The Inferni-Salsola War

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  1.   1.  Summary
    1.   1.1  Casualties
  2.   2.  Timeline
    1.   2.1  Pre-war Events
    2.   2.2  Course of the war
    3.   2.3  Battle of Drifter Bay
    4.   2.4  Response
    5.   2.5  Conclusion

The Inferni-Salsola War




September 2017 - November 2017


Inferni, Salsola, Sticks and Stones


Salsola victory
Inferni migrates to Eastern Realms



Vicira Tears

Salvia Eternity
Lokr Revlis

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

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1.1  Casualties


Omar de le Poer, Molcaxitl Yocatl, Cartier Inferni, Goliath Harland


Darijus Ostroszek, Ask Fylgja*, Luigi Benedetti, Atlan Lykoi

* Believed dead.

2.  Timeline

2.1  Pre-war Events

  1. i am flesh i am bone (Mid September)
    After a horse is taken from Drifter Bay, Briarblack and Redtooth accuse Salsola. Lace coldly turns them away.
  2. Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain (Late September)
    Injured after an incident with a collapsed cabin, a panicked Virue is assaulted by O'Riley and infected with the Luperci virus.
  3. Her son has gone alee and that's where he will stay (Late September)
    Vesper discovers that Virue has been attacked.
  4. the fell clutch of circumstance (Late September)
    Elphaba goes to see her cousin O'Riley after the incident to involve him in a devious plan.
  5. She fights her battles for no one (Late September)
    Enraged and determined to avenge Virue, Vesper attacks a young Salsolan uninvolved in the attack.
  6. Voiding their souls of childhood joys (Late September)
    An injured Krios informs Salvia of what happened.
  7. She makes a sin, dampens the cries (Late September)
    Vicira chastises Vesper for endangering the clan, and plans to make amends.
  8. Recall Election (Late September)
    Redtooth and Vicira discuss Vesper's risky actions and leadership capabilities.
  9. cedar stone (Late September)
    Worried about the tensions, Briarblack seeks training from Goliath.
  10. [M] we need more than miracles (Late September)
    Donning a disguise to resemble Salsola's Lord Commander, O'Riley and Grievous travel towards Inferni with intentions of framing Lokr for a retaliatory assault. The two find and attack Omar, who is seriously wounded during their pursuit and later killed in the Stellarton Mines?.

2.2  Course of the war

  1. We build an army from nothing (Late September)
    Vesper calls Inferni to a meeting, announcing the attacks by Salsolans, and warns her clan to prepare for war.
  2. [M] I'm a debaser (Early October)
    Full of rage and emotional agony, Nazario runs to Salsola and commits an unprovoked attack upon Helena resulting in serious injury to both canines.
  3. [M] And we have lost what little grace remained (Early October)
    Helena is found unconscious and bleeding by Dirge. He assists her in hobbling back to the Ruins where she miscarries her children.
  4. soldiers of the fallen land (Early October)
    Salsola's leaders, Salvia Eternity and Lokr Revlis, announce open war against Inferni following the attacks on pack members.
  5. sunlit rain drifts around the spindle (Early October)
    Indra Winters and Duncan de le Poer encounter Adina Inferni while scouting along Salsola's borders and chase her off.
  6. your world wouldn't understand (Early October)
    Scorpius adds more traps to the eastern border in preparation for war.
  7. from a smoke-choked closet into light (Early October)
    Scorpius and Khael discuss the war while Serene and Katinka prepare supplies.
  8. This our last soirée (Early October)
    Serene gathers a few Luperci to help her erect a triage station; amongst those gathered to help is Kamari.
  9. go for the eyes (Early October)
    Helena and Redtooth meet up and try to think of a way to end the war before it begins; they fail.
  10. [M] their inborn thirst of death (Early October)
    Indra and Khael ambush a pair of Infernians (Redtooth and Salvador) in Halcyon Mountain.
  11. [M] to end all this infatuation with unity (Early October)
    Duncan and Vesta head to Inferni's border to seek information. When they are met by Goliath and Ichabod, the exchange does not go well.
  12. [M] Reprisal (5 October)
    A Salsolan caravan returning from the pack's Portland Outpost is raided by Inferni members.
  13. Flight of angels (Early October)
    Duncan kills various ravens that may have ties to Inferni, and Kamari helps him.
  14. If you want it, you take it (9 October)
    Amidst a war going on, Kamari seeks to complete her Cueponi riddle; O'Riley knows exactly where to find a bunch of skulls and escorts her while having other intentions for the visit.
  15. in due time their foot will slip (Early October)
    Boreas-soldier-turned-slave Silas kidnaps Ask and flees Salsola, killing a fellow slave in the process.
  16. [M] panic switch (Early October)
    In his attempts to rescue Ask, Neith is wounded by Dove and captured (along with Ask) by Vicira.
  17. don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes (Mid October)
    Magpie is taken hostage by Grievous and Luigi.
  18. [M] Now I break up in pieces that fly about like clubs (Mid October)
    Khael viciously attacks Dove out of jealousy.
  19. The daylight's fading (13 October)
    Helena is captured by Redtooth and brought to be held in the Grimwell Caverns. Vesper visits her and the two get into an argument.
  20. [M] making a science out of coincidence (13 October)
    When she refuses to divulge sensitive information, Molcaxitl is killed by Salvia. When Infernians give chase, they are led into a trap.
  21. Not being heard is no reason for silence. (Mid October)
    Antioch provides new insight into Inferni's reason for war to a captive Neith.
  22. The sins of the father are passed down (15 October)
    Helena is visited by her half sister Faith who brings food and water to the prisoners. The two talk about their father and broken family, Faith tries to convince her sister to defect from Salsola without success.
  23. [M] now I do my talking with a gun (Mid October)
    Neith strikes a desperate bargain with Dove.
  24. Become what you've always known (17 October)
    Redtooth visits his former friend and captive Helena and tries to rekindle their friendship with moonshine and cigarettes. Helena reveals that it was she who blinded Nazario.
  25. You'd like to stay in heaven, but the rules are too tough (17 October)
    Stewing over her confession to Redtooth, Helena tries to convince Eire to free her.
  26. Till it's daylight again (20 October)
    Meridia frees her cousin Helena and helps her escape Inferni.
  27. [M] stand by you, walk through fire (Mid October)
    Lilia, Indra and Ros cross Inferni's borders to free Neith.
  28. This face so murderous in its strangle of branches (Mid October)
    Idrieus and Khael drive Clover and Conrad from Salsola's borders.
  29. stillness shatters (25 October)
    Salsola scout Duncan spots Inferni amassing in Drifter Bay and warns Salvia, who rallies Salsola to arms.

