Machidael Sutekh Lykoi

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Machidael Sutekh Lykoi is a hybrid of various species, primarily jackal and coyote. He was born the son of Samael Lykoi and Djeserit Nephthys in Al-Iskandariyya, Egypt in 2009. He came over to North America in 2012, after running with Kermes (a nomadic raider clan of jackals) for some time. Machidael has roamed as a loner, sporadically active since 2012. His primary relationships are with Sepirah Lykoi and Mirutes Mwinyi, the latter of which Machidael considers the closest thing to his true mate. He hangs around Blackmoor Castle and chills with his homies and stuff.







  • Date of Birth: 4 September 2009
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Blackmoor Castle
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Rank: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pronunciation: mack-ee-dayl soo-tek
  • Nickname: Machi; Ammit ("heart-eater")
  • Meaning: "magic word"; "Set, god of desert/storms"; "wolf"
  • Origin: Unknown, Egyptian, Greek
  • Title: Prince of Discord



  • Do you want your character kidnapped? Traumatized? Poked at with a spear (or some other kind of spear hoho)? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present this dirtball jackal. All manner of character torture may be procured with this jackal -- just five easy payments of free! PM Sie today to reserve your spot -- limited time supply (lol jk)!

All roleplayers may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Machidael is a hybrid of various heritage, though jackal shows clearest. He is still easily mistaken for a coyote, especially if a canine has no prior exposure to the jackal species. Amongst jackals and those familiar with him, he is easily identifiable as a hybrid.
  • Fur: Due to his desert heritage, he has shorter fur than most. He is very susceptible to cold. He wears clothes in winter all the time, and usually stays near fire or indoors entirely. His fur is slightly longer and differently colored on his chin, giving him the appearance of a "goatee."
    • Optime Hair: Machidael keeps his hair dreadlocked and braided.
  • Facial Features: Machidael's face shows almost entirely jackal in feature. He has a small head, a tapering and very small muzzle, and large ears. Coyote still shows through, as his ears are smaller than the average jackal's, and his muzzle is longer and larger. As of early 2014, a Wikipedia:Jackal's_horn is growing on his forehead.
  • Build and Size: Machidael is thin in all forms. His skinny body is not thin with weakness; he is built of lean muscle. Machi has the streamlined, quick appearance vaguely reminiscent of a sighthound, as he is long and leggy. He lacks an especially deep chest, however, and bears little other physical resemblance besides his long legs.
  • Humanization: Yes, heavy; Machidael always wears jewelry and other Accessories, and frequently wears clothing


  • Fur:
    • Most of his fur is a dark chestnut red; Espresso is the precise shade.
    • His fur fades to lighter Spicy Mix along his underside -- primarily around his eyes, his cheeks and the lower half of his muzzle, his throat, and his belly.
    • A strip along his belly ranges as light as a creamy Contessa color
  • Markings:
    • Dark hints of Cod Grey touch his chin and jawline.
    • His ears are rimmed (but not backed) by the same color.
    • His limbs are feathered at elbow and thigh with Cod Gray.
    • The lower quarter of his tail and the lower halves of his rear legs are also colored with this.
    • Machi's shoulders and spine are also dusted with this color.
  • Eyes: Pomegranate
  • Optime Hair: Naturally the same color as his fur: Espresso (chestnut red). Machi dyes most of it it black, leaving the tips Fire Bush (See Dyeing for technique). The color can therefore be found in varying states of fading: although Machi is meticulous about his appearance and keeps up with it well, he is not perfect.


Espresso (#622C1D)
Spicy Mix (#8C5341)
Contessa (#C17159)
Cod Grey (#1B1818)
Pomegranate (#E9361E)
Fire Bush (#E78E25)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Tooth: His front left canine tooth is gold-plated.
  • Scars:
    • Left nipple is gone; raised pink scar tissue remains.
    • Right thigh has pair of thick, raised scars.
    • Left thigh has single scar.
  • Piercings:
    • Machidael's ears are pierced twice -- lower lobe of outer ear (hoops), and mid inner ear (studs).
    • His right nipple is pierced. Some bitch ripped the left one out. 8|
  • Dyes and Cosmetics:
    • He dyes his hair. See Dyeing.
    • He often dyes beneath each eye: sometimes smeared on, sometimes applied in a design.


Machidael is extremely humanized. He is always seen with some kind of jewelry -- more if he doesn't need to sneak or hunt. His tooth, piercings, dye, etc. all give evidence of his humanization. Machi is almost always dressed, though he has no qualms about walking around naked when it's hot.


