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  • Location Kentucky
  • Birthday: 27 February 1998
  • Joined: 14 December 2013
  • Primary: Tamarack Oldroot
  • I'm just happy to be here! Chillin! I'm pretty shy so I don't do much in the way of OOC stuff, but feel free to reach out if you wanna chat. :)

PM — Tamarack Oldroot

  • My primary right now is Tamarack Oldroot, so please PM that account if you need anything!

Discord — Yzz#9896

  • I don't ever check this, so you'll have to ask if you wanna chat with me there.


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  • I use flexible thread dating but I do try to stay organized. Let me know if there's a date that works better for you!
  • I prefer to get through threads quickly - within a couple of weeks is perfect. Dunno how realistic this is, so just let me know if you're in a busy period or need to let a thread go on a bit longer, that's always fine with me, too.


  • Fine with LASKY
  • Fine with some mature content and gore, as long as it's all discussed first. I do prefer fewer details rather than more, in terms of mature content.
  • Discuss injuries and such with me beforehand. In general I'm fine with minor power play or assumptions! I'll let you know if something doesn't work, for some reason.

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  • YOU GET ALL MY LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Raze
  • My first acquaintance on Souls. Yzz is awesome! - Daniel