Salvador Sadira

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Salvador Sadira is the son of former Ichika no Ho-en leaders Razekiel Lykoi and Nayru and brother to Kahlo Lykoi, none of whom he has ever met. Sally's early childhood was tumultuous: His father was absent at his birth, and Salvador was thought to be stillborn by his mother and abandoned. He was found by Wretch D'Angelo and briefly raised and socialized by Eris Eternity in Salsola. During a war, he was traded back to his home pack in exchange for a Salsolan captive, where he lived a short while until its dissolution. His mother and sister, already departed like his father, never learned of his survival.

Refusing to rely on others for his own wellbeing, Salvador has since staked out a life for himself primarily as a loner with occasional stints of pack membership. While good at heart, Salvador is a jaded man numbed to the romanticisms of life by repeated exposure to and participation in various levels of violence.

In April 2017, he returned to Nova Scotia for undisclosed reasons. Upon meeting his niece Dove, Salvador lingered around Inferni long enough to become assimilated, though his commitment to the clan is informal and aloof at best. Seeing the clan as young and out of its league in a war against what he remembered of Salsola, Sally participated as a fighter with Inferni in the Inferni-Salsola War of autumn 2017, and remained with the fire-clan for a long time thereafter. Not long following the unexpected loss of Dove during her stay in Cour des Miracles, as well as the dissolution of Inferni, Sally returned to wandering as a loner throughout Nova Scotia.






  • Date of Birth: 2 January 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Pack: Inferni
  • cNPC:
  • Minor NPCs:



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


*note: red mask should extend up and over the eyes


 El Paso (#1E1808)
 Temptress (#4B0400)
 Swirl (#CCC8BF)
 Thunderbird (#C21E1E)


  • Fur: El Paso
    • Swirl chest, inner snout, inner ears, tailtip, toes, fingers
    • Lykoi Temptress snout and mask
  • Eyes: Thunderbird
  • Optime Hair: El Paso
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


  • Species: A hybrid, with dominant coyote genetics and wolf-like pelt patterning.
  • Fur: Wolfish and long for one that resembles a coyote.
    • Optime Hair: Straight and messy. Shorter in the back, with a mess of bangs from the top of his head.
  • Build and Size: Above average toning, powerful legs. A masculine build.
    • Optime: Preferred. 6'5". Triangular and defined, but non-intimidating. Handsome. Wears jeans and an unbuttoned red flannel.
  • Scar: A few peppered throughout. Most common on his chest, arms, fingers, and a few on his face.

2.  Personality

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: seasoned, pragmatic, laid-back, noncommittal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • "Acts as his conscience directs him."
    • "Will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend."
    • "Dislikes confining laws, self-discipline, and they distrust authority."
    • "Would not take action that could unnecessarily jeopardize the lives of other persons."


  • Speech: Tobacco-touched, gritty voice. Crass, but charming. Speaks mind freely.
  • Scent: hay, dandelion, tobacco
  • General Posture and Body Language: Informal and unassuming, even in presence of authority.


Rough around the edges, good at heart. Charming. Highly independent, accustomed to life as a loner; refuses help but will provide it. Frequent smoker and drinker. Indulges. Bit of a hero syndrome. Witty with good intuition. Abrasive if disrespected or challenged. Pushes back and speaks mind freely. Generally sociable and easygoing, but with an base layer of brutal pragmatism shaped by battles and a rough life. Bit of a scamp. Agnostic. Heavily avoids commitment. Survivor mentality. Soft spot for tough, pretty girls.

2.2  Skills


  • Sally is at master-level skill in hand-to-hand combat after years as a soldier,a scrapper, and drifter. Depending on the circumstances, he is resourceful and can be a very dirty fighter. In situations where his life is on the line, Sally will stop at little to nothing to defend himself.
  • He is well-trained in self-defense and the art of disarming opponents. He can also fight in four-legged feral combat, but with less ability.
  • Unafraid of people, Salvador tends to be straightforward and honest. Given his age and experience, he makes for a decent mentor.
  • Sally has general experience in a lot of things, due to his time as a drifter. He is experienced in most survival skills. Side from this, Sally works well with horses, in carpentry, and in four-legged hunting and tracking.


