Great Village

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Just north-east of the lake and along a narrow, desolate road lays Great Village, announced by a weather-beaten sign. Perhaps once great, most of it has fallen to ruin -- the westernmost parts of the town have sunken thanks to lack of maintenance on the dykes surrounding the town. Some buildings are visible only up to their windows, their construction warped twisted to the will of the earth itself. There are few worthy of inspection for scavenged goods and fewer still worthy of occupation, but prey animals take up residence in the shattered remnants of buildings.

1.  Great Village Schoolhouse

The largest building, the six room elementary school, still stands intact on the edge of the town. A few large stones make a fire ring just outside the entrance to the schoolhouse.

The main entryway doors and the rear doors of the cafeteria are big and metal. Doors inside the schoolhouse are generally made of heavy wood, most with windows. Some windows are broken, while others still have glass. Most of the open windows in the used rooms and the main hallway have been boarded up or covered with large strips of leather. The unused rooms are not sealed in this manner.

Abandoned after the Inferni-Salsola War, the schoolhouse was picked through by the departing coyotes and scavengers alike, with only the cleanliness of the rooms and small repairs evidence that it was used by Luperci.

2.  Barn and Corral

In October 2011, a corral was constructed around a collapsed outbuilding. The building was replaced with a simple three-walled shack-style building containing horse stalls and a larger stall for the sheep. A third room, the only fully enclosed room within the building, was used for storage.

Some chickens and a handful of scraggly sheep run feral around the barn.

3.  Images

The schoolhouse The rearmost schoolhouse room, the cafeteria The workshop

4.  Rooms and Residents

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4.1  Schoolrooms

  • This is the frontmost room on the left side of the schoolhouse, with shelves and lots of space for storage.
  • This is a large space. It is bare except for a large free-standing closet and a large sink, which likely means the space previously held host to some sort of science classroom. This has been re-purposed this in spite of a lack of running water, and many young plants are sprouted here. The room contains a large collection of herbs and smells like it, despite having large windows along the side.
  • This room is airy and simple. It has some old shelves, and a square hole where a window used to be.
  • Formerly the administrative office. A working woodstove sits against the wall. There is a tall bookshelf, a long workshop bench, a shelving unit, and a desk. The rear "closet" was the principal's office; a cracked full-length mirror, borrowed from the schoolhouse's bedroom, hangs on the wall.
  • This was a classroom in the time of humanity. A "workbench," consisting of two long cafeteria tables of fake wood over sturdy metal, remains. One shelving unit also remains. The bathroom has since been refashioned into a rear closet. The sole, small window had its glass removed and has been replaced with a thin leather covering.
  • The room is open and airy. The room itself is bare, having no surfaces, shelves, etc.

4.2  Other

  • Storage space, whee!
  • The cafeteria houses most of the junk collected out of the other schoolrooms. It is therefore a mess of chairs, tables, chalkboards, school supplies, and so on and so forth.
  • Mostly cleared out, there is a wood-burning stove within. The pantry was re-purposed to serve as meat storage, with various hooks and the like for food to hang from.
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