Millstone Village (Salsola)

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  1.   1.  Details, Landmarks, and Notable nearby areas
    1.   1.1  The Arena
    2.   1.2  The Garden
    3.   1.3  The Notice Board
    4.   1.4  The Pine Barrens (Greater)
by Alaine

by Alaine

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Millstone is a relatively isolated village, with only a small number of cottages, cabins, and houses that are in good enough standing to shelter denizens. It is accessible by a main pathway that leads out of the Ruins proper to the southwest, and also by many little forest paths that stretch and twist for miles through the greater Pine Barrens. Overgrown and surrounded by small plots of open land, the area is unusually fertile.

Small cabins hunker against the elements, many still containing simple tools of the past; technological advances were not present in this village even before the apocalypse. From silos to barns to a one room schoolhouse and graveyard, one can draw the conclusion that Millstone was, originally, an Amish village tucked away from the eyes of the world.

OLD: Way down on the southern point of the Isthmus of Chignecto is a small village that cannot be found on a map. In fact, there are literally no roads to Millstone Village at all, only forest paths that stretch and go on for miles. Eventually through the trees there are cabins and a few copses here and there along with tools of the past;none of the technological advances of the world around can be found. From cabins to barns to a one room schoolhouse and graveyard, one can draw the conclusion that Millstone Village is in fact, an Amish village tucked away from the eyes of the world.

The Ruins, where much of Salsola resides, are scattered from the Millstone Village nearly to the coast -- like bones, the bleached remains of a grand Chateau and its outbuildings sprawl in eerie, crumbling splendour. The stone remnants of buildings provide secretive pockets, often disguised with a protective growth of wild thistle. The stunning overgrowth of underbrush provides excellent cover.


Typical ruins. Structurally, only stone houses seem to have held up. Southern coastline. Even overgrown areas have remnants of ruins around them.
Cabins can still be found throughout the area. Many are smaller and likely previously used by hunters. Larger wooden buildings have suffered much more structural damage and are unsafe! Example of the Village.

1.  Details, Landmarks, and Notable nearby areas

1.1  The Arena

Constructed under the stern direction of Paladin Idrieus Eternity, the Arena was built in early 2017 due to a perceived need for specialized combat training space. It was used extensively in preparation for the Inferni-Salsola War. The Arena stands alongside a narrow coastal pathway, directly south of Millstone on the southern shore.

Any Salsolan desiring to train or improve their combat skills are encouraged to make use of the Arena. A simple construction, it appears to be a round corral-like pen with wooden posts acting as a guard rail. On one side, a sturdy wooden stand has been built to allow a small number of observers to get a better view. The base of the Arena is packed with thick gravel and sand, carted in from the beachier stretches of the southern shore.

1.2  The Garden

The garden is located in lush terrain a short walk from the rich silt-infused and fertile banks of the Pictou delta. Various uncultivated plant cover disguises the garden from view, and a short fence surrounds it. The fence is useless for keeping vermin and such out of the garden, and merely serves as a boundary marker to separate the intentionally cultivated flora from the wild ones. A small cabin - little more than a shed - allows for the storage of crude gardening equipment and simple tools.

A number of different plants are cultivated here for Salsola's purposes; primarily, the pack is interested in healing items and items that can be used to conceal one's scent. However, any plants possessing useful properties may be added to the garden's stores.

The garden's proximity to the Pictou River allows for watering trenches to bring quenching liquid to the growing plants of the pack. Plants are frequently dried or preserved and later transported to the Storage shed for safe-keeping. Prior to the 2011 winter, the garden was not winterized. In more recent times, cold-hardy plants are covered in burlap sacks and lined with mulch and wood shavings to help keep the plants insulated from the wind and snow.


1.3  The Notice Board

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  • Be sure to check out Salsola’s accompanying Discord channel for current notices!

Seeing the need for a better way to disseminate local information to the pack, Emissary Kamari Kaiser and Sanctus Apprentice Morgana Revlis spearheaded the construction of the notice board in June 2020. Members are encouraged to leave notices on this board, and asked to take off those that they intend to accept or claim.

The Notice Board is made out of oakwood gleaned from the Oakgrove due to white oak's natural properties for withstanding the elements. Two thick support poles are dug into the ground, and sit amongst a bed of small river rocks spread around the board’s base to help keep the ground from eroding away beneath it. A roof with layered, wooden shingles helps keep off the majority of the rain and snow from disturbing the messages nailed to the board itself. A bucket of nails hangs off of a hook, and, if one needs a hammer, there are plenty of rocks nearby to use. The board is tall enough to allow even Salsola’s larger, wolf-blooded denizens to comfortably stand beneath its short roof, and, it is high enough from the ground that it clears most of the thickest snowdrifts common in the area.

Some examples (not limited to!) of a note, message, scroll, or hide that may be tacked to the Notice Board are:

  • Hunting alerts (i.e. there is a large moose bull in the area that needs a team to bring down)
  • Bounties (i.e. a dangerous cougar has been spotted near to children and livestock, a price has been put on its pelt)
  • Outsider warnings (i.e. a rogue bandit has been stealing from merchants in Amherst and needs apprehending or chasing off)
  • Crown notices (i.e. the crown requires all hunters to provide a bird of their choosing for the next Last Supper)
  • Personal adverts (i.e. Wolf is looking for a new leather tunic, can anyone help him out?)
  • Service provisions (i.e. Dog is skilled in carpentry, and is looking to take on work mending or improving some Ruins domiciles)

1.4  The Pine Barrens (Greater)

While a part of the whole eastern forest - known in its entirety as the Pine Barrens - the southern strand, separated from its higher half by the Deception creek, is referred to as the greater Pine Barrens.

The greater Pine Barrens is so named due to being larger in size, and more densely grown, than its northern portion. The conifer and broadleaf forest grows in lush abandon here, flirting with the eastern banks of Lake Ligeia and stretching all the way to the outskirts of Millstone Village. It is a favorite for trappers, who know the popular prey trails like the back of their hands. Hares, birds and other common wildlife can all be found here.

The pine in this forest is occasionally logged for construction, as the trunks grow big, straight, and true.

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