Miqui Kimaris

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By Mel

Miqui Kimaris is a current Confidant of Salsola, and part of the Kimaris family.

He was born in Eterne to Mantus Kimaris and Nahualli Pahti-Kimaris. Nahualli, a slave woman, was quietly sacrificed to purify her children, while his father fell ill and died on February 2, 2010, leaving Miqui and his siblings to have Metetzli as a father figure, depite him being Miqui's half-brother in actuality.






  • Date of Birth: 02 November 2009
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Confidants
  • cNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Miqui around Salsola: scouting, being lazy, or training -- anything that would be normal for him.
  • Loosely chatting with Miqui in passing (i.e: your character says "Hey, Miqui." and gets a grunt in reply).

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP.
  • Training plots -- ask to initially set up, then feel free to reference it without discussion after!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Miqui's father was a purebred Mexican Coyote; his mother was a California Valley Coyote and Great Plains Wolf hybrid. Miqui typically minimalizes and ignores his wolf heritage, though the wolf blood reveals itself more so in Miqui than in any of his siblings.
  • Fur: His fur is sleek and especially well-kept, though it grows thin over much of his body as a result of his desert heritage (excepting his thick ruff). Nonetheless, his quarter wolf does give him enough protection to sustain the winter without clothing himself or sticking too close to fire.
    • Optime Hair: His long, dark hair is usually tied back into a ponytail.
  • Facial Features: His face is fuller and broader than that of a coyote, though his muzzle is more elongated than the typical wolf. The ruff of fur ringing his is especially wolfish -- thick and full, with an obvious double-coat.
  • Build and Size: Miqui is too large to be coyote, though he makes for a small wolf at best. He appears even less coyote since the conflict and building himself into peak physical condition. He lacks the traditionally scrawny figure of a coyote. He is strong and thickly-built. His natural musculature has blossomed into thickness, strength apparent in his every facet. Though he is clearly well-built, strong, and fit, Miqui is still a compact canine: he does not "bulge" with muscle.
  • Humanization: Not against clothing or accessories.


  • Eyes: Sangria.
  • Fur: His coat consists primarily of tobacco brown.
  • Markings:
    • His coat lightens to a teak color along his belly.
    • He is Birch along his upper body.
    • A saddle along his back, the tips of his ears, and the tip of his tail are oil.


Tobacco Brown (#6F6144)
Teak (#AB9663)
Birch (#4E4224)
Oil (#302917)
Sangria (#940505)

1.2  Miscellaneous


Four horizontal scars across his face from defending his sisters from a cougar attack. Miqui also bears the Hand of Eris (Salsola's scarification) on his left forearm. This scar was given by his sister Tlantli.


A few leather strips in varying dull colors (gray, gray-green, brown, black), used to tie back his hair.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Miqui's ears are pierced twice. He will sometimes wear two earring in his right ear.



85 lbs (39 kg) — 29 in (74 cm)

Miqui's Lupus form is the most obviously coyote of his forms, possession a dainty, smaller appearance.


165 lbs (75 kg) — 32 in (81 cm)

He possesses a rather average Secui form -- perhaps its only remarkable aspect is the especially silken texture of his elongated mane.


195 lbs (88 kg) — 6ft 5in (77 in) (196 cm)

In his optime form, Miqui is tall and strong, although only about coyote-sized. His long, dark hair is usually tied back into a ponytail.


  • Speech: Miqui's voice is gruff and deep, and often grumpy in tone. He rarely shows affection and fondness via his speech, and frequently makes sarcastic quips.
  • Scent: As per Salsola social norms, Miqui disguises his scent when leaving the pack's vicinity, but this doesn't happen often, and as such he usually smells heavily of the pack within it's territory.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He's not very animated, only allowing eyebrow raises and the occasional shrug of shoulders.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Closed-off and distant, Miqui, albeit barely, leans towards submission in his posture.


2.  Personality

Miqui is a dedicated and loyal member of Salsola, he is rather quiet and introverted but isn't afraid to speak up or question someone. He can come off as somewhat suspicious of others that are new to his pack or outside of it – he is never quick to trust strangers. The male doesn’t usually see the point in outright flirting or pick-up lines, though he does have a bit of libido and will try to steal glances at an attractive female. He is competitive and doesn't generally like being bested by anyone, but this is in a quieter manner than some; it’s rare for him to show off or be particularly flaunting about his talents, however he may mention them in a positive light from time to time. With his competitiveness, he can also be stubborn accepting help from someone he doesn't know very well.

2.1  Ideals


Stoic and quiet, sarcastic, somewhat awkward, outgoing by force


  • Ehecatl (fathering lots of babies)
  • Family
  • Salsola


  • Isolation
  • Loneliness


  • Packs: Believes in coyote supremacy, but he clearly doesn't have an issue with living in "wolf" packs (e.g., Anathema). He enjoys that Salsola is primarily coyote.
  • Non-Luperci: Has picked up some of Salsola's bias.
  • Humanization: Miqui does not universally shun human things. He will wear clothing, jewelry, or otherwise. He does not, however, appreciate any aspects of humanity he considers to be contrary to his goal of physical fitness and peak condition. E.g.: he eats primarily raw foods and refuses horses and other transportation unless absolutely necessary (e.g., hauling a load of firewood).



