Molcaxitl Yocatl

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Molcaxitl Yocatl was a long-time slave, kept as an NPC for various characters from 2011 until she was freed in March 2013. She first washed ashore in Anathema, later following her mistress Eris Eternity to Salsola. Several owners later and a near-miss with Machidael Lykoi, Molca gained her freedom in Inferni, where she lived for several years. However, Molcaxitl was killed by her former leader Salvia Eternity during the Inferni-Salsola War when she refused to divulge Inferni secrets.







  • Date of Birth: 28 Apr 2008
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: D'Neville Mansion, Inferni
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: Inferni (Spring 2012)
  • Rank: Tiro Misceleri (Spring 2013)
  • Nickname: Molca, Axi
  • Pronunciation: MOHL-kashi-tee YO-ka-tee
  • Meaning: stone/rock; insect
  • Origin: Nahuatl
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —



  • darp

She's a pNPC!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Although Molca is primarily a coyote, some evidence of her doggish breeding shows. Her muzzle is too-wide and blunter than a coyote's ought to be, with a broader skull and a more prominent stop.
  • Fur: Molca's fur is not particularly thin -- here, she takes after her doggish heritage most clearly, sporting a medium-length coat that seems almost feathered and silky in places.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair, long and natural, is generally unkempt and wild, though never filthy.
  • Facial Features: Molca's eyes are wide and very bright, but also extremely "empty" -- not a lot appears to be going on behind Molcaxitl's gaze.
  • Build and Size: Molcaxitl is slight and willowy, possessing the short and lightly-built form of a coyote. Although she was dreadfully thin upon first arriving into 'Souls, thanks to a proper diet, she has developed a rather athletic build. Far from muscled, Molcaxitl is not particularly strong; on the contrary, her body seems built for speed and agility than brute power.
  • Humanization: Yes, minor; she is often seen wearing Clothing


  • Fur:
    • Most of Molcaxitl's fur is Driftwood.
    • Her upper body is darker, closer to Potter's Clay.
    • Her belly and the underside of her tail are Gold Sand.
  • Markings:
    • The darkest areas of her body -- her ears, a ridge along her spine, and the tip of her tail -- are Irish Coffee.
    • Hints of red also exist in her fur -- Nutmeg is ticked along her shoulders and flanks.
  • Eyes: Tia Maria
  • Optime Hair: Irish Coffee near her skull, fading to reddish Ironstone near the tips.


Driftwood (#B38C56)
Potter's Clay (#876332)
Irish Coffee (#573E20)
Gold Sand (#E5C18F)
Nutmeg (#733D2B)
Ironstone (#884B39)
Tia Maria (#D9470E)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • She has a few short, shallow scars along her arms; these are typically hidden by her fur.
  • Piercings:
  • Tattoos: No.


Molca is not extremely humanized. She only has a septum piercing, and is most frequently seen naked. She only wears her clothing in the coldest parts of winter.


  • Winter (View Image): Molca can often be seen wearing her clothes, two square deer pelts stitched together with holes for her head and arms.

Jewelry and Accessories

Slave Ring
  • Molca wears her golden slave septum ring.


She assumes the form of those around her it differs from her own. While she does not like her Secui form, she does not exhibit a clear form preference otherwise.

45 lbs (20 kg)
27 in (69 cm)


Her small form is all coyote: thin, long-legged, and delicate. As most of her owners have thus far preferred Optime, this form is not often seen.

No Pixel!
120 lbs (54 kg)
31 in (79 cm)


Her middling form is perhaps her most intimidating, but even at that falls far short. Molca does not particularly enjoy this form. As most of her owners have thus far preferred Optime, this form is not often seen.

No Pixel!
160 lbs (73 kg)
5ft 8in (68 in) (173 cm)


Her slight form seems almost boyish, though it's difficult to discern her precise body shape as she's typically engaged in hunching, cringing, or otherwise "hiding" herself.


