Seneca Rose Lykoi

Seneca Rose Lykoi is the daughter of Josias Lykoi and Asra Nejem. She and her brother were born in New Brunswick on October 2nd, 2013. Seneca is a current loner.

Seneca Rose Lykoi

by Wisp



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Date of Birth

2 Oct 2013






Birth place

New Brunswick


50% Abyssinian Jackal
25% Unknown
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
4.7% Dog
4.7% Common Gray Wolf
3.1% Red wolf




Current pack Loners
Current rank --


Pack Ranks
Cheese? (I)
Puppy, Beta, Alpha

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family: Lykoi + Damaichu
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance

A petite one she is, even more so with her Abyssinian Jackal blood. Her body is small and streamlined, giving her a harmless and non-threatening stature. Her fur is soft and silky, but slightly thinner due to her mother's heritage--meaning that she wears clothing in the cold months. Her ears appear comically oversized atop her head, her nose delicate and tapered--an attribute gifted from both parents.

See color reference. Predominantly a Sandrift tone with flecks of Toast throughout her fur. One of her most defining features is the blaze on her muzzle, a Red Robin which also is found on the tips of her ears, feet, underbelly, and under her eyes. Her tail is dipped in a darker Cedar as well as a dark saddle along her spine, this is also the color of her hair in Optime form. Sen's muzzle, neck, inner ears are splashed in Ebb. Seneca's eyes are a pale Honeysuckle.

  • Lupus is her second-most preferred form, as her small body is quick and lean. Unless wandering in trusted territory, she is rarely found in this form.
  • Never utilizes Secui, believes it uncomfortable and unnatural for her.
  • Optime is her favorite form, as the added dexterity makes up for her size disadvantages. She wears short cut-off jean shorts in the summer months with a dark flannel shirt without the buttons done up. In the winter months, she wears heavier and warmer attire, like fur cloaks and fur leg warmers. Her hair is always done up in a messy braid often with a big flower tucked in behind one ear. Her ears are both pierced twice at the top and once at the bottom, she wears small silver rings in all of them. Her body is thinnish and slightly lanky, so far lacking the womanly curves in her early youth.

2.  Personality

A peaceful soul from the start, Sen gathered her ways from both of her parents. She learned to love everything in life, and find beauty in it. This makes her naive, and easily crushed by others who see things differently. Gentle as well, she deeply despises violence and would do anything in her power to fight it. Her small size makes her useless as a fighter anyway. She grew up knowing a bit of Arabic--but rarely uses it as everyone else seems to know English. Her father taught her a bit of Spanish as well, but she can't speak either fluently.

Strongly believes in peaceful spirits that manifest in the stars, moon, sun, and anything beautiful. The more beauty something natural has, it becomes more holy to her. Suspicious of wolves and dogs, after hearing her father rave on about how terrible they are. She has her father's attitude and temper, but you have to push her buttons a lot in order to see those traits. She's charismatic and social around most, and easily impressed by others. It takes a lot to be disliked, second, third, or even forth chances are dealt to those who hurt her.

More a persuasive peacemaker than a fighter, but she knows how to use a bow. Her light body makes her a great climber, but not a good hunter on foot. Usually is found up in trees shooting prey.

Was never close with her father, and often frightened by his brash ways--She'd love to give him another chance, but she ran off when it was too late.

Sen has a great singing voice, she enjoys playing the guitar and serenading small audiences in her off-time. Seneca adores books, and has a copy of Alice In Wonderland with her. She also loves art, and has some paints and brushes she keeps with her whenever she'd like to paint.

Accompanied by her mother's horse (male) Stormy and her father's raven (male) Corona.

3.  Family: Lykoi + Damaichu

4.  History

Born soon after a pairing between Josias Lykoi and Asra Nejem. They planned not to stay together, but after Asra became pregnant he grew extremely protective and possessive of the girl. He was proud to have a son and daughter born of him, but he was losing interest fast. He was often violent around his family, many times threatening the mother of his children, chasing them off and then disappearing for weeks.

Asra was strong through all this, and protected her children fiercely showering them as much love as she could to make up for Josias' absence. She taught them to appreciate the world as much as she could, put as much happy things into their young minds as she could. Josias in the meantime was more and more ruthless when he came around, beating their mother and coming after Seneca and her brother. This was just a month after the children's first shifts, so she urged them to take their horses and leave as quickly as they could. Afraid that Asra would end up killed, Sen hesitated. But hearing her father fast approaching, Sen and her brother fled.

A month later, she found herself in Nova Scotia. Perhaps too young to understand the weight of her family's problems, the girl kept her head up to start a new life, perhaps among the family her father had always talked about. Her brother was too worried about his mother to stay for long, and eventually ventured back to find out if their mother was still alive. Sen found herself eager for better things, so continued her exploration.