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1.  About

The Helsi family's off-board and dead members -- primarily moved here to clean up the main Helsi page. x:

2.  Ancestry

Ametiste Seie and Cervel Romano were both born in the easternmost parts of Alaska to the same pack. They fell in love young, and rather than remain in the cold north, they set out southward, intending to settle in southern Ontario or Manitoba and form their own pack. Upon their arrival, however, they found much of the best territory able to sustain large groups was already claimed by various packs and other sorts of groups. They attempted to scratch a living in a less-than-favorable area, only to fail miserably; Ametiste and Cervel were absorbed into a nearby pack.

Their life quality did improve, however, and with those improvements to her diet, Ametiste became pregnant. Their pack, a laid-back, hippie-ish sort of place lacking in any strict law and adherence to old wolf customs, welcomed the birth of their first litter, Frey and Banja Romano. Their second came just a year later, with Eitri and Saete. With strong Frey and Banja to help raise the younger children, the Romano family seemed poised to flourish -- unfortunately, tragedy struck. When Saete and Eitri were just three months old, the girl was killed by a roving lynx.

Her elder brother, Banja, blamed himself -- he had been watching his younger siblings at the time of Saete's death. Cervel was unnecessarily harsh on his son, and Ametiste, heartbroken, did not defend Banja in the least. Banja remained around for the sake of his younger brother alone, though his father's newfound aggression and his mother's listless depression took their toll on the boy. The Romano family in its entirety was on the verge of being exiled from the pack when Frey and Banja departed with their younger brother, heading south when the pup was still six or seven months of age.

They came across the Hearg Njorth and settled there. Frey and Eitri remained within the Hearg, absorbing the area's culture and forgetting about their past.

2.1  Banja

Banja was uncomfortable within the Hearg from the get-go. He lasted only a few short weeks before he decided his duty to his brothers' survival was finished, and departed to unknown ends. He headed east until he came across a tiny family. There, he found a lovely daughter of the family, one Alaine Winters. Desiring her and intensely jealous of her seeming happiness within her family, Banja contrived to join their midst and have Alaine, one way or the other.

He eventually managed to lure her from her family, abandoning the charismatic and sweet demeanor he had adopted to squirm into the woman's life for the truth: a personality ravaged by the loss and guilt of his sister, the hatred of his father, the inaction of his mother. Nonetheless, reasons and excuses for Banja, he treated her terribly, attempting unsuccessfully to inflict upon her all the hurt that had ever been given to him.

Somewhere in his twisted mind, Banja had decided to make his own family with Alaine, whether she desired it or not. Unfortunately, when this came to fruition, the woman fled, causing Banja to give chase. He trailed her for some time, slowed and often derailed altogether from his quarry by growing madness. Near the end, Banja had become completely unreachable, suffering from hallucinations and delusions both. He ceased eating entirely, and his large, bulky frame dwinled to frightening skeleton. When he finally found his prey, she was able to overpower him, first tricking him into believing she would acquiesce to his will again and then tearing his throat from him.

-Adapted from AlaineWinters's history; this belongs to Alaine! :|

2.2  Frey

Frey joined the Hundr caste along with his younger brother, and the two prospered at the task, their larger forms advantageous to the pack. When Frey was four, however, he incurred a debt from a member of the Valr (warrior) caste in the Hearg. Unable to pay the debt and unwilling to settle in the festival, the warrior eventually leveled skjoldr claim against Frey. Rather than face the warrior and die or be seriously wounded and have to leave anyway, Frey took his leave. It was a decision he regretted almost as soon as he made it, though he headed west.

He encountered Kirkja Helsi, however, and became smitten with her, convinced this was his salvation. His time within the Hearg had given him to utterly respect women, and their relationship was one of romance and idolatry on Frey's part. At her suggestion, they moved west toward North Dakota, where Kirkja was born, intending to start a pack of their own.

Though he had chosen to leave the Hearg, Frey did not speak ill of it; rather, he inflated the Hearg and spoke of the völva and all their customs earnestly, still professing belief in many of them. He became ill, however, and shortly before Kirkja gave birth, he died of fever, fire-like pain in the entirety of his body.

2.3  Eitri

Eitri, who had known his parents only as shades of their former selves, adored both his brothers, looking up to them. Banja had always been kindly to Eitri, and despite his increasingly sour nature, the youth lamented the man's departure, growing ever-more attached to Frey. He joined the Hundr caste with Frey, and like his brother, he prospered there, soon attracting the attention of various women in the Hearg.

