Verusha Agata

Verusha Agata

Verusha Agata, by Sie
Name OriginRussian diminutive of Vera
Name MeaningVera: Means "faith" in Russian, though it is sometimes associated with the Latin word verus "true." [1]
Date of Birth--
Date of DeathMATURE February 2, 2012
Age3.5 - 8 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans incolatus ortus
Birth placeRussia
Current packNone
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Joining date--

Verusha Agata was a former slave of Salsola. Eris Eternity killed her during a raid led by the Sequoia Alliance during the Sequoia Plot so that she would not be freed.MATURE [2]

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Verusha and her two siblings were born to a pair of coyotes who immigrated from western Canada to Russia. Though her parents always had difficulty integrating with society, they gave their children Russian names and did their best. Despite struggling with the Russian language and culture themselves, Vera and Edvin's children flourished and thrived.

Verusha would probably have been born somewhere in Eastern Russia; she moved to Sobirat'sya on her own when she was about two or three years old. Eventually, she met Rurik Russo, and after a brief tryst, she ended up pregnant with his children. Though the two of them were not close or particularly romantically inclined, both Rurik's guilt over this prior, elder children as well as a desire to make up for past mistakes kept him firmly tethered to Verusha and her children.

Verusha would have been integrated somewhat into the Russo family; it is likely she would have been particularly close to Rurik's first cousin, Marya Russo, as the women were both pregnant around the same time, and they probably would have had plans to raise their children together. Unfortunately, there was some tragedy, and Marya was not given the opportunity to raise her daughter, and thus their friendship probably would have withered some.

Verusha's daughter, Lizaveta, became ill with a fever when the children were still young; she died of it, though the other puppies remained healthy. When they were about nine months old, Rurik decided to head back to Nova Scotia and 'Souls -- Liliya and Silas came with him. Later on, her son Anatoliy fell asleep on a boat, and ended up accidentally traveling to Nova Scotia as well.

Though Verusha is soundly Russian, she was greatly affected by her parents' fond memories of their own homeland. Eventually finding herself alone, Verusha decided she, too, would set out for her ancestral homeland and see what she could find.

2.  Appearance

As a full-bred coyote, Verusha is rather small, weighing around forty pounds. Her fur would be primarily browns, creams, and light tan coloration. Her exact appearance would be up to the player, for the most part. Any body modifications, clothing style (if any), etc., would be up to the player. The provided reference sheet is a suggestion -- you are free to edit her coloration and markings as you see fit. :)

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family