  • Speech: Her first language is Spanish; Molca seems to prefer her mother tongue, now that an owner does not dictate her speech. She is professional working proficient in English. She retains a heavy accent in English. Her education in English consisted of various sources, and is imperfect.
  • Scent: Spicy, dry -- reminiscent of the desert (does not actually smell like the desert because she hasn't been in one since she was 2 and a half >_>).
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: ?
  • General Posture and Body Language: Xochime seems extremely self-assured. She holds herself straight and taut, standing up as tall as her small stature will allow. This is especially around canines she does not know well -- when she gets to know another canine, she becomes more relaxed and comfortable.


More Baubles

2.  Personality

While Molcaxitl is not a "loyal" canine, she is thoroughly indoctrinated as a slave. Much of the vocal indoctrination focused on the ideals of black and white thinking, as well as segregation of the slaves and freed persons. Molca also experienced regular sensory deprivation; she spent many hours locked in a small room with no light, food, or water. Due to extreme learned helplessness conditioning, she will never be driven to escape slavery (except perhaps to take her own life).

  • Molcaxitl shows signs and symptoms of clinical depression. While this was once severe enough to lead to memory problems, some of it has abated since her freedom in Inferni. Nonetheless, Axi remains a bleak canine.
  • She is unable to make decisions; when faced with a decision, Molca is frequently unable to decide for herself and she requires the direction of others to continue working.
  • Axi has severe feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness. She feels immense guilt whenever scolded, no matter how minor her infraction.
  • Although stunted and very much damaged, Molca is not altogether lost. She had friendships within Salsola amongst the other slaves, limited and surreptitious as they were. Molca seemed to yearn for kindly, positive contact, and spent much of her time with Rowan Bisette? and Khirot Marae.

2.1  Ideals


Reserved, depressed, repressed

  • Outlook: Pessimistic or optimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted or introverted?
  • Expression: Submissive or dominant?
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Serving her pack and canines above her
  • Avoiding pain and punishment


The former Eternian religion of the Atotozli plays an important role for Axi. Ironically, since the revolution in Eterne, she is probably one of the few practicioners of "true" Eternian beliefs. For instance, she believes in Momotzli as the coyote-god who will someday come to earth and marry the Mamexi (a religious leader in Eterne) and repopulate the earth with a super-species of coyote.

In Eterne, although Molcaxitl was barred from participating in most rituals, she is extraordinarily well-versed in the Atototzli practices and belief systems due to her observance of the customs. At times, there was little else to do save eavesdrop, and the Atotoztli was a frequent subject for the Tzatzi family.

  • Axi knows she is very closely related to the religious leader of Eterne. Unfortunately, her information regarding Eterne is out-of-date and there is no longer even a religious leader in Eterne.
  • Although lacking formal training, she believes she is a shaman, able to read the blood of slain prey animals for signs and omens. She did this surreptitiously in Eterne and Salsola both. Her practices within Inferni may also be hidden, as Axi spends a lot of time around Harosheth Kimaris, who is unlikely to approve.
  • The fact that Eris -- Eternian enough to recognize her piercing, demeanor, and accent for what it was -- found her upon washing ashore indicates to Axi fate dictated her to be a lifelong slave. Axi believes it was a religious event that conspired to wash her ashore in Anathema to the one person who could recognize her. Axi continues in this belief, and considers herself slave to Harosheth Kimaris, Myrika Tears, or Inferni as a whole, depending on the duty.


  • Just about anything related to sex.
  • Slavery, slavers


  • Species: Molcaxitl is strongly coyote-supremacist. As a slave, she served wolves. It might have gotten her in trouble, had she ever been directly asked about her feelings -- but it never came up. Since being granted her freedom, Molcaxitl's feelings of coyote supremacy have strengthened -- though due to her quite nature, it's not readily apparent.


  • She avoids attachment to other canines, let alone sexual relations. Her only experiences with sex were unforgivably brutal. Molca is terrified of anything having to do with nether regions (hers or anyone else's).

Substances & Vices

  • Unknown -- Molca was previously forbidden from using substances, though she did sneak a taste of psilocybin mushrooms and alcohol even as a slave.


