Judas Poer de Aika XIII

Judas Poer de Aika XIII was a notorious loner of the Halifax area, born a prince of Anathema to Naniko D'Angelo and Barrett. He was the youngest brother of Octavius and Severus, and the unknowing father of Cain, Abel, and Gethsemane.

A product of neglect and abuse, Judas was thought in his youth to be possessed by a demon and was later in life motivated to extreme measures by an unyielding hunger for the psychological understanding of others as well as the slow approach of blindness due to a case of scleritis. Judas became known for a sociopathic streak of violence against seemingly random targets throughout late 2013 and early 2014.

After many months' work, Judas was hunted down and killed in May 2014 by Tayui Aston and Wraith Creed[M][1].

In the 2013 Yearbook, Judas was voted "Biggest Creeper" and "Most Wanted." In the 2014 Yearbook, Judas was voted "Best Hero or Villain and their Sidekick" with Octavius.

Judas Poer de Aika XIII

by Songbird



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Date of Birth

1 August 2011






Neutral Evil



de le Poer

Birth place




85% Canis lupus (Wolf)
15% Canis latrans (Coyote)




Pack Loners


Anathema (AUG 2011 - FEB 2012)
Kinshou Yokai, Zepar

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1.  Appearance

His pelt a mirror of his father's, Judas's coat is predominantly a very dark gray to black, mixed with a motley of browns and silvers resembling his mother's white pelt. To one who might not know him, Judas appears clean, smart, and well-kept — at least until they look at his face, when they might see his jet black eyes against an eerie shade of bloody red, thanks to a practically untreatable case of scleritis. Dog and coyote genetics, although sparse, have hampered his height to around 7'0". Judas wears a thin, sickly build, and never appears to be at the fullest of health. He appears a full-blooded wolf, as his minor genes play little part.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Thunder (#211B1F), fading from Woody Brown (#453130) roots.
  • Eyes: Iris a solid Black (#000000); inner eye/sclera Milano Red (#BE0604) (bloodshot with scleritis).
  • Fur:: Predominantly a dark shade of Thunder (#211B1F).
    • Large sects of Matterhorn (#594443) throughout coat, bordered by Schooner (#968D8C) and flecks of Alto (#D7D6D6).

1.2  Images

1.3  Forms




51 lbs (23 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

Bony, thin, pitiful-looking hidden beneath a thick wolf coat. Tall. Completely wolf in appearance and build.

109 lbs (49 kg)
86 in (220 cm)

Lacking the typical added muscle mass of secui, this form is virtually no different from his lupus form. It is never used.

121 lbs (54 kg)
7ft 0in (84 in) (213 cm)
Preferred form. Thin, sickly, bony build. Little muscle mass, but decent height. Despite this Judas is very handsome, and paired with his humble sickliness he appears almost endearing.

1.4  Other

Judas is clean, well-kept, and neat in appearance. Able to manipulate conversations to avoid physical conflict against his very fragile body, the Aika lacks scarring. To maintain his vaguely business-casual-type appearance, he also bears little tattooing and no piercings.


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: A brand on the surface of his left hand, marking him as Anatheman. As the tattoo was delivered against his will as a child, Judas often keeps his hands in his pockets or otherwise keeps the brand from sight.
  • Scars: None. Evidently he's good at staying out of scraps!



  • Judas cleans up well, with a white button-up shirt untucked over simple black jeans.

2.  Personality

Magnificent Bastard, Well-Intentioned Extremist, The Unfettered, Consummate Liar

Suave, a smooth talker. Charming, intriguing. Always smiling. Always pleasant. Always aware.

Even as a pup Judas was believed by his mother to be possessed by a demon, but whether it is true cannot be confirmed. However, this "possession" may only be an excuse to explain multiple mental disorders the man suffers that only resemble the fact. Judas displays clear signs of psychopathy, yet typically the man is contained and pleasant to stranger and familiar alike, whom he treats the same. A snake with a silver tongue, the man is showy, a puppeteer; from his fingertips hangs every situation he enters and every face he meets. Though Judas appears to be conscious and in control of his actions and feelings, he is prone to slip in and out bouts of wild, unpredictable, unexplainable or otherwise dangerous behavior smoothly and without prompt, yet is empty of desires for the flesh. He possesses a frail body and little muscle in exchange, however; though he could be easily overwhelmed in a physical fight, the ever-conscious Judas sways conversations to avoid conflict in favor of careful dialogue. Thanks to his scleritis, Judas has failing vision and is in constant pain, but manages to hide it most of the time.

