Halaki Qi’Vaex

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Date of BirthApril 8, 2009
Age4 years
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Prefers Lupus form. Biology dictates Halaki Qi’Vaex be tall and lean, much like his father, Shandom Qi’Vaex. His gangtly limbs and thinner face reflect this genetic trait; however, the man has worked extremely hard to counteract that particular deficiency. Through a strict regimine of phystical training and a carefully maintained, protein heavy diet, the boy has grown to be quite muscular and brutish looking. He is, by far, the largest out of his three siblings, towering easily above Zeneca and outweighing Twensu by fifteen or so pounds. Halaki takes great care to maintain his impressive physique and trains relentlessly – to him, being anything but the physical image of perfection is failure, and he does not allow himself to slip below his extremely high standards. Pelt-wise, he is a rich English Walnut (#3E2B23) all over, though at the points of his body it darkens to Coco Brown (#301F1E). His fur is rich and velvety in texture, a prodcut of his careful dieting habits and proud vanity. There is no white, gray, or true black anywhere on his body. When shifted, Halaki’s Coffee Bean (#2A140E) mane is kept tied back in a simple pony-tail, though as he comes from conservative values he prefers life on four legs. Halaki’s eeriest characteristic, and the one that betrays his darker inner nature, is the absurdly pale color of his Dusty Gray (#9C9C9C) eyes. Unlike his brother Twensu, he has never mastered controlling the emotions his eyes betray; it is therefore easy to tell Halaki’s intentions from simply looking him in the face. His eyes shine absurdly against the darkness of his fur; indeed, much like Linquilea, the contrast often betrays his approach in the darkness.


In short, Halaki does what he wants, when he wants to do it.

He, obviously, cares very deeply for Zeneca and Twensu. They, as well as Lea, are the only wolves who can get the natural-born comedian to reign himself in when he’s stepping outside even their shady moral boundaries. But otherwise, Halaki does not care for the feelings of others and ignores the consequences of his actions. If doing something will bring him happiness, he’ll do it without a second thought. Rape, murder, and assault don’t phase him, but if someone were to touch his siblings he would consider it a grevious offense. Halaki cannot exist without Zeneca and Twensu, and is heavily reliant upon them for his own mental well being. When he is separated from one or both, he becomes agitated and distressed, prone to volatile losses of temper. Halaki cannot stand his father, Shandom, and resents him for the supposedly weak genetics he passed on as well as abandoning them as a child.

He is also a deeply sexual being, craving carnal pleasures at nearly every second of the day. He finds most, if not all, of his pleasure from his brother and sister, but he has been known to wander. This is a secret, however, that he keeps closely guarded, as he would not want to upset Zeneca or Twensu.

  • Fears: Sexual inadequacy, losing his siblings, being alone
  • Motivations: His siblings, revenge, carnal pleasure
  • Traits: Vain, self-obsessed, charismatic, lecherous, immoral, brash
  • Alignment: Neutral evil



  • Paternal Relatives
  • Parents
    • Mother: Keliyya Dawnsinger
    • Father: Shandom Qi’Vaex
  • Siblings
    • Blood-Related: Twensu Qi'Vaex, Abelard Ryn'hax, Niccolo Ryn'hax, Zeneca Qi'Vaex
    • Half-Siblings: Xyvi Dy'Nix, Kora Dy'Nix