His eye, however, was set on Sætr -- a fellow huntress who seemed completely uninterested in anything remotely male. He pursued her doggedly, however, and Eitri's methods were nothing short of courteous and respectful, perfect tact for within the Hearg. He went so far as to offer a sacrifice for her in Dísablót, offering a black female calf as sacrifice for Sætr. It was this act that finally rewarded him with her genuine favor, and the pair soon thereafter sought to engage in the mateship ceremony.

Their rites were granted by the Fyrstrvölva, who had performed all recent mateship ceremonies within the Hearg, as she sought a female daughter for her heir. The hunt was swift, and the party brought down an elk on the first night, granting certain good favor to Eitri and Sætr. Their first litter produced a single female child, one who would be taken for the völva sect. Siv was everything her parents might have wanted in a child at first. Shortly after Siv's birth, one Kirkja Helsi made herself known to Eitri, foisting off on him Rekyr Helsi, the son of Eitri's brother. Still idolizing Frey, Eitri and his mate adopted the child and treated him as a son.

Upon the loss of Siv and Reykr from the Hearg, Sætr and Eitri have endeavored to produce more children, though some whisper of bad blood within their family.

Eitri and Sætr are the only members of the Helsi/Romano family left within the Hearg Njorth. They are actively attempting to reproduce again, as they are still rather young. Eitri probably has some sort of complex about his younger sister, Saete, who died when they were both rather young. Sætr bears uncanny resemblance to his dead sister.

2.4  Vindr

Vindr had wandered off from her mother Kirkja and her brother Reykr, happening upon the Oneiric pack shortly after departing in the night. She had been hungry, and Kirkja, asleep, would not rouse from her cries and whimpers -- so, she'd set off. The Oneiric pack took her in eagerly, as they were a small clan of four in the southern half of Wisconson -- Abulia and Syzygy Oneiric, and their sons Seraglio and Welkin.

Seraglio and Welkin competed endlessly for Vindr's affections, and she was never quite interested in either of them, preferring to play by herself as a child and spend time with Abulia and Syzygy, learning the ways of the pack. It soon became apparent -- at least to Vindr -- that both Abulia and Syzygy were disappointed with their sons and their prospects for alphaship. Thus, Vindr decided to devote herself entirely to the family and the betterment of the pack.

When Vindr was a year and a half old, Abulia succumbed to fever, and Syzygy moved aside, leaving alphaship to Vindr. This inflamed both Seraglio and Welkin, though they did eventually acquiesce to their supposed new alpha with some grumbling. Vindr, young and new to alphaship, did not at first wish to accept either Sera or Welki as her mate. She pursued Syzygy, despite being several years his junior; her attempts were rebuffed, however. Eventually, she settled for Seraglio, finding him at least slightly more physically attractive than his brother. They produced two sons with their first union, Sonje Helsi and Veltre Helsi.

Seraglio was utterly subservient to Vindr, along with Welkin. Syzygy held some sway over Vindr, but not much -- or so it seemed to Sonje. She grew up watching her mother produce efficient order within the pack, ruling over Sonje's elder male relatives with casual ease. Sonje was also raised to believe herself superior to her brother Veltre -- while her mother never stated this outright, it was clear from Sonje's first memories who Vindr favored. While Veltre was always larger, Sonje simply took advantage of her brother's sweet and submissive demeanor, emulating her mother's treatment of Sera, Welki, and Syzygy.

Their life was not particularly easy -- though Vindr had given the pack children in a time of plenty and peace, the spring following the children's birth was an exceptionally wet one. Floods plagued the land, and prey became scarcer -- a neighboring pack began trespassing to hunt. Though the pack tried to defend their territory, they were eventually muscled off the land by the larger pack, and headed east.

While the conflict between packs did not result in any direct loss of life, the eastward move toward more suitable hunting grounds was disastrous for Syzygy. The older wolf perished, and Vindr was never quite the same thereafter. Her efficient rule over Seraglio and Welkin began to slip, though she seemed indifferent. When they arrived in the Hearg Njorth, she had slipped into depression and ceased feeding and caring for herself. Her daughter Sonje slipped away from the Hearg, and Seraglio was killed shortly thereafter in a hunting accident.

Thereafter, Vindr seemed to brighten: she formed a relationship with her distant relative Eitri Romano and his mate and joined the Hearg Njorth's Moðir sect, helping other women care for their children. With her seeming recovery, Welkin pursued her relentlessly, thinking he might take up his brother's place at her side. Vindr threw back his attempts repeatedly, but he persisted. Vindr eventually pleaded for assistance, and Welkin was challenged to Skjoldr shortly thereafter on a minor charge by one of the Valr sect's best women.

Some time thereafter, Vindr took a mate -- Morberige Dvargr. She made her some babies and raised them all happy in the Hearg, with Veltre and Eitri's helpses.

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