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art by Kiri

Siv Helsi is a wolf and member of Salsola. She joined in the fall of 2011 along with her daughter, Draugr, and brought with her the beliefs of her homeland, Hearg Njorth. Holding the rank of Sotto Capo (The Crone), she is one of the most powerful members of her pack as well as its spiritual leader and head of the Sanctus Tier. She furthermore holds the co-ranks of Signorina and Consilgia, functioning as both slave-master and psychologist, respectively.

By mateship to Itachi Lykoi she serves as adoptive mother to his children, Loki and Violeta, whom were raised alongside her younger daughter Kynda.

An expert leatherworker and skilled trader, Siv often travels outside of Salsola's borders with her goods. She can often be seen at The Outpost and often uses the name Hildr in place of her own.

In April of 2016, Siv died shortly after the Red Star fell.






  • Date of Birth: December 19th, 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Hearg Njorth
  • Mate: Itachi Lykoi
  • Pack: Salsola (18 November 2011 - Present)
  • Rank: The Crone (??)



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Siv around Salsola, esp. with her daughters Draugr and Kynda, her grandaughter, and her slave.
    • One may also see Siv's eagles in the area; it is generally assumed if they are out she and Kimbee are nearby.
  • General conversations (e.g., reporting all is well on the borders). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP, should be PMed before posting.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Siv is large for a female, though largeness tends to run in the men of her family. She does not appear to be very feminine except in her Optime form; both her Secui and Lupus forms are large and bulky. Her Optime form is still rather tall, but with the rare figure of sharp curves and pinched waist -- all largeness of the other two forms becomes willowy grace in Siv's Optime form, though it is visible in her thick and muscular legs. In all forms her canines stick out from under her top lip, giving her a snaggletooth appearance.

Since her time in Salsola, Siv has filled out considerably. She is muscular and thick along her arms and legs, with a deep chest. Her pelt is thick and always clean, though it is not unreasonably glossy—as a true wolf, this is coarse and double-layered. Siv occasionally puts braids into her hair but most often leaves it loose.

Rest and provisions have allowed Siv to grow "curvy" and carry pockets of weight. She shows this obviously in her breasts and thighs, and while her belly is lean, the skin around it is obviously loose from having carried children before. Siv's massive size is doubly impressed by this attribute, though her lean features remain obvious along her impressive bone structure.

  • Humanization: Yes, high. Siv is constantly wearing leather goods, including polished stone and metal accessories.


  • Fur: Mine Shaft is her primary pelt color.
  • Markings:
    • Darker Asphalt runs up all her legs and is found again at the tips of her ears.
    • Silvery Emperor frosting brushes the backs of her legs, behind her head, and on the edges of her cheek.
    • The only relative color on Siv's pelt is found on her belly, which is a dark shade of Tamarind.
  • Optime Hair: Siv's hair echoes her fur pattern, a dark shade of Mine Shaft. It fades to an extremely pale Emperor (aka ombré).
  • Eyes: A deep shade of Falcon purple.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: All of Siv's skin is Cocoa brown; she has no visible scars.


.Falcon (#7F626D)
.Emperor (#514649)
.Mine Shaft (#323232)
.Asphalt (#130A06)
.Tamarind (#341515)
.Cocoa brown (#301F1E)

art by Alaine



116 lbs (52.6 kg)33 in (83.2 cm)

Siv is long-legged and heavy, coming off as larger than she really is.


210 lbs (95.2 kg)37 in (93.9 cm)

Massive and shaggy, this form is truly menacing. She looks like a great dire wolf, though stretched along her limbs and torso.

Optime (Preferred)

220 lbs (100 kg)7ft 2in (86 in) (218.4 cm)

Though still huge, Siv is lean and has a thin waist. Her hair is long, wavy, and fades to silver at the tips.



* --


Jewelry and Accessories

  • Most commonly seen wearing a long purple leather skirt, multi-layered and accented by metal chains. She boasts the Mark of Eris upon her belt, and makes no point to hide her affiliation with Salsola.
  • Two necklaces:
    • Metal valknut symbol on a chain.
    • Very long necklace of a carved bone, made to look like a wickedly curved claw.


