Moloch is the son of Asha and Raike, born in Southwestern Canada. He is a current member of Inferni.


by Jazzy



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Date of Birth

October 10th 2007




Birth place

Southwestern Canada


Coyote-wolf-dog hybrid

50% Canis latrans (Coyote)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)
25% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


50% Mountain Coyote
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
18.75% Akita
6.25% Unspecified Dog




Mate None
Pack Inferni
Rank Tiro Bellum


Mates None
Packs Monastery Wolves (10 2007 - 7 2009)

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1.  Appearance

Moloch is strongly built, with numerous small scars that show his fighting history. He has a long scar along his left foreleg and his top left canine tooth is chipped. He carries himself with confidence, head up and eyes taking in everything. His eyes are mismatched colors, the left one an ice blue and the right one burning orange. In Optime form, his mane is usually untended and wild looking. He wears a brown cloak, a leather satchel with a cord of ears that he's taken from Luperci he's killed, and usually wears his broadsword in a worn leather sheath at his waist, but sometime wears it across his back when he is doing something that requires easier movement.

1.1  Build and Species

As a mix of coyote, wolf, and dog, Moloch resembles a coyote most in his face. He has large pointy ears, a pointy snout, and an overall less bulky build than a wolf - although he is muscular, it doesn't give him a bulky appearance. His thick undercoat comes from his wolf side, but the coloring of his overcoat is all dog - mostly black but with splotches of dark brown and orange-yellow, a sort of brindle.

1.2  Coloration

Go go name that color!

  • Optime Hair: Black (#000000), highlighted with Bistre (#3D2B1F)
  • Eyes: Sunshade (#FF9E2C) and French Pass (#BDEDFD).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Black (#000000).
    • Blotches of Bistre (#3D2B1F) and Lightening Yellow (#FAB919)
    • Bistre (#3D2B1F) and Lightening Yellow (#FAB919) scattered and ticked throughout coat

1.3  Forms




56 lbs (25 kg)
28 in (71 cm)

187 lbs (84 kg)
42 in (106 cm)

192 lbs (87 kg)
6ft 2in (74 in) (188 cm)

Well muscled, but not bulky. His coyote heritage is evident in his build, and especially his face. His tail naturally curls slightly up, due to his Akita genes. When he moves, muscles can be seen flexing and rippling, even under his thick fur, which is just slightly shorter than a wolf's fur.

His Secui form is the one that has the most muscle mass, especially around his neck and shoulders. He grows quite a bit larger in this form, and prefers it for melee fighting.

In this form, Moloch's mane grows out more, but he tends to leave it untended and tangled. His gait is smooth and fluid, and he is usually wearing a brown cloak, especially in the colder months. He tends to favor this form because of his skill with his broadsword, but uses all of his forms often.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • On his left foreleg he has a long scar that goes diagonally across the front from just below his shoulder to just above his elbow. He got this when he got driven out of his old pack.
    • Numerous small scars all over his body and hands from fighting and practice with his sword.
    • Left top canine is chipped from one of his first fights.


If they have a particular style or aim for their accessories -- e.g., a short Luperci wearing things to draw attention away from their height -- write about it here plz.

  • A cord along which are strung an ear from each Luperci he has killed in battle, which is tied to his
  • leather satchel, which he wears almost all of the time. It usually rests at his right hip, so as not to interfere with his
  • broadsword, which is almost always at his left hip.


  • A dark brown wool cloak that Moloch wears during the colder months.

2.  Personality

Moloch's greatest sin is pride. He's gotten into a great many fights simply because he refused to submit to someone who thought he should. He will almost never turn down a fight or a challenge, and finds it hard to bow to any one unless he truly respects them, although he will if he has to.

He has never loved anyone. He on some level cared about his mother and a few of the monks, but was too young and volatile to spend much time really considering anyone but himself. There had been a few bitches, sure, but they didn't mean anything to him beyond a night of enjoyment. Love is something he's never considered, never really looked for.

Moloch is smart, in a calculating, cold way. He's good at reading others and will often fake a camaraderie doesn't feel if it will benefit him in some way. He will do whatever it takes to survive. He also does possess some degree of loyalty, especially when he has promised to protect someone. It is a matter of pride to him - if he has sworn to escort or protect someone, he will not allow himself to fail. His greatest joy is swordplay, though fighting with his claws and teeth is a near second. He prides himself greatly on his skill in battle, and with good cause. He has been learning how to fight for nearly all of his life, and has devoted himself to the art more than he has devoted himself to anything else.

Moloch can be cruel. He is not a sociopath - not quite. When he watches someone suffer, it touches something in him. Some deep, buried, morbid curiosity. So when the bloodlust comes over him, sometimes he lets it take over. Because, after all, what does it really matter if he rips someone apart? He finds it satisfying, and if no one can stop him, why should he stop himself? This being said, Moloch does have his own code of honor. He takes no joy in killing the helpless or weak. That is what bullies do, and he isn't a bully. For him the joy of fighting is in fighting a worthy opponent. If he walks away from a fight with no injuries, he considers it a disappointment. He hates it when a Luperci victimizes weaker beings, and will often defend someone helpless, even if it's just for the chance to rip apart a bully.

2.1  Demeanor

Moloch likes fighting, and will almost never turn down a challenge. He is smart enough to realize when he is outnumbered, and tends to avoid those situations. He will protect weak Luperci, but he feels disgusted with them and will often show that disgust to their faces. He tends to be a bit blunt, and doesn't care if what he says hurts another's feelings. He is very proud of his skills, to a fault. He finds it hard to respect anyone who cannot best him in battle.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: swords, fighting, competition, travel, horses, sex, human artifacts.
  • Dislikes: weakness, cats, drunkards, boats, reading.