  • Always: He is almost always seen with his bag of crap.
  • Summer (View Image): Cloth wrap around waist.
  • Winter: Machi actually has two sets of winter clothing -- one from his homeland, repaired several times over, and one made in Freetown. He prefers the one made in Freetown as it is thicker and warmer.
    • (View Image) A thobe (ankle-length, robe-like garment with long sleeves, made of thick cotton).
    • (View Image) A thick outer kaftan (knee-length, tunic-like garment with long sleeves, made of wool; toggle bone buttons on the front).
    • A keffiyeh (a square scarf headdress, usually wrapped around his face).

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Always wears gold earrings.
  • Always wears a golden ankh on a thin, black leather string.
  • Sometimes decorates wrists or ankles with adjustable golden rings.


35 lbs (16 kg)
24 in (61 cm)


Machi's smallness is most apparent in this form -- he does not overtop forty pounds and is made of slim, sharp lines. Machi is never seen in his Lupus form.

127 lbs (58 kg)
28 in (71 cm)


Machi's Secui form is his largest and most muscular four-legged form. Machi is always seen in Secui form when four-legged, and pretends it's his Lupus form.

140 lbs (64 kg)
5ft 6in (66 in) (167 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Machidael is almost always Optime. He rarely becomes four-legged, because he's tiny and because his hair makes him look funny in four-legged form, and he has to redo it when in two-legged form.


  • Speech: Speaks Egyptian Arabic and broken, heavily accented English. His comprehension of English is really good: he understands almost everything said to him, excepting when canines use lots of big words and confusing sentence structures. He doesn't speak English very well at all, though.
  • Scent: As some of his dyes are plant-based, he often smells strongly of flowers after a fresh dyeing. He also smells faintly of tobacco and smoke.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Very "bouncy" and quick, always moving and shifting his position. Sitting or standing still is not among Machidael's talents.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands up extremely straight, shoulders back, head tall, etc. Obvious dominance radiates from him, though Machidael makes no effort at acting dominant toward others.


2.  Personality

He thinks of himself as a god in flesh; all the accompanying arrogance, short-sightedness, and entitlement that go along with such beliefs is evident within Machidael. The world is his playground and its people his playthings to do as he likes. When allowed to grow close with another, he is suspicious, paranoid, jealous -- yet capable of affection, playfulness, and kindness, too. He isn't the super-reliable responsible type on which one would pin all hopes, but he is at least capable of bringing home a meal each night.

2.1  Demeanor

  • He likes pain -- inflicting it, anyway. Discomfort, disgust, etc. are also emotions he enjoys inspiring in others. Shedding blood and sowing discord are some of his favorite things.
    • Avoids death, killing, etc., unless "provoked" (it's Machi, it don't take much~).
    • Typically picks on those weaker than himself.
    • He reeeally likes being given things rather than taking them (forcing someone to give up their things rather than just robbing them). This especially applies to non-material things (e.g., getting someone to speak a phrase or give in to an emotional demand).
  • Derides authority seen as illegitimate: figureheads, pharoahs, alphas, caliphs, sheiks, and all other leaders are such to Machi. He has no desire to lead anything himself, but believes he ought to inspire loyalty, fear, and respect on simple basis of who he is (that is, Sutekh).
    • Contemptuous of those loyal to the "system," but understanding of those too weak to survive on their own (he was one such in the desert, after all)
    • Somewhat anarchistic; would destroy a civilization given the opportunity, but will not actively seek their destruction.
  • He has little loyalty -- the fracture of Kermes, the betrayal of Khayri, the treatment of his mother's cult, the ship captain's betrayal, Sebante, and Verenna Wyrre all contributed to this. While he loves Mirutes and Sepirah, he left them behind, and figures they will do the same to him someday, too.
  • Extremely strong and wide emotional spectrum: Machidael feels rage and joy both very keenly, and is sensitive to most everything regarding his feels. He'll dance with glee and ragesmash shit in the same half-hour span.

2.2  Ideals


Entitled, observant, unpredictable, disloyal, masochistic, wild, "playful," arrogant, thrill-seeking, paranoid, jealous

  • Outlook: Optimistic.
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Himself, above all else. Pleasure, gain, whatever he can take for himself.
  • He also wants babies. Part of this is proving the mythology wrong; another part is continuing his line and producing perfect babies.
  • Deep down somewhere, acceptance and love and all that happy stuff. Unfortunately, he's not really at all the type to receive such. It's no wonder to everyone (except Machidael) why nobody likes him.