  • Siv owns three cloaks;
    • Purple leather with a "shawl" made of raven feathers.
    • Warm brown with white accents bleached to form a raven banner upon the back. Various other "spots" adorn the piece.
    • A heavy winter cloak, lined by thick furs and heavy leather.


art by Despi

  • Scent: Salsola, Itachi, leather, horse, smoke. As per Salsola norms, when she leaves the pack she disguises her scent; she most commonly will smell like Meadowsweet and Sage. This is applied with smoke, so the smell of ash also tends to linger on her.
  • Speech: Siv has a lyrical voice, though it lacks any discernible accent. It is a deep contralto.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Feeling a need to keep her hands busy, Siv often will be working with things or fidgeting with her jewlery.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Siv has a habit of trying to drive conversation, and often does so using her hands and oversized presence. Her dominance comes through very clearly.

2.  Personality

Mysterious WomanEvil MatriarchBadass Preacher

Above all else, Siv is remarkably skilled at and freely uses manipulation to get what she wants; she is further aided by her ability to rationalize situations and tries to approach them without emotion, believing this clouds her judgement.

2.1  Ideals



  • Expression: Mysterious, domineering, friendly.
  • Sociability: Most comfortable when she is in control of a situation, Siv is more talkative during such times.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • "Primarily concerned with themselves and their own advancement."
    • "No qualms about betraying their friends and companions for personal gain."
    • "They value strength and ability alone."
    • "A neutral evil character never feels compelled to keep her word."


  • Power
  • Respect
  • She has a deeply rooted belief in establishing a legacy, hence her devotion to her children.
  • Siv personally considers herself Salsola's Fyrstrvölva, and further seeks to spread her personal faith throughout the group.


  • Instability
  • Losing her children


  • Size: Siv believes that a larger size is more ideal.
  • Faith: Certainly religious herself, Siv only discriminates against those who will not accept her faith.
  • Gender: Females are superior, which is less of a belief and more of a fact in the female-dominated Salsola. She further believes a mother's bloodline is more important than that of the father.
  • Non-Luperci: Considers them useless, and merely a rumor.
  • Packs: Siv believes that Salsola is superior to their neighbouring packs. She is aggressive towards Casa di Cavalieri.


  • Bisexual.
  • Given her faith, Siv tends to favor women as the stronger sex and thus leans towards them when it comes to sex as a whole. She considers women sacred and men “tools” to be used. As a whole she lacks romantic views.


  • Likes: Singing, dancing, fire, burning stuff, running, magic, horses, snakes
  • Dislikes: Physical labor, boring people, Outsiders, sickness


  • Siv enjoys sweet alcohols, such as wine, brandy, and mead. She does not smoke, but has been known to take hallucinogenic drugs for ritual purposes.


art by Titmouse

  • Polytheistic
  • Belief in Hearg's god trio, Freyja, Freyr, and Gerth. Specifically, Freyja and Freyr are important as symbols of male and female fertility.
    • This also encompasses the Aesir, whose gods she invokes for many rituals in Salsola.
  • Practices Norse rituals.
    • Siv will sacrifice canines, but only during times of crisis.
    • Horses are often sacrificed for the Blót rite; Siv uses wild ones for such a purpose, or trades for them at The Outpost.
  • Minor: Belief in Hearg's spiritual creatures -- Luperci elves, dwarves, giants, etc.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Helsi

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Draugr is her baby and if you hurt her Mama Siv will cut you >:C Beyond this, Siv is convinced that Reykr is the reason Draugr is a bit "slow", but is confident that she can overcome this with time. She's thrilled that Dra has advanced as much as she has in Salsola, and is eager for the day a suitable man will help her baby make some grandbabies.
  • Kynda has shown signs of being a völva, and Siv has decided not to give this daughter the freedom she did with Draugr. As of October 2013, she has begun training the girl directly for such a purpose.
  • Itachi and Siv have a peculiar relationship, most comparable to a félag. While they are an official "mated" pair, they are not in love with one another nor do they expect such a thing to come. Theirs was a partnership forged out of desire for their children to grow with the benefit of higher ranks and respect. They're still learning how to behave around each other but have settled into a comfortable pattern.
    • Loki is the son that Siv will never actually get to have. She adores him and practically spoils him, and thinks that he shows signs of magic in capacity--suggesting, further, that some of her magic must have bled over to him (and, by proxy, his sister).
    • Violeta still remains very much a daddy's girl, and Siv has not tried to force her place with her. Instead, Siv encourages Violeta endlessly, and has made a point to provide her with anything she needs.