  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Unknown

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family Heritage: Tzatzi

  • Mother: Ameyali
  • Father: Millacatl Zoquipan (slave)
  • Siblings:
    • Littermates: Zoquitli Yocatl (slave)
    • Younger Half-Siblings (1): Ciyahui Tzatzi, Ixmati Tzatzi
    • Younger Half-Siblings (2): Axiltia Tzatzi

Molcaxitl has little idea of familial relationships. She comprehends the idea of "family" but she does not understand that she is supposed to have family (e.g., she doesn't get that the people she lived with in Eterne were supposed to care for and love her rather than enslave her). Most of her family is dead -- the remaining living members are listed here.

  • Children:
    • Litter One (Father Unknown): 2 girls and 1 boy (names unknown -- slaves)
    • Litter Two (Father Unknown): 2 boys and 1 girl (names unknown -- slaves)
  • Extended: Tzatzi

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Xochime Kimaris: Xochime is one of Molca's favorite canines in Inferni. Xochime shares Molca's piercing and her fate as a slave. Molca looks to Xo as an example and inspiration; Xo inspires and encourages Molcaxitl, though even she finds the woman's indoctrination hard to penetrate.
  • Sepirah Lykoi: Although Molca knew Sepirah only a brief time, Axi considers Sepirah her savior -- though a truly frightening savior, for the relationship she seemed to have with the frightening Machidael Lykoi.

Positive Relations

  • Inferni: Her new home is much kinder but all the more confusing for it. Molcaxitl does not know how to navigate the world, and though she is learning, the process is painful and slow. She was slow to make any real friends within Inferni.
  • Kaena Lykoi: Kaena was not cruel to Molca, but did ask a lot of her (likely due to her age, and Kaena's having owned a slave before). Kaena asked Molcaxitl a lot of questions about Eterne and living there, but was otherwise pretty uninterested in Molca.

Neutral / Negative

  • Harosheth Kimaris: Harosheth treats Molca as something of a slave. Molca makes efforts to avoid Harosheth.
  • Eterne: Still regarded as her homeland and the true seat of power for all coyotes -- though Axi would never return willingly. She sometimes, to her horror/delight, dreams of being recaptured as a slave and carried back to Eterne.
  • Anathema: Largely forgotten. The deep, dark caves made it difficult for Axi to think and breathe.
  • Salsola: She strongly dislikes Salsola. Being a slave amongst many frightened her. She does not wish to be recaptured by Salsola, and so avoids interaction with the pack at all costs.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Sex: None voluntary
  • Friendly: Inferni
  • Enemies: Salsola
  • Murders: Slave-owning NPC

3.4  Owners

(Former, arranged in order of ownership)

  • Tzatzi (2.5 years): Molca's blood family treated her like poop, as detailed in her history. Her owner was technically her grandmother, but everyone commanded her equally.
  • Galo (3 days): Owned Molca for three days on the journey from Eterne to Barbados. Treated her very well, but traded her off abruptly.
  • Temel (2 weeks): This Barbados native made a sexual advance. Molca's reaction was immediate and intense: the trader nearly lost an eye. Temel locked her up until she was too weak to fight, and traded her off.
  • Lou (1 month): Lou, the ship captain, sailed her from Barbados and almost to Freetown. He treated Molca as any other piece of merchandise. The boat sank and Molca washed ashore.
  • Eris Eternity (1.5 years): Molca thought Eris very kind for most of their time together. Several incidents prior to Eris's loss of leadership and possessions made Molcaxitl reconsider entirely: Eris's allowing (and even assisting in) Molcaxitl's rape, beatings, and other cruelties.
  • Salvia Eternity (6 months): Molca considered Salvia a respectful master, though she was never exactly "kind."
  • Draugr Helsi (6 months): Draugr was kind to Molcaxitl, and Axi considered Dra her kindliest master. Molcaxitl was very frightened to leave Draugr, but did so all the same.
  • Machidael Lykoi & Sepirah Lykoi (1 week): Molca was only owned by this pair for a very brief time, lucky her. Sepirah demanded Molca as a gift from her brother, and so Molca went to Inferni and became free~