Judas seems to favor no creature over another, lacking a strong sense of empathy or compassion and requiring no companionship to thrive yet always seeking the company. That said, Judas possesses a genuine curiosity in the mental processes of those around him. He seeks to learn what makes those around him "tick," and possesses no fear to pull the answers he desires out of them. He is also a decent craftsman, particularly with wood, and can often be found whittling small statuettes and other trinkets in his free time.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: cathedrals, architecture, domination, wood whittling, stirring trouble to test hypotheses, finding out what makes others "tick"
  • Dislikes: subordination, sea air, smoke, fire, righteous figures, holy symbols


  • Outwardly charming, pleasant, sociable, well-spoken, polite
  • Inwardly manipulative, calculating, self-assured, conniving, dangerous
  • Always smiling
  • Extremely sensitive eyes, slowly going blind, constant (hidden) pain
  • Hyperintelligent, hyperconscious
  • Boosted secondary senses, as his sight is waning
  • Outlook: Optimistic, in that he knows his plans will succeed.
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Theme: Jeff Tuohy - Bourbon Street


  • Completely confident of himself, Judas bears no obvious fears.


  • Knowledge, control, waning sight, birthright


  • Speech: Well-spoken, eloquent, polite. A deep, charming voice.
  • Scent: A combination of lumber and, eerily, incense.


  • Packs: Judas despises underling pack life.
    • Judas is a prince of Anathema and resents its current state.
    • He dislikes Casa di Cavalieri, as they are righteous, just and burly: his natural enemy.
    • Finds present-day Inferni to be a shame compared to its former, ruthless glory.
    • Thanks to the accidental theft of his birdcage by a Cercatori d'Arte, Judas openly spreads harmful rumor and gossip about them, though he himself has no other problem with its members.
    • Judas is only impressed by Salsola, as he nearly walked straight into their border traps.
  • Gender: He thinks most women are easily manipulated.
  • Color: Tends to prey more on white wolves, as they resemble his mother.
  • Age: Children are very common targets of Judas because of the nearly unlimited results his torture can have on their minds, which he finds most intriguing.


Judas is completely asexual -- he has no longing nor natural desires for the flesh -- but is known to be a charmer and a flirt to gain favor with others regardless of gender. If he engages in casual sex, it is purely for some strategic purpose to further a plan and usually premeditated, as evidenced with the birth of his three children by Sofia di Pasqua.


As he must be in total control and awareness of his surrounding environment in order to stay alive with his reputation, Judas engages in no drugs or alcohol whatsoever -- though he has faked it.


Judas is hilariously ambiguous with his beliefs, considering the longtime accusations of a demonic possession within him. He tends to criticize most religions and highly spiritual cultures (such as AniWaya), and constantly toys with the possibility of a higher power. He is unconcerned with consequences for his actions in life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Octavius — The Witnesser triplets once prioritized one another above all else. Lacking the emotional connect his older two brothers have -- and have for him -- Judas understood the importance of sibling relationships and why his brothers insisted on one with him. Whether Judas ever truly loved Octavius goes without saying; it is clear Judas purposefully manipulated Octavius for selfish purposes, knowing him too unintelligent to realize.
  • Panda Behr — The pack medic at the time the triplets were born in Anathema, Panda spent a lot of time with Judas as a child trying to determine a way to correct his eye condition. Although Judas does not get "close" to others, it is likely their friendship is the strongest non-familial relationship he has, even into adulthood. Their reunion two years later had a very warm reception, especially because she led him to retrieve the birdcage of his youth from Anatheman depths. As usual it seems Judas intends to use her somehow.

3.2  Families

3.3  Family

Like his father and brothers Judas is the sum of a number of strong bloodlines. From Barrett, Judas lays claim to a small bit of coyote and dog mix in his blood and has distant familial European ties.