  • Mkhai Lykoi -- see Family for more.
  • The downfall of Sutekh as written in mythology: Set was a revered god early on, but was slowly demonized and vilified. Bad things happened to him. Machidael is intensely afraid of this. Part of his separatism and refusal to engage with groups of others is his fear of this happening: he doesn't want to grow attached or comfortable within a group (not that he'd even know how to do that, that is) and wind up on his ass.


  • Likes: Shiny and sharp weapons, dyes and dyeing techniques, plants that can be used for dye, jewelry, being worshipped, men, women, sex, Egyptian mythology, raiding and robbing
  • Dislikes: Pretty much anyone unwilling to sex him at some point, non-Egyptian mythology, pretty much anything not listed above?


  • Species: Extremely strong pro-jackal, medium-strong pro-coyote. Except when it comes to sticking his junk in something -- this bias is quickly forgotten in such cases.
  • Non-Luperci: Has no idea these even exist. Would probably "lolwtf" at them and shrug it off.
  • Gender: Definitely a misogynist. Ladies can't fend for themselves and need men, strong gender roles, etc.
  • Sexuality: He doesn't really understand lesbians or heterosexual males. He sees excessive or exclusive interest in women as very strange, as men are obviously the better sex.
  • Age: Probably thinks of the old as weak and useless, and puppies as annoying (unless they're his own).
  • Color: Albinos are jerks.


  • Pan/bisexual: Strong preference toward males, but will take whatever.
  • Definitely not above screwing across species (wolves, dogs, etc.), but could be a rather messy affair (violent, non-consenting).
  • Machi once suspected Sutekh's barrenness was his curse: though he had many female partners, Machidael never (to his knowledge) fathered children until 2013. Sepirah disproved this fear for him.


  • Smokes tobacco daily -- kept in pouch on his person most of the time.
  • Drinks whenever he can obtain alcohol.
  • Likes marijuana a lot -- generally calls it dagga, which he believes is English slang for it. Learned this word from Amaury de Jong.
  • Knows how to make opium, whee~


As each of the children of Djeserit and Samael, Machidael believes he is the personification of a deity. His rusty-colored fur (Set is associated with red) was the crowning piece of evidence for Djeserit, who deemed him belonging to Sutekh. Sutekh is associated with the desert and is "the antithesis of the fertile Osiris." He is a god of storms and chaos, darkness and foreigners.

Machi doesn't do anything about this: there's no ritual, etc. Nonetheless, his belief system filters into his interactions with others, and defines his perspective about the world more than anything else about him.


  • Machidael has never questioned his connection with Sutekh.
  • He thinks Mkhai, his brother, is the personification of Horus rather than Apep.
  • He has suggested his sister Sepirah is more akin to Nephthys, Sutekh's sister-wife, rather than Mafdet.
  • He believes Enkiel is Sobek rather than Horus (Mkhai and Enki can't both be Horus).
  • He named his daughter Machia as Serket, deification of the scorpion.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Lykoi, Kimaris

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Sepirah was taken in 2012, primarily for purposes of pleasure. Though Machidael feared her, he "conquered" her (in his mind, anyway) and kept her as a pet until he tired of her. They met again later, and this time Machi made her his queen-wife and tried to make babies with her. They were taken from Sepirah, and Machi went mad and left both Sepirah and Mirutes behind.
  • Mirutes was a friend/lover in Kermes and in 'Souls during parts of 2012 and 2013. Machidael considers Mirutes the closest thing to his true mate. However, while he does love Mirutes, Machidael refuses to give exclusivity to Mirutes, as he wants babies and knows his unions with Mirutes cannot produce them. He tries very hard to reconcile his relationship with Sepirah and Mirutes.