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Food and Food Preparation

  • Education and Learning: Slavery, in a word.
  • Cooking (Journeyman): Spices and herbs are also a part of her knowledge.
  • Drinks (Journeyman): She ferments wine, and makes flavored waters by tying herbs or flavorings into extremely thinly-shaved hide, making something of a "teabag" although the water is not heated.
  • Food Preservation (Journeyman): She knows a few food preservation methods -- e.g., smoking, salting.
  • Molcaxitl was never taught to hunt. She is capable of snaring small mammals here and there -- primarily rats, mice, squirrels, and other really tiny things that can't really hurt her -- but is absolutely incapable with something that can fight back, even if it's the size of a raccoon.

Domestic Pursuits

  • Education and Learning: Slavery, again.
  • Curing Pelts and Hides (Apprentice): She is able to skin and cure hide, though she does not have sewing or construction abilities.
  • Childcare (Journeyman): She excels at the mechanics of childcare.
  • She fails to comprehend dominance roles between adults and children. Axi may allow older children to dictate the rules of their relationship (e.g., a child will say "but mother said I could X" and Axi will believe, encourage, and assist the child in doing X unless it's obviously very dangerous).


  • Education and Learning: In Eterne, her duties included tending to her grandmother Xihuitl's trio of temperamental margays. She assisted Eris with Itzcitla, her ocelot, as well as interactions with Eris's failed cougar experiment, and lastly -- helping Eris to raise a small lynx.
  • Felines (Care and Maintenance): She is excellent with felines and cats. She is kind to them and is usually able to befriend cats of any kind.
  • She is extremely intimidated by large felines -- anything bigger than a housecat will be somewhat feared by Molca. She refuses to approach big cats like cougars, etc.

4.2  Inventory

4.3  Residence

4.4  NPCs


  • Description




icons here

icons here


Dorcas de le Poer has gifted Molca with assorted wooden things, as repayment for skinning some hides. These objects may not be particularly useful or at all wanted, but Dorcas insisted she take them anyway.

  • A small wooden box, suitable for storing jewelry or other small objects. 1
  • A wooden spoon. 1
  • A wooden comb. 1
  • A wooden bowl. 1
  • A wooden ball.


  • something

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


haha you thought!

5.2  History


Former Ranks


Personal Slave of Eris , Salvia, Draugr

Anathema Zepar/Slave of Eris

Molcaxitl was born into slavery. Her family in Eterne enslaved her even prior to her birth. Molca served her family, even being forced to breed -- her children, also slaves, were immediately removed from her care. Molca was eventually shipped northward, traded off for some belongings.

She experienced horror after horror, finally landing in Anathema in 2011 after a shipwreck... whereupon she experienced further horrors, eventually. After some time of being a decent (i.e., non-abusive) owner, Eris Eternity turned against Molcaxitl and subjected her to some terrible things, too. Thereafter, however, first Salvia Eternity and then Draugr Helsi were decent to her.

She was very nearly placed into the most terrible position yet with Machidael Lykoi, but Sepirah Lykoi demanded the coyote's freedom and in 2013, Molca found herself a free member of Inferni -- a coyote pack -- for the first time in her life, at five years of age.


Early History

  • Molca was born to Ameyali Tzatzi, the result of a tryst with a half-dog slave. By the time the pregnancy was realized, it was too late to do anything about it. Ameyali's mother and head of the Tzatzi family, Xihuitl Tzatzi, decided to enslave the children for economical gain.
  • The firstborn of the litter was sacrificed; two siblings died shortly after birth. A neighboring family's slave, Tlachpana Zoquipan, raised Molca and her remaining brother. Although not exceptionally kind, Tlachpana did act in a mothering fashion to Axi.
  • At two months old, Axi was weaned and her training -- entailing following older slaves and indoctrination as to her place in society -- began. Shortly thereafter, her brother Zoquitl was traded off.
  • After her first shift at seven months, Axi was moved from apprentice to full slave. She spent the majority of time serving her family.