3.4  Victims


  • Carya Aston (8mo.) — kidnapping, mental/physical torture over a four-day period, scarring
  • Avaiki Asylum (10mo.) — kidnapping, mental/physical trauma, scarring
  • Mistral de l'Or (2.5mo.) — kidnapping, mental abuse, imprisonment in a birdcage over a three-week period
  • Genova Mal (2yr.) — captured, minor physical trauma, scarring
  • Skana Creo (2yr.) — captured, minor physical trauma, scarring
  • Lowry Lykoi (2yr.) — murdered


  • Rigby was nearly allowed to fall to his death.
  • Micah Sunrise Lykoi is indirectly haunted by Judas through the kidnapping of Mistral and the murder of his cousin Lowry to reclaim his birdcage.
  • Octavius Poer de Angelo, manipulated into thinking his brother is innocent, has suffered both a few wounds and poisoning to protect Judas.
  • Panda Behr is his former nurse as a child and friend as an adult, similarly manipulated into thinking he is a good man. She is the sole reason he survived his wounds after the murder of Lowry Lykoi.
  • Sofia di Pasqua, an italian shipmate manipulated into thinking Judas loved her in order to influence her father, the captain, to return him to Nova Scotia. Not knowing their courtship was a fraud, she remains committed to him from afar thinking they will eventually reunite and has bore three children by him.

4.  Residence

  • Western Halifax
    • Judas lives in a small apartment above an inconspicuous former hat and flower shop. He likes to draw on the roof in chalk. For a better feel for his home and bizarre possessions, see Inventory.

5.  Abilities

5.1  Strengths

  • Hyperintelligent: At genius level, Judas nearly mastered three languages (French, Italian, and most of German) in a year-long span overseas. He accurately reads others at mere glance and understands what might influence them, and consequently is a master of manipulation, able to get almost anyone to play into his hands.
  • Hyperconscious: Judas's scleritis is as much a blessing as it is a curse — the gradual deterioration of his eyesight has strengthened his other senses as he is slowly forced to rely on them. Judas can pick up on most hidden scents, can hear minute sounds, and between heightened taste and general omniscience has warded an attempted poisoning in the past. Doubled with his mastery of manipulating situations with careful dialogue, Judas's heightened awareness makes it nearly impossible to catch Judas off guard.
  • Manipulative: The Aika's ability to control and/or pit people or packs against each other through strategic side conversations and the placement of victims is nearly unequaled. He is a master of conversation, a chessmaster; his handsome looks (aside from his constant sickliness) and friendly demeanor give him an added bonus with many.
  • Unflappable: Self-assured, even-tempered and controlled, Judas never loses his cool. His asexuality -- a result of his undying thirst for understanding the psychology of others and a resulting neglect of self -- means flirtation and sexual advances have no effect on him. He always has a plan... and he always has a back-up plan, too.

5.2  Weaknesses

  • Fragile: Where he bolsters in sheer intelligence, Judas is completely inept in body. His extreme interest in the psychology of others has led to a neglect of self. Lacking even decent muscle mass, Judas is a poor hunter and must rely almost entirely on trapping to sustain himself, and as a result has become bony and sickly from malnutrition.
  • Glass Cannon: Judas is so confident in his ability to verbally manipulate and actually so damn good at it that he has not sought training with a weapon and could not fight his way out of a cardboard box. Should an opponent attack or get the upper hand on him somehow, Judas is both too weak in body to defend himself and untrained in combat — in other words, he is completely helpless in a actual fight, should he somehow allow a situation to escalate that far. Judas is similar to the glass cannon concept: Should his great strength in manipulation be surpassed, he is physically defenseless.
  • Scleritis: Judas's lifelong case of scleritis is slowly but surely deteriorating his vision to blindness. The condition leaves his very sensitive eyes in constant (albeit hidden, when not needed to arouse pity) pain and he does not see details well. He is extremely susceptible to things like traps -- scentless and silent -- if he does not detect them as a possibility prior. Things like incense, ocean air and water, smoke, and anything else carried in the air trigger his scleritis into a particularly painful episode, often to the point that he must stop and rest.
  • Psychopathy: It's hard to determine whether this is an advantage or disadvantage for someone like Judas. The Aika has no capacity for empathy or remorse; he feels no compassion for other souls. No pity, no feelings of love, no regret for his torturous actions. Nothing. Judas will never truly fall in love, nor feel love nor pride for any children he sires.