  • Sally has little experience with weapons, that is, nothing beyond the basics. Though he knows how to disarm opponents, in an armed battle he is at a natural disadvantage.
  • After years spent as a drifter, soldier, and even a mercenary, Sally has seen and done some terrible things. Tending towards keeping secrets, Sally is difficult to open up at times, and retains a small level of post-traumatic stress that is typically kept under control.
  • As a result of his experiences, Sally favors numbing substances. He favors alcohol and marijuana most of all.
  • Brutally pragmatic, Salvador can be cruel in extreme circumstances. He is willing to do what needs to be done, both a good and a bad thing.

3.  Relationships

4.  History

Salvador was born January 2, 2012 to leaders Nayru and Razekiel Lykoi in Ichika no Ho-en. His father absent and uninformed of his conception, Salvador was thought to be stillborn and left in the wild. Ichikan Wretch D'Angelo discovered and left the pack with him, eventually bringing the infant to Salsola, abandoning on the borders. He was found by Eris Eternity, Wretch's mother, who took Salvador in and raised him alongside her older daughters, Ataxia, Artemisia, and Harrow and later her younger son, Basilaris.

When Salsola organized raids against Ichika no Ho-en a few months later, Salvador was used as a bargaining chip to regain the freedom of Magnolia Takekuro, taken captive by the Ichikans during the raid. Salvador was brought to the meeting slightly drugged and exchanged for Magnolia's freedom. His mother and sister, already having left Ichika no Ho-en, never learned of his survival nor existence. He remained in the pack until its disbanding a few months later, when he set out on his own determined to make something of himself.

Sally's earliest months after Ichika no Ho-en were spent with various loners credited for his survival, and broke off on his own when he developed the survival skills and age to do so. A drifter, Sally has since drifted from place to place, in and out of packs, and in and out of friendships and flings. He has both witnessed as a bystander and participated in a number of wars, his involvement dependent on the morals and stakes; as such, Salvador has come out the other side rather hardened and numb, with a depth of character rarely hinted at in his interactions.


4.1  2017 Threads

April-May 2017

While drifting back through the lands he was born, Salvador visits the Inferni area and sparks a fast friendship with Dove Reverie, his niece. Intrigued, he sticks around and drifts in and out of the clan, allowed to come and go as he pleases. NPC of Dove Reverie.


  1. it's hard to keep the rainclouds out [M] (Apr 2017)

As a sickness sweeps through Nova Scotia, Salvador comes across an unconscious Dove Reverie.

  1. renaissance [M] (9 May 2017)

Salvador stands by while getting looks from Annabeth de Fonte, as she and Dove talk their April illnesses.

  1. the lovesong of the buzzard [M] (30 May 2017)

Dove reunites briefly with an old friend while Salvador observes.

June-August 2017

Though avoiding any verbal commitment, Sally continues to stick around the Inferni area. Whether officially or unofficially, he drifts into clan membership under the radar. Salvador contributes to the clan when convenient for him (as in, when he happens to find something that needs doing) and tends to come and go from clan grounds as he pleases.


  1. i was never innocent, i was only me
    Dove accidentally upsets young Nazario del Bosque, and Salvador sweeps in for damage control.
  2. drawn by a stick in the sand
    Sally interrupts an attempted theft from Dove by Szenne.
  3. do you give the horse its strength?
    With Goliath Harland.

September 2017


October 2017

At the start of the month, the Inferni-Salsola War breaks out. Though ultimately neutral, Sally fights on behalf of Inferni to even out its number of warriors with that of Salsola.


  1. we build an army from nothing
    Vesper announces the clan is at war with Salsola.
  2. i am the ghost in the back of your head
    With Serene Eternity, Scorpius D'Angelo.
  3. their inborn thirst of death [M]
    With Khael Lykoi, Indra Winters (SL), Redtooth (IF).
  4. everything I've seen twice, now it's time I realized [M]
    The Battle of Drifter Bay.
  5. now I do my talking with a gun (NPC) [M]
    A Salsolan captive named Neith Heiwa pleads for Dove Reverie to take a Salsolan child prisoner and flee Inferni. Pragmatic as ever, Sally sees this as having potential for Dove, who continues to suffer in the violent clan environment.

4.2  2018 Threads

March-April 2018

Sally spends much of his time hunting food beyond the territory and bringing it back to Inferni. He catches wind of large, tree-sized flowers growing towards the south, and spends a small portion of the month investigating out of curiosity.


  1. bowl the barrels bumblingly
    Sally helps out Merari Tears as she chops wood shortly after her first shift.
  2. afraid you might return for more
    With Odalis.