Conrad Nielssen

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Conrad Nielssen was a soldier and scout of Inferni -- a longtime and respected member who has participated in many conflicts. Now a loner following Inferni's disbandment, Conrad roams with his two ravens, occasionally visiting with his old comrades.





  • Date of Birth: 20 December 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Verto (~November 2013)
  • Pack: Inferni (August 2014 – August 2018)
  • Immunes: Sciens, Bellum
  • Co-Rank: Ravenmaster

1.  Appearance

by Mel

While Conrad is small, as with most of his species, he is very well-muscled and in excellent physical shape. Long months on the trail only served to strengthen him further. He is relatively short in Optime form, but no less impressive; his well-built figure is even more obvious in this form, with a broad chest and thickly-muscled arms. While there is no doubt that Conrad is a pure coyote, his pelt -- while quite colorful -- is unusually dark. His eyes are burnt orange.

  • Cedar (#432416) -- primary body color
  • Hemlock (#676144) -- lower body
  • Bull Shot (#80511D) -- throat, legs
  • Dawn (#A2A09C) -- muzzle
  • Espresso (#5E2D17) -- ears, muzzle
  • Burnt Orange (#CC5500) -- eyes

2.  Personality

  • Quiet, yet blunt. He prefers non-verbal communication: a nod, a look, a gesture, etc. He tends to speak only when he has something of substance to contribute. When he does speak, though, he does not mince words.
  • Very eager to prove himself. Conrad is a follower, and will generally reflect the attitude of whomever he considers "in charge" within any present situation.
  • Conrad dislikes wolves, as one might guess; they slaughtered his family and in doing so destroyed his home. He is mistrustful of wolfish hybrids, though it's difficult to tell thanks to his quietness.
  • Conrad likes flirting with pretty much anyone who's a coyote; he has an equal preference for ladies and men. He also likes to hear things he's maybe not supposed to hear; if there's a rumor in Inferni, Conrad either started it himself or was instrumental in its spread.

3.  Skills

  • Speech: English. Speaks some Spanish.
  • Stealth (Master): Natural talent and an inclination for quiet gave Conrad an edge in learning this skill. Even as a youth, he crept unseen amongst the invading wolves. His propensity to gesture and rely on non-verbal communication grant him decent sneaking abilities despite a lack of formal training.
  • Combat (Master): Conrad is well off as a fighter, and has fought many times in defense of Inferni.
    • Lupus form brawling, agility
  • Falconry (Journeyman): During his time near Scintilla, Conrad became intrigued by the presence of Luperci who used birds as scouts. Though he had little to trade for them, a stranger hooked him up with a pair of young ravens. The pair, Eliseo (high-speech capable) and Eloisa (broken high speecoh only), bonded closely with Conrad, and followed him across the continent, teaching him about their kind all along the way.
    • Raven low speech, bird scouting, ravens

4.  Residence

  • Hellfire Hollow: U8
  • A straightforward, smaller-sized den with "bumpy" walls. A shallow dip in the floor provides for a comfortable bedding area; Conrad doesn't bother to put anything down during warmer seasons, but sometimes lines it with grass and things when it's colder. A man with little personal property, his Spartan living quarters reflect this.

5.  History

Born in California, Conrad watched as his home was invaded by wolves looking for more land. He was displeased with his father’s pacifism and saw the result; the wolves slaughtered him and his mate. Conrad and his brother were separated in the aftermath, and Conrad believes him dead. With nothing left to bind him, he began traveling. As a non-Luperci, he soon began to see strangers in two-legged forms and grew interested about them. He passed near Scintilla along the way, which is how he heard about Inferni, and where he became a Luperci.

5.1  Threads


  1. we sinners just keep on sinnin'
    After weeks of travel, Conrad makes it to Inferni's borders, where he is questioned by Kali and Marlowe. He is escorted to a leader, and accepted into the clan.
  2. Where you were or when you reached the frontier
    Conrad helps Vesper train some of the young ravens.
  3. breathing in your dust
    Conrad joins Vesper during a patrol, and they run into Nathaniel. Conrad is initially startled by Nate's wolf blood, but he takes his cue from Vesper and is genial.