Positive Relations


Neutral / Negative

  • Cassandra Asylum*: Fought Machidael and beat him up and took his horse and is a giant jerk okay.
  • Verenna Wyrre and Machi met down south and started diddling one another. Verenna talked a lot about wanting a mate and puppies, but was apparently screwing around on Machi all the while. When she later became pregnant, whoops -- turns out they ain't his babies. They met again in 2013 and this led to Machia and Verenna's death.
  • Anat, his majlis (wife) in Kermes. She betrayed him so he killed her. In Kermes, he also had fellah (servant) named Ashaket (f) and Dajiel (m).
  • Machidael fears his brother Mkhai to the point of obsession. Machi believes his brother will bring about his downfall as Horus and eventually conquer him.
  • He considers Enkiel inferior, as Sobek (Sobet is Sutekh's son in some mythologies).
  • Machidael disregards his mother as the tool of order and al-Iskandariyya's cult and political system. He is curious about his father, but it's only a passing interest rather than a pursuit.
  • He distrusts the Lykoi family as a whole and views them and Inferni as another political system. He isn't averse to meeting individuals of the family, however, and hopes to stumble across half-siblings somewhere along the line.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Machidael began learning dyeing techniques in Kermes. Dyes were known and sought after in the area (the band's name meant "red" after all) and Machi was no exception.
  • Dyeing (Master): Knows various methods of dye: capable fabric and fur dying, as well as semi-complex Optime-hair dying (e.g., tips and streaks; different colors).
    • He accomplishes the colors of his hair by binding the tips of his hair with cloth, soaking it in the black dye, and then soaking the uncovered tips with gold dye. He is quite adept at this, though the number of his braids make the process time-consuming.
  • Dye Making (Master): He knows various means of making differently colored dyes: he always has a large supply of black dye, created using iron, tannins, and water. He also has a small supply of yellow dyes, red, and purple; these latter dyes are created by pressing flowers for their color.
  • Machidael's dyes are limited and non-permanent, of course. They are naturally made and subject to more fading, less accuracy of color, etc. than man-made, chemical-based dyes.
  • It is more difficult for Machidael to create most of his dyes -- except for black -- in winter. He needs flowers, and finding flowers in winter is tough. O:

Weaponry and Combat

  • Education and Learning: Machidael began learning to fight when he was very young, first in his homeland and then later on the field in Kermes. He needed to be strong and good to survive as a raider, and although some of the Kermes jackals mocked him, he was a good raider. In a world populated by larger canines in North America, Machidael finds it necessary to keep his skills sharp.
  • Weaponry: Spear (Master): Machidael's best weapon is his long assegai-styled spear. He throws it excellently, though he can use it as a mid-ranged poking weapon, too.
  • Weaponry: Short Swords (Master): Machidael's second best weapon are his paired short swords. He uses these for close range cutting and killing, and is very efficient with them.
  • Weaponry: Sword (Journeyman): Machidael has far less experience with a one-handed sword, but he obtained one as a gift from Mirutes in ~2012. He has since kept it on his person and practiced with it -- though in combat he almost always prefers his spear or short swords.
  • He relies on weaponry and his speed -- he's not much of a brawler. He can use his teeth and claws, but he is far less experienced than with weapons, and a canine better at using natural weapons will almost always defeat him.
  • His size disadvantage in Lupus form especially makes him vulnerable. He is also very small in Optime form, and especially for a male; many canines are much larger than Machidael is.


  • Education and Learning: Machidael began learning about horses in Kermes, where both the horse and camel were valuable pack and riding animals.
  • Horses (Riding) (Master): Machidael is a magnificent rider. He is extremely comfortable in the saddle, and gets to know his horses and their preferences in only a brief time.
  • Horses (Trade) (Journeyman): He knows about horses and their worth. He knows a good horse from a bad horse, and can appraise a horse's value very quickly and accurately.
  • Horses (Maintenance and Care) (Apprentice): Machidael knows a little bit about maintaining and caring for a horse, but it is a weak, underdeveloped skill. He only knows the absolute basics (how to feed, brush, care for hooves, etc.).
  • Machi has little luck owning and keeping horses: his horses die, are stolen from him, or he abandons them somewhere. He really, really sucks at keeping horses.
  • He often pushes horses beyond their limits, expecting more from them than they can give him (consciously or unconsciously). His horses are often battered and well-worn after only a brief time with Machidael.
  • His fellah (slaves) performed most horse care in Kermes for him. He is undereducated in their care and basic maintenance. It is likely his own inexperience resulted in Zahi's death -- Machidael did not know how to care for the horse well enough to keep him alive on the arduous journey.

4.2  Inventory


Blackmoor Castle


  • Although he spends lots of time in certain places -- e.g., Blackmoor Castle -- he kind of wanders around and can be found at any of them at any time. He "camps out" during winter and wanders more during summer.


Nah man he wants to rob yo shit.


Opium poppy Marijuana leaf Mortar and pestle


  • Large bag that he uses to tote his crap around to different places. He is almost always seen with this bag, although the bag's contents can vary depending on whether he has a "home base" (i.e., a place where he's squirrled most of his stuff away).
  • Opium, marijuana, tobacco and rolling papers, kept in their own pouches.
  • Machi has various dyes, as well as pouched raw materials for the dyes (chunks of bark, pressed/ground flowers, chunks of soft or rusted iron he can flake, etc.). He also has some implements for dye-making: empty jars/bottles, a mortar and pestle for grinding, etc.