Confident, a little cruel, looks down on others, aggressive.


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness.


  • Power, control, progeny, fame.


  • Packs: None.
  • Species: Pro-coyote, slightly anti-wolf.
  • Non-Luperci: Looks down on non-Luperci, mostly he ignores them.
  • Gender: Women are mostly for sex, but there are a few out there that he can respect.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: Slightly uneasy with homosexuality.
  • Age: None.


Heterosexual. Moloch enjoys sex, but tries to stay away from lasting relationships. He's uneasy with emotional closeness, having never really experienced it. He tends to be demanding and cocky, and will sometimes become angered if a female denies or rejects him.


Moloch is not particularly inclined to try any illicit substances. He looks down on Luperci who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Moloch is not particularly spiritual or religious, but he was raised with wolves who emulated Catholic monks. He doesn't really believe all of that "mumbo-jumbo," and is mostly unfamiliar with other religions.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: He speaks English, and knows a phrase or two of Latin. Moloch's voice is a bit rough, and he tends to avoid long, eloquent speeches. Often a growl will get enough information across.
  • Scent: He smells like forests and faintly of woodsmoke, leather, and cedar.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Families, Families, and Families

4.3  Minor Relations

  • N/A

4.4  Former Relations

  • N/A

4.5  Residence

  • N/A

4.6  NPCs


  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:

Note: you can find a template for all your NPCs here. For brevity's sake, this larger template only includes basic information regarding NPCs.

4.7  Abilities


  • Swordmanship (Master): Moloch learned how to fight with a sword at the monastery. He quickly surpassed his teachers in skill, and has further honed his abilities in fights with travelers and lone wolves. It is the skill that he is most proud of.
  • Low Speech (Apprentice): During his years of travel Moloch learned some low speech, although he is not by any means proficient with it.
  • Leatherworking and Tanning (Journeyman): Moloch can make clothing, bags, straps, etc. out of leather. He knows how to tan a hide. With practice, he could learn to make saddles and more complex/beautiful things.


  • Moloch is prone to arrogance. Moloch hates it when Luperci look down upon him or disregard him. He's started many fights because he felt offended. One day it may get him into a fight he can't get out of.

4.8  Inventory


Moloch tends to be fair in trade. One thing he honors is his word, and will try to hold up his end of the deal.

  • Offering: Lessons in sword fighting and hand-to-hand, some low speech, sword care/sharpening, leather work, hide tanning/curing.
  • Accepting: Lessons in horsemanship, archery, and metallurgy.


Category of Things

  • Broadsword and sheath.
  • Satchel
  • Rope
  • Snare wire
  • Firestarter
  • Small whetstone
  • A pouch containing basic survival herbs
  • Bandages
  • A cord with ten Luperci ears strung along it
  • Brown wool cloak

Category of Things

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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Go get your Catacombs and put it here; else delete this section.

6.  History

Moloch was born in a pack that had taken over an old monastery in the wilds of Canada. His father was a "mangy good-for-nothing coyote" who had gotten himself killed before Moloch had his first shift. Even when he was alive, he hadn't had much to do with either his son or his mate, and spent most of his time drinking his memories away with the strongest liquor he could find. Moloch's mother was a smallish wolf dog, petite and strikingly pretty with her brindled coat and bright blue eyes. There were other Luperci, his "uncles," who called themselves monks. They were a bookish lot, mostly, who had raised his mother and taken his father in only out of goodwill towards her. When Moloch was born, he had only one sibling. She was stillborn, and a stunted thing. The monks said that he, Moloch, had taken nourishment from her in the womb and caused her death. When his eyes opened for the first time, the monks whispered that he was demon spawn and crossed themselves - made uneasy by his unnatural mismatched eyes. They named him Moloch after a demon who demanded the sacrifice of children, and left him mostly to his own devices for the first few months of his life.

Eventually some of the monks softened towards him and taught him stuff. Reading and writing he despised, and though today he can fight his way through a paragraph it's not something he enjoys. Swordplay was another matter, and he took to that like a fish to water. He bested his instructors by the time he was two years old. His favored weapon is the broadsword.

Moloch's mother was weak willed and overly gentle, and she blinded herself to the disturbing signs of cruelty in her son. When she saw him watching coldly as a deer he has mangled struggled and bled on the ground, she turned her head away. When he fought with travelling wolves and coyotes, she did nothing but bandage him up afterwords. The monks noticed though, but by the time they had decided to do something about it he had already mastered the sword, and fighting with his teeth and claws, and they feared him. They took no action until halfway through his second year when they found him fighting with a travelling wolf. The wolf, and old fellow, had had enough and tried to submit, but Moloch was lost in a blood rage and tore his throat out. The Luperci monks chased Moloch away, overpowering him by shear numbers. They told him never to return.

Stung by this rejection, Moloch left. He traveled east, wandering for years before reaching the Halifax area. He picked up some rudimentary low speech in his travels, along with the skills necessary to every lone wolf - how to mend wounds and make camp, when to attack and when to back off.

Nearing Halifax, he began hearing rumors of large packs there. Moloch began feeling the urge to have something to fight for other than himself, something worth protecting. And with dreams of one day leading his own great pack in his mind, Moloch headed for the coast.

6.1  Timeline

6.2  Threads


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