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The Queendom of Salsola

The above linked page is an overview of the whole of the Thistle Kingdom.

Character Overview

We expect our players to keep their own character listings updated in the directory.

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Pack Account

For all general inquiries, please PM the SL Pack Account.


Joining Salsola?

Reading this introductory information is mandatory before attempting to join the pack.

The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
Longterm aNPC Salsolan characters end up here.

Familial Houses

Read more about Salsola's hereditary Houses and their importance as IC flavor. Find out if your character is a member of an esteemed House today!

External Links

Salsola has its own Discord Chat! To be added to the channel, please contact Salsolan Leadership.
Only present or aNPC'd players of a Salsolan may join the SL Discord Chat.

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  1.   1.  Rules
  2.   2.  Game Activities
    1.   2.1  Monthly Top Poster
    2.   2.2  Word Count
    3.   2.3  IC Activity Points
    4.   2.4  OOC Activity Points
    5.   2.5  Job Points
  3.   3.  Prizes
  4.   4.  Current Rankings

Salsola provides for members to earn points and eventually, shiny, shiny prizes. Please pay careful attention to the submission and claiming information. c;

1.  Rules

  • Game Points must be claimed while the character is active or are forfeit. Points on unclaimed threads/posts, OOC activities, etc. cannot be retroactively claimed after the character has been fallen inactive due to being dropped or NPC'd.
  • Points may be stacked twice. Example: You can claim 10 points for starting a neutral territory AW thread, then use the same thread to claim 5 points for featuring Salsola's culture. However, you could not use that same thread a third time to claim 10 points for a non-mandatory activity.
    • Word Count points are per post and do not affect stacking.
    • Thread Prompts are exempt from stacking.
  • Word Count must be clearly notated on the post.
  • Point claims must be clearly and easily notated on what is being claimed.


Prize Tips

List Tips

Members are not to PM leaders to claim points!

When submitting points, please use the form provided for you in our Maintenance thread. Please also refer to this thread for specific information on submitting Game points and transfer requests.

If you play multiple Salsola characters, you may keep points together or separated by character, whichever is easiest for you -- we're not picky!

  • If you're looking to nab a custom icon, you can try to design it yourself, but it might be edited!
  • For custom title fades, use an HTML Font Colorizer [1] and test your fade in the testing thread.
  • Store points in a post in the Post and Graphic logs forum
  • A public, shared Google Sheet (example by Sie) works great and even counts your points for you
  • When submitting points from a Google Sheet or Post & Graphics log, make sure it provides:
    • Links to threads, projects, etc.
    • A clear, large point total
  • If you don't feel like always going to update a post or document, keep a list in a Word document and a list in a public spot — less mess with code — and then periodically update the public version


Got an Idea?

As per the game rules, game points transfers to or from Salsola requires permission of Salsola leaders and the transferring pack's leaders.

As always, we encourage members to share their ideas! If you have an idea that can improve Salsola's game, we encourage you to submit your idea to the Salsola Leaders. Thanks in advance! c:

2.  Game Activities

2.1  Monthly Top Poster

2.2  Word Count

Points are awarded to the highest three cumulative post counts between activity checks.




  • If you play multiple characters within Salsola, only one of your characters is eligible for the top poster activity in a given month.
    E.g., Bob plays Jackal and Coyote in Salsola — even if Jackal and Coyote are the highest and second highest posters, Bob is only eligible as Jackal. The leadership defaults to the higher point award.
  • The current leadership abstains from collecting Top Poster points — only regular members are eligible.
3 300+ word post
5 500+ word post
8 800+ word post
10 1000+ word post*

* If a post exceeds 1000 words, count each additional 300 words as 3 points — e.g., a 1952 word post is worth 19 points.



15 Highest cumulative post count within a given month.
10 Second highest cumulative post count within a given month.
5 Third highest cumulative post count within a given month.

2.3  IC Activity Points




Complete a thread featuring Salsola Culture, Laws, or Traditions. For example, your characters perform a ritual or have a deep discussion on an aspect of our culture. The thread must:

  • Occur on Salsola territory
  • Involve at least one other Salsola member

Add an item to Salsola's storage or emergency stores, a communal animal to the stables, or a new plant species to the garden. You don't need to have an IC thread to claim these points.

BONUS: Receive five (5) extra points for each thread relevant to your addition. E.g., break a horse over a series of four threads: receive 25 points.
NOTE: For communal animal additions, small animals (e.g., rats, rabbits, cats, etc.) may only be counted 2 times. A character adding 10 rats to Salsola's stables would receive 10 points without bonus threads.

Start an AW thread in the neutral territories

Use a Featured Salsolan NPC in a thread

NOTE: Claimable only once per month. The NPC needs to actually be in the thread. A single, passing mention does not count!

Start an AW thread on Salsola's territory

Start or join a non-mandatory pack activity thread. The thread must:

  • Involve at least three other Salsola members
  • Involve an activity (non-mandatory) for Salsola — e.g., participating in a hunt, Project or Thread Prompt

Add yourself or your NPC to our Directory, or make a substantial update (adding a new skill, updating trade information, ranking up a few skills, etc. — not just a single, small update) to your directory entries.


Play the Preybot for a Salsola-relevant thread — e.g., if the Sotto Cappo ranks dispatch a scout to dispose of a threat, you play the Loner threat via Preybot.

Undergo the Cotona ritual and receive the pack mark via at least one IC thread.

BONUS: Receive five (5) extra points for each added Cotona ritual thread. E.g., Jackal gives Wolf the scar over a series of two threads (bonus 10 points) and Wolf consults with Coyote, the Curandero, regarding healing methods (bonus 5 points). Wolf receives 25 points for the ritual, plus 15 bonus points for the three related threads, ending with a total of 40 points.

Recruit a character to Salsola with at least two IC threads.

The threads may be pre-recruitment convincing or post-joining initiation and cultural introductions.
BONUS: (25) points for each added recruitment thread started prior to the recruit's actual joining thread. Please take note: threads started AFTER the recruit's joining thread do not count for this bonus. Therefore, post-joining initiation and cultural introduction threads do not count for this bonus.
Example: Wolf convinces Coyote to join Salsola through a series of four threads, on the fifth thread, Coyote joins Salsola. Wolf would receive 100 points.

Organize a pack activity or plot. You should be the one to direct this thread or plot. E.g., organizing members, PMing them, starting threads, etc. The thread must:

  • Involve four Salsola members and one outsider OR involve six Salsola members.
  • Take place over at least three threads. Characters need only appear once in the series.

2.4  OOC Activity Points



5 Submit an acceptable Cueponi Riddle.
10 Update Salsola’s History or Salsola Wiki.
75 Adopt an Open Character and join Salsola.

2.5  Job Points




Have a thread where your character directly engages in their Job's duties.

Help another character earn their job.


Usurp a Job from another character OR have your own job usurped.

Hold two Jobs simultaneously.


Earn a Job.

3.  Prizes




Claim a residence in the Ruins. See Residence policies.


Transfer or edit an existing custom title on your Salsola character account, or transfer an existing custom icon from your Salsola character account (remember: custom icons can't be edited, ever).


Custom one-word title, Salsola color fade, bold, for three months.


Custom title, Salsola color fade, bold, for three months.


Permanent Salsolian ring icon.

Opal Obsidian Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Citrine Topaz Ruby Quartz Bone Agate Slave

Permanent custom title, any color or fade.


Permanent custom icon.

4.  Current Rankings

Please see our game tally in the Salsola Information Portal for current game tallies.

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