The Outpost

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Following the success of the Winter Festival, traders from Freetown established an Outpost for trade within the Northern Tides. The Outpost received trade goods coming north from Freetown and various travelers. It operated as a midpoint between Freetown and the packs of 'Souls.


The Outpost was settled on the shoreline in the southern extremes of the Fundy National Park. The Outpost was separated from the city of Saint John by the mouth of the Saint John River. A long-abandoned shoreside campsite was chosen for the spot, as it was mostly clear of old growth and overlooks the shore, providing a view of the city across the river. Low hills and thick forests surround the Outpost, though the trading post itself sits in a hollow between three these hills. The hills provide natural defense against invasion.

The first settlers of the Outpost ringed the encampment with fencing -- primarily rusted old barbed wire scavenged from the city. Over time, these defenses had been strengthened into a wooden palisade, with stakes pointing outward to ward off attackers. Though once home to several raised buildings and tents, practically all the usable wood was reclaimed as traders left. The impression of the fence is left behind, as are other signs of former inhabitance. At the center of the hollow, a raised firepit remains. Logs, stones, and other makeshift seats surround the fire ring, allowing trader Luperci to sit and share their stories. There is no grass within the area of the former Outpost except around the edges-- the ground has been trodden down to stony dirt.

In early 2016 members of The Outpost began to quietly filter their way out of the area. With trade competition growing from the permanent residents of 'Souls, many of these merchants resettled elsewhere -- first in Freetown and then further south in Portland. Some continue to visit 'Souls periodically but The Outpost is no longer the active trading post that it once was.


  • Formed in January 2013.
  • Expanded to allow packs to set up trade stalls/tents/etc. in January 2014.
  • Disbanded in February 2016.


  • The Outpost is no longer active, though its characters can still be found in Portland.