Weaponry, Tools, Etc.

  • Long throwing spear in the assegai style. The spear simple but finely constructed, generally kept stuck through a loop on his pack, dangling sideways, as it is taller than Machidael himself.
  • Machi always also carries his pair of short swords, usually tucked into his bag on the sides in specially made sheath/pouches. He can grab them by reaching around on either side of him.
  • Machi sometimes carries the sword given to him by Mirutes: it is ornate and heavy, however, and he often prefers to keep it with his horse. It dangles from his saddle in its sheath.
  • Machidael always has a good supply of rope in his pack. You know, for the rape van.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Vesper. [1]
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Characters.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Halo Lykoi.[2]
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Characters.[3]
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters.[4]
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci on DD Month YYYY.[5]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
1, 2, 3
Playable Territory
Playable Subterritory
Light Green: Every Territory Forest Green: Every Subterritory
  • Excluded (Claimed): Whisper Beach, Commune of the Salmon, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Musquodoboit Valley, Millstone Village, Phosphagos Foothills, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Howling Caverns, Serene Sands, The Witch's Cauldron

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
IF: 19 Aug 2011–19 Nov 2011
6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
IF: 19 Aug 2011–19 Feb 2012
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
IF: 19 Aug 2011–19 Aug 2012
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
IF: 19 Aug 2011–19 Aug 2013
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
IF: 19 Aug 2011–19 Aug 2014
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Pack Participation

Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
Inferni: 20 June 2012–20 September 2012
Pack hunt
Cream: Pack Hunt
Participated in a pack hunt. [6]
New member threads
Goldenrod: New Members
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Pack member threads
Chocolate: 5 Packmembers
01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Earn a Co-Rank
Purple: Co-Rank
Earned Scholar co-rank in Inferni.
Pack Thread
Magenta: Organized Pack Thread
Organized thread. [7]
Leader Special
Cadmium: Leader Special
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
Adopted from Kiri.
Yearbook Superlative
Emerald: Yearbook Superlative
2012: Cutest Couple with Vesper
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

5.2  History


Previous Packs and Ranks

Kermes (May 2010 - Jan 2012)
Majlis, Ksar

Machidael was born in al-Iskandariyya, Egypt. His mother and siblings departed to North America when he was 6 months old; he remained behind and joined a raider clan of jackals called Kermes, where he aided in the formation of a split between two separate parts of the clan. Eventually ejected by a new leader, Machidael wandered back to his birthplace, and eventually his father's homeland in North America, where he hoped to find his siblings or mother.

Upon landing in North America, he found only trouble. The canines who took him over were jerks. He went north to 'Souls and found more trouble. Eventually, however, he managed to find his sister Sepirah Lykoi -- and a former friend from Kermes, Mirutes Mwinyi. They remained together some time, until Machidael and Sepirah's children were stolen. Machidael departed again, winding up with a past fling Verenna Wyrre and getting one child, a daughter Machia Lykoi, from her. He returned to 'Souls in late 2013, again seeking out Sepirah and Mirutes.



  • September (birth): Machidael and his siblings are born in al-Iskandariyya, Egypt. Shortly after their birth, their unproven parentage necessitated Djeserit find Samael and have him claim the children. She begins the journey to Canada.


  • March (6 months): Machidael takes his leave of this family in Lisbon, having little interest in finding his father or returning home to al-Iksandariyya.
  • April (7 months): Instead, Machidael travels the coast, crossing back into Africa at the Strait of Gibraltar. He possesses various trinkets and items of relatively high value; trade for passage is affordable.
  • May (10 months): Machi falls in with a group of jackal raiders in the east. Though he chafs against some traditions, rather than face death in the desert, Machi acquiesced. He maintains his dreams of a larger band, bigger targets, and more plunder.
  • May (15 months): He earns the nickname Ammit (heart-eater) amongst the elder members of tribe, though he never realizes the name is in jest and feminizes him. He makes friends amongst some of the young raiders, however -- Khayri Gamal, Malik Lamis, and Rajya Navid.


