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30 October 2010




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75% Common Gray Wolf
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Rome? (I)
30 Oct 2010 - 17 March 2012

Born to a Christian slave woman, Gale had only his birth name. He would take on his owner's last name but in a possessive form. When he entered the Gladiator school, this trend continued and he seemed destined to have no family name. After a particularly exciting victory in the arena, he gained the name Lionhearted. He currently goes by Gale Lionheart or Gale the Lion.

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    1.   1.1  Forms
    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Skills
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1.  Appearance

  • Metallic Gold(#d5c275) - the majority of his body is this color.
  • Oasis (#f9efc4) - Chest white, under eyes, inner ear, fingers and toes.
  • Lucky(#a98c18) - Hair
  • Brass(#b69f46) - eye lids and ear tips
  • Raw Umber(#55470e) - paw pads
  • Black(#121212) - Nose and Nails
  • Medium Aquamarine(#61d0a0) - Eyes

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus & Secui: not often used at all, and do not vary much except for the thick mane that replaces his hair.
  • Optime: Standing at 7'5'', he is a fairly tall man. Well built, he is very muscular and sculpted from working as a Gladiator.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • A few small tears in his ears where earrings used to hang, before being ripped out in the Arena.
  • Septum piercing as a mark of slavery, though the silver ring that used to be there was removed and thrown into the sea.
  • Lion pelt cloak as a sign of victory, strength, and valor.
    • He has a scar across the left of his chest from the lion fight. There are three cut marks.
  • Silver cross necklace that he wears around his neck, or grasped in his hand in prayer.

2.  Personality

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3.  Skills

  • He is a capable gardener, with a good knowledge of herbs and various food plants acquired in London.
    • However, he has not had much luck in growing things as he had to bury his family in his garden.
  • He is also a trained cloth weaver, which is a rather silly thing to know when a Gladiator.
    • Evangaline taught him how to weave as a hobby to keep his fingers busy while she was pregnant.
  • He is a trained fighter in arm combat
    • unarmed hand to hand, sword, shield, and staff.

4.  Relationships

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5.  History

Gale was born into slavery in Rome. His mother, Lilia, was a slave in the Scipio household under one of the family's sons. Her owner, Valius Scipio, did not own a brothel like some his siblings. However, he owned several women traded from his brothers' brothels for his personal use. Lilia was not a small woman, but several years of slave labor had built her well. Despite this, she worked as a handmaiden slave for Valius' wife, Marcella. Naturally, Valius had dabbled with several of the slaves and the golden woman attracted him with ease. A natural target as a slave, Lilia ended up sleeping with her master on multiple occasions. She earned herself a brief respite from punishments and terribly hard labor, even after she became pregnant with another batch of his bastards.

Lilia, heavily pregnant, began to suffer under Marcella, who jealously worked the woman. Though pregnant and a scant few weeks from her delivery, was whored out to a Pollio couple interested in playing with a pregnant woman. Almost miscarrying, Lilia was briefly rescued by Valius, who let her relax until her delivery. If anyone in the higher rings discovered his wife's abuses, it would mean severe punishments and loss of honor for the family. Though never in love with Valius, she was very thankful to her master for his small kindness in a family almost devoid of sympathy and empathy. Lilia gave birth in the slave quarters in Valius' villa to two children of the Scipio blood. She spent the next few months with them, her son, Gale de Scipio, and daughter, Evangeline de Scipio. She raised them in her faith, of the Christians and they picked it up quickly.

Given a few months with her children, Lilia was soon torn from them when Marcella sold them to the Pollio family. Still jealous, Marcella did not want to see the latest of her husband's bastards playing with her own sons. Lilia passed away months after the separation, heart broken and waiting for her children to be returned to her. Buried in the Christian way by the handful of other Christian slaves in the family, though her two children would only hear of it later.

Evangeline became a playmate for a Pollio daughter and Gale helping along with the other slave boys at the Gladiator school. Slave boys would not start training until they shifted for the first time, so he ran around the school and spent his precious breaks every two weeks with his sister. She blossomed into a delicate young woman, not built like her mother or brother but along the delicate lines of the Scipio women. Gale grew into a broad shouldered young man. Initially, he was disobedient, earning himself beatings and slaps from his masters. The trainers soon broke him of it, though his aquamarine eyes would still glare in anger though he remained silent. He earned the nickname the Silent Gale because of his stubborn silence.

At about a year old, Gale was thrown into the arena for the first time for the Ludi Romani - in honor of Jupiter. He was in a group spar, where death was not the point. In his first match, he was tumbled to the ground and humiliated in front of everyone. Thankfully, he was not killed, though it gave him the resolve to do well in the arena so that the crowd would not jeer and laugh at him. Meanwhile, his sister would watch all his games by the side of her mistress, who was a fairly cruel woman.

Upon his first victory, Gale asked for one thing from his trainers; a visit from his sister. They relented and the two siblings were reunited for the day. They sat in his cell, eating the meal Evangaline had brought and talking about their lives then and now. They recalled how found their father had been of them, and of his other bastards, and felt hatred toward Marcella who took both of their parents from them. And Gale discovered how abusive the family was to his sister. She had been lashed for dropping pots and for making 'eyes' at the wrong people. He was angry but what could he do? He was a slave and a slave on a chain.

