Saljigud "Ombre" Krotishaurima

Ombre was a high-ranking member of Inferni. She was the Primi Misceleri, part of the Triumvirate ranks. In March 2014, she contracted rabies and passed away.

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09 Mar 2011




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Pack Inferni
Rank Primi Misceleri III

1.  Appearance

1.1  Species

Ombre is a hybrid of varied percentages: she is half Tibetan Mastiff dog (Canis lupus familiaris), part Northwest Coast coyote (Canis latrans umpquensis), and a dash European wolf (Canis lupus lupus). The ancient Tibetan Mastiff breed was primarily used as a guardian dog. It is not actually related to other breeds of Mastiff dog such as the English or Neapolitan, yet is similarly sized. Her doggish heritage shows most clearly in her sizing, coloration, and most other physical characteristics about her. The coyote and wolf are overwhelmed by doggish characteristics, and it takes a rather careful and experienced eye to discern Ombre's breeding.

1.2  Sizing and Build

Ombre, despite being part coyote and part wolf, is large for her breeding and large for her gender besides. Her coat is doubled and very thick in accordance with both dog and wolf breeding. In Optime form, her body type is tall, but also stout and very well-muscled. While not entirely lacking in physical characteristics of feminity, Ombre's first impression is still easily male, at least physically: the way she carries herself, walks, and presents herself is more masculine than it is feminine.

1.3  Coloration

Note: Ombre's coat color changes slightly between summer and winter. Summer is listed first, then winter.

  • Amulet (#7B9B7B) is the color of her eyes.
  • Potters Clay (#825B34) is the color of her nose, paw pads, claws, and other exposed parts of skin.
  • Kabul (#554B3A) / Tobacco Brown (#7A6444) is her primary body color, though it does not appear as a solid color -- her brindle striping of Zeus, Westar, and Domino colors are intermingled with this color.
  • Zeus (#2D2922) / Judge Grey (#504634) is a second body color -- Ombre's body is brindled and striped with this coloration, though it appears as a solid color on the ventral half of her left rear leg and on her tail.
  • Westar (#DBD8D0) / Moon Mist (#E1DDD3) is a third primary body color -- not only does this color appear in her brindle pattern, but it also appears as a solid: a streak runs almost in tearstain form along the right side of her muzzle, along with her lower jaw, throat, chest, belly, and the tip of her tail. Additionally, this color appears on each foreleg at about wrist point. On Ombre's right leg, the Westar coloration starts along her thigh, almost a continuation of the same color from her belly. Aside from a bit of Kabul brown, Ombre's right leg is entirely Westar colored. Her left rear leg is as with her forelegs -- the light color begins about at ankle point.
  • Domino (#92815D) / Teak (#B1945D) is primarily a highlight color, but also appears in Ombre's brindled pattern. This color decorates the outsides of Ombre's ears, around each eye, streaking in a cheetah-like tearstreak pattern down from the inner corner of each eye to the corners of her mouth, and along each cheek and jawbone. This lighter coloration also appears on Ombre's left rear leg on the dorsal half, contrasting with the otherwise dark Zeus pattern found thereabouts.

2.  Personality

Ombre is quite the pacifist and a believer in the sanctity of life. She believes that no living animal should be harmed for it may have been a loved one in a past life. Because of this her diet consists of vegetation and carrion. She believes that there is good in everyone, just as everyone contains some amount of evil since one can't live without the other. It was the same as how there couldn't be light without the dark. To Ombre everyone is inherently good, some just slip off the virtuous path and lose their way. Ombre is the sort that would turn the other cheek rather than to strike out against any.

Ombre's summer coat (left) and winter coat (right)

Ombre has respect for everyone and everything. Just as she believes in the good in others she also feels the same about life. Should something go wrong then she believes that it happens for a reason. If something bad happens then it was most likely deserved, whether for a wrong committed in a past life or as a test of one's morals and values. She believes that any situation could have a positive impact, one just had to be in the mind frame to accept it.

She believes in respecting one's ancestors for they are there to guide one's path. There is also the compassion for others. With that compassion one is also to offer aide, whether it be a neighbor or a stranger. She believes in living a good and fulfilled life so that one day one might break the cycle of rebirth and reach an enlightened state instead.

3.  History

Ombre wasn't born as Ombre but as Saljigud Krotishaurima instead. She was born to a couple of mixed breeding that had settled into Tibetan clan just the year prior. As per tradition Ombre shouldn't have been kept as the couple already had a daughter. Because of the harsh terrain and conditions that the clan lived in only two children were allowed per family, one generally being male to carry one the family name. Any extra children were generally given to traders after they were weened so that the pups could be given to families that were having trouble bearing children of their own.

That was meant to be Ombre's fate but her mother had grown to attached to the little girl to give her up. Instead her gender was covered up. The son of a family friend was used to dilute and hide Ombre's scent. It was a daily occurrence, happening multiple times a day, that the pups were rubbed against one another so that their scent became mingled.

This was how Ombre grew up, pretending that she was male with the aide of her friend, Tsaatanguud Mekio. Together they grew up to become bone breakers. It was a job that Ombre greatly enjoyed, giving back to the vultures that fed them. Unfortunately Ombre's gender became discovered. Her deception, as well as that of Mekio's, was seen as treason and they ended up kicked out.

Where they lived was too harsh an area to survive alone and so they ended up following a trading band to a port where passage on a ship was bartered. They headed for the land that was halfway across the world, putting distance between themselves and those who might think that exile was too light a punishment for treason.