2.3  Battle of Drifter Bay

  1. 25 October 2017: Inferni launches a full-scale assault onto Salsola -- little do they realize, their enemy is waiting for them.
    1. [M] Of rage and glory, come clear my lungs | [M] illustration
      Vesper, Fang Espinoza, Clover, Salvia Eternity, Indra Winters, Lilia Salcedo
    2. [M] you better keep the wolf back from the door
      Goliath Harland, Ichabod Bertram, Oriana Cavallo, Brocade Valentine, Duncan de le Poer, Vesta
    3. [M] stare's on fire and their hearts are burning
      Briarblack, Redtooth, Neith Heiwa, Krios Heiwa
    4. [M] We are the reckless, we are the wild youth
      Faith de le Poer, Antioch de le Poer, Vicira Tears, Tletica Lykoi, The Bull, Coaxoch, Grievous Eternity, Luigi Benedetti
    5. [M] Everything I’ve seen twice, now it's time I realized
      Shikoba Whiplash,Eire Lykoi, Salvador Sadira, Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Scorpius D'Angelo, Helena Troy Lykoi
  2. [M] my red filaments burn and stand, a hand of wires
    Khael finds an injured Briarblack on the battlefield and tortures her.
  3. [M] Their roaring shall be like a lion
    Goliath rescues and comforts Briarblack.
  4. [M] Here I dreamt I was an architect
    Redtooth collapses on the way back home. Nazario and Helena find him.
  5. the drum of death is being beaten
    Following the battle, O'Riley and Grievous collect Luigi Benedetti's body.

2.4  Response

  1. rolling in my grave feeling like a grenade (Late October)
    In the days following the battle, Lokr Revlis returns to Salsola.
  2. no more lightning, no more solace in arrears (Late October)
    Now aware that he has been framed for the murder that sparked the war, Lokr loses his temper whilst trying to uncover the truth. O'Riley's face gets in the way.
  3. 8 November 2017: Salsola launches a counterstrike against Inferni with devastating results.
    1. [M] they say you will want to remain on your side
    2. [M] You start them just to feel the heat
    3. [M] A mischievous wind brought the kingdom to its knees
    4. [M] stand your ground or face our reprisal
    5. it destroys responsibility and consequences
    6. [M]field and fountain, moor and mountain
  4. by the fire and smoke and sulfur coming out of their mouths (8 November)
    Goliath escapes the mansion, but he succumbs to smoke inhalation and dies in Briarblack's arms.
  5. fideli certa merces (8 November)
    Lingering in the mansion to save a pair of ravens, Cartier dies in the fire.
  6. When the fire’s all cleared and the smoke’s all gone (8 November)
    Following the mansion burning, Vicira takes the position of Aquila from Vesper.

2.5  Conclusion

  1. My back against meadows of fear where it all began (Early November)
    Newly self-appointed Aquila Vicira Tears meets with Salvia Eternity to discuss the terms of Inferni's surrender.
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