Positive Relations

  • Isabella Heiwa
  • Salvia surprised Siv with her demanding nature, though Siv quickly realized that the young girl was on the fast-track to power. She sought to make an ally in her and did so cautiously. Since Salvia's ascension to sole leadership, Siv has treated her with the same sort of wary respect she did Sirius. She feels Salvia, despite her age, is a strong leader and one she can follow...for now, at least.
  • --


  • Lokr Revlis is an absolute thorn in her side.
  • Eris has always been viewed as a threat. Siv was convinced that the older woman was "out to get her" and so she went out of her way to play nice, gifting the then Auxiliary multiple times over and fawning over her. When grief led to Eris' undoing, Siv immediately set out to destroy her--by faking an alliance of sorts and whispering suggestions in her ear.
  • Reykr was Siv's cousin. She saw him as a way to relieve her boredom, and practiced many of her blossoming manipulation skills upon him. Later, when she found him as a loner, she convinced him to help her out again. He was part of Salsola for a time, but abandoned the pack to chase after another woman. Siv does not know of his death.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Lokr Revlis
  • Murders: Boreas NPCS, unnamed NPCs

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Siv’s training allows her to encompass all forms of her role. A full-fledged völva (at least, she claims), Siv specializes in prophecy, sex-based magic, and various other rituals and rites.
  • --
  • --


  • Education and Learning: --
  • Observation: --
  • --


  • Education and Learning: Size alone makes Siv a capable hunter, able to bring down animals of great stature.
  • She has a cast net and uses it for both bird-hunting and fishing.
  • Additionally, she is skilled with a sling and spear.
  • --


  • Education and Learning: Siv is able to work hide with remarkable skill, and produces incredibly soft pelts.
  • This is Siv's specialty; she can craft anything out of leather and of any grade and thickness. Armor is one of her talents, along with simple clothing.
  • She is also capable of dyeing her leather.
    • This is especially true for the rarest white leather which she makes sparingly due to the process involved in producing it.
  • --

4.2  Inventory


Siv is almost always open for trade.

  • Offering: Leather goods, animal hides, primitive weapons.
  • Accepting: Meat, uncured hides, puppy stuff, trinkets, labor.


Animal Products

  • --

Horse Tack

  • --


  • --

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Hearg Njorth (19 December 2009 - ??)
Salsola (18 November 2011 - April 2016)
The Associate, The Family, The Confidant, The Tradesman, The Warden, The Arbiter, The Slavemaster

Siv was born the first daughter of a youngest son and his huntress wife in the Hearg Njorth. Siv's young childhood was unremarkable -- she was raised by her father, Eitri, and her mother, Sætr. Though her father was never unkind, his involvement with the hearg's political matters meant he was less accessible to Siv than her mother, who took the primary responsibility of raising her daughter: educating her in hunting techniques, religious mysteries, wilderness and survival, etc. Siv was quite close with her mother, and especially enjoyed stories of her grandmother, who passed on shortly before Siv was born.

When Siv was about two months old, her cousin Reykr Helsi came to live with her and her parents. Eitri and Sætr treated Reykr as their son, and Siv regarded him as a brother. The early months of their life were spent together, with Siv and Reykr becoming close friends. When Siv was nearly six months old, the völva sect of the hearg selected her to become an apprentice. Initially, Siv was extremely excited about this prospect, embracing what she felt to be her destiny and birthright. Upon being inducted to the sect of the völva, however, Siv was quick to learn of the völva sect and its ways, and considered herself ready to ascend to her position far before her years called for it. She became disheartened with the learnings and teachings of the witch-women, considering her duties far beneath her stature. Siv does not become overtly bored; she doesn't begin to question their teachings openly.

Instead, she uses her education to twist and turn the hearg society in small ways -- influencing those attending the festivals, nudging members of the pack toward skjoldr rather than settling their differences amiably, etc. She slowly loses her faith, finding little reason to know or respect the gods, and simply pays lip service to the spiritual knowledge held by her sister-witches; her participation in rituals wanes quickly, and she finds herself desiring a new challenge. Siv sets her focus on her cousin, Reykr. She begins seducing the slightly older boy, playing on a suspicion that Rey already held less-than-familial feelings for her. This culminates in her seducing him in the hearg itself, and they begin a primarily physical relationship over the next few months, until Rey departs without warning.