  1. racing through snow and haze
    Conrad, Snapdragon, Vesper, and others hunt rabbits.
  2. marching to the barricade
    Conrad assists others in tracking down a trespasser that has been bothering the clan.
  3. Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you
    Conrad joins Cartier on a hunt.
  4. the honest and the veiled, the hammer and the nail
    Conrad attends a pack meeting about problems with Sapient and stares hard at Marlowe all suspicious.
  5. [M] well swing a little more
    While patrolling the borders, Conrad runs into Marlowe again. The Bellator harasses him and leaves just as abruptly.
  6. laughing with bruises on my chin
    Conrad and Vesper spar and help teach Hal a thing or two.
  7. On a silver platter please
    Always hungry for gossip, Conrad spies on Vesper and Silvano's meeting before backing Vesper up.
  8. I’ll give it as fast and high as the flames will rise
    Inferni gathers a meeting to address the impending conflict.
  9. Stone wall, stone fence
    Conrad spars with Kennedy in the training grounds as the Sciens requested, but ends up giving up tips on how to fight instead.
  10. Underneath the shell is an angry fire
    Conrad, alongside Izual, arrives to help Kennedy and Kára as they fight Courtiers Skoll and Maciel.
  11. My Tears Don't Fall; They Crash Around Me
    Conrad spars on two legs with Basilio and Hal.
  12. She came right at me with her teeth and her dress (and they both fell off)
    Conrad tries to give Kennedy pointers on Low Speech before Ken smells a trespasser. Conrad comes to Kennedy's aid when the old woman attacks, but her raven stops them.
  13. [M] My vengeance will be so unreal
    Conrad comes in as backup when Vesper fights Aurelya.
  1. [M] we were born with fire and gold in our eyes
    Conrad participates in the Battle of Halifax.
  2. there's a light upon this house on a hill
    Conrad returns to Inferni with the other wounded.
  3. Peace is an armistice in a war that is continuously going on
    Conrad is brought as a witness as Vesper and Silvano negotiate an armistice.
  4. In our days we will live like our ghosts will live (Pitching glass at the cornfield crows)
    Conrad attends the meeting that addresses the end of the fighting -- and Vesper's sudden ascent to Inferni's Aquila.
  5. [M] I don't want to spend the whole of my life inside (I want to step out and face the sunshine)
    Conrad helps prepare and participates in the Devil's Night celebration.


  1. victory gave us such insane delusions of grandeur
    Conrad is badly injured by a building collapse (caused, unbeknownst to him, by Osprey Fleurine).
  2. Claw at my skin and gnash their teeth and shout
    Conrad helps Vesper and Antioch bring an irritable, paranoid Denise back to Inferni.
  3. Killing Snakes with a Sharpened Stick
    Osprey is sentenced to death.
  4. No Longer Safe
    Conrad helps evacuate the residents of Grimwell Caverns when the meteor hits.
  5. Don't ask God, just holler at the sky
    Conrad and Vesper grieve over the ravens killed in the air blast.
  6. [M] In these times of doing what you're told
    Conrad works on the roof with Basilio -- then stops him from beating the crap out of Jehan.
  7. Come Together
    Casa di Cavalieri hosts a diplomacy summit. Conrad attends as Vesper's "bodyguard."
  8. the vampire's waltz
    Conrad spars with Lucilla.
  9. Words written in red, as dark as the night
    Conrad helps hunt in preparation for Devil's Night.
  10. They were spinning in circles with the moon in their eyes
    Conrad attends the Devil's Night celebration.
  11. You keep the old ember burning
    During Devil's Night, Conrad hangs out with Kennedy and Virue.
  12. Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
    Conrad spars with Clover until they are joined by Helena.
  13. farewell to the chains we were born into
    Conrad appears when Dove and her brother call for help; he goes to fetch their lost goods while Vesper welcomes them into Inferni.

Current Year

  1. [M] The frail will fall below
    Clover and Fang tend to Conrad's wounds when he's injured by a suspicious wolf.
  2. [M] reckoning
    Conrad fights when mysterious wolves assault Inferni.
  3. bearer of bad news
    Conrad accompanies Vesper when Alistair delivers grim news.
  4. We defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all
    A meeting is called to address the Second Boreas Conflict.
  5. all the birds were in a cage
    Conrad joins the search party for the kidnapped Vesper.
  6. [M] with their feathers stripped away
    Conrad tries to help Harosheth take care of Vesper.
  7. Your arms out wide, the glue all dried
    Conrad brings Stark to a dissociating Vesper.
  8. anchors bound into your chest
    Conrad helps Oriole take care of an unconscious Dove.
  9. I Love You. Let's Light Ourselves on Fire
    A preoccupied Conrad foists food for the ravens onto Redtooth.
  10. Rolled round with goodly loam and cradled deep
    Cooped up in the sickbay, Conrad witnesses a dramatic conversation between Vesper and Cartier.
  11. ding dong ditch
    Conrad and Clover screw around outside Casa di Cavalieri borders, then flee when noticed. Conrad doesn't realize Clover isn't keeping up with him.
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