6.  Inventory

Judas wears no satchel and rides no horse. He has few possessions and carries little outside his home of Halifax. Judas has nothing to trade and requires little; what interests him is likely to be swindled from its owner.

Carried Items — These items, though few, are on Judas's person at all times.

  • No weapons
  • A pocketknife for whittling wood, skinning, or torture
  • Chalk
  • A pencil and small black book, with odd glyphs and drawings, as well as text in an unrecognizable script
  • Lighter
  • Thick twine, difficult to break

Clothing — Always tidy. A little baggy, but hides some of his sickliness

  • Plain white button-up, rolled at the sleeves and left unbuttoned near the top. His book is usually in the chest pocket
  • A blood red, upside-down cross on a chain around his neck. It gets hidden most of the time

Trinkets at Home — These nonsensical items can be found scattered throughout his tiny apartment in Halifax.

  • A black iron birdcage, the very same his mother incarcerated him in during his youth. It has been polished to a shine... The birdcage has been kidnapped and taken to Cercatori d'Arte by Micah Lykoi. SHIT. :I
  • Various handwritten pages with more unidentifiable glyphs and illegible text
  • Lots of broken, empty jars everywhere. Much of the glass is situated around the windows and all over the furniture to reflect light all over the walls regardless of time of day
  • There are a few animal bones; mostly non-canine. A coyote skull sits ominously on the shelf across from the front door
  • Assortment of alcohol, yet none of them are opened and there are no emptied bottles
  • Candles! Lots of candles, covered in dust and seemingly never lit

7.  History

Judas was born the runt of a litter of princes on August 1, 2011 in Anathema to Naniko D'Angelo, leader at the time.[2] The litter was the result of casual sex with an outsider, Barrett Poer de Aika XIII, while attempting a drug switch. He was not present for most of the boys' childhood. Ravesque Acidic, Naniko's new mate, stood in as an adoptive father though Judas never paid him much mind. The darkest between the brothers, Judas heavily mirrors the pelt of his blood father. Upon meeting the children Barrett seemed disappointed to find the strangest of the three to be the one to most resemble him.

From the beginning, Judas was recognized by his mother as different — the most painful to deliver, uncomfortably unusual in his infant squirming and sounds, and immediately plagued with scleritis. Believing the child possessed by a demon due to his eye condition and odd noises and behavior made shortly after birth, Naniko commonly abused and locked the pup in a birdcage and left him in the dark depths of Anathema for hours or days at a time. His brothers knew not to release him, and it is likely Barrett never knew of it. Most eerily of all, Judas never sought to escape or cry out while imprisoned; he simply sat and waited, requesting no aid. As a child the boy acted maturely and spoke properly and attentively, far ahead of his age. When he was free, Judas was known to cause unnecessary trouble to test his mother's patience.

In May 2012 9-month-old Judas introduced the idea of a "pact" to his older brothers: A declaration that they would each leave Anathema at the same time, split ways to learn about the world, and return to the territory a year later. Though Judas's motivations for the pact were unclear, his brothers adopted it as a challenge, and by late May all three vanished from Anathema territory at once without goodbyes. Taking different directions, Judas spent the next year abroad alongside a crew of Italian sailors, spending time in places such as France, Germany, Italy and Greece and mastering some of their languages before returning to Canada by May 2013. He spent several months under the radar in 'Souls territory (in wait for his brothers) before unveiling himself out of impatience in August 2013.

8.  Timeline


  • August 2011 — On the 1st, Judas was born the youngest of the three Witnesser brothers to leader Naniko D'Angelo within Anathema. Immediately suspected of demonic possession by his mother.
  • November 2011 — Naniko begins trapping Judas within the birdcage when he purposefully tests her and causes trouble. Pack medic Panda Behr begins many months' worth of seeing and treating Judas for his scleritis, to no avail.