  • January (1 year, 4 months): He is given a Majlis (mate): Anat Sa'di. Though not a raider, she is Kermes born, and claimed small relation with Astarte. Machi's friends are given mates of similarly low stations. Though Machi and his friends grumble, they do not protest loudly.
  • September (2 years): Though physically unimpressive, Machi had learned how to wield a spear and daggers quite well. He earns his scars and even loses a tooth in a raid in Algiers. Machidael carves a rather vicious reputation as being particularly malevolent -- he devoured the hearts of those he killed, and sought to kill instead of plunder.
  • November: Dissatisfied with his mate, Machidael begins capturing and keeping chattel for a few nights before killing them. His friends soon join in on the women, but look the other way when Machi takes men. Soon, other young raiders -- and even a few of the old -- adopted this behavior, though a faction of more traditional canines maintained their disgust.
  • December: Astarte tries valiantly to keep the clan together. Nothing she does brings the raiders back together, and so Astarte approaches Anat. The raiders know Machidael's second name and propensity to equate himself with Sutekh. It is this Astarte capitalizes on: Anat had yet to conceive a litter by her mate. Anat obeys her leader's wishes and betrays Machi to her -- Anat has no great love for her arranged mate, and thinks her life might improve if their marriage breaks.


  • Early January: Astarte and Machidael fight; Astarte publicly accuses and derides Machi for his infertility. After a few days, Machidael decides to leave the clan following their next raid. He approaches two with his plans. The first is his closest friend: Khayri, who agrees to leave. The second is Anat, whom he'd ignored since Astarte's accusation of his infertility. Machi draws Anat away from camp and asks her. When she refuses him (as he'd guessed); Machidael kills her. As this is the night before a raid, no one notes her absence or the strong smell of incense lingering about a freshly-bathed Machi.
  • Mid-January: The raid goes disastrously wrong: Astarte and many raiders are slaughtered. Amongst the regrouped, Khayri claims the seat of leader unchallenged. Machi decides to hang around and looks to Khayri for a higher station, mate, and all else. To his surprise (to say the least), the new leader orders him dead. Machidael flees, abandoning most of his gathered loot and possessions. He escapes with three horses -- two laden and his mount, Zahi.
  • February: He goes instead toward al-Iksandariyya -- his birth city is next closest to the city they'd just raided. When he arrives some weeks later, a wound taken during his escape is infected and he is dehydrated; one horse is dead. Machi, however, finds no solace within his mother's moon cult: seeking them brings nothing, as his mother hadn't returned with proof of his father. Machi sets about recovering, trading what he has left for treatment and a place to stay.
  • March: He learns a gambling game and plays nightly, as there is little else to occupy time. Eventually, the jackal bid his horse against a laden wagon. He wins and keeps the wagon until a particularly hard-up Mediterranean ship captain bet passage across the seas. Again a winner, the captain, ship, and Machidael sail within the week. Unfortunately -- the captain attempts to throw Machi overboard a few days into the journey. This displeases Machi and costs the captain his life. The first mate proves more open to the idea: Sebante, a coyote originally from Freetown, feels a strong desire to return home. Together, they root out the sailors still resistant to a sea journey.
  • April: Machi's mount, Zahi, does not fare well: midway through the journey, he dies (likely as a result of Machidael's poor care, and the ship's lack of equipment). Machidael mourns his only true friend, and Sebante, seeing the "captain" in distress, forms a more personal relationship with Machi. They sleep with each other throughout the remainder of the voyage and seemed enamored with one another. Sebante preaches to Machidael about coyotes, and how jackals are just coyotes except across the ocean, and Machidael listens in earnest.
  • May: Upon arriving in Freetown, Machi and Sebante have their first argument: Sebante wishes to make the crew come ashore, while Machidael didn't care about crew or ship. Eventually, Machi attacks Sebante; the crew backs their first mate -- Machi is thrown off the boat and abandoned to Freetown. Machi lingers around the south of the town, checking on the harbors until he sees the ship depart. Slinking through Freetown in the night, Machi eventually determined to his satisfaction none of his former crew remained -- save Sebante.
  • June: Though Machi sees Sebante from time to time in Freetown, Sebante pretends as if he does not know Machidael and instead takes up residence with a family. By paying attention to gossip, Machi determines Sebante's family was a mother and father and planned vengeance. Before he could, however, Sebante met Machi in secret, pleading with the jackal not to inform his parents about their relationship. He returns Machi's belongings, apologizing repeatedly and asking Machi to disappear or keep quiet. Machi extorts a horse out of Sebante and leaves Freetown.
  • August: Machidael meets and fights Cassandra Asylum, losing his nipple, horse and some items in the process. He meets Verenna Wyrre, however, who tends to him and soon begins a sexual relationship with him, claiming to want a mate and babies. Shortly thereafter, she turns up pregnant.
  • October: Verenna has her babies. Except whoa, they look nothing like Machidael and are extremely wolfish. Accusing the coy-wolf of being a lying whore (and other very not nice things) he kills the puppies and feeds them to Verenna, attacking her afterward and leaving her for dead.
  • December: Still very upset about Verenna and his would-be children, Machi lures his sister Sepirah Lykoi away from Inferni and keeps her within Saint John for some time, motivated by a need to "conquer" her and prove himself her better. He releases her a few weeks later, bored of her.