Siv realizes a few days after Reykr's departure that she is pregnant. Knowing her child would be the end of her, Siv contemplates whether or not to leave the hearg and follow Reykr. She has little true attachment to him, but she does want the child, and she knows the girl has little chance of surviving if they remain in the hearg. Before Siv can come to a decision, she is brought before the hearg and her sisters, accused of defiling the hearg and the order of the völva with her actions.

Siv readily admits her crimes and is exiled, spared having to make the choice of leaving voluntarily. Her surname is stripped, and Siv manages to steal a horse for her journey, though she doesn't know the first thing about horses or horse care, and manages to ride the animal only a few days before it breaks a leg. Her progress is far slower than her cousin Reykr's, and she soon is forced to stop when she gives birth in August. Unable to care for two children, Siv kills her son and takes her daughter east. The journey is long, and difficult, and strips what remains of Siv's faith from her.

By the time she catches up to Reykr, Siv is intent on one thing only--seeing that her three-month old daughter is ensured an easier life. She has him catch game and presents it, and her skills, to Eris Eternity of Salsola...

5.2  Timeline

5.3  Timeline


  1. hearts of steel (Nov 18)
    Salsola, with Eris Eternity and Draugr Helsi (npc)


  1. rain falls on everyone, lightning strikes some (Nov 2)
    While on a ride, Siv comes across Imhotep Aabt and the two discuss their growing families and decide to hunt together.
  2. your deception was readily apparent (Nov 3)
    Having assumed the role as nursemaid to Loki and Violeta after the death of their mother, Siv prepares a meal despite Itachi's initial refusal. They talk about death, the gods, and the afterlife.
  3. like pilgrim's wither'd wreath of flowers (Nov 6)
    Siv explains the roles she expects her slave and his daughter to play while in her service.
  4. this broken wheel is coming undone (Nov 20)
    As required by Salsola, Siv seeks approval from The Crone for her mateship.
  5. expanding horizons (Nov 27)
    A trading mission with Null Liulfr and Odessa D'Angelo proves short-lived after the Salsolan's learn an ex-member has joined Vinátta.
  6. and I am burdened with glorious purpose (Dec 4)
    Loki practices hunting with his mother.
  7. flesh in the age of reason (Dec 30)
    An eventful Last Supper.


