Algiers, Algeria

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesAlgerian Jackal
Luperci DominantYes
ReligionVarious, but Islam- and Traditional Amazigh Belief-dominant


1.  Description

Algiers is on the northern coast of Africa, and it is an important port on the western end of the Mediterranean sea, providing long-haul boats to the port of Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Tripoli, and Montpellier. The inhabitants of the area are widely varied, featuring a healthy mix of Jackals to Common Grey Wolves, as well as numerous smaller groups of foreign canines.

The city itself has been maintained relatively well, suffering less deterioration. Much of its architecture is quite old and had already withstood many years of abuse prior to the demise of humanity. The area itself, however, fared better than many other areas -- no major natural disasters obliterated the city, and in general, the apocalyptic damage was minimal. The occasional collapsing building may be seen as with any other area, and nothing is pristine, but the city is in good shape in comparison to many other areas.

The city itself is divided into two parts -- the old part, the "the ancient city of the deys, climbs the steep hill behind the modern town and is crowned by the casbah or citadel, 400 feet (122 m) above the sea." This area has fared better than the more modern part closer to the shore, and canines tend to live further away from the shore, despite Algiers' status as a port city and its dependence on Mediterranean trade.

2.  Culture

Algiers is the dominant Jackal city, and one populated by various African jackals, most of which originated in the more southerly parts of the continent and headed north after discovering some human technology or hearing of the northern cities. Although Algerian Jackals make up the largest portion of the resident population, all three species of jackal and nearly all subspecies can be found in this diverse city. Algiers' jackal residents were early adopters of sailing techniques from Lisbon, and the jackals of this area have benefited substantially from that, enjoying much of the same benefits as their wolf cousins.

There are very few wolves in this city; sea-faring Iberian wolves are the most common sight. Few other gray wolf subspecies venture to this city. Algiers is rather far removed from the conflicts of Jerusalem and the jackals of that area; however, tensions between the species still do exist. They are far more open and accepting than Tripoli, however -- many jackals that end up in Algiers from the southerly parts of Africa eventually end up taking off to Europe or other Mediterranean ports; thus, the trade economy in this city is stable and promotes good relations. The city also prides itself on not allowing the sale and trade of slaves in Algiers's open markets.... But, due to a loophole in local laws, no care is given to slave sales in private residences and non-public areas. Slave sales on the outskirts of the city also have a blind eye turned to them, so long as no fuss is made and the local traffic isn't disrupted by them.

Though Islam is recognized as a dominant religion in Algiers, trade and travelers have brought various spiritual and religious traditions with them. Jewish synagogues and Christian churches exist, and the Seshat al-Din cult of Alexadria has a small but established presence in the city. In addition to this, the Amazigh (Berber) religion makes up a secondary majority in the areas around, in the less-built-up parts of, and on the outskirts of Algiers.

3.  Significance

  • The Trovato family of Grosseto runs slaves through Algiers and the trade routes connected to it.
  • The Arena family of Onuba are involved with trade in the area.
  • The outskirts of Algiers are subject to bandit attacks, with the Kermes raiders being infamous for their raids on its less-built areas and those traveling to and fro.
  • The settlement of Eivissa is a week by sea from the city.
  • The Najima people of Bedaya live in wealth and luxury due to their trade links with Algiers.
  • Bucharest is looked down upon by Algiers for its open trade of slaves. Those who know the truth realize this is a front to appeal to cities and nations who disapprove of the trade.
  • Elijah Winters once visited Algiers.
  • Levent Kartal and his cat companion Wilson had some negative experiences in Algiers with drugs and a mysterious stranger.
  • Machidael Sutekh Lykoi was attacked in a raid here, losing a tooth in the process.
  • Rahab De Le Poer tried to reach Algiers during her earliest adventures.

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