Reykr Helsi

Reykr Helsi

Reykr by Sie
Name MeaningAsh; Unknown
Name OriginOld Norse; Unknown
Date of Birth28 Feb 2010
Subspecies50% C. lupus pambasileus,
50% C. lupus familiaris
Birth placeUnknown
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Previous Pack

Hearg Njorth



Joining dateNovember 8, 2011


RankThe Associate

Reykr Helsi is a former member of Hearg Njorth. He deserted Salsola to follow his mate, Alessandra Von Sin, to Vinátta. In early 2013, Reykr was fatally wounded by a bear, and died in Alessandra's arms.[1]

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1.  History

Frey and Kirkja met in the eastern parts of Michigan's upper peninsula; their relationship was one of romance and idolatry on the part of Frey. He treated Kirkja with a tenderness the woman had never before experienced, and she was utterly smitten. At her suggestion, they moved west toward North Dakota, where Kirkja was born, intending to start a pack of their own.

Kirkja became pregnant earlier than expected, however, and Frey died of illness just prior to Kirkja's delivery of three children: two daughters, Skeyti and Vindr, and Reykr. Kirkja unfortunately suffered from postnatal psychosis shortly after she gave birth and became euphoric, sleeping very little for nearly two months. She began to suffer delusions, adopting the misguided belief that her Frey was a religious prophet, and her children were also destined to prophecize. This frightened her as well as intrigued her.

While Kirkja was able to provide basic necessities such as food and shelter for Reykr and his siblings, she neglected a wound Skeyti suffered, and the girl died of an infection when the puppies were one month old. A month later, Kirkja decided to head east and seek the place the children's father spoke of prior to his death. At some point during the journey, his sister Vindr wandered off in the night, and was presumed dead. Kirkja became increasingly listless, depressed, and detached, forgetting or becoming indifferent to her delusions as they continued onward.

Two weeks after they set out, Reykr and his mother arrived in a state park in the upper peninsula of Michigan and find the place where his father lived -- Hearg Njorth. Kirkja found a man with the same surname as the canine who fathered her children, and determined this man, Eitri Romano, is her son's uncle. She promptly deposited Rey with him and disappeared without so much as a good-bye to Rey.

Eitri was a kindly man, however, and he and his mate Sætr adopt Reykr, going so far as to call him son. Sætr, a huntress, teaches Reykr much about the wilderness and hunting, teaching him all of the ancient methods of their kind, and also educates him in Hearg Njorth's religious inclinations. Though Sætr herself was not a völva, her own mother was, and her daughter, Siv, would also become one -- thus she was something of an under-priestess. Eitri took a more passive role in raising Reykr and Siv, consumed mostly by the Hearg's uncomplicated, albeit time-consuming, political matters. He was never unavailable to the children, however, and when Reykr was first allowed to attend the ritual feast, his adoptive father bestowed all the honor of a proper son upon Reykr, welcoming him to the Hearg's meals openly when Reykr became an official member of the Hundr caste of the Hearg.

Siv was another matter entirely from either of her parents. As an apprentice völva, she spent little time recreationally or with her family once able to shift. Reykr found her mystifying and gave her the utmost respect, as was expected of him, but he was also quite fearful of her. Before he so much as passes his tenth month, he develops a crush on her, though the pair were cousins and raised as near-siblings. Rey does not reveal his feelings, disturbed his his attraction to his blood cousin, but also fearful that she may have cast magic over him to force his feelings.

Some months passed while Reykr attempted to deal with his feelings unsuccessfully, finally driven to seek redemption and cleansing in the hearg proper in the center of the territory. He attended in the night, and Siv accosted him there, accusing and interrogating him about his feelings. Though Rey admitted his crush readily, his cousin refused to acknowledge whether or not she had cast magic over him. This frightens Reykr more than anything, though not so much as what Siv does next -- she seduces him and the pair mate in the heart of the hearg, defiling it -- by some miracle, they are not caught. Reykr attributed (and still attributes) this to Siv's magic. They continue to meet over the next few months, until guilt and shame drive Reykr to depart from the hearg in the middle of the night, intending to head as far east as possible, away from Siv and her hold over him.

2.  Personality

Still earnestly believes the Hearg Njorth's rituals, magic, etc. Generally views the world in this perspective -- he is extremely unlikely to engage in any sort of abuse toward women due to this; he would be extremely respectful toward all females, especially those with any sort of indication of being a völva or having völva-like abilities. Outside of this, namely with males he can be rather prudent and strange, sometimes rude without provocation. He tends to favor the female sex, and he will only hold his tongue around them. He's loyal to his allies, a horrible enemy to the ones whom are not kind to them(woman), nor to him. His mind is prone to wandering off in random directions, giving him a sense of mental 'retardation' even though he is quite bright when he is presented with accurate information, or subject that he is knowledgeable about. He doesn't know much about human technology, nor does he particularly like buildings or people telling him he should learn to read or write(for it is forbidden in his culture) and he is neck-deep still in his religion. He is a collector of information.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Skills

  • Plant healing
  • Alcohol fermentation process/building necessary tools for this
  • Bone weaponry carving/creation
  • Scarification/Tattooing(ancient ways)
  • Some fighting skills, mostly protection of ones vital organs
  • Construction of a fishing weir
  • Some Wood working skills
  • Spear Fishing
  • Exceptional buck hunter/skinner
  • Bear Hunter

5.  Appearance

Reykr Helsi

Primary body color is bronze; his underside is teak, which fades to deep bronze around the darkest areas of his body. His muzzle, mane, ears, and tail-tip are cola. His eyes are a pale yellow, quite close to sweet corn. His fur is slightly shorter and less thick than most wolves due to his dog's heritage; however, he is quite able to survive cold temperatures and used to harsh winters. His tail is particularly thin of fur. His ears are slightly larger than the average wolf's ears.


He is thickly built, and large even for a hybrid -- his Lupus form tops out at 117 pounds. Although not a tall giant in his Optime form, he is broad of build, with wide shoulders and, when at his heaviest, the barest beginnings of a belly, evidence of health and good eating in his homeland. This has faded with the journey from Hearg Njorth to 'Souls, however; he has become altogether a leaner creature. In his Optime form, he keeps his hair shorn short and as close to a normal wolf's mane as possible. The cut is generally jagged and not so very skilled, as Reykr prefers to do this himself. He has the valknut in a large brand tattoo across his left flank, its color cedar red from rubbing particular dyes into his healing flesh.