Middle History

  • When Axi was about a year old, her mother Ameyali gave birth again, yielding children to a respectable father. Axi helped raise her half-brothers. No one (not even Axi) considered Axi a part of the family. As her brothers aged, Molca became subject to their bullying. She allowed Ixmati to run off alone several times.
  • When Axi was one year and seven months old, Xihuitl accumulated a large gambling debt. To help recover this debt, she decided to breed Axi. Axi was horrified with the entire process, from sex to birth. When the children were birthed, they were immediately taken. Xihuitl planned to breed Axi to exhaustion; Molca was allowed to sulk and do no work in the interim.
  • Molca was bred again as soon as she was able, and the process was repeated: the children were taken. Axi's depression deepened, but she formed no attachment to her second litter. Whether this was a defense mechanism or genuine feeling is not absolutely clear.

Late History

  • Xihuitl's plans were halted when Axi's mother Ameyali became pregnant again, necessitating the family devote energies to Ameyali. The litter of two was piteously weak. One child died shortly after birth, and the second suffered through weeks of illness before gaining strength. Molcaxitl assisted in raising Axiltia, the surviving child.
  • Axiltia was gifted with a kindly and curious personality. The perceptive youngster frequently questioned Molcaxitl and showed the slave unprecedented affection. The precocious child inadvertently caused the slave great trouble, though: Axiltia convinced Molca to allow a solo jungle expedition. Axiltia disappeared into the jungle with some childish "explorer gear" strapped to her back; she did not return.
  • Xihuitl saved Molca from Ixmati, who would have slain her. Although angry, the old miser could not release a profit. Molca's grandmother traded her for three goats and a horse. This was the last day Molca saw Eterne and the Tzatzi family. She passed through several hands, and ended up on a ship.
  • Though the boat was headed for Freetown, a storm threw them off-course. They struck rocks off the coast of Nova Scotia and capsized. Axi survived by latching onto a piece of wood.



  • April: Eris Eternity found Molca on the shore. Eris, having spent time within Eterne, recognized the coyote for a slave and took Molca as hers. Molca lived in the caves with Eris. Her primary duties included caring for Eris's ocelot Itzcitla and Eris's children. Molca is especially close with Salvia, teaching the girl Spanish and learning better English in turn.
  • May 2011–January 2012: When Eris and Sirius formed Salsola, Molca took on a larger role in Eris's life. Eris becomes somewhat interested in Molca's history, background, beliefs, etc. While the pair do not have an active friendship, Eris protects Molcaxitl from harm and offers her a wide array of freedoms -- after learning of Molca's beliefs regarding fate and Molca's destiny to serve.


  • January 2012–June 2012: Eris's demeanor began to change, and she subjected Molcaxitl to various abuses -- including forcing her to have sex with a man, beating her, and depriving her of various basic privileges (seemingly at random).
  • Summer: Salvia Eternity forcibly took possession of Molca after a particularly cruel and fierce public beating by Eris. Molca served the Boss for some time.


  • January: Molca was given to Draugr Helsi. Draugr was pretty much at a loss as to what to do with Molca -- the coyote was allowed to do pretty much as she pleased within Draugr's home, and was treated rather well (i.e., ignored).
  • Early March: Following the tension between Casa di Cavalieri and Salsola, Draugr disposed of Molcaxitl with Salvia's blessing. Molca found herself in the hands of a trader. The new owner passes Molcaxitl off to one Machidael Lykoi -- not exactly voluntarily (said trader may or may not have been cut to bits with a spear and partially cannibalized in front of Molcaxitl).
  • Mid-March: Sepirah Lykoi demands Molca's "servitude" from Machi and takes her back to Inferni.
  • 19 March: Molcaxitl is FREE for the first time in her lifeee! o:
  • April: Completely uncertain about her newfound status, she remains reclusive and does not leave the Great Village for some time, remaining as an assistant to Kaena Lykoi.
  • November 2013–Present: Molca leaves the village, and moves to the Hospital House upon discovering Harosheth Kimaris. Molca serves as an assistant of sorts in the Hospital House. Harosheth still treats her like a slave due to their shared background in Eterne, but Myrika Tears' influence ensures Molcaxitl's continued freedoms in the coyote pack.
  • December 2013–Present: Since Xochime Kimaris's arrival in Inferni, Molca has become slightly more outgoing. She still lacks confidence, though.