  • January: Machidael moves around, hooking back up with Mirutes Mwinyi for a while. The other jackal moves into Blackmoor Castle with Machi.
  • February: Sepirah returns to him, pregnant with children. Machi flips his shit and starts doting on her. Yay babies!
  • April: Sepirah, returning from Inferni with the babies, loses them. Things go a bit fuzzy for Machidael here; he leaves Sepirah, the southern parts of 'Souls, and everything else (horse included) behind.
  • May: Some weeks later, he regains sense of himself and discovers he has gone as far south as Freetown again -- perhaps simply running mad, or in some instinct to return to his desert home.
  • June: Verenna Wyrre crosses paths with him again -- alone on the road from Freetown and still bearing the scars of injuries Machidael gave her, she stands little chance against the armed jackal. Machi kidnaps her and brings her to a secluded cave in the woods, far inland and a safe distance from Freetown. He holds her captive in the caves for the next two months. Machidael, working alone, is not able to feed the woman adequately despite his best efforts. A weakened and sickly Verenna bears only two children -- though this time they are undoubtedly his.
  • August: When the puppies are a week old, Verenna breaks free and kills one of the puppies -- Machidael interrupts her and saves the other, Machia. He kills Verenna (OR DOES HE? HAHA POOR VERENNA no lol jk she ded now) in a fit of rage. Realizing he must seek a nurse for the child, he returns to Freetown and contrives to have a woman, Cora Pearl, who had recently given birth and lost most of her own litter, to nurse the child. He promises her protection and a lavish lifestyle.
  • September: In early September, Cora's daughter Emma and Machia catch fever. Emma dies of the illness, but Machia survives. Cora is heartbroken, but seems to put her heart and soul into raising the remaining child. Machidael, who had planned to remove his daughter from Freetown and the woman's presence as early as possible, is forced to remain and allow his daughter to grow strong.
  • October-November: Machia, although not especially strong and small for her age, is permitted to roam Freetown as she pleases. Machi is increasingly bored and violent in his romps with Cora and other women (and men) about Freetown. He sees his old friend, Sebante, several times in secret; Machi is especially violent toward the other man. He plans to kill Sebante before departing Freetown. He spends long hours away from Machia and Cora and seems to take little interest in his daughter's upbringing, though he begins to hear rumors about Cora and why she'd lost her litter.
  • Early December: In early December, Machidael leaves Cora with Machia to hunt down an outlaw to the south of Freetown, thinking he'd enjoy the sport. When he returns, Cora has overdosed on drugs and is in an unresponsive stupor. Machia is howling and wailing in a corner, apparently beaten. Machia, not quite five months old, rounds on her father and demands he never leave her in Cora's company alone again. Machidael offers to kill Cora as repayment, and Machia agrees. They stroll out of Freetown then and there with an intoxicated Cora, and Machidael butchers the woman in the low tide on the beach as Machia watches.
  • Mid December: Machidael is curious about his sister and Mirutes; he travels northward with his daughter, taking a traveler prey for want of the man's horse on their way. Machidael and Machia arrive in the Northern Tides area, having deposited small pieces of Cora -- an ear, a finger -- all along their trail northward.




  1. [M] We Are Our Own Wicked Gods (15 Jul)
    Saint John.
  2. [M] Make Way for the Next Man (16 Jul)
    Saint John, with Amaury de Jong.
  3. [M] I Am Fueled by Filth Fury (18 Jul)
    Colchester Quarter, with Wraith Creed.
  4. [M] Time for Cake and Sodomy (01 Aug)
    The Trenches, with Cassandra Asylum.
  5. [M] My Mouth was a Crib (And It Was Growing Lies) (04 Aug)
    Yarmouth and Barrington, with Verenna Wyrre.
  6. [M] The End All Starts Here (05 Aug)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Ayita Catori.
  7. [M] I Don't Ever Want God to Hear Our Screams (& Mistake Them For Prayers) (10 Aug)
    Yarmouth and Barrington, with Verenna Wyrre.
  8. [M] Death is an Angel and Death is Our God (28 Aug)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Halaki Qi'Vaex.
  9. [M] As Hollow as the "o" in God (02 Sep)
    Halifax, with Sepirah Lykoi.
  10. [M] Glory Personified (10 Sep)
    Halifax, with Zadkiel D'Angelo.
  11. [M] This Is Why You Should Run (22 Sep)
    Halifax, with Verenna Wyrre.
  12. [M] So You Say, "We Will See" (28 Sep)
    Halifax, with Verenna Wyrre, Levent Kartal.