  1. [M] So long ago, was I one of them? (Jan 1)
    Salsola, with Itachi Lykoi and Draugr Helsi. In the aftermath of a serious fight, Siv tends to her daughter.
  2. shake my ash to the wind (Jan 3)
    Salsola, with Eris Eternity. In the wake of obvious friction within the upper ranks, Siv challenges Eris and claims the rank of Arbiter.
  3. So say a prayer (Jan 4)
    Salsola, with Itachi Lykoi. To celebrate her new rank, Siv and Itachi prepare a small feast for their immediate family.
  4. let us temper our criticism with kindness (Jan 19)
    Salsola, with Draugr Helsi. Siv makes and gives her daughter a spear.
  5. I had a dream you died in a gash made of light and color (Jan 25)
    Salsola, with Loki Jade Lykoi. During a windy night, Siv works on a leather bag and tells her son a story about the god Loki and one of his great tricks.
  6. I don't want your money (Feb 5)
    A loner at the borders proves to be more than what he seems.
  7. [M] i went to god just to see (Feb 15)
    A minor trip to the Outpost ends on a sour note when a jackal crosses Siv's path.
  8. our songs have been twisted (Feb 18)
    One of Salsola's Associate's shows interest in caring for slaves.
  9. find peace in the embrace of your gods (Feb 23)
    Realizing her son is missing, Siv tracks him down...and discovers they've been betrayed.
  10. looks like you're to meet the reaper (Feb 23)
    When Sebastian Auditore realizes he's been found as a spy, he flees Salsola alongside slaves Gale and his daughter. Siv and several other Salsolan's give chase with the intent to kill, but are driven back by members of Casa di Cavalieri and New Dawn.
  11. breathe in union, so as one survive another day and season (Mar 1)
    Further hoping to impress her mother, Draugr brings a unique gift to her mother--an eagle's egg.
  12. Listen close to everybody's heart (Mar 1)
    Siv comforts Loki, defending Salsola. She presents him with a foal? of his own.
  13. Of gods and flames (Mar 8)
    Isabella Heiwa expands her knowledge of Siv's religion and magical prowess.
  14. our voices were sweeter then (Mar 27)
    After killing a trader, Siv and Miqui Kimaris split his goods between themselves. She later presents some of these as gifts to her children.
  15. [M] Sanguis Terre (Apr 1)
    Salsola celebrates the coming of spring with a Luperci sacrifice.
  16. the star of the slowest revolution (Apr 1)
    Salsola's celebrations continue with a feast.
  17. Salmon Spawning (Apr 8)
    With help from Artemisia Eternity and Kimbee, Siv makes use of her cast-net to bring in a large haul of fish.
  18. send a raven (Apr 12)
    Siv hunts and kills a ram.
  19. discipline (May 12)
    While training her eagle, Siv tells Loki a little about her origins.
  20. Show the World (Jun 20)
    Siv and Isabella find fellow Salsolan Artemisia wounded, apparently from a loner who assaulted her.
  1. i swing free until they cut me down (Jul 14)
    With help from Yi TaeKyung and Siv, Loki sets up a new trap.
  2. Show the World (Jul 19)
    Nathaniel King mistakenly wanders too close to Salsola's borders and is driven away.
  3. life has no guarantees (Aug 17)
    Siv agrees to make a sling for Artemisia to carry her young daughter in.
  4. dark triad (Aug 20)
    Salsola's elite hold a meeting to discuss trade, expansion, and the religious aspects of the pack.
  5. an eagle eye circling a city higher than the sky (Aug 31)
    Vesper comes across Siv training an eagle, and the two discuss falconry.
  6. dragons in my spine (Sep 3)
    Once again, Siv comes across Lokr lingering on Salsola's borders.
  7. shadow on the wall (Sep 3)
    After finding Aedan de Valence, Siv invites him to her home and "gifts" him a potion.
  8. [M] (Sep 8)
    Salsola is informed of the gruesome fate of those who would conspire against them.
  9. If you say run, I'll run with you (Sep 8)
    Siv and her daughter travel to The Outpost for a lesson in trade.
  10. this holy crow above me (Sep 12)
    Having joined Salsola, Lokr makes a point to visit Siv, whom agrees to make him a "potion" to help with his persistent headaches.
  11. littering the topsoil (Sep 29)
    Desiring extra goods to trade, Siv approaches Salvia with her request.
  12. blood on the floor, fleas in their paws (Sep 27)
    While raiding Amherst with her slave, Siv comes across Judas Poer de Aika XIII. The two talk for a while and she gives him advice for his failing eyesight, and hints at her origins after finding out he is a D'Angelo.
  13. the snake in the basement found the juniper shade (Sep 30)
    Siv visits her son in his new home.
  14. [M] the universe will probably expand forever (Oct 16)
    To honor one of her gods, Siv performs a ritualistic sacrifice.
  15. Give rise like the sun never could (Oct 21)
    Siv meets Azucena Lykoi, a woman her daughter previously met, and attempts to recruit her.
  16. A cleaved head no longer plots (Oct 28)
    Much to her surprise (and horror) Siv encounters a man from Hearg Njorth.
  17. The cuts on her hands speak a little louder (Nov 4)
    When Azucena Lykoi comes to Salsola's borders, Siv acts as her sponsor.
  18. glory and fame, blood is our name (Nov 20)
    Siv and Isabella conspire to affix their positions in the Capo...and influence the Boss.
  19. tear away the wool and find the truth (Nov 22)
    Following a hunt, Siv is approached by Vesper and another Infernian. The Centurion confronts her about Salsola's practice of slavery.
  20. all the magic I have known I've had to make myself (Nov 26)
    Siv and Lokr discuss the newest members of Salsola.
  21. And you can’t control this, So put it to rest (Dec 2)
    Much to her displeasure, Siv finds that Artemisia Eternity and her eldest daughter may have begun a relationship.

5.4  Achievements


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Stannis de le Poer?.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Stannis de le Poer?.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters.[1]
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci on DD Month YYYY.[2]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
1, 2, 3
Playable Territory
Playable Subterritory
Light Green: Every Territory Forest Green: Every Subterritory
  • Excluded (Claimed): Whisper Beach, Commune of the Salmon, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Musquodoboit Valley, Millstone Village, Phosphagos Foothills, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Howling Caverns, Serene Sands, The Witch's Cauldron

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
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Sea Blue: 6 Months
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
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Shock Blue: 2 years
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation

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Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
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Earned Cazadora co-rank in Salsola.
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Cadmium: Leader Special
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