  1. 4 April: Axi comes to 'Souls, yayay~
  2. 4 April: Molcaxitl is ordered to watch Eris Eternity's children.
  3. 6 April: This thread does not contain Molca, but does contain references to Eris's treatment of her.
  4. 29 May: Molcaxitl attends Eris as Eris converses with Axelle Napier. The slave participates in the conversation.
  5. 16 June: Molca serves Salsola in the Last Supper.
  6. 10 July: Molca is referenced as being allowed to go to Halifax on her own.
  7. 10 July: Molca helps Eris prepare a ritual, then fetches Salvia.
  8. 18 July: Eris and Molca discuss Molca's beliefs.
  9. 24 July: Axi assists Eris in bringing Ataxia, Artemisia, Harrow, Shibboleth, and Solanaceae into the world.
  10. 29 Aug: Molca is referenced as caring for Eris's children at this time.
  11. 26 Oct Verusha, another slave of Salsola, speaks of children and reminds Molca of her own children, causing the slave to depart from a cooking fire rather abruptly. She sits motionless by her mistress's home until Eris interrogates her as to her purpose and dismisses her for the afternoon.
  12. 14 Nov: Axi serves a psychedelic paste to Salsola's membership at a sacrificial ritual.
  13. 28 Dec: Molca follows Eris north to Amherst at her mistresses' request. Siv Helsi, a ranked member of Salsola, shows up shortly thereafter and requests to speak to Eris privately. Molca is sent out of earshot, back in the direction of Salsola.
  14. 29 Dec: Molca helps her mistress birth a child.
  15. 30 Dec: Eris dismisses Molcaxitl after having made her stand nearby in attendance for quite a few hours for no apparent reason.


  1. 11 Jan: Molcaxitl accompanies her mistress outside of Salsola.
  2. 12 Jan: Molcaxitl is referenced as caring for Basilaris and Salvador.
  3. 09 Feb: Molcaxitl tends to her mistress's children and cat Omitl.
  4. [M] 12 Apr: Halifax, with Eris Eternity and Inocencio Kit Victor. Molca is made to have sex with Kit at Eris's request and endures creepy things.
  5. [M] 4 May: Molcaxitl is beaten by Eris; her ownership passes to Salvia Eternity hereafter.
  6. Molca's ownership passes to Draugr Helsi following the woman's injury.


  1. Following the spring 2013 tension between Casa di Cavalieri and Salsola, Draugr requested permission of Salvia to dispose of Molcaxitl; permission is granted and Molca finds herself in the hands of a trader. In March, the new owner passes Molcaxitl off to one Machidael Lykoi -- not particularly voluntarily. Sepirah Lykoi then demands Molca's "servitude" from Machi and takes her back to Inferni.
  2. Molcaxitl is officially released from slavery. Uncertain about her newfound status, she gravitates to Harosheth Kimaris, serving as an assistant of sorts in the Hospital House. Harosheth still treats her like a slave due to their shared background in Eterne, but Myrika Tears' influence ensures her continued freedoms in the coyote pack.
  3. [M] 1 Nov: Hospital House, with Myrika Tears, Harosheth Kimaris. Myrika brings a wounded mother and child to the healer; only one survives. Molca is ordered to do what she can as moral support.


  1. [M] 29 Jan: Hospital House, with Lorelei, Harosheth; Molca helps her "mistress" birth a child, Viktor.
  2. [M] 31 Mar: Molca helps Vesper with the sky burial of a pack mate, Ombre.


  1. 02 Feb Dorcas ropes Molca into skinning some hides for one of her projects.