  1. [M] Her Spine is Just a String (1 Jan)
    Saint John, with Sepirah Lykoi.
  2. [M] I Went to God Just to See (And I Was Looking at Me) (11 Jan)
    The Outpost, with Siv Helsi.
  3. [M] Straight South with the Keys to the Pearly Gates (25 Jan)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Lowry Lykoi.
  4. [M] I Eat Innocent Meat (29 Jan)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Dartmouth Moineau.
  5. [M] And She Raped Me with Her Breath Again (6 Feb)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Mirutes Mwinyi.
  6. [M] The Pyramid is Power if You Are On the Top (11 Feb)
    Halifax, with Tony Marino.
  7. [M] Animal or Angel (13 Feb)
    Quartz Shoreline, with Rigby.
  8. [M] A Chance Meeting (15 Feb)
    Sticks and Stones, with Moloch.
  9. [M] Gonna Get My Metal (18 Feb)
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Jiva Takekuro. Machidael cuts off some of Jiva's tail; Cody Rhiannon shows up and the pair scrap, but Machi is run off.
  10. [M] Forever Fascinating (18 Feb)
    The Dampwoods, with Jacinto Lykoi.
  11. [M] If God is Our Father (Then Satan Must Be Our Cousin) (21 Feb)
    Fellmoor Swamp, with Sabine Perrin du Lac.
  12. [M] There Is No Cure for What Is Killing Me (22 Feb)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Sepirah Lykoi.
  13. [M] Everybody Needs a Little Something (But Lord, I Need It All) (25 Feb)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with unknown NPC.
  1. [M] Do Unto Others What Has Been Done to You (2 Mar)
    Shattered Coast, with Fayne.
  2. [M] Breathe of a New Age (8 Mar)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Sepirah Lykoi, unknown NPC.
  3. [M] tear the son out of your bitch (24 Mar)
    Enkiel Lykoi.
  4. [M] one shot and the world gets smaller (12 Apr)
    Azucena Lykoi.
  5. [M] I'm sorry I'm not everything you thought I was (20 Apr)
    Sepirah Lykoi.
  6. [M] A shadow falls across my path (24 Dec)
    Zakiel Sarkis.
  7. [M] the angel of the lord led me (into the belly of the holy mother) (27 Dec)
    Tayn Silvaire.


  1. [M] she's gleaming like mother of pearl (01 Jan)
    Machia Lykoi.
  2. [M] they let the devil in, he brought his pirate friends (10 Jan)
    Rio Marino.
  3. [M] lay your malady at the mouth of the death machine (12 Jan)
    Carya Aston.
  4. [M] so sad we had to fake it (13 Jan)
    Bellatrix D'Angelo.
  5. [M] at the end of the night (15 Jan)
    Sólieri Stormbringer.
  6. [M] Fair Lady, throw those costly robes aside (25 Jan)
    Mirutes Mwinyi.
  7. [M] i miss the way your body burns (21 Feb)
    Sepirah Lykoi.
  8. [M] Strangers (23 Feb)
    Pride Tormenta.
  9. [M] better toe the line 'cause my daddy is a mighty good shot (25 Apr)
    Carya Aston.
  10. [M] your guns are pointed the wrong way (18 Mar)
    Mirutes Mwinyi.
  11. [M] the dog wants her bones saved
    Olivia Tarasova.
  12. [M] salvation sat and crossed herself, called the devil partner
    Mirutes Mwinyi, Seneca Rose Lykoi.
  13. [M] From whence you come, and whither I must go.
    Mirutes Mwinyi.
  14. [M] you run to the forest, you can bet i'll burn the trees
  15. [M] show you what all that howling's for
    Sol D'Aabt.
  16. [M] i'll be your devil if you'll admit you're mine
    Sepirah Lykoi.
  17. [M] for god and his wisdom burned it down one beautiful day
    Constantine von Troy.

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