Evangaline would return to her mistress to be pinched and slapped, and her mistress's father would eye her and grab at her. She would be subject to the cruelty of the sons and the advances of the father. Somehow, she managed to avoid them since she turned one, but it was a matter of time before someone enforced their right over her, when they tired of the chase.

Meanwhile, Gale worked the Arena circuit, fighting and winning and surviving. He spent his rewards carefully, for things for his sister and time to spend with her. The Pollio's allowed it, since it kept both siblings happy. Yet they knew it was not going to last. And it didn't. In December, for Saturnalia, after the slave's feast, Evangaline was taken from her bed and sent to the master's private room. There, she was beaten and raped after refusing to willingly go with him. Upon her next visit after his victory, Evangaline told her brother in a teary eyed confession. She revealed that since Saturnalia, she had been dragged from her bed at least once a week and forced, since she continued to refuse.

Gale's hatred for the Pollio family increased, though he knew that he was still trapped and that Evangaline was just as trapped. They had to get out. They planned that for the next festival they would try to escape, and run off to the west. They failed their attempts to escape in February during Lupercalia. Evangaline managed to arrive at the gladiator school during an errand, though the guards recognized her and returned her to the come. Their visits were over. Gale could no longer sleep at night, for he would dream of his sister being raped every couple of days.

The Lion's End and Solitude

The family was angry at the siblings. Evangaline's standing with the slaves deteriorated and they tried harder to kill the Gladiator in a legal way. At the beginning of March, they pitted him against a lion. Pitted against each other, the man apologized to the lion, who called himself Adisa. They were both sorry for where they met, for they held respect for each other. But they knew one of them was to die and gave it their all after their introductions and apologies. It was a terrible battle, and he ended up injured with a raking cut from the lion. Adisa died from the many cuts and the piercing cut to his bowels. His hide was removed and treated, and the Gladiator received the skin of the creature he had apologized to.

For his victory, Gale asked to take the day off during Lupercalia, the festival of fertility, manhood, and a bloom of whores on the streets. Evangaline sneaked off during the festivities, and the bizarre, drug induced orgy of the main family. Her belly was swelling with the master's children, and yet she ran two weeks pregnant. They went to the harbor under cover of night, both cloaked and weighed down with valuable human trinkets stolen from the Pollio home. An English ship in the harbor took the goods without a thought and left the harbor with the two passengers.

They stopped in London, where they began to make a life for themselves. Gale sold himself as a hired muscle in exchange for the safety of his sister and provisions. Now six weeks pregnant, Evangaline struggled to make herself useful. She was not used to being free and in charge, unable to truly provide for herself anymore. Worried for her, Gale took the two of them into the countryside to a small village where they could start a small farm for Evangaline's children. But it was not going to work, for the delicate woman was not the stoutest. Leading up to her delivery, the two of them cleaned up a small home and began a garden, even though it was late spring.

Evangaline went into labor in the middle of April and it did not go easily. Small, Evangaline suffered for a day. A local woman had come to help, though every few hours she would leave to wash cloths and feed herself. At the end of the first day, Gale sat with his sister as she slept briefly, the pain knocking her out. The woman was not cheerful when she returned at dawn, as Evangaline had been struggling through the night. Removed from the room, Gale could only hear his sisters screams as she delivered her first child, a girl the woman had said. Her cries echoed in the small house and the blood tainted the air. The screams of pain came between the sobs of agony and sadness as the second child came, another girl. As soon as the second girl came, Evangaline was quiet. Gale joined her in the birthing room to find her barely concious and barely breathing. The woman cleaned up the two children in warm water and presented them to him, thinking the two children his. He did not correct her, as he focused his attention on his sister. The woman cleaned her up too, but Gale caught the sad worried look as she left with one of their last Roman trinkets - payment.

Evangaline woke later that day to suckle her two daughters, and they grew boisterous. She named one Lilia and the second Yvette, after the English woman who had delivered her. Gale played with them as his sister tended the home. But he was worried for her. Every week she seemed weaker, a pale ghost of herself. By June, she was bedridden. The children were off milk and eating light meat. But Evangaline grew weaker and in her bed, she confessed that she had been sick since Lupercalia. She laughed and said she had been surprised to survive birthing her children. She told him to teach them the ways of their savior and treat them right, though she never used their names. She loved and hated her bastard children, choosing to die without their names on her tongue.

She died, and Gale buried her in their small, unfinished garden. Lilia did not last long, always a delicate child like her mother. She got sick with some heaving disease and stopped breathing in the middle of the night. She joined her mother in the once-garden. Unable to stand the loss of his sister, Gale took the other niece, the stronger, bigger Yvette to London. He knew he could not raise her here, the land where her mother and sister lived and died.

He took a boat to the West in London, giving the captain the remains of his Roman items, though kept his Lion's cloak and silver cross. In Freetown, they headed north, where they were told they'd find pack a plenty to join. Gale did not tell his niece, a girl he called his daughter, of his past or of her mother's past. All she knew was that he had come from Rome and gave her his family's penchant for languages.