  • Kinsey 1 -- "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual".
  • Prefers strong women that can become a team with him.
  • Accepts incestual relationships as per Salsola cultural norms, and also believes they can be a positive thing, to keep the purity of a bloodline (y'know, like they did way back when with nobles).


  • Miqui has a cursory understanding of Eterne's religious beliefs and inclinations, but he does not take them very seriously. He regards Salsola's ritualistic behaviors suspiciously, though he does not abhor them. Perhaps he could be more inclined to them, if someone were to try and 'open his eyes'.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Kimaris

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • — 

Positive Relations

  • Ataxia D'Angelo -- he's imparted to her a fair bit of knowledge regarding Eterne ideals and so forth, and considers her both a friend and a potential baby-maker. She therefore occupies awkward space for Miqui.
  • Tlantli Kimaris: Due to his devotion to Tlantli, Miqui slept with his sister for several weeks in the Spring of 2012. He holds a strange pride about it; he believes their coupling is the thing to resuscitate the Kimaris bloodline. But lately he also has been questioning himself, if it was out of obligation, or love for the family.
  • Xochime Kimaris: While overprotective of Xochime, he always felt odd around her due to her absence in his early childhood. Her departure impacted him greatly, however, for he did not realize how dependent he was on his blood family. Her departure meant a general lack of friendship and camaraderie in the pack for Miqui, and so he branched out.

Neutral / Negative

  • Eris Eternity is viewed with a faint sense of detachment; while Miqui still feels obligated to her of rank, he understands now how she was using him to accomplish ends. As such, he still answers to Eris, but may give snotty looks or otherwise demonstrate distaste for her authority.

Minor Relations

  • Unfriendly: ???

4.  Abilities

  • Miqui is something of a jack of all trades -- his involvement with various Salsola projects (including butchering a whale, trading with foreign packs, hunting with the pack, and fighting for the pack) has given him a variety of minor skill sets. He is master of none, but has dabbled in many areas. With good instruction, he is a capable learner of even the most exotic of skills.


  • Scouting (Master): Despite a small visual disadvantage due to his scarred eye, Miqui is generally hard to sneak up on, and has a good awareness of his surroundings.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Miqui doesn't hunt often anymore, leaving it up to other members of Salsola. But as a carnivore he always has his instincts, and some experience.


  • Miqui is an accomplished brawler/fighter. He defended his sisters from a cougar when young, and aided Salsola in the Boreas Conflict -- proving despite his lack of training a natural ability to defeat his enemies. Since the Boreas conflict, Miqui dedicated himself to training. He is capable of melee fighting in any form, and is accomplished with a range of short melee weapons in Optime form -- including the staff and club.


  • Miqui speaks fluent Spanish, and English. He is most comfortable in Spanish. He spent a period of time speaking Bajan Creole and may retain some knowledge of the language, though he would be rusty at best.


  • Miqui is a construction laborer (Journeyman). His experience deals primarily with small dry stone projects -- e.g., walls, foundations, very small shacks with wooden/thatched roofs. Simplistic mining techniques allow Miqui the raw materials for such projects.


  • The knotted scar tissue behind his left eye gives him a slight visual disadvantage -- his peripheral vision is not as strong on the left-hand side.
  • Miqui is a strong natural introvert; coupled with his early lack of exposure to canines other than his siblings makes for a generally awkward and estranged presence. Miqui isn't great at socializing, though he's tried to force himself to do so since Xochime's departure.

4.1  Inventory


Millstone Village, Salsola




  • Offering: --
  • Accepting: --



  • Something

5.  History

Miqui was born in Mexico and left his homeland due to familial strife -- namely, dangers from his uncle. Miqui and his siblings Tlantli and Imacai journeyed north through Barbados and Freetown. Miqui's first pack was Inferni; he then joined Anathema and eventually helped found Salsola. He has been living in this last pack since May 2011.

