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The Queendom of Salsola
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The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
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This page houses information regarding NPCs of Salsola, separate from the Character Directory.

All Salsola members may roleplay freely with these characters.

NPC Interactions

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On-Board Pack NPCs (pNPCs)

Note: Individuals are grouped by location, and then alphabetized.




Nickodemus Sparhawk

  • Linguist (Master)
  • Ancient Astronaut Theorist (Master)
  • Craftsman (Journeyman)
  • Trade (Journeyman)
  • Rank: Warden
  • Trade: Yes -- he collects all sorts of unusual trinkets.
  • Interests: Stars, rocks, exploring, making things, talking about his theories
  • Assumptions: Nick likes to collect things and make his "outer-wordly" signs for the "Space Brothers", and can regularly be found doing both. He is an informant for the pack's Erliaz, O'Riley Eternity.

Cole Eachan

  • Horse Husbandry (Master)
  • Skill (Level)
  • Rank: Family
  • Trade: --
  • Interests: Horses
  • Assumptions: --

Blanche Briarhart

  • Animal Husbandry (Master)
  • Cooking (Master)
  • Gardening (Apprentice)
  • Horseback riding (Apprentice)
  • Fighting [Hand-to-hand; whip] (Apprentice)
  • Rank: Family
  • Trade: Yes -- mostly interested in items for livestock and herbs/spices or other cooking materials and ingredients.
  • Interests: Teasing Flint, livestock, herding, friendly competitions, cooking
  • Assumptions: --

Flint Gaumond

  • Animal Husbandry (Master)
  • Fighting [Brawler; feral] (Master)
  • Carpentry (Journeyman)
  • Horse & Cart (Apprentice)
  • Handyman (Dabbler)
  • Rank: Family
  • Trade: Yes -- interested in items for livestock or crafting tools, also partial to smoked moose meat.
  • Interests: Livestock, woodworking, protecting his livestock, food
  • Assumptions: --

Corrine Pauva

  • Cooking (Master)
  • Medicine/Herbology (Master)
  • Bilingual (French)
  • Rank: Serf
  • Duties: Corrine is a retired communal slave; in the past she has prepared meals, tended to the wounded, and babysat puppies.
  • Interests: Experimenting with seasoning and food preparations, extremely young and old people.
  • Assumptions: Her native language is French, and she has a notable accent. Her qualities make her an excellent domestic aide.

Kaimkillen (ADOPTABLE)

  • Skill (Level)

Bogdan Kotovo

  • Boat Building (Master)
  • Sailing (Master)
  • Navigation (Master)
  • Food Handling and Preparation (Journeyman)
  • Livestock (Journeyman)
  • Bilingual (Russian)
  • Rank: Confidant
  • Trade: Yes -- he is always on the lookout for things to smoke and drink.
  • Interests: Sailing, the sea, the beach, snow, food, drinking, singing
  • Assumptions: Bogdan doesn't travel too far from his home at The Docks unless by cart. He can often be seen with his son Igor Kotovo.

Mirte Haumann

  • Social/Manipulation (Master)
  • Reading and Writing (Master - Dutch, German, French, Swedish)
  • Textiles, Sewing, Embroidery (Master)
  • Navigation, Tracking (Master)
  • Leatherworking (Journeyman)
  • Hand-to-hand, knives (Journeyman)
  • Multilingual (Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Italian (broken), Russian (broken))
  • Rank: Tradesman
  • Trade: Yes - Mirte is always on the look out for tailoring supplies or tastefully "exotic" goods and trinkets
  • Interests: Trading, new and exotic things, gifts, tailoring, the sea/ocean
  • Assumptions: Accepting tailoring commissions or appraising items; see assumptions on character page for full list

Duncan de le Poer

  • Carpentry (Master)
  • Archery (Master)
  • Armed Combat [Spear] (Master)
  • Hunting (Master)
  • Feral Combat (Journeyman)
  • Skinning (Journeyman)
  • Apiculture (Journeyman)
  • Horsecare (Journeyman)
  • Multilingual (Irish/Gaelic, German (broken))
  • Rank: Family
  • Trade: Yes. He's got pre-made wooden items, tanned pelts, honey, mead, and wax to trade.
  • Interests: Walking, running, traveling, exploring, carving, crafting, animals, insects, hunting, spring and summer, open spaces, coastlines, the ocean.
  • Assumptions: Duncan is a permanent resident at the Queensgate Garrison, where his primary duty is monitoring access from Salsola's northern border through to the Highroad and reporting to members of the Shield tier.

Lace Valentine

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Master)
  • Armed Combat [Knives] (Journeyman)
  • Horsecare (Journeyman)
  • First-Aid & Healing (Journeyman)
  • Archery (Apprentice)
  • Bilingual (French)
  • Rank: Family
  • Trade: Sometimes. Lace takes her job very seriously and tends to leave trading to the traders -- but she'll gladly accept armor, weapons, or tea for her services.
  • Interests: Punching people, sparring, getting her hands dirty, teas, winning, being left alone
  • Assumptions: Lace is a permanent resident at the Queensgate Garrison, where her primary duty is monitoring access from Salsola's northern border through to the Highroad and reporting to members of the Shield tier.
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