though this was an almost fanatical devotion due to her saving his life.

  • Fears: Fire, Tak, the supernatural
  • Motivations: "Cleansing" himself, furthering true Khalifism, seeing his children grow
  • Traits Blunt, religious fanatic, follower, cruel, protective
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

2.1  Demeanor


2.2  Ideals




  • Species: After the Dahlian War, Lark started hating coyotes as he blamed them for ruining his life within the pack and Haku’s exile and death.
  • White Wolves: Because white wolves ran the Khalif, Larkspur believes pure white wolves to be evil. He shows aggression around them and makes a point not to submit to those with this pelt color.


Not a sexual creature by nature, Larkspur’s sex drive is purely instinctual. He has only ever shown attraction to red-furred wolves or those that resemble Misery.


While not a heavy drug user, Larkspur has used hallucinogenic plants for religious purposes.


3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • --

3.2  Family: D'Angelo

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Larkspur has a thick dialect that resembles that of Appalachian mountain-dwellers more than anything else. He combines the word “the” with whatever follows it often, and pronounces the word “I” as “Ah”. He has a strong German accent, but it is heavily marred by his broken English. His voice is deep and very gruff. He has a limited vocabulary, though he also speaks “The Language of the Dead”, which is more or less the equivalent of speaking tongues; it is an almost trance-like state, full of what sounds like nonsense words. This language does have some meaning to it, though it cannot be understood without being taught.
  • Scent: Salsola, horses, Eris, deep woods.

4.1  Residence


4.2  NPCs

Rowan Bissette

4.3  Abilities


  • Combat: --
  • Animal Care: --


4.4  Inventory

5.  History

When children with black fur are born into the Khalif, they are seen as a blight; specially when their parents both have light fur. This was the case with Larkspur, whose father was a white wolf and mother a pale gray. With a white sister, it was without a doubt that Tak had forced his way into the family. His father wished to destroy the boy that day, but his mother insisted he be given a chance to live as her elder sister had. Once weaned, Larkspur was sent to live with the black-furred wolves who scraped out a living on the side of the mountain with little shelter.

The ferocity that grew there was made out of a need to survive. Black wolves were commonly used as sacrifices, and had to fend for themselves without the aid of the pack. This made them savage and feral, proving the point that the pale furred leaders of Khalif so fervently believed. Larkspur learned to steal as a child in order to survive, scavenging from others kills and killing carrion birds. His life dramatically changed when he accidentally ingested a large amount of hallucinogenic plants that had been fed to a rabbit used in a sacrifice. That day he “saw” Tak, the terrible god so feared by his family, and looked into the ini--Tak’s realm. From that day on he began to dream of the beast they called Tak; he also began to grow in size dramatically.

For the next three years Larkspur continued to scrape out a living on the side of the mountain. He feared the pyre that burned every summer, but each time it came to be his turn, a loner would trespass and die in his place. His sister, who had been secretly speaking to her brother since his banishment, told him that the gods had a plan for him. Her own path had been chosen by her father; she was mated to a wolf whose father was a high-ranking member of the pack.

Finally, there were no more loners. Larkspur, who had become massive with what many believed to be the power of Tak, was dragged fighting to the pyre. He was saved when his aunt, Misery D’Angelo, appeared. She was revered as a prophet, for all knew of the black wolf who had escaped the pyre—but the woman who returned was white, chosen by Ankh. They fell down and worshiped her, as did Larkspur. She promised to heal him as she herself had been healed. That night, as his wounds were treated and under the influences of opiates, Misery cut a prophecy into his arms and used bone and bleach to turn the scars white.

The pair left not long after, with Misery’s intention to travel back to the lands she had lived in for so long and bring the old ways to her “useless” relatives. Along the way she taught Lark how to speak English, as he was only capable of German up until that point. He was (and still is) uncomfortable with the language, and his accent is strongly pronounced. She educated him on the ways of caring for animals, which he excelled at. Despite her best efforts, Larkspur proved to be a blunt and rather unimaginative boy—he never learned how to read nor write, and developed a lack of artistic vision.

Larkspur and Misery arrived in ‘Souls and laid claim to a small patch of land in the Dampwoods. He constructed a small cabin, and the two began seeking out their relatives.