5.1  Detailed

  • On November 2, 2009, Miqui and his siblings were born to Mantus Kimaris and Nahualli Pahti-Kimaris in Eterne. Mantus was excited at the prospect of having two even-born sons to carry the Kimaris line. He insisted upon their education in ehecatl journeys and began planning for their eventual departure just days after the children's birth. Nahualli, a slave woman, was quietly sacrificed to purify her children.
  • His son, Baphomet, was unhappy with his father's decision; he wished to instill the Atototzli religion into his half-siblings. This caused an argument between Baphomet and a few days later, Mantus fell ill. Mantus died on February 2, 2010. Metetzli suspected Baphomet had something to do with it but Mantus was kind of an old fart; there was no clear evidence either way.
  • Miqui and his siblings were raised as Metetzli's children; Metetzli acted as their father, although the children do know he is actually their half-brother. Baphomet was generally uninvolved; his spat with Mantus and his increasingly aggressive promotion of the religious path for the children cause Metetzli to cut him out. Dieriel, their half-siblings, was also involved in their life; she acted as an aunt figure, living within the Kimaris household and hleping to raise the children. She is more reserved than Mete and is never viewed in a motherly light by the children.
  • When Xochime was seven months old, Baphomet kidnapped her and sold her into slavery. Tlantli was nearly kidnapped a week or two after that, presumably for the same ends. Mete was unable to prove Baphomet's involvement, and was powerless to react.
  • Upon their ninth month, Miqui and Imacai were sent out on their ehecatl journeys. Metetzli knew this was too early for them to start reproducing, but he was afraid of Baphomet. He sent Tlantli with her brothers, an extremely uncommon practice. He also hired a guard, intending for the man to escort the children all the way to Freetown.
  • The guard dumped Miqui and his siblings in Barbados and took off with most of their stuff. The group spent a few months living on their own: they scratched a living on the beach. Tlantli ended up whoring herself out, while Miqui and Imacai became pretty good thieves. Eventually, they claim passage on a boat to Freetown.
  • They landed in Freetown with no trouble; however, on the land route to Souls from Freetown, the trio was attacked by a cougar. Imacai and Miqui fight the wildcat off. Imacai fairs much better than Miqui and was barely hurt, while Miqui is severely wounded -- the trio was held up for some time to allow Miqui to heal.
  • In February of 2011, they split up. Imacai headed to Inferni, while Anathema became Tlantli and Citlali's choice of residence. Miqui floated between the two packs before choosing to follow his brother; however, when Imacai decided to depart from pack life, Miqui headed to Anathema to be with his other family.
  • When Salsola was formed in May 2010, Miqui followed Tlantli and Citlali there, though he himself did not feel a strong bond to the pack. He simply wishes to watch over his sister. His other sister, Xochime, ends up in Salsola, as well. This cements Miqui's position into the pack, and he decided it would be best to remain as long as his sisters did, and perhaps longer still.
  • Miqui then proceeded to live in Salsola as a relatively quiet member of The Family. He restored the storage area with a pair of slaves in fall of 2011.
  • In March of 2012, his sister approaches him with her plans: get pregnant and go back to Eterne. At Tlantli's wish, Miqui starts having sex with her. This lasts only for a few weeks and ends upon conception. Miqui is still torn about this, at the time he was quite alright with it, but recently he questions if he had felt obligated to do this for his sister. And since he has no involvement in the children's life, this leaves him with even more confusing feelings.
  • In Summer 2012, his remaining sister departs Salsola. This impacts Miqui deeply and signals a general shift in personality for him.

5.2  Threads

  1. Joining: Miqui happens along Inferni's borders and is greeted by his brother Imacai, who accepts him to the clan. (1st player)
  2. In This Instance: Miqui briefly meets Misery D'Angelo of Anathema. (1st player)
  3. Shadows of the Sun: Miqui finds his sister, Tlantli, and presumably learns that she and Citlali, his nephew, have joined Anathema. (1st player)
  4. The Sky Above Us...: Miqui follows Tlantli to Salsola and joins the pack there. (NPC)
  5. Sunshine Fades Away: (2nd player)
  6. Dreamland: (2nd player)
  7. No Violins When You Die: (NPC)
  8. Dog Among Kings: (NPC)
  9. Heavens Made with Black Fire: (NPC)
  10. Millions of Years: (NPC)
  11. In the Parish of Space Dust: (NPC)
  12. Dipolmacy of the Dead: (NPC)
  13. Got a Gypsy Soul to Blame: (NPC)
  14. The Last Supper: (NPC)
    Miqui gets very, very drunk and has sex with his sister, Tlantli after this gathering. They continue to have a secretive tryst hereafter; Miqui is unaware of his sister's motives in getting herself pregnant with Miqui's children and returning to Eterne.
  15. Don't Think Too Slow in the Syrupy Sun (22 Mar)
    Miqui Kimaris and Gjalda. Tlantli finds a beached whale just north of Salsola and fetches her brother to help her carve its corpse up. Miqui uses the horse cart with the Salsolian communal horses Trader and Blanche and follows his sister to the site of the whale. The pair use machetes to carve the whale's corpse.
  16. The Blackest Sea (And it Runs Deeper Than You) (22 Mar)
    Eris Eternity, Miqui Kimaris, Draugr Helsi, Gjalda, and Darijus Ostroszek help boil, fry, and eventually jar the products of a beached whale.
  17. Cities Encircled in Iron (DD Mon)
    Miqui travels to AniWaya with Draugr Helsi to trade the male llama Rory and several sheep as per Eris Eternity's request.
  18. This Holy Crow Above Me (12 Sep)
    Pine Barrens, with Eris Eternity, Ataxia D'Angelo, Harrow D'Angelo, Pandemic D'Angelo.
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