  • March 2012 — At seven months old Judas and his brothers perform the coming-of-age ceremony of Anathema called the Rast. For his portion of the ceremony Judas wears a gris-gris and offers the sacrifice of a squirrel. In an eerily accurate prediction his mother Naniko comments on his choice of hunt, saying, "Judas chose to hunt the squirrel. Squirrels are scouting creatures, always aware of their surroundings and quick to evade danger and threats. In life, Judas will use a combination of awareness and understanding to keep out of danger."
  • May 2012 — Judas proposes a pact to his older brothers, now nine months old, to leave their pack and Nova Scotia together as one entity and part ways to learn about the world before returning in one years' time to share what has been learned. Though the brothers could not determine Judas's reasons for such a proposal they agreed, and together the boys left Anathema and separated outside Nova Scotian borders. Judas would head south, nearly starving as he went.
  • June 2012 — On the Maine coastline Judas stumbled on a crew of Italian sailors that took him in out of pity. He accompanied them as they returned overseas to their home in Europe, a trip that would last a year. In his time spent overseas, Judas would perfect the art of manipulation and begin to act upon his need to torture in order to further understand the psychology of fellow beings. It is very possible that several indirectly lost their lives to him, whether as a result of suicide or never being found in captivity after Judas left them behind.
  • September 2012 — Now over a full year old, Judas spends a number of months between European ports with the sailors, then stops at last in Italy. Unknowingly manipulated to be fond of the boy, the sailors tour him a portion of Italy, during which time Judas adopts a grand love for architecture. He sees several herbalists and medics for his scleritis, once again to no success. He picks up a fluency of Italian.
  • November 2012 — Judas travels Greece. A merchant attempts to poison him to swindle his money, but the Aika detects it in time.


  • February 2013 — Now with the sailors in France, Judas is taught how to read in a library. The sailor that teaches him becomes his next victim, but the rest of the crew never finds out the truth. Judas learns fluent French.
  • March 2013 — Judas finishes his last month or two abroad between Germany and Spain before tricking the Italian crew to bringing him back to Maine in time for the promised pact with his brothers. Judas sleeps with the ship captain's daughter Sofia di Pasqua to manipulate her favors, and hopelessly in love she assists in influencing the crew to bring him home.
  • June 2013 — Judas makes it back to 'Souls territory scarcely in time for the pact's return date, but his brothers are nowhere to be found. He spends the next few months searching for them and staying under the radar, announcing himself to no one and approaching Anathema but not making his presence known.
  • August 2013 — Short of patience, Judas begins acting publicly again, rapidly kidnapping and torturing both Carya Aston and Avaiki Asylum and nearly allowing Rigby to fall to his death on three separate occasions. Unafraid, he begins approaching packs he is unfamiliar with to learn their ways, and is almost thwarted by Salsolan border traps.
  • September 2013 — Judas spends early September under the radar after his string of attacks in August, taking the time to clean his home in Halifax and polish the newly-regained birdcage to a shine. At long last one of his brothers, Severus, makes a reappearance as agreed by their pact. Judas is increasingly impatient for Octavius's return.
    • Judas finds two-month-old Mistral de l'Or in the days following her mother's murder on Halifax streets. He promptly catches her, brings her home and locks her in the same birdcage his mother trapped him in during his youth for over a week. While Judas is away her cries are heard by scavenger Micah Sunrise Lykoi who, unable to figure out how to open the birdcage, brings the pup back to Cercatori d'Arte still captured. Upon returning home, Judas is extremely unhappy to see his cage gone again, and makes plans to follow the lingering d'Arte scent to get it back.
  • December 2013 — At long last, big brother Octavius makes a return. The brothers commit to one another, though Severus has become scarce.


  • January 2014 — Desperate for knowledge and action, Judas once again makes himself known through a string of violent works, attacking both Genova Mal Skana Creo only days apart, and brutishly testing Vinatta members like Andira Coeur.
  • February 2014— At the start of the month, Judas murders Lowry Lykoi at the edge of Cercatori d'Arte borderlines. Seeking to inform the pack that he is serious about the return of the birdcage stolen from him in September 2013, he writes a grim message in Lowry's flesh and throws the body in the branches of the pack's ceremonious Border Tree. Then, suffering heavily from a stab wound inflicted during the clash, he alerts Panda Behr with the help of Listr, her raven gifted to him some months before. She rushes from Anathema to care for his wound, then hides him in her pack for two weeks after the murder.

9.  Thread Archives

9.1  2011


  1. the day the earth stood still
    Judas is born third of three brothers to Anathema leader Naniko D'Angelo. Almost immediately she senses something wrong with him.


