Mirutes Mwinyi

Mirutes Mwinyi is a loner who took up residence in the Blackmoor Castle alongside fellow jackals (and lovers) Machidael Lykoi and Sepirah Lykoi. He is the true father of Aithne Marino, Khsathsovairyo Mwinyi, and Rekhyt Mwinyi.

Mirutes Mwinyi

Mirutes, by Sie
Date of Birth13 Aug 2010
Subspecies100% Canis aureus riparius
Birth place
Current packNone

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  • Optime Hair: His hair mostly consists of Clinker (#37230B) with highlights typically of a rich, golden-brown Jambalaya (#5D3A12).
  • Eyes: Orange Roughby (#C3611D) -- vivid and piercing.
  • Fur::
    • Teak (#AE9564) is one of his primary colors: this pale color is found on the upper parts of his face (upper muzzle, cheekbones, forehead, sides of face, etc.), the lower halves of his ears, his chest, belly, the ventral half of his tail, and on each leg, acting as a midpoint between the darker Dallas coloration and the lighter Sisal color.
    • Dallas (#6B4B25) is another primary color, found along each arm, the majority of his thighs, the dorsal half of his tail, and is the primary colr of his back, shoulders, etc.
    • Sisal (#D5CEBC) is the lightest color on Mirutes's body and is found on the lower half of his jaw, his cheeks, throat, as a pale strip along his underbelly, and decorating each paw and the rearmost strips of each leg.
    • Cafe Royal (#69310) is a vivid highlight color -- it is found on his muzzle between his eyes, along the outer part of each upper arm, along the "feathering" of each rear leg, and on the lowermost quarter of his tail, in a ring around the darker Brown Tumbleweed color.
    • Brown Tumbleweed (#1A0F02) is the darkest and sparses color of Mirutes's body: it is found only on the tips of his ears and the very tip of his tail.
    • Rangoon Green (#1B1910) is the color of his nose, claws, paw pads, and other areas of exposed skin.


Mirutes Mwinyi is an Abyssinian Jackal (Canis aureus riparius). Mirutes differs from the typical Abyssinian jackal in that he does possess darker points of coloration -- namely, his tail and the tips of his ears. Otherwise, though, he is primarily a pale-furred individual and in keeping with his subspecies.

Sizing & Build

While he is short and petite of size, his body is well-muscled and desert-sculpted, giving him a rather sleek appearance. His fur is not long or thick -- on the contrary, it is short and more closely resembles the fur of a bulldog rather than the wolf. As an individual of the smallest species of jackal, Mirutes is not physically impressive when compared to much larger canines. He is dwarfed in comparison with wolves and large dogs -- yet he is no less impressive, size considered. This is primarily due to his coloration -- exotic and often stunning to canines unused to seeing jackals, Mirutes is a sight to behold.



Mirutes believes himself to be a God incarnate so he has a high opinion of himself and a not so high one of everyone else.


Mirutes believes that jackals are better than every other species out there. He also believes that everyone should abandon English and speak Arabic instead.


Mirutes believes that the only thing women are good for are producing heirs.


Because he believes himself a God he believes that he should get his way in all things.