  1. don't tell them a thing
    Octavius frees Judas from Naniko's cage knowing the consequences.

9.2  2012


  1. little boys don't stay little boys
    Judas's coming-of-age ceremony, the Rast, with his brothers.

9.3  2013


  1. snake and the meek
    Judas tests Sangi'lak leader X'yrin Exultare in a number of ways.
  2. the truth may vary
    In which Judas acts pretty normal, yet Grace Galaxy is still creeped out.
  3. now is not the time
    Rigby is nearly left to fall to his death.
  4. blister
    Judas and longtime friend and caretaker Panda Behr reunite. She tours him some of Anathema, and he leaves contentedly with his old birdcage.
  5. blood is coagulating
    Meets Dieter Kohler.
  6. hear the trumpets, hear the pipers
    Freaks out Alister Callow-Knight a little.
  7. scared the solace
    Meets Aedan de Valence after nearly walking into Salsolan border traps.
  8. [M] hard to see when your head is down
    Lured from Inferni, Avaiki Asylum is bound, attacked and left hanging in a tree.
  9. the whole club was looking at her
    Young Carya Aston is lured from Vinatta.
  10. [M] a heavy drone, a heavy sway
    Taken to Amherst, Carya is subjected to some of Judas's harsher torture techniques.
  11. to all his each
    After days of misery, Judas leaves Carya behind without concern. Fortunately she is rescued.
  12. the backbreaker ties
    Judas reunites with his half-sister Rio Marino, who is having problems of her own.


  1. frozen the river that baptized you
    Judas finds Mistral de l'Or, two months old and recently traumatized, in Halifax. He proceeds to keep her in his birdcage for over two weeks, and is irritated when the cage disappears with her after a timely rescue by an unknown d'Artisan.
  2. blood of my blood
    Reunites with brother Severus Poer de Angelo.
  3. blood on the floor, fleas in their paws
    Meets Siv Helsi.


  1. I'm sick of biting my tongue
    Panda Behr comes to visit in Halifax.
  2. I am to profit
    Judas pretends to be nice by talking Esmeralda Collins out of something crazy, but is only testing her.
  3. wake the salamander
    In which Judas proceeds to freak Azucena Lykoi out by not actually doing anything.


  1. times walk from you like some passing afternoon
    Big brother Octavius returns to 'Souls at last according to the pact, and the two brothers more or less pledge loyalty to one another.
  2. wrapped in your shadow
    Judas meets Andira Coeur.

9.4  2014


  1. [M] red skies at night
    Judas meets Genova Mal, who suffers serious harm as result.
  2. [M] they call me a demon
    Skana Creo happens upon Judas.
  3. and you will weep to be so alone
    Judas finds Aedan de Valence alarmingly distraught over the loss of his recently buried children, an action Aedan himself had caused...
  4. things that drift away like our endless, numbered days
    Octavius, enraged and confused by rumors against Judas, confronts his brother with his frustrations.


  1. [M] dreamless sleep will fall like a deep, poisoned well
    Still enraged and determined to regain his stolen birdcage, Judas murders Lowry Lykoi—an innocent Cercatori d'Arte member simply in the wrong place at the wrong time—and slings his body on ceremonious pack territory with a grim message.
  2. this race is a prophecy
    Suffering from a stab wound inflicted by the late Lowry Lykoi, Judas receives aid from Panda Behr traveling quickly from Anathema, as alerted by a raven she gifted to him some time before. He returns with her to Anathema, where he hides for two weeks.


  1. raindrops on leaves
    Judas finds Olivia Tarasova wandering Halifax alone at night.


  1. [M] dream of a normal death
    Still vengeful for Avaiki Asylum, Lokr Revlis tracks Judas to Halifax. Nearly blind with thanks to his scleritis, Judas flees for the aid of Octavius.
  2. sinner and the saint, bandage and the blade
    Judas, blind and reconsidering his next move, attempts to treat his brother after the poisoning by Lokr.
  3. multitudes are marching to the big kettle drum
    Mostly sightless, Judas meets Nadia Ancientfire.
  4. don't kick the chair
    At long last Judas bumps into the mother of Aedan's children, Palaydrian Soul, and treats her accordingly.


  1. [M] reckon they'll be coming soon
    Wraith Creed and Tayui Aston track down Judas after many months' work.